BEST OF 2012

I don't think I'm the only one thinking things like, "where in the world did the past year go?" or "is it seriously almost 2013?" Right? Glad we got that out of the way.
2012 went by incredibly fast. I feel like I should be still grilling out and drinking a Corona light on our back deck.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to not only look back at what I accomplished this year, but look at some of my favorite posts I wrote for every month. If you're new around here {even if you aren't}, maybe these will help you get to know me a little better, as some of them are not just recipes/projects but personal.

Here we go!


-speaking of, I will be a pescatarian 2 years this upcoming March! Crazy.
Recipe: 4 Bean Chili and Roasted Chickpea Tacos {a fav in our household!}

-First time meeting Steph! So exciting! {there are also parts 2 and 3}

-a happy point when I hit 1,000 followers on this blog :)





{ft. Billy's manly "basket"}



{for my birthday! also a part 2





4th of July
Christmas in July at Put in Bay
-our time at the lake/cottage!





California Trips:





Saw It Pinned It Did It: DIY Glitter Shoes,  


{little man baby shower!}
{it's safe to say I did A LOT of baking in November....}



-we raised $1,000 for Maggie!

Dear 2012,
It's clear I was way more busy in the summer than the other months.
And in the fall/winter? I baked up a storm.
I also realized how much better I look with a tan, so winter, could you please hurry up?
Girlfriend needs some color and stat!
You were good to me. Very good. 
 It was a truly wonderful, rewarding year!
 Cheers to accomplishing this much + more in 2013 and thank you for another 5 day weekend this weekend. I've become quite good at mastering the art of relaxation.


PS: Starting the new year off right by only having to work one day next week...


  1. All of these made my heart happy - I liked reliving the year with you. However, all of these made me hungry. So, thanks for that : )

  2. ahh, this is perfect. it's been fabulous following along for these posts.

    i also just started my posts for my favorite posts of 2012 ... too funny that i decided to give it a break and came to yours :)

  3. I just love you.

    I foresee this same post in December of next year except in March it shall say "We went South. - Also see: redneckafied". Yes?! Perfect title. I know.

  4. Love this! I'm working on one as well... it's so much fun looking back over the last year! Crazy how quickly it's flown by! Happy New Year to y'all!

  5. I just started following your blog so this post is perfect for me! I am dying over that wood planked wall -- gorgeous!

    1. hi Melissa! Thanks! The wall was pretty easy and looks so different/cool :) thanks for reading!

  6. I only started getting into the blog world in January and your adoption story is one of the first posts that I remember reading!! Too cool. :) You've had a great 2012

  7. This post gave me several realizations...1) I need to take more photos, 2) I need to blog more, 3) I need to get a better sense of style, and 4) I'm very hungry and wish to take on many DIY projects.
    :) :) :)

  8. Well aren't we just two of a kind ;) I did this same exact post today. Great minds think alike.. obvs! So glad that I stumbled upon your blog and that we became friends Miss Katie! Cheers to 2013 :)

  9. Love this! As a new reader I can't wait to check some of these posts!

  10. Aww love it!! :) I didn't start following you until April/May (recommendation by a friend!), so it's neat to see what all was gong on earlier in the year!! Happy new year!!!

  11. I love this and I also had a blast checking out some of the older posts I had missed! You are so awesome. Happy New Year!!! <3

  12. What an adventurous year!

    Where did yuu get that black and white striped maxi dress?



    1. I got it from Target last year, I believe! :)

  13. Hi there! I'm new to your blog and am already loving it! I clicked on the adoption link (awesome story by the way), but unfortunately all of the photos show up as question marks. I tried on two different internet browsers (I realllllly wanted to see the pics, haha) on my Mac, but both did the same thing. Any tricks you know of to make the photos display correctly? Thanks!

    1. thank you very much! I'm not sure why, but I will go right now and update them so hopefully that fixes it!!

  14. Lovin this round-up looks like a fantastic year! Drooling over all the yummy food. Feel free to link up at my 2012 Year in review party!

    xo Shane

  15. I just loved reading your fav posts from 2012. Your adoption journey post was my favorite! How awesome to meet your birth mom and find out you are related to your friend! Wishing you and Billy all the best in 2013!

  16. I just recently started following you (not quite a month ago, maybe?)... anyways, I loved this, as it gave me the highlights to your past year and helped me "catch-up" in a sense :)

  17. LOVE those veggie tacos! And your white chandelier is seriously amazing - where is it from?? You are so cute and this has been such a busy, amazing year!

    PS i'm doing a year in review link-up on my blog in case you have 30 seconds and want to join this post to the party :)


  18. what a year you've had friend!! so so so glad i've gotten to read along all about it....and see and copy all your amazeball outfits! :) i just know one day we will meet in person....maybe 2013??! and it will be AWESOME!! Love you!

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  21. what a year woman! i hope your 2013 is just as fab...and i'm with ya, i need some sunshine on this skin, STAT!


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