Hey hey hey love muffins!

It's our favorite day of the week...
Well, my favorite day of the week.
You know, besides when Friday at 5 hits and I'm mentally checked out for the weekend. Anyone?
Time for Saw It. Pinned It. Did It: Round TRES!

This week, I decided to switch it up and a bit and do a craft that was beauty/fashion related.


Genius. Genius. Genius. 

When I first saw this on Pinterest (below), I was hesistant for some reason to try it, and now the only regret I have is not doing it sooner. I decided to add some bling bling to a suede pair of black heels, and my favorite pair of ankle boots, both of which cost me less than $30 each. 

If you are concerned about it ruining your favorite pair of Jimmy Choos, then by all means, don't use your Jimmy Choos for this project. Just a simple pair of heels, flats, or booties will work fine and will give them a little bit more pep to their step! 

Here's the original pin:

and here is how I decided to make them:

get your shoes ready and decide which area you want to bling out:

then all you do is simply paint the modge podge mixture with your foam brush onto the shoe.

Easy peasy.

*I found it most beneficial to brush on the mixture, then also at the end take the extra glitter from the tube and pour some on top to make the glitter pop more. Just make sure you have a piece of paper underneath to catch the extra glitter, and it would be wise to do it outside unless you want a hot mess in your house.

Here is what my heels and ankle boots look like after the glue dried
(I let them dry all day and they were dry by night): 

::drull roll please::

then just stand back and admire your new beautified shoes
 that cost less than $5 for a makeover!

I am mildly, okay really, obsessed with my new blinged out ankle boots.

If you decide to pin this product to share with others, I definitely wouldn't hate it.
In fact, I'd really love it. :)

*I do recommend putting a clear coat of gloss or tacky glue over top the glitter to keep it in place. I didn't do this with my ankle boots because the glitter dried really well, but I would recommend this for a pair of heels if you do the soles of the shoe.

So, how'd I do for this shoe makeover?
Thoughts? Questions? 
If you haven't tried this - bust out an old pair of shoes and get to work!

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  1. omg those are too cute! I will have to try this! Thank you for sharing, you always make everything look so nice!

  2. SO IN LOVE. Those ankle boots...I die. I need. Now.

  3. Ohhhh, snap! You did the glitter shoes! I have been pinning all things glitter DIY lately for when I move and need to decorate. So... you and Steph BETTER still be doing this then ;) Because I will be seeing, pinning, and doing a TON! I loooove how the heels of the boots turned out. Precious! xo

  4. Yay! Photos this week - love it :-)
    Thanks for hosting for the pinterest obsessed!

  5. Adorable! I would be way too worried I mess up my shoes!

  6. I love the boots that you did! They are SO cute! The shoe bottoms are awesome too, but I love that you'll really be able to see the boots.

  7. Seriously awesome! I've seen those on Pinterest but have been to scared to try them.

  8. Yessss ma'am!!! LOVE these. Maybe I'll make some faux Loubies. ;)

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE! They turned out great!

  10. Love these, what a fun idea! Do you think the glitter will rub off at all if you wear pants that rub up against he back of the boots?

  11. Those are too cute. I think I'm going to have to glitterify a pair of shoes soon!

  12. Um, you are my new hero. I have been eyeing those booties at Target (I need to just buy them already) and also the glitter ones I keep seeing. These are adorable and you are awesome!

  13. ohhhhh my goodness. These are the cutest things I've ever seen. You rock and so do your glitter shoes. I mean those boots - can I move in with you and Billy and share your glitter shoes?

  14. Love the shoes! I actually plan on doing this to a pair of shoes for my wedding & making them blue all over! I haven't seen just the heels or the soles done before but, they turned out super cute!!!

  15. Obsessed! I ran across these on pinterest. You are going to die.. must try :)


  16. so cute! I am obsessed with those ankle boots! and one of my favorite things ever is to glitter something and glam it up- looks like I'll have to try this! :) xo


  17. Dear Katie, You are by far the best shoe glitterer ever. Yes, glitterer is now a word. I foresee many-a-shoe in your closet being glitzed to the maxx. When you come to the TX, we need to get you a pair of cowgirl kicks so you can bling those out too, yes?

    PS-thanks for creating this link up. I just love it! Whoever's idea this was is a complete and total genius!


  18. Those ankle boots are adorable! LOVE these!

  19. I love the ankle boots! They look like the Steve Madden ones!


  20. Gorgeous!! And just in time for the holidays!! Snazzy!! :)

  21. this is pretty much GENIUS!!! the boots! the heels!! its like Christian Louboutin pissed glitter all on the soles of the shoes. I AM IN FREAKING LOVE WITH BOTH!!!

    i want to do this!!! and walk around all fancy being like Yeah my bish katie in O-H-I-O gave me this smashing idea. Then I would try and walk all sexy and fail but my shoes would make up for it!

    this makes me want to put glitter on EVERYTHING! headbands..belts..bras to make glitter nips...undies. Glitter never fails.

    im in love with this link-up. Getting SO MANY ideas!!

    love you chick-a-dee!! :)


  22. Katie these are gorgeous! I would have been nervous I was going to mess up my shoes, but you definitely improved them and just in time for the holidays! :)

  23. Love it! I gotta do this to the bottom of some of my pumps.


  24. So good! I must do this. I think maybe tapping off the glitter area will need to be done for me because I am so type a that I'd need clean glittery lines.

  25. Wow those turned out great!!! Very impressive!

  26. cute! i've been wanting to do this for awhile, and keep poohing out. question: what would you use for the glossy top coat?

  27. So cute! I definitely have those booties too! Looks like I'm gonna need to glitz mine up too!

  28. This is so fabulous. Excuse me while I run home and find some shoes to glitter up! LOVE! Great job!!

  29. Okay, I am no crafter but I am lusting after these now! You may have inspired me to do this to a pair of my boots

  30. I LOVE THIS IDEA! This is adorable! I am all about glitter! So cute!!!!

  31. This is a must try! But...do they leave sparkles everywhere?!

  32. Katie these are GORGEOUS!!!!
    Love love love them.
    And yes the glitter theme was apparent today!

    I must try - my hubby may not like all the glitter everywhere though...hmmm.


  33. Ahhhh I want those booties!!! Sooo cute!!! Obsessed. You did a PERFECT job! :) Love love love them!
    (PS. I sometimes have a mild panic attack with glitter because I feel like you can't get rid of it and it gets all over you, in your eyeballs ha everywhere ... so mixing with the modge podge is a great idea!)

  34. STOP IT! Those are too cute! Does the glitter stay on though? Or does it rub off on everything? I always wonder that.

  35. shut the front door. ok i'm sending you 5 pairs of my shoes to glitterfy ;) love it so much!

  36. oh my goodness, girl! those shoes are just fabulous! thanks for sharing!

    xoxo, Amy

    I'm hosting my 1000th post party, love for you to come!

  37. Definitely need to do this to some of my shoes!! How cute!!

  38. I love this!!!! You did such a great job!

  39. These are awesome!! I love them!

  40. so the glitter on the bottoms of the shoes... is it slippery to walk on since you put it on the toe part of the shoe? thats my main concern before i glitter the bottoms of my heels

    1. Hi Jennie! No, it's not slippery! just use some sort of clear protectant on top to help the glitter to stay. xo!


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