Cake Batter Cookies {Tasty Tuesday}

Over the weekend, I saw an image for 'Cake Batter Cookies' pop up on my Pinterest feed
and it was a done deal. I was making these cookies & and I was making them now.

Warning: This is not my typical Tasty Tuesday..these are not healthy and probably won't help with that bikini bod I mentioned last week.
However, they are yummy and very easy to make.
So that counts for something, right?

Oh, and you will NOT be able to eat just one.
I repeat: you will not.
Take proper precautions people.

Cake Batter Cookies
{recipe from: Cookin' Cowgirl}

{my big girl camera was dead..so you only get the iPhone pics..sorry}

    (makes 30-32 cookies)
1 box vanilla cake mix, 18.25 oz
1 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
1/2 C vegetable oil
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 C color sprinkles

Note: I used Christmas colored sprinkles because it was late at night
and it was all I had in the house.
They worked fine, but spruce yours up with some springy colors!

Preheat oven to 350°. In a large bowl, mix together the cake mix and baking powder. In a small bowl, mix together the eggs, oil and vanilla. Add the egg mixture to the cake mixture and stir to combine. Stir in the sprinkles. Drop by spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet or silpat.

Bake for 10 minutes.
Allow to cool for 5 minutes on cookie sheet
 before transferring to cooling rack.
Enjoy eating them non-stop!

Have you ever seen a Pinterest recipe and knew you just had to make it!?
..or am I the only one with these random cravings?


Today is CMae's Tail Wagging Tuesday: Instagram Edition

so of course, I HAVE to join in.
Rocky wants some love on le bloggy, too!

...and I forgot to do my normal Friday Photo Dump so this works out perfectly.

Join in for the fun and show us your fur babies!

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PS-Does anyone read my Top 2 Tuesday Tunes?
just wondering. :)



  1. Those cookies looks amazing and I'm pretty sure I will be making them after work today :)

    Rocky is so cute, I forgot that linkup was today, darn!

    I read your Tuesday Tunes and I've downloaded a few. My tune this week is Justin Biebz new song, it's embarrassing but I can't get enough I love it!!

  2. HOLY dangit!! I want one (seven) of these cookies, NOW! I am a sucker for anything cake batter flavored. ughhh. I'm so glad I don't have some of these ingredients on hand or I'd be making them.

  3. oohhh rocky! what a ladies man!

    i might have to make those cookies sometime this week!

  4. I will be making those cookies ASAP lol they look so yummy & they are pretty :) and you have the cutest pup!!!

  5. I just pinned these cookies the other day and now after seeing your post I will totally be making them! Yum!

  6. These cookies look great! And yes, I do like your tunes on Tuesday. Keep it up. :)

  7. Making these cookies this weekend! They look delicious! Rocky is adorable. Our dog is finally coming to NC on Friday.. I've missed him a ridiculous amount.

  8. They look delish and it seems like a pretty simple recipe. I'm so trying this tonight!

  9. I love cake batter anything so I will have to try these! I've made similar ones using the funfetti cake mix!

  10. Those cookies are so fun and cute!!! Rocky is adorable also!!

  11. COOOKIES, Love it! Thanks for making me crave something sweet now. Rocky is a model. He should do commercials.

  12. OMG!! These cookies look DELISH! I will definitely be making them! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Yum!! Have you had the cake batter rice Krispies?? Delish!

  14. Those cookies look AMAZING. I don't think I'd ever dare to make them though b/c I would eat all.

  15. I want these cookies immediately. Can you bring me one? k thanks.

  16. Yep! Pretty sure I need to make these NOW!

  17. I pinned a picture of cake batter dip a few weeks ago, and I think I made it the following weekend...it was delicious!

    Maybe anything with the words "cake batter" is irresistible???

  18. Um, genius idea for cookies! Yum!

  19. oh gosh, i shouldn't have seen these cookies and the recipe. SOO delicious!
    and of course, your little doggy is precious!
    xo TJ

  20. Those look delicious! I can't wait to try them :)
    xo -Bo

  21. OMG just found your blog and those cookies are looking delish! Cant wait to try but with some gluten free cake mix! Cant wait to read more from you!


  22. Precious pics! And yummy cookies!

  23. omgggggg i want those cookies now! they look so amazing omg my mouth is just watering looking at them haha!

    xx Kelly


  24. Sometime you need to make the cake batter dip and buy strawberries and vanilla wafers to dip in it! it was ah-mazing.

  25. I read your top 2 tuesday tunes and usually get a new download that I love from it :-)

  26. I plan to make an entire batch and eat it myself while the kids are in bed. Seriously. DELICIOUS!!!

  27. Serious addiction to basically anything cake batter flavored. Adding these to the "to-try" list pronto!

  28. looks so yummy! like a little cake =]

  29. Just made these and they were so damn good. I've so far eaten 3 and the husband loves them. Thanks for the idea!

  30. Cookies SO not on my diet!! lol Thank you so much for sharing your luv for instagram and ROCKY on todays linkup!!!

  31. Those cookies just look incredible! I'm sure they melted right in your mouth! Always love the Rocky instagram updates!

  32. These cookies look amazing can't wait to make them! I love your top Tuesday tunes, great songs!!!

  33. Those cookies look DELICIOUS!! I am totally making them this weekend. YUM!

  34. Holy deliciousness! These look amazingly delicious!

  35. Just Pinned these, made these and blogged about them... & now following you! Love your site. Stumbled upon you while looking for more cake batter recipes... Can't get enough! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Wold love for you to Stop on by The Vintage Milk House sometime!


  36. I am going to make these today! :) Thanks for the recipe! It's simple and looks so good!

  37. WOW! YUM! These look great! Thanks!



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