Hey, you turkeys!
Who's ready for Thanksgiving in t-minus one week?

You know my answer to that.

Before I get to the good stuff...
Thank you all for the 60 some comments/emails on my post Tuesday.
You know, the one where many, many of you stepped up and said hello, finally! 
How fun was that?!
 So glad many of you aren't 'invisible' anymore. :)
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This week has been busy, to say the least, preparing for our Friendsgiving sooo today I've got 2 pretty painless Thanksgiving crafts for you. A "thankful" banner that can be used as a decoration in your home and then these cute little pine cone turkeys for place cards. Even if you aren't hosting Thanksgiving this year, you may next year and the banner is just fun to have around the house so feel free to pin, save, share these.

Since Steph and I have ESP, you get double the banners today, which I know is exactly what you wanted.

First up...
Turkey Place Cards.

Here is the original pin:

Here is how I made them:
(the only pine cones I had were silver, except 2, -so I went with it)

All I did was hot glue gun a row of feathers in the back of the pine cone, and a row of about 3 feathers in front of those one.

Next, you attach the names of your guests (also with a hot glue gun) and they look like this...

{the host and hostess' pine cones ;)}

That's it!
I can't wait to see them on our tables.

Now, it's time for the Thankful banner.

Here is the original pin:
(and where you can get FREE letters for your banner!)

Here's how I made it mine:

Once you pick what cardstock you want, simply cut out the letters and glue on the paper.
I gave about 1/2 an inch around the perimeter of the letters so you could see the paper.

then all you do is hang your letters on twine with the clothespins.

It may take a little longer if you have a little fur baby dying for your attention and photobombing your pictures....do you see him in the mirror?

"Why do you need a banner when you got me?"

There ya have it.
Two pretty simple, pretty inexpensive, but pretty cute crafts for the holiday I'd like to think!

I can't wait to see what you link up this week.
Next week we will have a little break since it's Thanksgiving, so come back with full craftiness/yummy recipes/etc. in 2 weeks!

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Before I go, I'm guest posting on my friend Jane's blog today, go check it out here and say hello to her while her and her husband are traveling the world! No joke. She also lives in Lake Tahoe, which makes me kinda sorta hate her (except not really), since as you know it's our new favorite place!



  1. These are so cute!!! I want a matching banner for my house!

  2. Love those place cards! So clever and unique!

    I printed the same banner! Except mine says "Give Thanks" :)

  3. oh my goodness i love those!!! super super cute!!
    i got all my stuff to link up and with the week being short, i didnt realize today was thursday. thought i had one more day :( oh well. next week.

  4. LOVE that Thankful banner! I need to do something cute and crafty for my family that will be coming to my house! I already copied your fall flower/pitcher centerpiece so maybe I'll copy you here too ;)

  5. Katie, you've really outdone yourself on these. They are so cute - and I LOVE them. Happy Friendsgiving!

  6. Totally cute- LOVE the turkey namecards!!! :) I might just make them and bring them to my g-ma's next week, lol!!

  7. These are so cute Katie! And as always I love Rocky :) XO!

  8. The banner is too cute!

    So excited to be your newest follower and to have joined in on this!

  9. These are too precious, those little turkey name-cards will definitely be duplicated in our house come thanksgiving!

  10. Loved what you made! Especially the banner!!

  11. I'm pretty sure you and your glue gun could rule the world, or atleast make it look more stylish. Love these projects!

  12. Love both of those, especially those place cards! What a cute idea!

  13. Cutest Thanksgiving crafts ever!! I can't wait to hear all about Friendsgiving, I bet it's going to be so fun!!

  14. I miiiiight be making those turkey place card holders for next week. They're so cute!

  15. Very fun ideas! The turkey pinecones have to be the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!

  16. SO cute!!! I wish thanksgiving shad't already passed in Canada otherwise I would be all over those!!

  17. I love both of these ideas, but especially love the banner! I just printed out the letters and am planning on making one to display during my Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks for sharing. Also I linked up this week for the first time, and am hoping to link up in the future as well :)

  18. Oh I love the banner!! Soooo cute!!

  19. So cute! Can't wait to see how they look on the table!

  20. Both of these are super cute! Love the banner... all these banners popping up on my blog list means I am going to have to make one too!

  21. These are both so cute! Great link up! I will have to come back and link up sometime! :)

  22. Love both of these! I'm SO ready for Thanksgiving, but can't believe that it's already here!

  23. cute and easy, I like!! and really, pup and husband make the world go round!

  24. Katie, oh my goodness you are AMAZING. So basically, here's the plan... I will be calling your services for every party I put on from here on out. Deal? I'm so impressed. Prepare to become a Pinterest superstar. hehe. Hope you're doing well, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


  25. These are adorable! Thankyou for taking the time to share about it! xo


  26. Thank you for sharing! I'm hosting a Friendsgiving tomorrow and this will be perfect to add some holiday flair!


  27. Don't you just love banners?! So cute and so is this post! Love all the crafts :)

    xo, Jenna


  28. Rocky has grinch feet! LOL Please tell me you know what that means as a pom mom! When I first got Aspen, someone said that to me, and I was like WHAT?!? haha then they told me to go watch the Jim Carrey movie the Grinch and it all made sense. :)


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