DIY First Dance Frame


I know I told you this DIY post would be yesterday
but I had some minor technical difficulties. ;)
My bad.

This DIY frame is one of my favorites. It incorporates two of my favorite things: my wedding day and burlap! It's also pretty easy to complete..once I had the supplies it only took me about an hour 1/2 to complete. If you have been wanting to find a different way to incorporate you and your husbands first dance lyrics - this is for you! You can also do this for a friend or family member with other sentimental lyrics {..thanks to Holly for that one.} I have to tell you though, this wouldn't have been completed without seeing the amazing, Julie's, tutorial on how to do this. All props go to her! If you don't follow her blog yet..you should..click here. Thanks Julie for this awesome idea :)

So...here we GO.

Here's what you need:
-Heart shaped hole punch (found mine at Hobby Lobby)
-Your first dance lyrics printed off on a paper (used the font Courier, size 10)
-A frame of your choice
...I got mine with a matt because I liked how it was more centered this way.
-Hot glue gun
...a pink one makes this project that much better ;)
-1 piece of burlap (big enough to fit the size of your frame)
-A red piece of paper for one of the "hearts"

First, I copy and pasted the lyrics to our first dance song on a piece of paper. I just used regular white, but you could use cream or cardstock if you wanted. You will want a full page of lyrics to punch out so just copy and paste multiple times until you get to the end of the page. Then I used my heart shaped punch to punch out the lyrics. As you can see, I bolded some of the words (great idea Julie) so that some of the words from the song stood out. Make sure you get most parts of the songs on the hearts! 

After I had all the lyrics punched out, I picked my favorite hearts (some had some blank spaces on them) to use and I lined them up on the counter how I wanted to display them on the burlap. I printed one heart on red cardstock with our initials and wedding date "B+K 8.28.2010" so the picture had some color.

To get the hearts to "pop" on the burlap, you simply fold them in half and then use a little bit of hot glue to glue them onto the burlap. Once the hearts are dry, just put your burlap and matt into the frame and VOILA! All that's left to do is hang the picture :)

I plan on buying another identical white frame and putting something else from our wedding next to this one. If you're wondering what our first dance song was...it is "Like I Am" by Rascal Flatts.

{oh yes, that's dollar bills on the ground. Hundo's. haha jk..}

ahh.. I love him. He is so handsome!


Such an easy project and I love that it is unique to us.

*I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
I will be spending mine doing house projects with Billy, and getting in some quality time with my girlfriends! Lots of fun things going on.

Catch ya on the flipside ;)



  1. LOVE this. It turned out great! May have to give this a go. :)

  2. Your's turned our adorable Katie! And thanks for the love and link!

  3. So cute you crafty little lady!

  4. Love this idea! I'm getting married in June and will have to borrow this!
    Love your blog also by the way!

  5. Love this idea...such a sweet way to remember your first dance!! :)

  6. awwww that's so sweet and such a cute idea!

  7. I've loved this project since the first time I saw it. Definitely something to keep in mind after my someday special day. :)

  8. What a cute idea!! Love this! And your wedding dress was absolutely beautiful, Katie!


  9. Super cute!! Cant wait to be able to make one of these.

  10. aww i saw this and was wondering what the words were! so cute! I love big chunky frames like this one!

    have a great weekend friend!! i'm sure i'll be keeping up with you via instagram, twitter and the ole trusty FB ;)

  11. Love this idea SO much!! It definitely looks a lot easier than I had originally thought it would be :) Super cute! Have an amazing weekend, love!

  12. This is absolutely adorable! I've been wanting to do something with our wedding song and I think this may be the winner. Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. Love Love Love!! Thanks for the tutorial! I'll have to put this on my "Things to Do during Summer Break" list.

  14. I just love this post!! I'm new here... was randomly blog hopping and HAD to say hi. Your blog is so lovely and I can't wait to read more! I hope you have a great weekend, sugar! xo

  15. Great project, thanks for sharing!

  16. this is super cute. i also love pictures of the first dance and the mat around the pic is the words too. that one's really cute!

  17. Cute idea! "Like I Am" is one of my FAVE Rascal Flatts songs EVER. Love that it was your wedding song.

  18. THANK YOU for posting this, I'm super excited about it. Definitely gonna make one!

  19. Love this idea... I think I am going to have to attempt to make one!


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