Makeup On My Mind {My Routine}

I don't know about you, but when girls talk about their favorite makeup products on their blogs - I'm always sucked in. Being that I used to be somewhat completely makeup challenged (I would need help applying eyeliner..let's be honest), I love hearing about what girls are using and how they achieve a flawless face!

Today, I thought I'd take a stab at it and share with you
my makeup routine // favorite products...

{clearly this is not the order I apply them on my face}

1. Elf's Face Primer-$6.00. I used to use PrimeTime (which comes with the Bare Minerals kit), but that bottle is expensive. Elf's face primer I LOVE..it creates the perfect base for my makeup and makes my skin so soft. The bottle doesn't last as long as it looks like it would, but for $6.00 you just can't beat it.
 Elf products can be found at your local Tar-jay.  
2. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess-*my favorite product! Girls, I've been using this bronzer since high school. It's $30.00 and lasts me almost a full year. That's $2.50 per month. NOT too shabby! It is the BEST bronzer I've ever found and I've tried many. I use this even with my Bare Minerals bronzer because it gives such a good glow.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.
3. Bare Minerals (Original) Kit-For foundation and bronzer (along with Bronze Goddess), I use Bare Minerals. I'm not good with liquid foundation, so this suits me best. It's easy, covers my face, and looks natural. I've tried both the original and matte, but prefer the original.
4. Elf Tinted Moisturizer-$3.00. Cancel your lunch plans and go out and buy this stuff! This product works just as good as the $30.00 tinted moisturizers out there from Sephora. I swear by this product! I'm pretty sure mine is the "honey" shade. I will use it with just bronzer during the week and it's enough.
5. Benefit High Beam-*another favorite! This bottle is $26.00 but I've yet to run out of it. This product is a great way to achieve that "glow" on your cheek bones and can even be used as an eyeshadow primer! LOVE.
6. Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara-best mascara I've ever used. the end.
7. Clinique's Smoldering Plum blush-$15.00. I love Clinque's blush. It's not too expensive and it lasts forever. They have so many shades you can pick from.

As far as eyeshadow goes, I've recently found that I like MAC the best, so I will buy a couple good base colors from them that I will use daily, and then buy cheaper eyeshadows from the drugstore to use in my crease or brow bone.

The eyeshadow I use the most is
Mac - "All That Glitters"...

A couple tricks of the trade I've learned about having your makeup last longer and not breaking the bank on the products:

1. Unless it's a really important day, I typically don't wear much makeup during the weekdays on my face. I will use a little bit of bronzer, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. I save my Bare Minerals for the weekends or nights out. 

Not only is it healthy for your face to give it a "makeup break", but it also makes your makeup last longer..aka more moo lah in your pocket.

2. Spend the most money on products that make the most difference/ones that you really need (ie: foundation, bronzer, maybe some good eyeshadow), and then try and find cheaper altervatives to expensive products to help save money. I can tell you (and as you can see from above), I do this with: my face primer, makeup brushes, concealer, and tinted moisturizer.

This saves me a lot of money and most of the products I've found, work the same/or even better than the ones that cost an arm and a leg!
(My Dad would be SO proud of that statement.)

What are your favorite products?
SHARE with me!

*Word just in..if you unscrew Elf's face primer and use it that way vs. the pump then you can use it a lot longer. Supposedly the pump doesn't work too well but there is still primer left in the tube (when I had thought I had run out). Thank you Jenn!

*According to Steph and The Bargain Blonde, ELF's Facial Whip is comparable to Benefit's High Beam but only costs $1. $1 DOLLA peeps.

Husbands and boyfriends across the country
 won't be complaining with that purchase. 
Do you have any of the same makeup favorites that I do?!



  1. That MAC eyeshadow is gorgeous. I need some new eyeshadow, so I may have to check that out. Thanks!

  2. Hmm come give me a makeover. I'm a makeup failure

  3. you should use e.l.f.'s facial whip as an alternative to high beam. Does the exact same thing and only cost $1. Yes, $1.

  4. Another favorite of mine is Shadow Insurance by Too Faced (at Sephora) One tube is $15 and lasts 6 months. Your eyeliner/eyeshadow will last ALL day and none of those little creases when your eyeshadow starts to melt. LOVE it!

  5. I am makeup challeneged. I do the minimum and wear the same exact stuff during the day and at work that I do going out. No good ha!

  6. I get sucked in by these make-up posts too! I've found some of my favorite make-up products this way! MAC is hands down THE best eye shadow. For years, my mom tried to get me to use bareMinerals [I'm a liquid foundation girl] My make-up artist put it on me for my wedding and I ended up loving the coverage so maybe I'll go back. How much does the kit cost?

    I haven't tried Estee Lauder's bronzer yet but their blush used to be one of my favorites. Now I just use elf's blush and LOVE it! $3!!! Awesome recommendations, Katie :)

  7. oh i LOVE me some Estee Lauder. but no joke do you tell people you use that brand and they are like Estee Lauder, you're 25, not 47. lol. ha, oh well.

  8. great post! i use the bare escentuals mineral veil & matte fountain, because i'm liquid make-up challenged. i also use blinc mascara, smashbox eyeshadows and blusher, and whatever eye liner strikes my fancy: i'm liking a gel one from ulta and a pencil from stilla. i never use primer because each time i try it dries my face out like no tomorrow! and my moisturizer of choice is currently a garnier product, but i love me some clark's bontanicals (expect that's it $110/jar so i don't have any yet)....

    thanks for sharing! :)

  9. oh, and i where pretty much the same face for work and play. i work in a conservative office, so i do a lot of neutrals with heavy eye liner. and in reality, i'm often without makeup on the weekends. unless we do something fancy. :)

  10. I’m a big bare minerals girls! Love it, so light. Except WHY does it have to be the messiest thing in the entire world? Such a first world problem I have on my hands all the time.

  11. I've been wanting to try high beam forever, and now I just might have to! Thanks for this!

  12. I still need to get that Elf tinted moisturizer but I'll wait til the one I have now runs out.

    Any when your High Beam runs out you MUST get the Elf highlighter. Girlfrand-I LOVE it. It's that same thing and only 1 dollhair!

  13. love my benefit but after reading lindsey and steph's comments, switching to elf possibly.

  14. I love Bare Minerals but lately I've been doing the same, a tinted moisturizer during the week to save some time and money! I did however spend $36 bucks on Smashbox's BB Cream and I'm obsessed. Those darn ladies at Sephora get me everytime. I can never walk out of there under $100!!

  15. I love these type of posts! I used the Bare Miners Matte kit and I was a little disappointed. Maybe it's just my skin, but I thought it made me break out! I know a lot of other people say the opposite so I might give it another try!


  16. L'Oreal voluminous million lashes mascara... My eye doctor even asked me if I use Latisse thanks to this mascara! It's the best!

  17. I am a makeup junkie and I love these types of posts, so thanks for sharing! I'm a huge fan of High Beam...they actually have a new one out called Sun Beam that's like a shimmery gold which might be pretty on top of bronzer for summer! I also really want to try that MAC eyeshadow, it looks so pretty! :)

  18. I love these types of posts too. I swear by Bare Minerals ... and I agree with you, the original is better than the matte - even for oily skin. And, I've found that the matte is lighter - even if the shades' names are the same. Boo. I've heard about the Benefit High Beam everywhere - but after Stephanie and Lindsey's comments, I really want to try the Elf kind now. Thanks! :)

  19. I've always been make-up challenged as well..I've just recently become able to apply my eyeshadow correctly, haha! I may check that Clinique mascara out...how much is that one?

  20. Dude you NEED to try Smashbox! I will never use another makeup as long as I live.

  21. So I thought the ELF primer was used up super fast - it's not it's all in there just not pumping because it's so thick... Just unscrew it and use it that way (if you haven't already) because I've been using mine for months now because of it!

  22. I've always wanted to try that High Beam!
    I wish I could go back to the day of just using powder and bronzer! I have to use foundation now to cover up all the imperfections! I'm hoping this summer I won't have to use it as much though!

    Great round up, chica!

  23. I need to try that ElF makeup STAT! It's so cheap and I'm happy to hear it works great! I've never paid a lot for my makeup and never will. Covergirl is about as expensive as I go. I've only purchased one thing from Sephora and I didn't like it. Thanks for the tips, woman! Great post :)

  24. Mac's "All That Glitters" is such a staple in my makeup!! I also love Benefits "High Beam" ! I've also found that drugstore mascaras are the best and to not waste too much money on them. ( I 've tried the higher name brands of mascara and covergirl's lash blast still blows all of them out of the water)

  25. i LOVE makeup posts. they are great for tips and i'm always interested in trying new products.

    i'm really growing to love elf more and more. elf has an eyeliner pen that i cannot live without now. it goes on so smooth, not too inky, and it goes on straight. i've bought estee launder's version and there is no comparison elf's is 10 times better.

  26. i seriously need to try the tinted moisturizer!! ive heard such great thigns!

    ok so up until like freshman year of college i thought sparkly blue eye shadow was perfectly okay to wear...NOT on Halloween haha oyy

    um ok so im totally into the whole spend money on makeup thats necessary. The one splurge im OBSESSED WITH is Too Faced Primer and Too Faced natural eye pallette. Both a pretty penny but worth it!

    i just dont know how people can buy stuff like chanel or dior red lipstick. SCUSE ME I can find that shizz in walmart for 3$ and its sexy as ever!!


  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I really need to try these ELF products. I wish I lived closer to a Target. They are supposed to be building one a few blocks from my apt. City living can be inconvenient some times!

  29. Love bare escentuals/minerals and high beam! I did a similar post today! Check it out!


  30. Thanks for the tips! I'm like you -- I love getting a little sneak peek into my bloggy friends' makeup bags. This makes me want to a) run to Target for some ELF products and b) blog about my own favey faves!

  31. Thank you for the tips! Make up posts are always awesome. I recently started using Benefits brightening face primer and there eye primer and let me tell you the eye primer is tha bomb! Thanks again!

  32. yeah buddy!! more posts like this!!! this way i can openly copy you without having to email you ;)

    haha i will have to try the ELF primer. i like some of their other products!

    and YES i cannot live without bronzer. im currently using Dior and I'm obsessed!!

  33. i LOVE high beam! you need to try elf's cream eyeliner! it is AMAZING! and its only $3!

  34. I second Tara on their cream liner! I, however, hated their tinted moisturizer. Maybe it was the shade but it went on like chemical orange sunscreen for me! I returned it - lol I know, only $3 but whatevs!! I am in love with high beam but I also love benefit watt's up!

  35. I'll have to try the elf face primer. I currently use BareMinerals as well. Thanks for the tip!

  36. I splurge on foundation and bronzer/blush, but save on mascara, lip gloss, and eye shadow. But I have bad skin, so you can see why it's a priority for me!

  37. I'm obsessed with face primer!! It makes foundation look so amazing :)

    Another good drugstore primer (which sounds a littler weird) Is actually Monistat Chaffing Gel! Weird, right? But it has the same ingredients as normal face primer, and you get a big tube for $6!

    Read more about it here!

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