Hi friends! Happy {almost} 2013!

What better day to dig deep and find some motivation in the new year? Yep, I'm talking about getting your butt to the gym. I've decided I want to start doing more fitness/health posts in 2013 because the other week I noticed I stopped writing about it for awhile. Not anymore. They are making a comeback folks. 

Alright, so..for me--I personally slack with my eating habits in November and December {you are to thank Thanksgiving and Christmas} and the gym just gets pushed aside from time to time. The other months of the year I eat healthy and am in the gym 4-5/week, so I like to think of it as my little break period. It happens and indulging during the holidays is ok, but you also have to know when it's time to get back on track. That time for me? Now. Not just because it's a new year, but because I want to feel healthier and get back on track. 

Some of you have asked me to share my tips + tricks to keep {and stay} motivated, so I compiled a list that I hope might inspire some of you. I also am sharing at the end what I'm personally doing right now in the gym/eating habits in case you want to join me. I'm not a pro {by any means}, but this is what works for me! {sugar, sweets, etc. do NOT work for me. Go figure...}

1. Create a kick ass playlist and keep updating it: This is huge! Music = motivation. Especially when on the treadmill. I like to load up my playlist with songs that are fast, uplifting (some could argue that my hardcore rap with 10,001 cuss words aren't uplifting, but hey, let's toss that to the side...), and that push me. If you keep the same ole' playlist for all of your workouts, you are bound to get bored. Bored = not wanting to be at the gym.

Here is my current favorite playlist:

"Set it off" is probably my favorite right now. Download it, listen to it when you workout, and thank me later. 

2. Buy new shoes or update staple pieces {cute pants, new top} in your workout attire: This works like a charm for me. Take control of your normal clothing budget and instead of buying new heels or a sweater, buy a cute workout outfit that you feel GOOD in. Buy those neon running shoes you've been wanting. I typically ask for new running shoes for Christmas for this very reason and every year it gives me a little extra drive to get to the gym. I love putting on my new shoes and wearing them to the gym, but then again I am a girl who owns double the amount of running shoes vs. heels. Totally besides the point....just get yourself some hottie workout clothes.

3. Make your goals visible: Put them on paper! Whether it's to lose 10 pounds, to do abs 2-3 per week, tone up, cut meat out of your diet once per week, eat fresh/clean foods, etc. PUT THEM WHERE YOU WILL SEE THEM MOST. The more you see them = the more you will be reminded to make them happen. I make a list and put them on our refrigerator because it motivates me to keep nothing bad in the fridge and to be "good" when I'm in the kitchen. :) Other helpful spots might be: your iPhone under "notes", your bathroom, or in your planner.

*with this: set a goal end date (unless this is something you want to do for the full year-even better!) Maybe an upcoming trip? Before bikini season hits? Schedule that end date in your mind so you know how long you have to make it happen. My husband always tells me "it takes 16 days to break a habit" {not sure if this is true or not-but so I've heard}, so chances are once you get "used" to your new lifestyle/getting to the gym-you will come to love it and it will be become a part of your daily routine willingly.

here's a copy of mine...

4. Schedule your workouts: Just like you would with your other important appointments. Set your workout for a time that you know you will be able to get it done. I might be different in my thinking here because some say, "do your workout first thing in the morning", but for me, I KNOW that in the winter chances are my butt is going to sleep in that extra hour and I won't get up to make it the gym before work. Therefore, I make it my priority to get to the gym after work and don't make any other plans until after that hour. In the spring/summer, it's much easier to get up with the early morning light, so I will try to do half of my workouts in the morning then. You just want to make sure you schedule your workout for a time you KNOW you can and will get it done.

5. Go to a new location for your run, take a new class, love your gym: This might be the most important of them all. You have to love where you workout. I could pretty much be running commercials or campaigns for Lifetime Fitness. That's how much I love it. I've worked out at Lifetime Fitness ever since I got out of college, have tried other gyms, and they just do not work out for me. Stick with what you love, even if it means paying a bit more. It's worth it to me because if you don't like your gym, why would you want to go there? You wouldn't. It's also important to switch up what you're doing in the gym. If you're getting bored, take a new class you haven't tried. Me? I'm 110% obsessed with spinning. You burn a heck of a lot of calories, is motivating, helps with my running, and in return puts a huge smile on my face. Endorphins = happiness friends.

{besides the fact that Lifetime needs to clean their mirrors more often, I love my gym.}

Lastly, for those of you who've been asking-aside from my goals up top on that paper, my goals are to do spin class 2x/week, run 2-3x/week (if you're running on a treadmill-try and run/job on an incline always), lift weights on my run days, and eat as clean as I can {I know that I will have a cheat meal every week}. I really want to shed the few lbs I've gained this holiday season, but most importantly I want to tone up and get stronger. So, what does clean eating mean? {question I've got a lot} I've found that this website helps me the most when understanding what it truly means. 

*If you'd like a more detailed post about healthy eating, leave it in the comments and I'll see what I can put together. 

Hope this helps some of you! 
Get that booty lift. Those Carrie Underwood legs. The flat stomach you dream about for this summer. GET IT. ;) {that right here would be me motivating myself, too...)



  1. I love Lifetime too. I have never found a gym as comprehensive as it since I moved away from Columbus. I agree that writing down my goals and having a great playlist are big motivators too!

  2. Can you move here and motivate me? Ahhh! Thanks for posting this! I needed it :)

  3. going to need to listen to these workout songs!! LOVE a good kickass playlist!

    ok you have to add Pop That to the list! SO GOOD. By French Montana featuring RICKY ROZAY!

    i am a FIRM BELIEVER that cute workout clothes make you work out better as well!! I wish I could dump my current clothes an just buy out LuLuLemon. My wallet would hate me and probably make my ass so fat on purpose

    These are GREAT tips Katie!! deff going to favorite this fo shiz. I also am now inspired to try spinning ever since i saw you burned 900 calories. LIKE HELLO???? taht is so many!! I could go eat a house after that!

    i think one of my major goals will be to add more protein to my diet. I am like you....i rarely ever eat meat, but if i do its like steak tips or chicken. I need BETTER protein though! More fish, beans, etc. Or more of Kurt's... um......TEEHEE...I had to. Even though it was so wrong. Feel free to delete this. I am on crack today running in 4.5 hours sleep

    BACK TO NORMAL COMMENTING....I know for a fact I will be making more of your 4 bean chili as it has become a favorite of mine!

    as for the year 2012, i am SO HAPPY we have become so close and got to meet!! You are such an amazing person and friend...you Billy and Rocky are so great and i am so thankful you opened up your amazing home to me!! The stranger from Bawston who drove 10 hours to you guys :) So happy to have you in my life!!

    here's to 2013 where we can get together again!!! It must happen! I hope you have the best new years eve ever! I love love love you!!

  4. Love this!! Just what this mama needed! I am SO about updating the playlist on a regular basis to keep me motivated! You should post a weekly or monthly update on your top new songs! And I am SO with you about buying new workout clothes for motivation as well! I mean, hello wunder unders!!! xo

  5. I am so excited for more health and fitness posts from you! I once was really motivated and doing good on my weight loss journey, but have since slacked off, a TON, and I definitely am looking for motivation and inspiration. As well as ideas and tips! Looking forward to reading more of this from you! And I would totally be interested in a more detailed post about healthy eating tips!

  6. I totally needed this post! Trim the fat ladies. Let's dooo it!!

  7. Thanks for the inspiration! I need it!

  8. I've been so looking forward to this post! I'd love to see a post about healthy eating but also what weight moves you do and how often you switch that up. Here's to a healthy 2013!

  9. Great goals Katie! You should get Spotify. You pay $9.99/month and you can make playlists to listen to anywhere and can download any songs you want or listen to whatever you want. It's a great app. And then I definitely support the getting new running shoes and workout clothes as a way to stay motivated. I absolutely feel like I run faster or workout better when I look cute or have new clothes I'm trying. I need to find a new gym. Mine got bought out and they changed the classes and I don't like them. I actually haven't even been since I started marathon training. I need to cancel that. And then I would love to have you do a post on clean eating. That's where I struggle a lot. Thanks for the post on "What is clean eating?" I'm headed over to read it.

  10. love it! thanks for the post! I would definitely like a more detailed post on healthy eating.. I've lost 12lbs since sept. and would like to lose at least 13 more.. but its not just about the lbs anymore.. I want to feel stronger and know I am eating the best I can.. (not to mention I am going on a cruise in Feb. hehe) so thank for for the motivation/inspiration.. I already downloaded a few songs you had on your list :) Happy New Year!

  11. Great post! I totally need to get my bum back into the gym also!! And I am starting back up with my clean eating diet as well. Partially to tone up and look better, and partially to help with some of my GI issues. I would love if you could share some clean eating recipes. I am always looking for new recipes so I don't get bored. I think that's the biggest thing with both working out and eating well is to not get bored or else you slip back into bad habits :)

  12. Your playlist looks familiar :). You certainly are motivating, girl.

  13. Hopefully this kick starts my motivation, pretty!

  14. LOVE this post!! LOVE the inspiration and would love to see any easy recipes you rec that are yummy in a future post! Happy New Year!! :)

  15. I am constantly changing/updating my gym playlist! It helps so much to have fresh motivating music to jam to and keep you going. I just recently bought a couple new pieces of gym clothing too and it really does help me WANT to change into workout clothes and workout. Great tips, thank you! my goal is to eat LESS. I eat healthy but I have issues with portion control. So that + working out are my 2 main goals right now :) Happy New Year <3

  16. Oh I so needed this today! I guess this means I need to throw away that leftover Christmas candy...sad day :( So gonna be worth it though when spring/summer rolls around!!

  17. These are all really great tips!! One of my new year's resolutions is to stick to a good workout routine. I neeeeeed to tone up!

  18. Thank you thank you for making this post! I am trying to get back into exercising daily, I want to be toned for my wedding in Sept. Plus it just makes you feel so much better! Thank you for sharing, I am going to check out the eating clean website now! xo

  19. btw could you do a post on your fave workout clothes/shoes brands? I think you are right when you said getting cute clothes to workout in would help.. I am stuck in my old stuff from college days and don't know where to begin with workout attire :) thanks

  20. love this post!!! thank you for all the info. i totally agree with you on the new workout clothes and shoes. defintitely makes a difference. and music....oh my a workout playlist is totally a must! i love working out to ozzy osborne.
    like i told you on IG we are starting our challenge today. pretty excited about it. im planning on incorporating much more workout posts/healthy lifestyle posts into my blog this year. 2013 is a new, fresh year. im excited about it all. keep up these workout/healthy posts. i love them! :)

  21. e-mailed ya' BEFORE reading this post, HA ;)

  22. My husband went to high school with the family that started Lifetime. I don't know how many you have in your area but there are several throughout the Twin Cities (Mpls/St. Paul) with varying levels. Some more basic and others equipped with full salon and spas attached. I was a member at one of their platinum clubs and it completely ruined me. I had to cancel because it wasn't in the budget, but I'm hoping to take advantage of a zero enrollment deal and get back in there. I tried to do LA Fit for a bit and it just didn't compare to Lifetime. Sigh.

  23. I love your fitness goals and tips! My husband and I are Lifetime Fitness members as well, and just like you, we absolutely love that gym. There is something about a good gym that makes you more inclined to work out and sweat a little bit harder!! here's to 2013 being the best year yet for you and your family! :)

  24. Went to download new music thanks to your post and my iPod died.... Battery won't charge. Bummed but still Harding to the gym and borrowing my sons ipos gonna work out to pandora tonight. Love that you are going to do more fitness post.


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