my husband.

Maybe it's because of his good looks...
Maybe it's because he is the best fur Daddy to our Rocky...
or...Maybe, it's because of his 'I-will-defend-our-house' approach (read here)...
but whichever it may be, I'm feeling thankful for my husband and it's time that he gets a post.

When you've been together for as long as we have (going on 9 years!) and you've done the whole long distance thing, then one of you has moved for the other (Billy from Cleveland to Columbus), to moving in together, to buying a house together (and learning how to share a closet...yikes), and getting married...
you know that everyday is not going to be perfect. 
Some days are tough. 
We know this. This is reality. Marriage takes work! 

The other day, I had a semi deep conversation with my girlfriend when she asked me, "How did you know that Billy was the one? How do you know it's him you want to be with forever?" Without divulging too much information, she has had bad experiences in her family with divorces and marriage is something she wants, but scares her. 

While there are many answers I could give to this question (like he makes me be a better person, he gets me, he pushes me, etc.), one simple answer stuck with me and it's the one I tried explaining to her. 

You just know. 
There is no questioning...
There is no doubting...
and you are terrified thinking about what your life would be like without them.

It's as simple as that, for me. 
Is it the greatest answer to that question? No, probably not. 
But who really has the 'right' answer to that question? 
It's different for every couple.

My love for Billy is so strong that I never had to ask myself, "how do you know he is the one?"
I knew right away.
This might not make sense to some, but to me, it does.

Billy is selfless.
No one ever has a bad thing to say about him. 
Billy can get along with anyone. But yet, he can be reserved and quiet sometimes.
He is confident and pushes me. He keeps me motivated.
He supports me, but most importantly (in my opinion), he tells me when I'm wrong. He tells me when I'm being irrational, and he doesn't just tell me what I want to hear. While I may not like to hear it at the time, I love this about him.
He puts up with me in my lowest of lows (which makes him a saint as it is).

I don't remember the last time I got ready and dressed up, where he didn't immediately tell me "you look so cute" or "damn, you look goood!" in his goofy voice. 
Billy makes big deals of silly, little, things that he knows mean something to me. 
Like, when I raved over the phone to him the other day about a new bra I had just bought that changed my life instantly (the Bombshell VS bra, if you're wondering), and he came home from hockey all wide-eyed saying and looking at "the goods" saying, "WHOA! It's like a whole new woman! Look at you, babe!". Or when I got my hair done and he picked me up and told me, "you look 5 years younger!" 
(...now, I could've picked apart that statement and asked him why he thought I looked old before, but no, I took it because I know what he meant. ;))
Billy does things for me that he doesn't even enjoy. Like, drink wine for example. He hates wine. But he puts a smile on his face and shares a bottle with me because he knows I enjoy it.

In 9 years, my love for Billy has only gotten stronger. 
Our relationship has changed for the better.
We've become a better team.
I'm a better woman because of him,
and incredibly thankful to call him my husband.

As women, we tend to get caught up in...oh, let's see, our fashion, our workouts, our friends, etc. and I often realize when I'm in the moment and Billy says or does something really nice, I don't let him know right then and there that I'm thankful. 
Are you guilty of this? 
I know I am.
From this point on, I'm going to try and appreciate the little things Billy does in that exact moment. 
Not days later.

Just wanted to get that off my chest today because sometimes I don't give him the credit he deserves. I feel so lucky to have him, you have no idea.

I love you, babe! 
<insert our special "teamwork" handshake that we do here>

"No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it..."

Who are you thankful for today?
 Have you told them lately?

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  1. You two are seriously presh.


  2. stop it.

    i love you guys so much and this post is absolutely amazing. 9 YEARS HOLY CRAP!!!!! Puts my 5 years to shame :-)

    i loved being able to see this relationship first hand and in person. Billy is an absolute GEM and honestly you guys are one of the sweetest, most loving couples ive ever met

    that is so true "you just know" and i love the way you describe it! Seriously is terrifying thinking of life without someone you love so much :-)

    i love that i got to know billy!! and agree with everything you wrote about him! he can get along with anyone, hes soooo supportive of you, and i love that a couple times during the weekend I was there you were talking about something and I could just see him looking and smiling at you probably thinking "DAMN MY WIFE IS AWESOME!"

    love catching little moments like that!

    this post made me sooooo happy!! and made me just text kurt a cutsie text to tell him how much i love him!


  3. Such a great post! Ryan and I have also been together for 9 years+ and it has been such a fun adventure together. Love how you two just complete each other {you complete me...ha!}.

  4. Seriously, gave me chills and tears running down my face. Everything you mentioned is exactly how I feel about my Fiance. You guys are an amazzzzing and geniune couple, in every sense of the word.

  5. aww very cute! You're right, it's as simple as that- you just know. My friend asked me the same thing and I had the same response. It's a feeling deep down in the bottom of your heart that just tells you everything is right.

  6. I LOVE this! So sweet! Man I love Billhead. ps. I saw a Head look-a-like at Starbucks this morning.

  7. And the sweetest blog post award goes to....

    This was precious.

    Loved every bit of it. Just reading it made me feel more in love :)

    I am so glad you wrote what Billy says to you after you get all done up. Shawn doesn't believe me that men say something other to their wives than "you look nice". I knew I could count on you for back-up on this.

    Anyhow, you two are cute. But you already knew that.

  8. I love this post! It's so obvious how much you adore each other. :)

  9. this was such a cute post. it makes me happy to see others find this kind of happiness together. i hope one day it happens for me too! thanks for sharing :)

  10. I think all the boyfriends, fiances and husbands should thank you for this post because they'll probably get some extra lovin' and huggin' tonight because of it!

    so true though. M always tells me when I look nice, or smell nice, and in the quiet moments I appreciate it, but I need to do a better job of telling HIM that.

    he really is a saint for putting up with me too.. I have the patience of an animal waiting for a treat. srsly.

  11. Thanks so much babe!!! best post ever lol, thanks for having my back this wknd and for being a great wife. i love you so much, and thanks for the great post! bk

  12. How sweet is this?!?! You two are too freakin' adorable!!! :)

  13. So sweet! :) I think you described how you "know" perfectly. It's exactly how I feel about Jake. :)

  14. Such a sweet post! He sounds like a great guy!

  15. This is something I need to work on. Appreciating my sweet husband more. Husbands really are the best.

  16. I just got married (4 days ago) and completely agree---when you know you know. LOVE this post!


  17. Love this, Katie! I think the nicest thing is when guys really pretend to care about things that they know are important to you. Those sweet comments ... bravo, Billy!

  18. i totally agree with you! with my husband, i just knew as well. he just felt like home, it was always so natural to be with him from the beginning.

  19. this was too cute! love it :) you and billy are too adorable!

  20. there is nothing i didn't like about this post.

  21. Such a sweet post. I loved reading it, you guys are too cute.

  22. New follower and love this post! Husbands don't get quite enough credit for all the things they do and put up with. Great way with words!!

  23. This is so sweet. I hope I find this one day. One day being the key word I'm in no rush. And I hope husband gets to read this!

  24. so sweet! he sounds JUST like my hubby. :)

  25. Gettin' all sentimental on me a shit.


    Billy deserves this post just as much as Beau does. The difference here is that you actually wrote one and, well, I wrote about my dream retirement jobs lol.

    Billhead is such a keeper. When we got back from Naples, Beau started feeling guilty bc he heard Billy telling you how pretty you looked all the time...needless to say, he's working on it.

    Oh men! God love them!

  26. Love. this. post.

    I knew I picked a badass blog to sponsor this month.


  27. Love. this. post.

    I knew I picked a badass blog to sponsor this month.


  28. This is precious! I totally know what you mean about "you just know" isn't that feeling great? I hope your husband gets the chance to read this! He is a lucky guy!

  29. This is totally awesomeness. I'm sitting here with the biggest tears in my eyes.

    As being with Aaron for 11 years, I too know the struggles && compromises of this kind of love - it's tough, yet it's really easy.
    Most of all, it's defnitely work - everyday work!

    Great post Katie!
    Here lately, I've been crying at all of your posts.

    Happy Tuesday! Xo

  30. Ya'll are too cute! When you know you know, totally true!

  31. Oh my gah! You guys couldn't be any cuter! Where can I find one just like him?? ;) But for real you guys have the kind of relationship that I hope to have one day and you forgot to mention my favorite thing about him... He always reads and writes the cutest comments on your blog. I'm a creep and always read them :) Great post! Have a wonderful day Katie!!

  32. This is so sweet - I love it! I am your newest follower! :) Hope you'll visit my blog & follow if you enjoy as well!


  33. What a sweet post.. that last pic of you two is adorable!

  34. Love love LOVE this post! y'all are adorable!
    In addition to the 'just knowing' feeling when I got involved with The Husband, there was also never a question or doubt - EVER. I just knew this was it forever and ever =)

    My mom came from a family that had a lot of divorce; her and my dad are still going strong (28 years in Sept =D) I always asked her if she had been scared because of the history in her family. She always told me that other than abuse, there was absolutely nothing that couldn't be worked through. Her and my dad have an amazing marriage =)

    Great post - definitely super sweet =)

  35. Love like that is hard to find but when you find it you appreciate how precious it is don't ya?

  36. I love this post!! I am def guilty of not always telling my hubby I appreciate him too. As a working mama, I sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle so when Jer took the night shift I would try to leave him a note or send him a text so he knew I appreciated it.

    I remember before Olivia chores weren't split equally but we both did what we could, now who ever has time does what needs to get done. Marriage def takes work and I think you put it perfectly that you have to be a team :)

  37. I LOVE this post! So sweet. You are one lucky girl to have a love like that. It's great you realize it and can appreciate it. :)

  38. Could this BE any sweeter? I hope you and Billy's relationship continues to only become more wonderful :)

  39. This is so sweet! You literally just described my boyfriend. He's so amazing!

  40. Great post! I've been with my hubs for 8 years and know exactly how I feel... we're coming up on our five year wedding anniversary so I'll be treating him to a post as well... so give me a looksy on June 16... so glad you two are so happy and so in love...its simply the best!




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