Is anyone else in complete shock that it is November 6th? That Thanksgiving, where we can feast without zero judgement, is just a few weeks away? That Christmas...ahem, Christmas...is "right around the corner"? 

I haven't even started to think about Christmas yet. OK, that's a lie. Sure, I've thought about it: thought about how I can tackle my Christmas shopping in order to have it completed before December hits. Doesn't that sound so amazing? However, taking it from just a thought to an action is the difficult part. November has been so crazy busy for us thus far, but I really, really hope I can do it! 

Anyway, when most of us think of Thanksgiving - we think about what we are thankful for. I've seen so many cute ideas to do this like stating something you are thankful for each day of the month via social media, and I wanted to create my own list of what I'm thankful for. I think it's important for all of us to remember what the upcoming holiday seasons are all about, and we could all use a little refresher, right? 

I'm thankful for:

....the warmth of a fireplace

....my close knit group of girlfriends and the fact that we all live in the same city still (and realizing it may not be like this forever)

....our home that we love and are grateful for. All the "diy" projects we've completed this year that has taught us so much and the feeling we get when we finish them

....the song "I Cry" (yeah it's by Flo Rida..#noshame) because it keeps me going on my runs. It also provides me with really good dance music in the car. Download it.

....our health (both of us have managed to not have any major health scares this year, and no major injuries like my knee injury last year! I really hope I didn't just jinx us...)

....Rocky snuggles

....chocolate covered pretzels

....a gym that I truly love going to

....all of the trips we've been blessed to go on this past year: from Naples, to the other side of the US in Lake Tahoe, to our favorite stops in California. And to the one we had to reschedule this year due to a family situation that will be happening early next year - Texas. :)

....having Billy home every single night (vs traveling for work, etc) 

....warm socks, sweatpants, and a big blanket on a cold night

....Billy leaving me love notes around the house at random times, and in my car like this one I found last week hanging from my key chain

....getting to see my Dad everyday at work and the relationship I have with my stepmom Judy that has come a long way

....friends and family to spend Thanksgiving with (two thanksgiving celebrations this year. On that note, I'm thankful for double the food I will be eating. Nom..nom..nom.)

....my friendship with Steph that started all from this little blog and the fact that I finally got to meet her in person this year (twice!). In particular, I'm thankful for this post that she wrote me a while back. She doesn't know it (until now), but I keep a copy of it on my phone and read it from time to time. Steph knows this, but I'm a big sap. A true softy. We've had conversations with tears dripping down my face because we live so far apart. We've had conversations where we say the exact same thing, or text the exact same thing at the same time. I know that God brought us together for a big reason-not only have we both gone through the heartache of losing a parent, but we are extremely similar. She is someone that knows who I truly am, yet has only "met" me twice, who loves me regardless of how goofy and annoying I am (b/c lez.be.honest-she is too). Love your face SNJHK. You too BBFT.

Read the post here. So romantical we are.
I also got the opportunity to meet precious Erica when she traveled to Ohio for my birthday-and love her to pieces. One of the kindest girls you will ever meet! Let's not forget about Natasha either...meeting her and her adorable family was amazing..definitely a highlight of the year.

....crockpots: making life easier since 1882 (or whenever they were created)

....cozy sweaters

....how much my marriage has grown in the past year

....heat. heat, heat. did I mention heat?

....the website ideeli. they have amazing sales and the cutest holiday decor. Last year for Christmas, I got Billy a nice designer watch for half the price it retails in regular stores! shop here.

....leggings. not to be mistaken for pants

....this smoothie recipe that tastes like candy, but is good for you! I'm truly thankful for it making my week...month..whatever. It is that good. Hope you all enjoy it too! Tweet me, instagram me, etc and let me know if you make it. :)

Don't let the candy in the background fool you...
this smoothie is healthy!
{help a sister out and pin this image so you can make it later?}

(recipe source)
+1 medium to large frozen banana {break into 1 inch chunks before freezing}
+1 heaping spoonful of almond butter
+2 spoonfuls flax seed 
+1/2 cup almond milk, yogurt, or regular milk {I use almond}
+drizzle of honey
+drop of almond extract {you can use vanilla too but it won't have that candy taste that the almond gives it!}

+Toss all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

*My favorite thing about this smoothie is that it's more like a shake. It's thick and creamy and tastes wonderful!

What are you thankful for?



  1. Super sweet post! And I am obsessed with "I cry" too. I think my workout playlist is 90% Flo.

  2. Can I just tell you that I am a huge sap too? And this post made me cry a little. No joke, tears at my desk right now. You and Steph are so cute and I just love that the two of you are besties. I love the relationship that you and Billy have and I love that you are so thankful. Thank you for being inspiring this morning : )

  3. Great Post! I think my favorite is the leggings, not to be confused with pants!! haha..I love leggings!! But I wish more people would get that they are not pants memo!!

  4. Okay so you have been a favorite blogger for a while now, but I'm officially convinced you're the bees knees (do bees have knees?) Moving on... "feasting with zero judgement"- right on!! And I'm obsessed with leggings although my black girl ass thinks I should not be. I'm okay with it.

    1. I'm in love with this comment. hahaahahaha. Bess have knees in this case ;) thank you Julia!!

  5. Katie Katie Katie...The thought of me walking through the Naples AND Columbus airports instantly bring back tears so thanks for the puddle currently residing on my desk (ok ok and also for such wonderful memories with you, the Billhead and Rocko Taco.) It really pisses me off that TX and OH are so far apart. Who designed this map anyways??

    I am so incredibly thankful for our friendship, more so the fact that I have someone like you who just "gets" me and never passes judgement, and even more so for blogging because if Kristen hadn't started this blog of mine a couple of years ago, I would have never known you. Can you imagine never knowing someone as cool as me? The picture and letter from us in Naples warms my heart knowing that one day (SOON!) you will be here, at our house, leaving me letters (at least you better!) So soon, my sweet friend. SO SOON!!!!

    Love you boo! xoxo

    1. Oh...and you already know this, but I sometimes may or may not wear tights as pants. BReakin' all the rules...

    2. I love November and that we all take the time to think about what we're thankful for! I also love that November brings December which brings Christmas :) Oh and I pinned your smoothie...this will probably be breakfast tomorrow for this girl!

  6. So much to be thankful for! :) And that smoothie looks like the perfect "post-baby-need-to-get-skinny-but-still-eat-for-breast-feeding" breakfast"

  7. Can you elaborate on how your marriage has grown in the past year? I love hearing about how people strengthen their relationships :)

    1. Hi Kel!

      Sure. We have just become better at working as a team and with our communication. It just seems like this year we have become so close (even though we were before) and feel "settled" as a couple in our marriage. We have done so many house projects together that have taught us a lot (also helped with the communication thing) and we are in process of finding a new church that works for us.

      Thank you for asking! :)

  8. Awwww love this Katie!!! :) SO sweet!!! I love how much you and Steph love each other!!!! :) I can see why, because y'all are both the best! :) AND Erica, GOD love her...she's the sweetest EVER. I'm thankful to "know" you ladies and I can't wait for you to come to Texas!!!!! :) Love this post, and I'm trying to type and drink coffee right nowwww. Have a beautiful day muffin doodle. <3 random?

  9. I think I may be wearing leggings as pants today! My butt is covered though! ;-)

  10. cant even BELIEVE it is November!! this year is FLY-ING

    i love love love that pic of you and your girls :-) and love that i have even met some of them IN REAL LIFE!! girlfrands make everything better

    the billy love note...ughh how sweet is he! honestly...he is such a sweetheart!!

    i love so much and am so thankful to have met you all!! seriously! makes my heart so happy to have people like you in my life even though you are a short 10 hour drive away!! And I love your friendship with Steph!! so amazing and so happy to have gotten to meet ALLL of you during our Ohio shebang!!! :-) you are JUST as precious my love muffin :-)

    i love this whole list of thankfulness!!! Heat. Yes. and crockpots especially

    and i love YOU! :-)

  11. Great list of things to be thankful for! :)

  12. Great post! Looks like you have a lot to be thankful for!



  13. Nice list!! I'm working on my own list....adding one thing each day in a top secret blog post which I will reveal on Thanksgiving. :)

  14. I love this.

    One thing I'm thankful for...having your blog as a positive & uplifting weekly read.

    I'm thankful to have virtually met you, 😉.

  15. LOVING this post!! You have so many blessings!! Love following you on here and for the blog world!

  16. Great things to be thankful for! I'm definitely thankful for having a a wonderful family and great friends!


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