Easter 2012 in Pictures

Happy Monday, party people.
How was your Easter?

We spent the weekend in Cleveland with my in-laws and had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends. On Friday, Billy and I had such a good time exchanging and hiding eachothers easter baskets just us two. I contemplated hiding Billy's basket on the roof, but then quickly realized that in order for me to hide it there, I'd have to get up there, so that was shot down within seconds. I did however find a pretty legit spot to hide it where I didn't think he would look and I was right...he didn't look. It took Billy 15 minutes to find his basket and it was just under our half bathroom sink. I put it in the way back and covered it up so it wasn't noticeable at all... ;) We had to play the hot cold game for him to find it. Success!

Billy outsmarted me and hid my basket in between our front door and our screen. We originally said no hiding our baskets outside, so I should've known he would get as close to that as possible. ha. I told Billy from the beginning if he got me any candy to just make it one or two things (hello bikini season quickly approaching), and of course he put about 6 different candy bags in my basket. He went way over the top with my basket and was so thoughtful. My favorite items in my basket are Kelle Hampton's book, Bloom (soo excited), and the fact that he picked out mint colored nail polish for me all on his own! I love him.

Saturday, we spent the afternoon and evening with Billy's cousins at his cousin Doug and girlfriend Cara's house. They just moved into a BEAUTIFUL home practically in the center of the woods overlooking a river. I can't be too sure but I think I ate every hour this day. Talk about grazing. On Easter, Billy and I both woke up sick... the whole 9 yards. Sore throat, runny nose, aches. Bleck. After resting a bit, we went with Billy's family over to his uncle's house to meet up with all of the family for a big Easter celebration. I literally don't think I need to eat for this entire week.

Now it's time for the pictures..
what's a post without pictures, really?

I got the idea for the beer basket from Pinterest (where else?)
and just personalized it with things that I knew Billy likes or needs. 

This basket is perfect for your boyfriend or husband for any holiday...just fill it up with his favorite things and add some special touches if it's for a holiday! I taped some of the items so that they would stay in the spot that I wanted them, and I also filled the bottom with candy.
I also surprised him with that picture (I will post a DIY post about this soon)
that has the lyrics to our first dance song from our wedding on them.

{in the card I told him his 12 pack of beers were in the refrigerator waiting on him..}

the classiest of a basket for a man, right?

and my basket...

and of course we had to get a photo shoot with our fur child...
(how gorgeous is the tree in our backyard right now? I love it)

View from Cara and Doug's backyard...

left: the cutest goldens ever-holmes & watson
right: me and cara

Watching the Masters
at Billy's parents house...

Last but not least...
I received an overwhelming response on Instagram (@katiewkrysh) about these two.
Billy's cousins, Jonathon and Dave.
saying Jonathon looks like Patrick Dempsey
...he was loving all the attention, ladies.

Tomorrow I'm going to share the Easter treats I made
so stay tuned for that..

Not done just yet--
1,100 followers friends today.
thank you..love you ALL!

How was your Easter?!



  1. Hahaha, your Easter baskets are hilarious! I can't get over how much candy Billy loaded into yours! Great job Billy on the book and nail polish though! Impressive.

    Love your outfit with the plaid shirt, by the way! So glad you guys had a wonderful weekend and I hope you're feeling better! xoxo

  2. That is such a great picture of the two of you and wow that tree is beautiful! I love the personalized baskets, so cute!

  3. Hi there friend!! Your pics are BEAUTIFUL!!!! That tree in your backyard looks AWESOME with y'all's Easter attire!! Billhead's "basket" is so cute! I love that y'all hid them from each other! (What the hell Beau? Where was MY basket?!) ;)

    Billhead looks exceedingly handsome in yellow, Kate. You need to hide him from all the girls when he wears that color!!

    Ok and can we talk about how cute you are sitting on the deck with your book?? Love love.

    Who is this Cara girl and WHY is her house so friggin' cute????!!! Seriously? I am LOVING the shabby chic look homegirl has goin' on!

    45 DAYSSSSS (I think?) Can. Not. Wait. Love you bye.

  4. Love all the pics :) and I love that tree in your backyard. Seiously though, Billy's cousin really does look like Patrick Dempsey in that pic ... hilarious! :) Im glad you had a great day! and I agree with Steph, Cara's house is amazingly beautiful! :)

  5. I love that you put Billy's stuff in a beer holder! Such a cute idea for a guy! Glad you guys had such a great Easter :) I must have missed this on Instagram but in the picture you posted Billy's cousin does look EXACTLY like Patrick Dempsey, it's kind of crazy haha. Happy Monday girl :)

  6. Love the baskets! Hubs never did this as a child, so hoping to institute the basket hunt. He does look like McDreamy!

  7. Sounds like you guys had a fun Easter! And your 1st dance lyrics DIY turned out super cute!

  8. I love the Easter basket in the beer box. So creative! And yes that tree in your yard is beautiful!! Great back drop for photos.

  9. I LOVE that y'all do Easter baskets for each other & the little scavenger hunt y'all had to go on to find them. Freaking adorable!!! I need to check this book out, I am hearing about it all over the blog world. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter & he really does look like Patrick Dempsey!!! Crazy!!!

  10. DEF patrick dempsey. crazy! beer basket - brilliant.

  11. HAHAHA! He DOES look like Patrick Dempsey! & those Easter baskets are the cutest ever!

  12. I love your easter baskets. You're so sweet to eachother! and, pleasssse post the DIY frame you did. I love that idea :)

  13. YOu and your hubby look like you stepped off the cover of JCrew. Seriously!!! And OMG...Billy's cousin is SO Patrick Dempsy in that picture :-)

  14. Looks like a great Easter!! The Coors Light basket is so funny! :)

  15. awww love rissy's shout out!

    you guys look like you had such a fun easter!! i seriously died over your easter baskets! so clever!!!

    and dang that ring is killer!! congrats to marissa!! :)

  16. i love that pink plaid shirt!!!

  17. Love your Easter Baskets! Especially the beer basket. Genius idea.

  18. Love these pictures, what a fun Easter! I love that you and your hubby make and hide Easter baskets for each other, that's so cute! And the beer Easter basket is genius! :)

  19. love your Easter pictures! And the "hiding each other's baskets" is such a cute idea!

    Oh, and Billy's cousin is an absolute doppelganger for P.Dempsey! Wowwww! Hahaha

  20. What FUN, pretty pictures! Billy did so good on your basket!! And I love that you put his in a beer case- cute, cute, cute!! We got each other baskets but didn't hide them and now I'm kicking myself bc that seems so much more fun! There is always next year! ;)

  21. Shut up he totally looks like McDreamy! ha! great easter pics!

  22. What a fun Easter! Love the beer basket idea.

    I agree - a McDreamy for sure!

  23. Yall are so thoughtful towards each other, I love it! Also love the Coors Light Easter basket. :)

  24. Love the Coors basket - so genius! Looks like you had such a wonderful Easter!!

  25. Love the beer basket, the mint nails, and your SPERRY'S! presh.

  26. Your dog is so precious! Great idea with the beer basket, I saw that on your Instagram over the weekend.
    And PS that guy does look like McDreamy! haha

  27. I love the idea for the beer basket! How cute! I may have to copy that for next year.

  28. Sounds like a great weekend! I love that you two make and hide the baskets. Such a cute tradition. :)

  29. Beautiful pictures!! A beer basket? Genius! My hubby to be is Greek so his Easter is this Sunday - I was wondering what to do for him....now I know - thanks!:)

  30. Ahh! So many things to say! 1) I love that y'all gave each other baskets and hid them! Very adorable and I love how thoughtful Billy's gifts were. Mint nail polish?? He MUST read your blog! 2) Can't wait for the post about the heart artwork. I want to do something fun with our wedding vows and I have the perfect wall space in mind but I can't decide on anything. There are some great artists/designers on Etsy that could print me something....or I could get all fancypants like you and make something! 3) His cousin DOES look in McDreamy! Creepy!

  31. Can I please say how adorable y'all are! Such a fun way o o Easter. And the cousin...pretty hott!

  32. You guys are so so cute! Adorable and I just love it! I want to read Bloom so bad! Enjoy :)

  33. what a great easter!! your backyard is gorgeous girl!!

  34. I love yalls Easter baskets!! Soo so sweet!

  35. How freaking cute are you two with your easter baskets?! Love how excited he was with his... his facial expression is priceless.

  36. I love that idea for an Easter basket! Also, that book is amazing. I'm about halfway through it and I just love it and love her blog.

  37. What a cute idea for the Easter basket! I've also heard great things about "bloom" you'll have to let us know how it is :) Looks like you had a great Easter!

  38. before i begin this comment, i need to say the Bill needs to call Kurt and be like "yo dude...yellow is a cool color i swear. Don't i look amazing?"

    um yeah...kurt almost always refuses to wear yellow and it looks SOO GOOD!! GO BILL!

    love that you 2 hid baskets :-) how precious are you guys! thats something you guys can do forever and ever!

    that frame with the lyrics? HOLY AMAZING IDEA!!!!!! how thoghtful are you katie :-) eeek!

    and what an awesome basket from billy! he knows the way to a girls heart! wine...chocolate...amazing book! pink gloves! bless his heart!

    and CONGRATS to your friends engagement!! EEE!!!


  39. O My My My!! Yall's Easter Baskets are just the cutest things. I have been seeing alot of this Bloom book. Maybe I should be checking it out!

  40. I mean, I'm not going to lie - his cousins are pretty darn attractive. :) Love the baskets - you two are darling!


  41. i love your plaid shirt, where is it from?

    that basket is so cute! what a great idea!!!

  42. He looks JUST LIKE Patrick Dempsey! Thought that before I even read it! Just creeping on your blog here lol!



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