A Very Blogger Vacay {Part 1}

I'm back!
Have ya missed me?!

Don't answer that.
Well, I've missed all of you regardless
of your answer from the previous question.

First, let me say thanks to Erin and Kristin
for guest posting while I was gone and keepin' it real here on KC&CO.
Second, thanks to everyone who went to their blogs and followed them or left a comment.
You won't regret it - they are both amazing gals.

Are you just dying to know how my vacation with Billy
2 complete strangers went?!

As most of you know, we went to Naples, Florida with Steph and Beau.
I'm here to report that it was one of the greatest times of my life.
Now-let me start by saying, if you are planning on going on vacation with a random couple you meet on the internet {I do realize how cahrazy I sound right now}, at least do your research. By research, I mean Facetime with them, have phone conversations, you know...make sure they are legit people you could see yourself hanging out with. That I recommend. I don't recommend just winging it. That might be scary.

Luckily for all of us, we did our research. And we did it well.

OK, back to the vacay.

Things could have not gone more perfectly, you guys...
There is no way I can possibly sum up all of the laughs we had and inside jokes that were made because honestly, you would be here forever.
Steph was exactly who I imagined her to be-caring, gorgeous, sweet, fun, a pink zebra obsessed blondie. It's really hard to explain, but I felt like I've known her my whole life. Actually, me and Billy both felt like that with Steph and her husband, Beau {to me, BBFT}. Billy and I had to have said to eachother over 10 times how natural hanging out with them was and how it felt like we had always been friends. How cool is that? It gives me chills thinking about it.

Me and Steph got really lucky because our husbands got along so well. Maybe even too well. Like to the point where they mentioned going to the chapel...together. ha ha.

Can we all say......
Blogger BROMANCE?!

they love eachother. Pics with proof to come soon.
{admit it, boys.}

Alright, so let's get into Part 1.
When we picked them up and the first couple days.

Billy and I arrived in Florida around 9am on Thursday morning so we had all day before we had to pick up Steph and BBFT from the airport - they got in at 10pm. We spent time at the pool (hello 80 degrees..I miss you mucho!), went and got groceries for all of us, and the goods...goods meaning wine, liquor, beer. We were meeting strangers, afterall.

Got a pretty decent tan on the first day
...I love me some Vitamin D.

I wish I had some akward story to share when we picked them up from the airport, but I don't. We hugged like we had been friends forever and hit it off instantly.
 It was so surreal to finally meet Steph!
We were all a little nervous, but that was gone after about 2 minutes or so after we all realized we had the same sense of humor awesomeness.
When we got back to our condo, I had placed 2 Ohio State shirts on their bed...a pink one for Steph (if I got her any other color she may have just killed me), and a grey one for Beau. They will be wearing these daily in Texas, obviously.

Steph and Beau came bringing unnecessary gifts, too.
They got me an awesome camera bag with 2 lens caps in it!
 Steph knew I hadn't got one yet...
how thoughtful is that?!

Since their plane got in so late, we decided to just booze hang out at our condo that night. After a few glasses bottles of wine (thank you Beau for literally pouring a half bottle of wine in my glass at a time), Beau came out of his shell and busted out handstands and his yellow pants that I constantly make fun of. We had a dance party with the pants and somehow, I ended up with them on. Good times.
We knew right then and there this trip would be epic. :)

Friday morning- Billy and I scheduled a 2 hour boat cruise for all of us to go on.
We had perfect weather (we were LOVING all the sun!) and the boat cruise was a great way to show them some of Naples. On the boat cruise, you see multi-million dollar homes (I'm talking 10 million here), yachts, and the beautiful blue waters. Absolutely breathtaking.

We got lucky because at one point during our boat cruise, 4 or 5 dolphins swam
at the back of our boat and were doing turns and flips!

how would you like to live here?!
Yeah, I'd take it too.

...let me just say, I thought I took a lot of pictures.
Steph takes the picture taking cake.
Girlfriend was snapping away all over the place.
Lucky for me, she just transferred all her pics on my computer so I have them all.
 Reason #96 why I love her.

After the boat cruise, we grabbed lunch and drinks at Tommy Bahamas
in downtown Naples
and then walked around the beach.

That night, we got all dolled up and headed out for dinner
and to a local casino!

we made friends with a server named Nene
some of us lost $60 on The Hangover slot machine
(cough cough Beau)
but had an absolute blast together!

.....stay tuned for Part 2.
I promise not to drag this out
too tooo long ;)

*and make sure you go to Steph's blog tomorrow
to read her recap of our first days together!


  1. TEAR. TEAR. TEAR. :*(

    I miss y'all so so much!!

    Couldn't agree more with 101% of this post. Beau and I felt like we had known y'all forever. I really lost a part of me when y'all dropped us off at the airport.

    ...ok...not going there anymore...

    We had a BLAST!!! SO SO much fun!!

    From the yellow pants, to our fancy drunk food (aka lobster and "BUTTTTTTER", to the slow clap in "ZOOKIES"...It all brings THE BIGGEST smile to my face!!!

    We love y'all so much!! Ahhh-can we go back now??!!

  2. AWWW looks like so much fun! The bloggy meeting AND the vacay! I'm so jealous!!

    and you girls? GORGEOUS! :)

  3. OH looks like you two had so much fun!! Love all the cute photos!! I'm excited to escape to some sun this weekend as well! :)

  4. How perfect and sweet was this post??? I loved reading it and I love what a great experience y'all had. You can totally tell yall are destined to be together. Yes, I just said YALL about 50 times!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two are so hot. I love all your outfits and seriously, could you be any tanner??? We need a big bloggy meet up in Vegas. Like stat. Can you even imagine?????? Someone may die or get arrested or both.

  5. Glad you guys had a blast, looks like the perfect vacay. Love bloggy friends turned real friend stories!

  6. OMG!!! I knew you four were having fun (hello FaceTime!!) but OH MY GOSH. It looks like a BLAST! And so warm!!! Ugh. Ready for spring. You also make me want a new camera. Now I want a vacation, to meet bloggers and get a fancy new camera. Thanks for that. :)

  7. Love reading about this!!! So fun!

  8. Yall are just precious!! And by yall, I mean all 4 of you. How fun is this and how perfect that Beau and Billy love eachother too. Just a match made in blogger heaven! Can't wait to hear all about the rest of the trip.

  9. Oh so much fun i am super jealous How beautiful is Naples?? GOsh I want to go there one day. This is another reason I am glad I came into the blog world cause of meeting great people.

  10. Love this!!! Looks like a great time!!

  11. This looks like so much fun! Glad you guys had such a good time!

  12. This makes me so extremely happy and jealous and mad and excited. So glad everything went better than planned! AND, I've been on that Naples boat tour! :)

  13. love this. y'all are meant to be bloggy bff's. isn't that the best? who know you could make lifelong friends out of this little internet stuff? love all your clothes, hair, tan, body, and i'm booking a trip to naples ASAP. always wanted to go there.

  14. Love love love this! Glad it went so well! Your pictures are great and making me crave some sunshine!!

  15. What a fun vacation. I'd take 80 degree weather and that house FOR SURE.



  16. I'm glad yall had an amazing time - such a nice story!! I can't wait until I meet blogger friends for the first time!!

  17. sounds amazing! thats a gorgeous shot of the dolphins!!

  18. it looks like y'all had so much fun..loving all the pictures and jealous of how gorgeous the weather was there!!!

  19. Sounds like a successful vacay. Glad you enjoyed yourselves, but yes I did miss you terribly. :)

  20. I can't wait to be read about the rest of the trip! Sounds like ya'll had a blast.. I'm so jelly! So glad you guys and your hubbys hit it off!

  21. i absolutely love this!!! hopefully one day i can have a blogger vacay with some new besties for the hubs and i ;)

  22. So jealous! I need a little Florida in my life right about now! That is SO amazing to have seen dolphins like that! What a fun experience that must have been! Glad to see you had so much fun, and that you were able to catch up with some friends!!!

  23. Not only am I so super jealous of your vacation, I want to thank you for introducing me to Steph's blog! She's a DZ newlywed living in Texas, just like me! You two seem like such sweet girls. (Plus, my best friend is from Ohio too! How funny!)

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  25. ah it is so awesome you guys had such a great trip together! i enjoyed the tweets documenting your adventures as well ;) can't wait for part 2!

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  27. I love the picture of the 4 of you on the boat cruise- needs to be framed!! Loved reading about this and Steph looks TALLER in person! haha

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  29. These pics look like a tropical island, not Florida! You guys look like you had soooo much fun. I'm jealous of course, but love you both anyway. I still say Steph and I arrange a mass blogger vaca at her honeymoon resort/my vacation resort. It's in Mexico. And awesome. You would love it. The boys could play volleyball while we laid under palapas :)

  30. Sounds like so much fun! So glad you hit it off. I love FL and wish I was there right now. Oh and by the way you got really tan really fast!

  31. That vacay seems like it was AMAZING!! And damn...that house is incredible!

  32. Wow it looks like y'all had soo much fun!!! New friendships are always amazing!! It's even more amazing when couples can get along so well.

  33. i loved watching your trip unfold on twitter and instagram. what a special little duo you two and what a fun trip. so crazy you can meet such amazing friends through blogger!! can't wait to read steph's recap!

    hope you're having a good week chica! :)

  34. Your blog is so cute! So glad I ran across it!

    You have a new follower :)

  35. Naples looks gorgeous!! I have only been to Pensacola but I think Naples will be put on the "places to go" list! Glad y'all had a great time!

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  37. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and makes me so excited to meet yall soon!!

    so in looking at your facebook pics i could have SWORN i saw you in beaus yellow pants but i was like hmmmm i wonder. Im glad to know they were!! hahah OUTSTANDING

    those houses look GORGEOUS!! I wanna go on the boat!

    this was an amazing blate and i cant wait to be in the middle of you too! :) in a non sexual way of course hahah


  38. This looks like the best time ever. You girls are gorg! How fun and amazing that you got to take a trip like this with a blog friend?! So cool. Love the pics, lady!

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  40. How fun!! I'm probably too much of a scaredy cat to have a couples blog meet-up!! That and the boyfriend would be like...um, what?! Vacay with strangers!? Now a girls weekend...I'm in!!


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