You guys.

What has a lake surrounded by beautiful fall trees/hilltops, a bunny house, horse stables, hayrides, pumpkins, trails, an area to pet deer (what?), goats, ponies, and a large picnic area to have lunch?

The best farm right outside of Columbus, Marmon Valley Farm, that makes for THE most perfect fall Saturday-THAT'S WHAT!

I wish I could type in all caps for the remainder of this post to show how much fun we had, but we all know how annoying that really is. This past Saturday, we took a mini road trip 30 minutes outside of Columbus to Marmon Valley to go horseback riding. I might have said it once or twice before (do you sense my sarcasm?), but fall is our favorite time of year and every year we try to soak it up as much as possible.

As a couple, Billy and I really enjoy finding new places to go in Ohio and we try to plan weekend activities that are different from what everyone else is doing. We google, and google, and google some more until we find something that we just can't pass up {meaning-I do this}. We love to spend time outdoors, and horseback riding is something we love to do even when traveling to other cities (like how we went in Charlotte-read here), so why wouldn't we go in our own state? Billy knows how much I adore horses and he loves to be in the woods (he actually really does enjoy horseback riding too), so it's a win-win!

Ya'll, which is totally appropriate for this post, we had the most amazing time.

On multiple occasions, Billy would look at me, smile, and say "you fit right in with the 5 year olds!" and it's TRUE. I was so excited the entire time. This farm had so many activities (for adults and kids-thank you very much) and we happen to be there on the most beautiful, crisp, fall day. It was truly one of my most favorite days we have ever spent together.

I imagine this goat to be saying: "you iz my lunch"

{my horse-"Santana"}

{Billy on his horse-"Tucker", who repeatedly kept biting Santana in the arse.}

{some serious skill to take pictures while on the back of a horse..right?}

Our horseback riding reservation was an hour long and we even got to trot a bit, which was exciting!
I would've trotted the whole time if they would've allowed it. ;)
The trail we went on took us all through the woods and it was gorgeous.

Last, but not least, I spit out four of the most idiotic words I've ever said:
"look, it's an ostrich!"

He heard me.

So, here is my "how to have a perfect fall day" round up:
-stalk your local weather to find a perfectly sunny fall day
-google places in your area that you haven't been to before that sound up your alley
-make reservations

-rock out in the car to Lil' Wayne (or whatever you fancy)
-smile, laugh, take it all in

-on the way home stop somewhere random and get a couple of cold brewski's {hello blue moon pumpkin ale and great lakes}and talk about the amazing time you just had (OPTIONAL).

then, after some much needed R&R, start a fire and roast s'mores with friends, and watch your favorite college football team, Ohio State, come out with a win (even if it was a poor performance on their part).

oh, and a mini photoshoot with Rock dizzle.
{outfit details: vest-Forever21, top-h&m (similar), skinnies- old (similar), boots-old (similar)}

I.love.you, fall.


  1. Looks like so much fun!! :) I could not get Jake on a horse... and I've tried! I tried to convince him to go horseback riding in Maui and in Tahoe. Nope to both. Dang it.

    Love the ostrich comment. Are you sure you're not a blonde? :)

  2. Super cute pictures!

    Hope you will check out my blog some time! I'm your newest follower!


  3. I used to go their for school field trips! But I (along with the rest of my 4th grade class) got ring worm there, so not too many happy memories :(

  4. An ostrich? Are you kidding me? Hilar.
    I want to go to a farm and make farm friends. So jelly belly!

  5. I love it! That does sound like the perfect fall outing! We are going to a pumpkin patch once the husband gets back from Colorado! I cannot wait!

  6. Looks like SO much fun! Love that you went horseback riding! That is commitment! ;) We're going to Apple Hill soon and it has a lot of the same fall activities...cannot wait!

  7. This looks like an amazing weekend! I wish the weather wasn't so hot in Florida right now, or I'd be googling for a farm close by! I'm a weeeee bit jealous!

    You two are adorable!

  8. LOVE this, girl!! I have not been horseback riding in FOREVER, and now I'm about to google the crap outta' my computer ;) I'm with you on the finding new things to do too. Sometimes the most inexpensive, random event/place can end up being the best date ever!!

  9. Y'all are too cute!! Love this, the mister and I need to get our booties up there! I loveeee horseback riding too!

  10. What a fun weekend! I would love to go horseback riding and Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale is my favorite!!

  11. Looks like SO much fun!! Love your oufit & all of the pictures!

  12. How cute! Ya'll couldn't be more adorable! I can't imagine how much fun your kiddies will have if/when you pop out some mini katies and billys ;) I haven't been horse back riding in SO LONG! I need to find somewhere and go do it :)

  13. loving your outfit katie! and i have been craving to go horse back riding lately and im not sure why i said craving ha! but i think i bring up going horse back riding to my husband about once a day

  14. Looks like fun! Love your pictures!

  15. Looks like such a fun time! I have never been horseback riding before. xx

  16. Oh my gosh, the picture of you and the bunny is PRECIOUS. I love it!!

  17. We used to go horseback riding every year at Marmon Valley. I haven't been in years and totally forgot about it. What a great Saturday!!

  18. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am so in love with fall--and now, horseback riding, too! I went horseback riding for the first time over the weekend and loved it. CAnnot wait to go again!

  19. Omg it looks like you guys had such an amazing time!! I love horseback riding! I haven't been since i was a little kid.

  20. that looks like such a great/beautiful day!!! love date day :) confession though.... I clicked on the post at first b/c I thought it said "Mormon Valley Farm" and I was curious about mormons living in OH (b/c I don't think that's a big mormon state?... i don't even know)

    ...oops :) still equally excited I did! have a good night

  21. You are just too cute. Seriously.

  22. Shocker, I need that puffy vest too. I'd also like your wardrobe, no problem right?

  23. Sounds like a perfect fall day! We'll have to check that place out sometime! :)



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