Happy Halloween + Tidbits


I just love this time of year and seeing everyone's kiddos (and yes, I'm including dogs in that) dressed up. To think that next year we will have 9 month old to experience this holiday with excites me beyond measure! 

Our city does things a little differently...we actually had trick-or-treat last night. Whenever Halloween falls on a Friday, they have it the night prior because (from what I heard) they are concerned with the kids safety and people driving drunk/going to parties over the weekend. So, last night my boys got into character while I snuggled up in a chair next to them and watched them pass out candy :) 

We had A LOT of trick-or-treaters this year in our neighborhood, it was so fun to see everyone's costumes.

 {they looked pretty cute, no?}

Remember how I mentioned we had a 3D/4D ultrasound the other day?

Well, Camden was a little stinker! He had his leg up over his head, covering his face, for the majority of the session. He would briefly bring it down then lift the other leg (or an arm) up, so we didn't get to see him very much, but Ultrasona is bringing us back next week to try again! ha. 

We did find out from the ultrasound tech that she would estimate that he weighs 3.5 lbs and he is head down. 3.5 POUNDS! I can't believe how fast he's grown!! She also showed me how he's positioned so now when I feel him move, I can distinguish between a head and a butt or an arm vs a leg (which is nice because let's be serious, I had no idea before...)

{vest-here, top-similar (my style is sold out), jeans-old, american eagle}

Another big moment this week, that I briefly mentioned yesterday, was surpassing my goal of exercising 3-4 times per week until 30 weeks! 

 This goal was really something that I wanted to complete...not because I have ever been concerned about gaining weight, but because working out makes me happy and keeps me, and baby, healthy and strong! My doc gave me the go ahead to continue up until the day I go into labor, should I want to, and I plan to keep it up at least until 36 weeks or until I feel too tired to do so. I will definitely be celebrating with Billy tonight!

 We don't have much on the books for this weekend, for once. I hope to get some shopping in (for essential baby things) and have a date night with Billy since he was in Florida last weekend! 

Hope everyone has a fun (but safe) Halloween weekend! Someone please enjoy a pumpkin beer for me! :) 


Reflections & Things I Love at 30 Weeks

I'm officially 30 weeks pregnant, as of today, with our sweet boy....
Only 70 days until my due date!

 I believe this is what they call the home stretch and the one that I've wondered about, and had so many questions about, for a long time. "How will I feel?" "How big will I be?" "What complications will I have?" "Will I feel ready?", were some of the those unknowns that popped up occasionally in my head. 

The truth is, you hear a lot of different opinions right when you become pregnant, and honestly most of them sounded like being pregnant meant nine months of torture and a long list of all the things you can't do. All the things you can't eat. All the crappy symptoms you will experience. All the things you have to miss out on. While I definitely appreciate the realness (it's nice to know what can be ahead!), rarely do you ever hear about the good times and the good things that come along with it!

So, today I wanted to focus on all the things that I have loved so far. 
All the little things that keep me going and have made me appreciate this experience...

+dreaming of cuddling up a snuggled baby, in a warm house, with snow on the ground outside
+becoming someone's mom
+having the energy to cross things off my to-do list
+completing my initial goal of running/spinning 3-4 times per week up until 30 weeks, and being able to go past it
+friends who ask you how you're doing and check in on you
 +leggings and huge comfy sweaters as I'm growing bigger (definitely)
+giving into those yummy cravings and not feeling bad about it
+rubbing my belly and feeling him kick in the same spot right after
+having a great workout after a stressful day
+billy kissing my tummy
+feeling that first flutter or kick
+being pregnant around the holidays, it's fun and makes everything much more meaningful
+folding little baby laundry (which says a whole lot because this girl hates laundry)
+hearing his heartbeat at doctor's appointments and seeing him grow
+being able to experience new firsts with billy
+decorating a nursery
+having friends that are also pregnant and can relate to everything you're experiencing
+warm baths
+the awesome leg/back massages that billy gives me (who would turn those down?)
+hearing family members express how excited they are to meet him
+imagining life with a son

These things are what life is about anyways, right?

That's not to say pregnancy is all rainbows and butterflies, but there are definitely some awesome rainbows along the way. :) We have our 30 week 3D/4D ultrasound today at Ultrasona...so pumped to see our little man! Sorry for all the cheese today, but I think it's important to talk about the AWESOME parts of pregnancy, too!


Brie and Apple Tarts

Last year, I made the most delicious brie and apple tarts that I thought deserved a repost since they would be a great little snack when passing out candy to all your trick-or-treaters this week! They are oh so good and perfect for this time of year. If you missed the post last year or didn't get a chance to make them, now is the perfect time!

You can find the recipe here.

The only requirement is that if you make them, you make sure to let me know how much you loved them (and if you didn't, you can tell me that too, but I might just think you're crazy! ;)) 

Meanwhile, I'm over here getting Rocky into the Halloween spirit....

He loves me so much right now.

Have a terrific Tuesday! 


Weekend Happies

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a good weekend?

Billy has actually been in Florida the past 4 days (yes, another time this month...lucky guy) for his families annual guy vacation so the fact that I'm completely exhausted this morning doesn't really add up...

I don't think he had much fun at all, do you? so jealous of their zip lining adventures!

Before he left I told myself this was the perfect time to rest up and lay low...and yup, that didn't go as planned due to hardcore nesting, the OSU game at my parents, running a million errands, and a girls pumpkin carving night.  Not complaining too much, though, because it's all been fun things for the most part! Did I mention lots of baby laundry? Oh yes, got ALL of that done this weekend too.

Here's some things making me happy lately:

-Girl time. 

My best friend Lindsay brought me Starbucks and baby clothes that she had bought for Camden over on Saturday morning, which was so sweet! Then last night my girlfriend Leslie hosted a pumpkin carving party where everyone brought an appetizer or dish to share (I brought this pumpkin dip that I'm obsessed with) and we carved pumpkins, it was so much fun. 

I attempted to do a preggo pumpkin, but forgot to bring the baby pumpkin to go inside so it didn't look right until after I got home and could finish putting the "C" baby pumpkin inside mine, ha.


 -This is a BIG week...

 I will be 30 weeks pregnant (what?! cah-razy), we have our 3D/4D ultrasound, and it's Halloween! That's a lot to love. Really excited to see that sweet little boy of ours again on Wednesday!

(sidenote: I thought the purpose of buying all the candy for our trick-or-treaters in advance was to just be prepared, but really it's been more like let's see how much I can eat and will have to replace before the night actually comes...)

-A pillow we had designed for Cam's nursery came in and also the cutest pom pom throw blanket that will sit on the glider! (now we just need that glider to come in any day now...)

Cortney at FaithHomeLove has the cutest custom pillow designs and I saw this one and knew right away it would be perfect for his room.

*use code 'KEEPCALM' for 10% off any order from her shop!

She even included this cute personalized note on the back of it for us...

-Nesting. You never really understand it until your pregnant (at least I didn't) and whoa...no wonder why there is a specific term for this crazy behavior.

Basically what it's looked like for me lately is organizing and re-organizing Camden's room every other day, washing all his clothes and blankets, cleaning like crazy (and then reorganizing everything again), making lists of things we still need, and just not sitting still. EVER. In turn, I am truly exhausted

Hoping this doesn't last the whole third trimester and that soon I can take a chill pill....can we all say a little prayer about that? ;)
 How was your weekend?

Halloween is right around the corner!
I'm a huge fan of all holidays, but Halloween has always been at the top!


8 Current Favorites

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Kate Spade Classic Weekender 
Dolce Vita Graham Boot (also comes in a tan)
Pom Pom Throw (love this shop!)
TRESemme Shine Serum (this won a bunch of beauty awards-I've been using it for a few months and am obsessed!) 
Benefit POREfessional 
Pearl 360 Studs (my favorite earrings are back in stock-also wanting to buy these
Tassel Poncho 
Bucket Bag

Just some current favorites of mine! Those earrings? Probably my favorite ones that I've ever owned. They don't bother my ears (usually my ears are really sensitive) and look so pretty.
 What's your favorite?
Happy {almost} end of the week! 

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