Maternity Photos


All pictures taken by: Little Roo Studios

I went back and forth no less than five times if I wanted to have maternity pictures done. I don't like being in front of the camera much as it is, but with a big ole' third trimester belly I was even more unsure about it. However, in the end I knew the magic that Little Roo Studios could work (and wanted an excuse to wear this sequin dress) so I decided to give it a go!

Well, getting these pictures in my inbox instantly made me SO freaking happy that we did them. Sure...I may have sweated my butt off, had the worst hair day (always happens when you want your hair to cooperate, doesn't it?), and Camden was really hard to photograph (you try to keep a toddler boy away from hundreds of sticks when in the woods, ha) but it was so worth it. Rachel and Jared somehow managed to get some really cute pictures of Cam, and he seriously loved that they let him "play" with their camera and press the button to take a few on his own, ha.

These pictures mark such a special time in our lives as our family is growing, and I know we will cherish them forever. Baby #2, we're ready for you and cannot wait to meet you!

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Big Brother Kit

big brother gifts, big brother bag for hospital, big brother gift
{sailboat tote is from here, only $24! Other prints available}

One of my biggest concerns for when baby brother arrives has always been how Camden will feel. I'm probably reading into it way too much, but I really want him to feel included, special, and loved.

I've always liked the idea of giving him a gift in the hospital specifically from his little brother, and also having things that will keep him entertained at the hospital when he visits (that can also double as activities to do at home when I'm nursing, etc.)  I definitely think they will help make him feel special, he loves getting to open little gifts! 

I wanted to share what I put in his big brother kit in case any of you plan to make one for the future! My plan is to only bring a few of these items (like the book and 1 or 2 coloring books) that I will wrap individually to bring to the hospital, and have the rest for when we get home. 

What I put in Cam's Big Brother Kit:

-Melissa and Doug Water Wow Books and My First Coloring Books (from Target): Everyone raves about these water books! Cam has just started getting into coloring more, so I think they will be a big hit and keep him occupied. They're also perfect for travel.
-New Books: Busy Airport (he loves this series) and a Finding Nemo short story from Target's $1 spot. Cam absolutely loves to read, so new books for him are a must!
-Play Pack Grab & Go (2): These are also from Target's $1 spot and include a coloring book, crayons, and a sticker book. Stickers can entertain him for a while, so I knew they'd be good to put in the bag.
-ABC Flashcards: These are so cute and guess where they're from? You guessed it, Target's amazing $1 spot. 

I figured all of these items are good because they will keep him entertained longer than a toy would. Plus, he has all kinds of toys and balls at home. I do plan to put a few of his favorite snacks in the bag, too. Another good idea would be to include a new big brother or sister shirt for the older sibling to wear!

Lastly, I just came across this book which I'm now considering ordering because of how stinkin adorable it is. I love how it incorporates both of the kids' names in the book!

This navy sailboat tote couldn't be more perfect to hold everything (and to just use in the future for the boys-I'm obsessed with the cute print and colors!) Cam loves boats so when things are busy at home and I'm nursing his brother, he can pick an activity out of the awesome "boat bag". I really think he's going to love it and it'll be a big help!


PS: The "K" on the tote is for our last name - not baby brothers initial. :) I wanted to use our last name so that I can use it for both of the boys.

Have you made a big brother/sister kit or bag before? What did you include in it? If you have any great ideas of things I should add, please send them my way!


Scenes From The Cottage

What do you get when you combine a lake, perfect weather, 2 boats, and nothing to do but to sit back and enjoy it all? One fantastic summer weekend, of course.

Couldn't have had a better time with Billy's family in Port Clinton this weekend! I'm a little sad to get back into the weekly routine of things. Camden loved "driving" the golf cart, throwing rocks into the water (I think he could have done this for hours), playing at the beach area, and ran around on the boat like he was the captain. I'm sure if he could speak in sentences he would be asking to go back next weekend! Billy's parents just bought a 2nd boat so this was our first time on it, and of course it was so nice. It's smaller than the other boat so it was easier for Camden to walk around, when we were going slow. And the front of it has lots of seating where I plopped down, kicked my legs up, and didn't move most of the way.

I freaking love you, lake life. A LOT of proof below...

"hey, you guys going to get on this thing with me or not?!" 
(don't worry-this is just grape juice..aka nonalcholic wine) 
 (Rocky wasn't left out of the fun at all-he was a happy camper who got lots and lots of walks by the water!)

That sunset though...major heart eyes.

I'm really thankful that our kids have such an awesome place to experience summer weekends, and am already looking forward to the next time we can bring BOTH of our boys!! When we left yesterday we just kept saying how next time baby brother will be with us, too. Can't believe we're so close to becoming a five (Rocky included) person family now! Still just a tad bit crazy to think about.

Have you visited the Port Clinton area before? What did you guys do this weekend?