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Happy Tuesday!

Most of you know by now that aside from this lovely blog that I'm an insurance agent. You're probably thinking...how boring. It's really not, though! Helping others with their insurance needs is wonderful, especially since a lot of people my age don't understand the importance of it. It's my job to help them understand, and to get them covered.

Having kids is one of the greatest joys in life that's full of celebrations and surprises but sometimes, those surprises aren’t always happy. Of course, all parents work hard to keep their children safe, but unfortunately, life happens! According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, parents spend an estimated $11.5 billion annually on injuries to children. Parents who are aware of the safety risks and insurance implications of raising kids are in a better position to reduce injuries, save money, and save lives. By making smart insurance decisions early, new parents can “childproof” their finances BEFORE the unpredictable happens.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has some quick tips that are definitely worth reading:

Childproofing My Finances — What Should I Consider?
Insurance needs can vary greatly, but when it comes to having kids, there are some important things to consider, including:

-If you’re expecting, it’s important to know how your health plan covers screenings, procedures and any unexpected costs.
-If you have little kids, it helps to contact your insurer before installing backyard play gear and to consider increasing your liability coverage should someone get hurt on your property.
-If your kids are approaching driving age, consider the make and model of your family car (or their new one!) and discuss options for lower premiums and optimal vehicle safety.

Whether you are raising young kiddos, pregnant or thinking about having kids, the new Get Ready: New Parents resource kit from Insure U can help you get smart about insurance now to avoid costly decisions later. Insure U also offers a Take Action Now checklist to help you get ready (love this!). Resource kits for other life events, such as buying a new car or changing jobs, also are available online.

For more child-related information, including tips, videos, apps and games, you can visit www.insureuonline.org. Being prepared is never a bad thing, right?

As a little thank you for letting me to get into your brain with some insurance related info today (I know it's not the most fun topic in the world but hey, it's important!)... 

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Weekend Recap!

Today marks being only a week away from us being on vacation for 6 days!
 I think I can, I think I can...

 This weekend we:

Successfully cleaned out our entire basement and donated 2 cars full of items!

 It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years, isn't it? It was time to get rid of it all. Well, most of it, especially things we haven't used in over 4 years! The hardest part was actually getting started, but once that happened I just wanted to keep going to get.er.done! ;) We bought new storage containers to organize everything in and it feels so, so, SO good to have this task done. 

When going through boxes, I came across this box full of all my old childhood books! My parents kept all these Walt Disney and Berenstein Bears books! Please tell me you all loved The Benestein Bears as much as I did?! I found little notes that I wrote in some of them, so I definitely wanted to hang on to these and keep them for Camden and our other kiddos!

Went shopping in Clintonville in hopes to find some cute items for Cam's nursery!

 It's funny because just like when I went and complained on my blog about not being able to find good maternity clothes, a few days later I hit the jackpot. Well, guess what? Same goes for this. On Friday, I mentioned not being able to find cute decorative pieces for his room then this weekend I found more than I could afford to come home with... ;) I bought some really adorable things at Elm and Iron (obsessed with this store) and some other great antique shops in the area. I can't wait for the day I can share with you all!

Got my new iPhone 6! 

IN LOVE! I'm so glad I waited to upgrade to get this one and that I decided to add more storage. It's amazing and I love all the new features. And two thumbs up for longer battery life! Anyone know who has some cute cases available for them?!

Received the most thoughtful // adorable // sweetest gift ever from Caley

Caley and I have been blogger buddies for years and she lives in South Africa (see also: my dream trip location) and sent these gifts for Camden's nursery! That monkey. The elephant. The wood signs and shoes...AHH! My entire month has been made by her kind gesture....I seriously keep telling people Cam has items in his nursery from South Africa (and Thailand), haha! I just think it is SO cool and special. Thank you Caley!


Indulged in some Rita's....hey, what baby wants baby gets! ;) 

(this was Swedish Fish and Dragonfruit-I think I found a new favorite craving!)

 Got one of Camden's coming home outfits! There was no way I was leaving this local shop (Nicole's in Powell for the local gals!) without getting this Kissy Kissy 'Little Prince' onesie. My heart melted instantly. This frame also somehow ended up coming home with me...it is so cute and matches his room perfectly. To think we will have a baby to fill this frame and onesie in almost 100 days (or less) is SO EXCITING!!!

Lastly, I have to mention that living here at this time of year cannot be beat. The days have been gorgeous with the perfect temps and leaves slightly changing colors. I don't think many people realize how nice it is....I really don't know what I would do without fall! Le sigh.

 What did you do this weekend?
May or may not have a Target giveaway coming your way tomorrow! :)


Things That Make Me Go "Woo-Hoo!"

And we've made it to the day where everyone takes a big sigh of relief and has a huge smile on their face (at least I hope you do!)...

I hope you have some fun plans ahead of you this weekend! Mine is going to consist of trying to convince my husband to start cleaning out our basement together, so what that means is (besides pizza bribery) that if it works I'll be living vicariously through your fun. Cleaning out a basement full of stuff we need to donate is not my definition of fun, BUT hey on the bright side it is one less thing we have to do before baby K makes his arrival.

Since I've had some people ask about our glider, I figured I would just go ahead and share it today when mentioning my favorites for the week. It's not the same color as what we ordered, but if it helps some of you on your decision making then of course I will share! I'm also pretty excited to introduce you to another Etsy shop for kiddos that you will adore...here we go!

+It's iPhone 6 DELIVERY DAY for me! Now you know why I'm extra perky this morning...

+Your newest favorite Etsy shop (mine too): BellaRoo Stitches & Designs! If you're looking for monograms and custom designed children's clothing and baby items, Jennifer is your gal!

She designed these burp cloths and bibs for our little Cam that are just perfect. How cute are the giraffes?! I love them, plus the material is softer than you can imagine. Get your little kiddo (or future little kiddo..or friend who has a baby) some!

Get 15% off with code "BABYKRYSH15", that includes custom orders. :)
see everything available in her shop: here!

Yep...too cute for words. I absolutely love working with and finding new Etsy shops to love!!

+One week of work stands between us leaving for Florida! The weather this week has made me realize that even though I thought I was ready for cooler temps, I'm NOT. The mornings have been chilly here lately and I can't help but feel like winter is creeping up way too soon, so yes...sunny Florida + the beach + days at the pool...here we come!

+After looking at MANY different gliders (and I mean many), we ordered the Blake glider by Little Castle from Buy Buy Baby, for multiple reasons. 1) It has the "look" that we were going for (something a little more modern but still really comfortable) but much cheaper than PB, 2) You can use a 20% off coupon, 3) They have a book of fabrics you can choose from and they had the exact gray color we were looking for! Plus, they don't charge a fee to order another fabric. It's mint in the picture below, so the color and how it looks on the chair will still be somewhat of a surprise still when I do the nursery reveal... :)

 Isn't she pretty? LOVE!

The gray fabric we picked!

I have to say I'm really glad we decided to go with one that we actually sat in multiple times, versus finding one online and praying that it was comfortable/would fit in our room, so thanks to those who recommended that to us! There are so many differences between gliders and being able to actually see which ones fits the both of us (and to measure the room first) was the right way to go.

Now here's to hoping it comes in earlier than what they say it will....

+Marble Mocha Macchiato from Starbucks. Not on the menu, but the baristas know how to make it. Do yourself a favor and order one ASAP! :)

+I can't for the life of me find cute decorative items, like to sit on bookshelves, for the nursery. Anyone have any recommendations? I've checked Hobby Lobby and Home Goods, but am running out of other ideas. Where does everyone shop for cute nursery odds and ends?! Share your secrets!

Happy weekend!


What's Cookin....

Is it really Thursday? I hope this isn't just a joke (or my brain playing tricks on me) and it's still actually Monday or something. I admit, this week hasn't been the best for me as I came down with a little stomach bug earlier this week (baby is OK!) so I've just been relaxing and taking it easy. Heck, I haven't even been on Instagram since Sunday evening, which is rare for me. Normally I post all the time and love scrolling through my feed to see what everyone is up to! But hey, breaks are good too.

I have, however, been pretty busy in the kitchen. Pretty sure it's the most I've cooked since becoming pregnant... Kidding. Somewhat. But I did try a few new recipes that I thought I would share with you! I needed some new favorites to throw into our rotation, and these just so happened to work for that because we really loved them all. This will probably be one of the only times I share meat related recipes on the blog (only because I hope to go back to being a vegetarian after this pregnancy), so for all of you who hated my vegetarian posts, here you go!

+World's Best Taco Soup (and was just as good the next day for leftovers! Yum!)

+'Melt In Your Mouth' Pot Roast
 Billy had been requesting this!

+Butterscotch Apple Crisp
Used our honeycrisp apples we picked this weekend for this and it was so good.

Are you hungry now?!

These recipes and much more (I've gone a little pin crazy lately) can also be found on my Pinterest!

Thanks for sticking with me even though it's been a little quiet over here this week! I'll be back to normal next week and I have to say that if you like Target, you should probably make sure you come back next week. Something awesome is in the works and I just have this pretty good feeling that you all will be big, big fans of it. :) Happy almost weekend, everyone!

**PS: I heard these earrings I posted about (you all NEED them!) are now back in stock and you can get 20% off with code FALL20!  


Fall Boots for 2014

Fall Boots 2

Sam Edelman 'Penny' Boot (on sale now!)
Hunter Original Metal (isn't this color amazing? also love these flats, + free shipping)
Sam Edelman Petty (perfect for an everyday boot)
TB Fulton Boot (available for pre order now! these are gorgeous) 

It's no secret that I have a serious love for boots. My closet would show you that it doesn't matter if they're short or tall, I love them all! Booties are my favorite for everyday wear, but I still get so much use out of my tall riding boots. They can complete an outfit like nothin' else and I just love the look of them!

  Also, I just saw that these beauties recently went on sale (use code SALE30 for another 30% off!). Seriously lusting over that gray!


Now I know this isn't about boots, but I've got some questions in the past about the Hunter flats that I own and I haven't found them online since I got mine a few years ago, but they do have these available now that come in multiple colors, in case anyone is interested....

Which boot that I featured is your favorite?! 
Are you as excited as I am to break yours out of your closet? 

Happy hump day!

*Looking for a bumpdate? It will be posted NEXT week for the big 2-5 weeks! Since we will be gone after that on vacation, it just worked out better posting with this schedule! I already have so much to fill you all in on! 

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