We All Struggle

The other day I was chatting with some other moms on instagram and my mind started drifting off thinking about how sometimes bloggers can be portrayed to have these perfect, always happy lives. I know that, for me, ever since I started my blog five years ago I wanted it to be a space that I share all the happy memories and moments in my life, not a place where I come to bitch about my life problems and struggles. Even when I'm out to dinner with my girlfriends, let's say, it's just not my thing to voice all of my complaints all the time. I try my best to be positive and to have a happy attitude, at least most of the time.

But does that mean I don't have struggles or complaints? Absolutely not. I just choose not to voice them here on my blog. That being said, I don't want any of you who read my blog to just assume that I always have it together because that is far from the truth. For example...on Friday when I posted about Camden sleeping through the night. Sure, he has been sleeping great but that doesn't mean he hasn't ever woke up in the middle of the night and I'm sitting there (insert wide eyed emoticon here) thinking, "WTH?! Why is he up? Did he not get enough to eat?" Those things happen to me, too. All the time!

On any given day I probably worry about oh, 23+ things if I were to count every little one in my head and total them up (but I don't do that because if I did it would probably drive me crazy...or at least to the closest beach with a Corona in my hand.))

I struggle with:
+finding enough time in the day-when can I fit in a workout? what's for dinner? how can I have dinner ready if Cam wants to play and needs a bath? wait, I need to shower!
+mom guilt-due to sometimes missing the "old days" when it was just me and Billy and we could just pick up and go wherever, whenever we wanted
+worrying about Cam when he sleeps
+wanting to lose these last pesky pounds attached to my stomach and waist but realllyyy wanting that donut sitting in the office break room
+worrying about Cam when he is awake (when you're a new parent, you worry about almost everything)
+feeling unorganized-that our room needs cleaned but laundry also needs to be done. oh, and remember those bills that need to be paid?
+questioning pretty much every single parenting decision

Phew. My point is that the struggle is very real for all of us. No one has a perfect life and if they act like they do, they are lying!

Just when you think you are one step ahead, something else comes your way. And similarly, it's just like what I'm learning (ahem-still trying to learn/deal with) now that I have a little one...once you think you have one thing figured out, it all changes again! But at the end of every single day, when I kiss that sweet boy on the forehead goodnight I'm reminded just how worth it it all is. Motherhood has been the best and hardest journey of my life. I would never want to go back to life before Cam! 


First Visit To Cleveland

Oh, look who's just showing up on a Weds! Slaaacckerrr, party of 1.

It might be 3 days late, but I have to post about this past weekend spent in Cleveland. Due to the winter weather and Cam being so young before, this was the first time we got to spend the weekend at Billy's parents house with Cam!

We left Friday afternoon during one of his nap times and he did so good for the 2 hour car ride, just smiling and cooing like crazy for most of the time. The last half of the drive he took his nap, so it worked out pretty great. Confession...I sat in the backseat with him while Rocky sat shotgun, ha. My excuse is that I wanted to be back there in case he started crying, but really it's probably that I wanted to stare at him the whole time.

Anyway, Billy's parents arranged a big party at their house on Saturday for all the extended family to come over and visit with Cam (and us too!) They ordered pizzas and made yummy appetizers, it was so nice! Everyone was so excited to see Cam, especially Billy's grandma. She had been looking forward to meeting him since he was born and when she walked in the house she skipped hello's with everyone else and walked immediately over to find him. Them meeting each other was one of the most precious things to witness...I had tears in my eyes because she was just so happy and Billy, I could tell, was so proud of his son and to introduce him to her.. 

I was nervous at first how Cam would do meeting so many people in one day (and staying up for longer than normal) but he did SO much better than we expected. He let everyone hold him and was just such a sweetheart. He fussed once towards the end when he got tired, but I just rocked him and he took a nap in my arms so I was still able to visit with everyone at the same time. He's probably thinking, mom! have more confidence in me! and he'd be right.

favorite blanket ever: from here

We brought our Rock and Play for him to sleep in next to our bed at night, and he slept well in it like he normally does. That thing has yet to fail us. Best baby item ever!

The rest of the weekend we just spent hanging out with his family and visiting Billy's best friend who should be having his baby boy in the next few weeks! It was really heartwarming to see Billy's family with Cam, they love him so much and we are so thankful for that.


His family also blessed Cam with pretty much a whole new wardrobe for spring and summer! I about died over the cuteness with all the anchors and whales! I think it's safe to say he's officially ready for some weekends spent boating...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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CJK: THREE Months Old!

(onesie from here)

milestones//moments to note:

-he reaches for his toys now, whether they are placed on his lap or hanging from the activity mat, and can hold some of them on his own with both hands! (when he goes to grab things it's almost always with his left hand-his mommy is a lefty!)
-giggles, babbles, mimics, and is always smiling! he's a boy with many different smiles-the smirk smile, the half flirty smile, the full on gummy smile! all equally able to melt our hearts in an instant.
-laughed for the first time last night! (when clapping his hands together and singing)
-he holds my hand when I feed him his bottles (love) and sometimes puts his hands up on the bottle himself like he wants to hold it himself
-can sit upright with the help of pillows/blankets (see pic below!)
-recognizes our voices and follows me with his eyes across the room 
-his mommy is back to work! he started going to his nanny twice per week and to grandma juju once per week this month. the nanny told me he will smile at her when he's eating and that makes me so happy to hear. he is seriously such a sweet, happy baby!
-got his first cold, which stressed mommy + daddy out to the max because his appetite was super low. he wasn't eating like normal and we were so worried he wasn't getting what he needed and would lose weight. once his cold was over, he was back to eating normally (and a lot! 5-6 oz for most feedings-yay!)
-sleeps 11 hours! 730pm-7am, sometimes will wake around 6am and talk to himself :)
-eyes are blue on the outsides and have a little brown on the insides!
-celebrated his first Easter and St. Patrick's Day!
-we didn't have a monthly pedi apt this month, so I'm not sure of his height and weight but I might stop in today to check it out because I like knowing!

some favorites from this month:

 -disney music (I play it on my iPhone radio)
-smiling back at anyone talking to him
-looking at himself in the mirror
-stuffing his hands and fingers in his mouth
-his musical toys & bunny stuffed animal
-reading books
-his car seat toy 
-to practice standing!
-being swaddled for naps and bedtime

-being overly tired
-getting stuck in traffic ;)
-it's hard to really tell what is on his "not" list, he doesn't fuss very often!

This month was a pretty big one in terms of Cam's little personality developing and learning new things! His personality is definitely starting to come out...he makes us laugh and smile SO much. Billy told me to include how much he loves me, so I guess I kind of have to, right? :) He is always watching me, responding to me, wanting to be by me, and of course I eat it up. Love love love the strong bond that we have. When new people meet him or we're out, people always comment about how he looks at me and it is the best feeling in the world.

As I mentioned above, this month also had a pretty rough patch as he got his first cold and his breathing got louder during this time. I honestly hardly slept for some of those nights..it was so stressful. But now that its gone we've actually noticed his breathing has sounded much more quiet at times, so that's good. We're so thankful for how well he sleeps and recently I dropped my middle of the night pump so I'm now...dun dun dun...getting a FULL nights sleep, even though I still set my alarm to wake up and check on him. :)

One thing I did notice this month was that just because I feel like things have been so much better (everyday gets better and better with him!), doesn't necessarily mean it gets easier. In some ways certain things have gotten much easier because my parenting has gotten better, but I do feel that some things get harder because there is so much more to worry about. I read this post the other day and it pretty much took the exact words right out of my mouth (go read it!)

Above all else, the amount of joy this boy gives me and the pride I feel that I get to be his mom is unlike anything I've ever experienced. We love you so much Cam. So much.


Miracle Night Cream (+$100 Gift Card)

If a product tells me it'll help hide my wrinkles and make me look younger, who am I not to try it? It's like they know I have a newborn and am a little sleep deprived on occasion, or something.

You guys are aware by now how much I love trying out face creams and beauty products. But this one... this one is a winner that's going to stay in my nightly routine for months to come. Garnier's Ultra-Lift® Miracle Sleeping Cream™ Anti-Age + Anti-Fatigue Night Cream is by far the best out there. I wanted something that was light for the spring/summer and that made me look more awake and fresh in the morning.

I've been using it after I wash my face at night before bed and love it for a couple of reasons. First, the smell. It's infused with lavender essential oil and rare plant extracts, which make it so calming. Second, it's hydrating enough to last throughout the night and it fights wrinkles and signs of fatigue while I sleep. I wake up and my skin isn't dry or tired looking... it actually feels really smooth and soft. 

Here are some results from a survey taken by people who've used Garnier's Ultra-Lift® Miracle Sleeping Cream:

  • 1st Morning: 96% said skin felt softer. 85% said skin looks rested
  • In 4 weeks: Wrinkles are visibly reduced. 81% said skin felt firmer and looked revitalized. 88% said skin felt smoother.

Another thing I like about it is that you get a lot for the price. It's inexpensive (I got it on sale at Target for around $15) and you only need to use a small pea sized amount every time. If you want an eye cream to go with the night cream, Garnier has one of those too that you get for $16.99. It depuffs bags and reduces dark circles!

Next time you're in your favorite drugstore, make sure you add Garnier's Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream to your cart and thank me later. :)

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Camden's First Easter


Easter was so much fun this year!

Sure, Camden may not be mobile yet or know what Easter means, but we do and having him here with us for his first holiday celebration was so special. I can only imagine how much fun it will be in the years to come.

We spent the morning making a big brunch and giving Rocky his Easter basket (couldn't leave him out) while Cam took his morning nap! We gave Cam his basket when he woke up and he is obsessed with this small bunny stuffed animal we got him. He kept snuggling with it not wanting to let it go...it was adorable. We spent the rest of the afternoon at my parents, which I had really been looking forward to for months, because it was the first time since Cam was born that he got to be around all his cousins (my step moms kids' kids-still following? :)) all together. Cam makes the 13th grand kid on this side of the family! All the kids are so sweet with him...we are so thankful that he has them to grow up with.

My parents gave Camden the cutest Easter basket filled with a swimsuit and rash guard, an Easter book, a bib, and a big rattle/stuffed animal whale! All of it was so cute. Can't wait to see him in a little swimmy suit this summer!

Once it was all said and done, we were seriously so exhausted, ha! First holiday in the books with baby: check! We also had a party on Saturday night for my girlfriend's baby boy, so Cam had a pretty big weekend in terms of being out and about, but he did great (other than sobbing during the cousins group picture up there) This weekend we are heading to Cleveland for another Easter celebration with Billy's fam, too. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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