6 Steps To A Healthier, Happier You

I received free product from Truly Radiant to review.

Happy Monday! Monday's get a bad rep - I mean, they give us an opportunity to show this week who's boss! We all want to be happy, but sometimes keeping a positive attitude day in and day out is much easier said than done. These might be small steps, but don't doubt their effectiveness!

Step 1. Exercise first thing in the morning.
If you can turn your alarm clock up to squeeze in a workout first thing-it's worth it! Not only will you burn more calories and be less tempted eat junk food throughout the day, but you will feel so much better. Endorphins are a great great great thing.

Step 2. Don't use your phone in bed. You will gain a few extra Zzz's and I promise you, your inbox can wait!

Step 3. Try a new smoothie recipe. 
I don't know what it is about smoothies, but they always make me feel so refreshed (especially in the mornings-it's never a good idea to skip breakfast!) and summer is the best time to experiment. Visit your local farmer's market and go crazy.  (I plan to share a bunch of recipes soon that we've made in our Blendtec!)

Step 4. Get rid of the negativity.
Surround yourself with people who encourage you and inspire you.

Step 5. Keep a food and goal dairy.
Have a notebook for each, if you want. In order to get healthier, it's important to evaluate where you might be going wrong when it comes to what you're putting into your body. Tracking what you're eating is a great way to look at a full day and to hold you accountable. To help keep your goals on track (new job? looking to save up for a big move?), putting them down in writing always seems to help.

Step 6. Don't put off your appointments with your doctor and dentist.
Not many people enjoy these checkups, but do you know what's worse? That feeling of being SO behind. Stay on top of your appointments and try not to reschedule them (who's guilty of this? besides me!) so that you can get them done and move on to the next thing!

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Pretty Little Things For You (And Your Littles!)

If you've read my blog this summer then you probably know that my sweet friend Leah's shop, Simply Made with Love, is my go-to for pretty much everything lately (you've seen my water bottle tumbler and she made Camden's adorable 1/2 birthday shirt!) Whether it's for personalized baby/children gifts...something cute for myself...or for Cam...she's got it all. A one stop shop is my kinda thing!

 Recently, Leah's added a BUNCH of new items and has a great current sale going on that I need to share with you because everything is so cute. 

For your desk // blog space: 

-This cell phone holder & mouse pad are must haves! 
(I use this cell phone holder all the time, especially when charging my phone. If you have an iPhone then you know that basically means all.the.time-both of these are 15% off with the code 'christmasinjuly') 

For your little ones:

-Back to school personalized shirts
-Football burp cloth and onesie set (my favorite since football season is coming up! get your favorite football team colors!)
-Kids backpacks (I'm obsessed with these! they are only $20-much better than the PBK price. I'm getting Cam the navy one for his 1st birthday!)
-Lunchboxes (multiple designs/colors to pick from)

For you:
(ALL items under the 'Gifts & Accessories' tab are 15% off with code 'christmasinjuly', so both of these are on sale!)
-Cosmetic bag
-Striped Canvas Tote (only $28)

Happy shopping!

Oh, and my exact tumbler style I posted about a few weeks ago is sold out, but these gold foil ones are amaze!

*Lastly, I'm not sure how many of you followed Leslie from A Blonde Ambition, but I've read her blog for years and am truly saddened and shocked by her recent passing. It has been on my heart so much these past few days and puts so much into perspective. She was a beautiful person and left behind her husband and two adorable baby girls. I just can't wrap my mind around it. Her husband has set up an account for donations that will go to her baby girls college fund, if you feel like donating. Here is the link. Please keep her family in your prayers*


Striped Weekender: Save or Splurge?

When we were up at the lake the other weekend I spotted this Sloane Ranger Striped Weekender bag and was obsessed with it pretty much immediately. Stripes. Navy. Large Tote - GIMME! Ultimately I decided to pass, which ended up being a good decision, because literally a few days later I noticed Target has this version that is a fraction of the price! Um, sold.

The differences between the two are so subtle (the sizes are really comparable too-the Target being only a few inches smaller but it is deeper) so in this situation I would definitely save.

*If you guys like this type of post, please let me know because I feel like I'm always finding cheaper versions of popular items. You know you have a shopping problem when this happens...

Which would you buy?


Five Things

 Hey hey hey! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! 

Lots of fun things to share with you guys today, so I'm getting right into it! 


I like to share my five things on Monday's because then I'm able to include my weekend favorites. Like these beach towels. I've been using Aurorae's beach towel (I got the Med. Seas color-it's a beautiful deep blue) at the pool and when we go to the cottage to the beach and sit in the sand. You can easily stretch out comfortably on it, but what really makes them different/stand out to me is how absorbent and soft they are. The microfiber is nice and thick, so it doesn't feel like your laying on a normal, regular towel. It's seriously so soft! 

If you're into yoga/fitness, Aurorae has some great yoga mats and accessories as well! You can see all their products here.  




We finally bought a Blendtec! Life. changing! It's the best blender out there, I swear!

 I don't think we've gone more than a day without using it since we bought it, which was a few weeks ago! I really should do a full post on it because it's that good but I'm not sure if anyone would even be interested in that? If so, let me know!!

 Anyway, on the weekends we've been making some really yummy cocktails and I had to share our recipe from Saturday night... 

I randomly picked up ingredients from the store with no real recipe and it turned out delicious...

 -4 shots smirnoff sorbet light mango passion fruit vodka
-1.5 cups frozen mango
1.5 cups frozen pineapple
-1 cup simply balanced sparking peach mango juice (from Target) 

Blend all ingredients together and serve! Makes 2 drinks. SO YUMMY!


We found a new favorite brunch spot in Columbus: Walrus!

 We had the best brunch here on Saturday...I'm still drooling over our dishes.

We split the El Morsa (bisquits, two fried eggs, fries, cheese) and the Chicken and Waffles. Both were AMAZING! I also tried their "Juan Pablo's Seeing Eye Dog" drink, which was a combination of bourbon, carrot juice, ginger beer, and OJ. I was surprised how much I liked this! We loved this place and plan to head back there for lunch soon.

 After breakfast we walked over to a park/splash pad area downtown. It was such a beautiful day!


 Boo the Pom came home with us after a recent trip to Target. Rocky immediately attacked him when I showed him, haha! Aren't they cute?


Is there anything sweeter than a freshly bathed bebe with a comb over (and a side of drool?)

I think not... 

Ugh, I could just eat him up.


Happy Monday! 


NSale, Under $50

Sure, there are some really really really great investment/designer pieces included in the NSale, but there are amazing deals for under $50, too!

Example #1: These Zella Live in Leggings are only $33. I wear these seriously almost daily in the fall/winter (gym, errands, you name it)...they are comparable to Lululemon's popular Wunder Under's! A great buy during this sale (love the navy ones!)

Here's my $50 and under favorites:
(you can hover over each picture to see the prices)

How about those skinny jeans? They are a STEAL!! 

And the marquee letter sign would be adorable in a nursery! 

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