This week I got this top in the mail and I've already worn it twice. It's such a good basic tee that will transition well into fall (throw a cardigan overtop and still see the cute tie front) that is super soft. $39, true to size, I got a small. Need the other colors! 


I can't describe how much I love this video of my boys! They love to play together and are always cracking up at each other... so. many. feels.


Some of my favorite jeans are from Abercrombie. They are really flattering, don't lose their shape, and are on sale often...like right now for only $44! :) I love this pair of high rise jeans...


The other night Billy covered bedtime and I snuck out for dinner with some girlfriends...can't go wrong with a fun brewery and stopping for ice cream after! Now that I'm a SAHM I really try to get out at least one evening per week, even if it means just running a few errands by myself. Truly keeps this mama sane!

For my local gals, both RAM Restaurant + Brewery and Johnson's are in Dublin  + SO good!


Pretty sure I'm gonna need a space like this in our next house (me along with everyone else, right?) #GOALS!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! PS: Thanks for the comments and feedback on my last post!




This was extremely hard the first week that I started...I loveee my Starbucks with cream. LOVE it. I have never been a black coffee drinker (and honestly didn't think I could give it up), but after that first week I've gotten used to it and it's rare that I actually miss it. I swear if I can do it, you can too. Promise.


I did a big review on my apple watch here, but what I didn't know then was how helpful the sharing workouts between your friends would be. When I went to Colorado a few months ago, my cousin and her husband showed me how you can add your friends (how did I not know this?) to get notifications on their workouts. Once I got home I immediately added them (and others) and it helped motivate me SO MUCH. Seeing how many calories my friends burn, or what workout they did that day, really helps hold me accountable and gives me the motivation I need to get MY workout done.

My personal daily move goal is 500 calories and to exercise for 30 minutes. Being a stay at home mom I have a big advantage in that I can workout while the boys nap. I've learned to get my workout done FIRST (and talked to Billy about how I was going to focus on my workouts for a while vs. cleaning) during this time so that it's done for the day. Typically I will still have time to pick up the house + plan dinner, etc. after my workout.

{shoes (lots of colors and sizes here), leggings}


If you're not sure what this is, in simple terms it means you eat during a specific time frame...like 11-7 or 12-8. You skip breakfast and wait to eat until that time. There are so many studies out there showing how beneficial this is, and I believe it! Ever since I started doing this I've decreased my body fat and my cravings reduced. The key is to make sure you are still getting your daily nutrients + calories and to not just eat less! This is a good article about it if you're interested in learning more.


I've read a lot lately about how important your gut health is. I take this one that I really like, but I'm sure there are better ones out there. Some have also been known to help you lose weight, too. 


This is NOT as hard as it sounds, especially if you own a big ole water bottle or a Yeti (Walmart actually sells the brand Ozark Trail that works just as good, and they're only like $9!) There are 128 oz in a gallon so that means I need to drink a little over 4 of my Yeti's (which is 30 oz.) I'm a naturally really thirsty person, though, so it may be harder for some of you but it's definitely worth a try.

What changes have you made recently? Share with me! Happy Wednesday! 


Grayson William: 12 Months Old

If you can't tell, getting pictures of Grayson sitting still has become close to impossible! Baby (not so much anymore) boy doesn't have time for photoshoots! Life is MUCH more busy with 2 very mobile active boys, but even so I still think one year old is one of the greatest ages. 

Since I've done so many other posts for his birthday, I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet. The monthly updates like this are so much fun to look back on and see how much he's changed over the months! Grayson is gentle. sweet. happy. silly. sensitive. and fiesty (when it comes to his food!) He isn't quite walking on his own yet, but boy can get around and has perfected getting around the house with his push toys, so I'm sure walking will be soon enough. It's funny how with the first (at least this is how I was with Camden) you are so anxious for these milestones to come, and then with the second you're so much more laid back about it all and not wanting them to grow up! 

Milestones//Special Moments: Completely off of bottles and is drinking whole milk at breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with a Nuk sippy) // First real word besides mama, dada, and baba (for bottle) was BALL!! :) (Go figure!) // Can crawl up the steps // Standing on his own without support // Trying to take steps! // 8 teeth

Weight/Height: 23 lbs, 31 inches tall (95th percentile for height, 40th for weight)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown 

Clothes: 18-24 months 

Diapers: Still 4's

Sleeping: 2 naps still- 1st is 9-10am, 2nd is at 12pm-3ish, I think we may be getting close to dropping that first nap.

Likes: His push toys (he loves to push Camden around on this airplane that we have) // He loves drinking water // Music // Stacking cups or bowls // Animal books // Crawling up the steps // Trying to get into cabinets :) // Being rocked to bed

Dislikes: Having his diaper changed and when his food is all gone (nothing has changed there!)

Thank you, Grayson, for being patient with us this past year as we navigated life as a family of four and for being the absolute sweetest, cutest, most lovable addition our family could have ever imagined or asked for! WE LOVE YOU so so much!!!

12 months of Grayson:



We've made it to Friday, friends!

I get asked a lot about what stores I shop at the most. Nowadays, I'm almost always shopping online and I RARELY go shopping at the mall (we do visit to go to the play center for kids or to get Chik-Fil-A, of course!)

One of my favorite online shops to find affordable outfits is Red Dress Boutique. This is not sponsored in any way...I just have found a lot of cute things from them recently and over the years. Actually, practically every time I go on their website I'm adding something to my cart! They just added some new things for fall that are really cute.

I thought I'd share some of my favorites (you can click each picture to shop!) for a good ole' friday finds post! Oh and as far as sizing goes-I've found that their dresses run true to size but I normally size up in the rompers or jumpsuits for added length...