Gift Guide: Activewear For Her & Him!

I'm sitting here chowing down on a pint of Halo Top's peanut butter cup ice cream while creating this fun gift guide. It's been a WEEK...you know, one thing after another. As for the main event (the one I can share-more on the other SOON!), a lot of you follow me already on instagram and know this but on Wednesday Grayson tripped and fell and lost his top (right) middle tooth. It wasn't a bad tumble at all (he didn't fall on anything and he was on carpet) so it's crazy to me that the whole tooth came out! I've been so sad because I really love his gap tooth smile and I just feel like he's so little to be losing teeth. However, I'm just glad he is okay and his mouth is okay. I took him to our pediatric dentist and they did x-rays to make sure the other teeth were okay and that his tooth fully came out and none of it was still in. He has been really sore and kind of miserable ever since it happened (getting a molar too so he's teething as well) which breaks this mama heart.

Moving on...does anyone love to shop online on Friday's? It's definitely my favorite day of the week to shop! So I had this idea to create an activewear/athleisure gift guide for women and men because I feel like EVERYONE loves wearing and receiving these type of gifts. They are the gifts that you know will get worn over and over again.

Comfy leggings...a warm hoodie...sign me up. This is the first year creating a gift guide like this so I hope you like it! I also ranked my top 3 items...check them out below...

The North Face Crescent Parka Fleece (two other colors available)

Zella Frosty Asymmetrical Zip Pullover (LOVE!!)

Nike Roshe Sneaker

Zella Sport Knit Leggings

The North Face Slacker Poncho (My #1 pick! Look at the back...so cute)

Wunder Under Leggings (my all time fav year round workout pants-seriously the best)

Hotty Hot Shorts

Zella Alcove Duffel Bag (My #2 pick, literally use for everything!)

Fitbit Ionic Watch (soo sharp! treat yo' man)

Nike Thermasphere Running Hoodie

Swell Teakwood Water Bottle

Nike Hyper Dry Training Tee

Adidas Swift Run Running Shoe (these are awesome! I pick these as my #3 because I had to include a fav for men & athletic shoes are my obsession)

Evolution Polo (Billy loves these polos-they are great and worth the splurge)

PS: If you're looking for a quality jacket for the winter I would recommend THIS ONE!! 😍



Christmas is only 42 days away!

How are we here?! I'm not too sure, but I'm not hating it. Putting together gift guides every year is so enjoyable for me. I always hope that they help in some way - whether you find something you love for yourself, a gift for a friend or family member you haven't seen before, something on sale, or that it just makes your Christmas shopping a little bit easier (and quicker by purchasing online!)

For this first gift guide. I wanted to share all the items that I know will sell out reallyyyy quickly, so if you're interested you can scoop them up now before they're gone. Make sure to send this list to your husband, boyfriend, mom, etc. I'm in love with each item on this list...so many great things!!

Here we go...

fashion, shopping, christmas gifts, holiday gifts, women fashion

Flannel Pajamas (under $60 for the set! lots of colors/patterns)

Cable Pom Beanie

Patagonia Better Sweater Pullover (get the size and color you want while it's still available, these will go quick)

Rebecca Minkoff Leather Bag (um, how gorgeous is this?! obsessed!)

Marble Cell Phone Case (only $20)

Volupsa Candle Set 

Adidas Sneakers (sooo cute! love this color-size down a whole size)

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette (I have heard the best things about this-really want!)

Bony Levy Birthstone and Diamond Stacking Ring (gorg and perfect if you're looking for a nice piece of jewelry to add to your collection)

Sugarfina Candy Champagne Bears (would be a cute hostess or girlfriend gift!)

CALPAK 2 Piece Luggage Set (TOP PICK!! MUST BUY! Other colors available-love this set)

NeuLash Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum (good time to add to your list if you've been wanting to try it!)

Tory Burch Leather Tote (other colors available too)

Get your shop on!



Hey guys!

A little lesson for myself this week (not in regards to meal planning-I'll get to that) is to only start binge watch Stranger Things episodes AFTER I actually have a blog post written. Because...yeah...THIS SHOW! Sucks me in and then I'm MIA around here.

I have such a love hate relationship with meal planning. The hardest part, for me, is just sitting down and taking the time to actually do the planning (why is this!), but then once I start it's pretty painless and I'm happy it's done for the week. Not to mention our week flows so much better + we're not just sitting around wondering what's for dinner! It saves time. money. and you stress less.

These are some things that I've found helpful when it comes to meal planning...

+Have a Pinterest board just for weekly dinners. Pin 4 or 5 for the upcoming week so that you can refer back to it when you need to get the ingredients and head to the store (or do an online order) This is also great because you can access your favorite recipes quickly!

+Order online: What I like to do is have the recipes I want to make for the week pulled up and then add the ingredients for each recipe to my shopping cart online. This way you never forget an item and you're also not buying things you don't need.

+Schedule a specific time for weekly meal planning (I normally like to do it on Friday's)

+Do theme nights: Meatless or Mexican Monday, Taco Tuesday, Whatever Wednesday, and so on! Makes it easier to plan.

+Since we eat a lot of eggs in our house, on Sunday's I will make a dozen scrambled eggs and store them so that all I have to do in the mornings is heat them up. Less cleaning + quick = happy mom and boys. You can also do this with so many other foods!

+Cut up and portion out the kids' snacks or fruit/veggies for meals into containers so that they're ready to go. I wish I did this more often because it saves so much time!

+Try to make enough for 2 meals

As for my recent fav recipe I've tried lately...it would be this chili recipe, hands down (also pictured above!) I've made it twice in the past 2 weeks. YUM!

What secrets do you have when it comes to meal planning? What helps your family? Share with me!

PS: You can follow all my Pinterest boards here!


The Best Of Hearth and Hand!

Hi friends! Our house is back to being healthy again (minus the lbs I've gained from stealing the boys' Halloween candy) and even though Daylight Savings always throws us for a little bit of a loop, I had to make time to get to Target this morning for launch day of Magnolia!

Duh. Love me some Joanna + Chip!!

I don't buy house decor all that often, so I knew this would be a good time to add some of my favorite things from the collection + spruce our house up a bit. I actually had luck ordering the must haves on my list online before heading into the store, but I still wanted to go see some of the things in person (and the gorgeous display!) and I'm SO happy I did! I WANTED TO BUY ALL OF THE THINGS. The prices are so affordable and there's so much good stuff that are classic (I loveeee all the neutrals) and will last over the years. I couldn't be more excited that Target is going to keep this line around!

Here are the best of the best (IMO) from the collection:

Love this small one too!  

A couple things I did not get but hope to snag in the future...

Letters To Santa (HOW cute is this for your kids! I really want to get this!)

Artificial Sage Garland (this is so pretty and would look beautiful on your mantle or dining room table)

Cocoa Pot
(If you have a beverage/coffee bar in your house-there are so many cute items to add to it!)

Alright....time for you to fess up! Did you love the collection like me or was it just so-so? What did you scoop up? 

PS: Kona had her FIRST puppy training session yesterday! She is such a good pup with a great temperament (+ actually pretty calm for a puppy) but we still thought it was important to do some private lessons while she is so young + potty training, so we hired a trainer that will come out to our house once a week for 6 weeks. We really liked the trainer and are excited to watch Kona progress! (for local gals-we went with PinUp Pup!)