Best Products For Growing Your Hair!

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Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (you can mix this in any hot or cold beverage twice per day)
Biotin (5,000mcg)
It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In (a tried and true favorite for years now)

Hi friends! As of this past month, thanks to my lovely thyroid medication I switched to recently, I've suffered from extreme hair breakage, loss, and thinning. 😰 I have always had really thick hair and never had any real hair loss issues (except for the random regrowth postpartum), so as you can imagine I was literally shocked when I looked in the mirror one night and realized about half my head of hair was gone and there's breakage happening all over. I may have shed a few (or a lot) of tears.

After speaking with my doctor and trying to make a plan of action with him-I got online, asked friends (and you all!), and read a ton of different reviews on different products/supplements to help, and landed on all of these ones as some of the best.

In the past few weeks (almost a month now) I've been using them, my hair feels a lot stronger and I haven't seen as much breakage happening. All of these products come highly recommended and ones that I've been using everyday/every few days to help! I think my favorite product being the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides...but the Way To Grow Leave-In is my second fav find.

If you've suffered from hair loss before, what helped you?! I'm praying mine resolves as quickly as it can.


Friday Thoughts


It has been quite some time since I've popped into this space of mine on the internet, and boy have I missed it. 

I just got home on Tuesday from being in NASHVILLE!

I was there for my Isagenix conference and I'm not sure if you followed along via my instagram stories, but it was THE BEST TIME. I'm very thankful to be partnered with a company that goes above and beyond for it's associates and customers, and truly cares about making a difference in peoples lives. We all had SO much fun...they released a ton of new products, we got to hear from a bunch of motivational speakers, be spoiled at a white party, I could go on and on... but the best part was that I got to meet sooo many of my teammates that I've "known" for years via social media, but had yet to meet in person. Being able to just hug them and love on them was unlike anything else. I'm truly so happy I joined this company, and I'm so excited to see who joins our team this year and comes to our next event!! 

But...today what I really wanted to talk about is something that's been really heavy on my heart this week. 

One of the first blogs I ever followed back in the day was April at A. Liz Adventures (now called Smidge Of This.) We have had our babies around the same times and she is just one of the sweetest women out there that I really admire. When I was in Nashville, it was heartbreaking to hear the news that her 2 year old daughter has been diagnosed with an incurable, terminal disease called Leukodstrophy. I can't even begin to imagine how much grief they are currently experiencing. Charlotte is the most adorable, beautiful little girl. I have shed many tears putting myself in her shoes and having to go through what she is currently dealing with. 

Her friend, Caroline at Carolina Charm, put together a blog post with ways to help April and her family during this time. If you feel inclined, please go here to read about ways you can support them. They have a Go Fund Me account set up as well as an Amazon wish list.  It would mean the world to me and every dollar adds up. Most importantly, please PRAY for Charlotte, April, and the rest of the their family. 

I will be back next week with some new posts! Have a great weekend!!


Grayson's Dino-Mite 2nd Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated our littlest turning 2! His birthday is actually this Friday (27th), but due to some of our schedules we decided to have his party early. We will be going to meet his new cousin (yay!!!) and to the lake on Friday, so it was just easier for everyone. 

Grayson has been obsessed with dinosaurs lately (he says RAWWWRRR any chance he gets), and I loved the idea of incorporating them for his party. I kept the food simple and bought a mac and cheese platter from GFS and did sliders and some other dips and Billy made a dinosaur head out of a watermelon (turned out so cute!) that we stuffed with fruit. 

(my stepmom once again made the cutest cake for him off of a picture template that I sent to her!)

I put the boys in matching dinosaur shirts (from Gymboree!) and I bought Grayson some pretty cute shoes that I found on clearance a few days prior!

(I bought that dinosaur off of Amazon)

No surprise that he loved his cake and wasted no time eating it all... :)

I filled up a baby pool with sand and had plastic dinosaurs and shovels for the kids to play with and we also set up a bounce house in our backyard. It was supposed to rain all day but we got lucky with not having any and it ended up being on the cooler side which was a plus!

Billy's friend let him borrow his adult sized dinosaur costume (that he used for his nephews party recently) to surprise the kids with and it was absolutely hysterical watching their reactions! Some of them were scared and weary in the beginning (Grayson clung to me for a few minutes) and some (aka Camden) were jumping up and down excited! It didn't take long for the kids to warm up to T Rex (especially after some dance moves) and soon enough they were all giving high-fives and hugs. I got some really great videos that I can't wait to show them when they're older! Grayson was smiling from ear to ear the entire party - we know he had the best time. 

And here's some more pictures from the day with our families and friends... :)

To add to the excitement that day, Billy's brother and his wife had their baby boy DURING Grayson's party! We were all so happy and excited. 

Only a few more sleeps with a one year old...le sigh. Grayson has been the biggest blessing to our family, I can't even talk about it without wanting to sob my eyes out. He is truly the sweetest, most gentle, silly, lovable little boy out there. We are beyond thankful that he is ours and to for the opportunity to watch him grow every single day. I cherish every moment I have with him. Can't wait to celebrate him on Friday, too! 

We love you SO much, buddy! 



The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now officially open to the public!

I tried to only include items that are currently in stock (as I publish this right now!) and had multiple sizes left. For some of my other favorite items that I included on my last post covering the sale that you may have seen on there, check back on the website often for restocks of them!! I will also be updating this when I see things that have been restocked that I think you guys would love.

Happy Shopping!