San Diego: Earn Your Wings Retreat

(how beautiful are these girls?! my dress can be found here & is super flattering and one of my all time favorites!)

Last week I went to San Diego for a fun work retreat that I earned with Isagenix. It's crazy for me to even say that because I got started doing this simply because I felt like crap and wanted to lose baby weight that wouldn't leave! I fell in love with the products and now I've been able to gain friendships with some amazing women, be motivated to chase my dreams every single day, and travel more.

I am not hating it. In fact the complete opposite. San Diego is one of my favorite favorite favorite cities....it is so beautiful it's really not even fair if you live there. Anyway, here's some pictures of our time! 175 of us were on this retreat and I was so thankful to be one of them! They had such fun events planned for us daily and treated us SO well...we had a blast. The resort we stayed at is Kona Kai Resort and Spa and it was absolutely beautiful!!

On the last day they gave each of us these envelopes and we got to release our butterflies! This was so special to me because my Mom really loved butterflies and it just reminded me so much of her.

And do you see these beyond gorgeous women? They were the hosts of our trip and extremely succesful leaders and millionaires with Isagenix! They are serious GOALS...

A special thank you to Laura who literally made my entire month by calling me and inviting me to this trip💗

I know that a lot of you probably aren't interested in the event portion, so I wanted to share some of my favorite places we ate at while there too.

Coffee-BETTER BUZZ! Some of the best coffee I've ever had (I even brought some home with me!) and they have yummy açaí bowls too!

Mexican food-Miquels

Dinner with a view-Prime

Places to visit-Coronado to rent bikes, spend the day at the beach, shop, go to Coronado Brewing Company! SO FUN and honestly one of my favorite places we've visited before.

do you recognize these once bloggers/friends of mine that also love and use Isa? :)

This was my second trip to San Diego so if you want more recommendations on where to go and what to do you can read a big recap from our last trip HERE.

If any of you reading are looking for a way to get healthier, travel more, maybe you feel like you're in a rut in various aspects of your life, or want to make some side income please don't hesitate to email me! This opportunity has changed my life and I'm not at all embarrassed to say so. I would love to give you more information :)


Mother’s Day 2018

My love language has always been quality time. Whenever Mothers Day comes around, as hard AND happy that it is for me, all I want to do is plan a fun day spending quality time as a family. I don't need anything fancy or any big plans, just time with them and I'm good.

Yesterday I woke up to the boys sprinting in our room (after getting to sleep in a bit🙌) telling me Happy Mothers Day and Billy made everyone breakfast! Billy surprised me with 2 dozen roses and a beautiful Mom bracelet. We headed out to our favorite coffee shop/bakery, and then went downtown to go on a long walk together. My parents came over after the boys had their nap and it was such a fun, relaxing day. (And I actually just noticed we went to the same place for Mother’s Day last year, haha!) 

Every year I get a little more emotional when Mothers day rolls around and I think it's because I know now what my Mom meant when she always told me how much she wished she could be around for all of my birthdays, holidays, to meet my kids, etc. She would've given anything to be able to be here for all of them, and for the random other days too. 

This always leaves me feeling so thankful for the time that I do get with my boys...I never want to take one single second for granted. 

Miss you so much Mom, still celebrating the wonderful mom you were to me every day!

I hope that all of the awesome mamas out there reading this had a special weekend celebrating and getting that quality time, too! 


Summer Finds At Marshalls

Happy Thursday friends! I just got back from San Diego on Monday (so beautiful and the best time!!) and life has been hectic trying to get back to my normal routine and the time change! I had so much fun and can't wait to share with you all about my trip on a post tomorrow, but today I wanted to share some recent shopping finds from Marshalls. I love when other bloggers show me what they buy, so I really want to do this once in a while when I find items I love! 

Is Marshalls not the greatest store ever for finding high-quality items at the best prices?! It seriously is. I'm always finding sooo many things there that are the same items from department stores or other retailers but cost so much less. It's always a pleasant surprise when checking out, isn't it?

For all my local girls, they just opened up a new store at Easton!
(Address is 3700 Easton Market, Columbus, OH)

Lately I've been loving all of their outdoor items! I got these cute navy striped pillows to go on our screened in porch and a little planter pot...

I've been in need of luggage SO badly so I finally got myself a new one that I'm really loving...

This rug came home with me and I plan to put it in our entry way...it's super soft!

And I always buy the boys' clothes that are brand names here as well (I might be the only one who pays attention to the 'compare at' price vs the Marshalls price but I love it!) 

Also, they had a ton of adorable gifts for Mothers Day! 

When I was in the kids section, I found a few gifts for Grayson's birthday too (which isn't until July) so I'm feeling a little bit ahead of the game right now which is pretty exciting. ;)

What have been your favorite Marshalls finds lately? 



womens handbags, cross body bags, designer handbags

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite bags for this spring and summer from a variety of retailers and at all different price points! 🙌

Sole Society Faux Leather Satchel (I have this bag and it's held up so well for how often I use it!) 
Round Straw Crossbody (less than $20)
Hana Leather See by Chloe Gray Crossbody Bag (this new style is all the things)

Can't forget this foldover clutch that I'm obsessing over and is under $55!

Which bag is your favorite?! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Billy was in Nashville since Thursday for his cousins bachelor party so we are all SO happy he is home!!