Leighton Jane: 3 Months Old!

Weight: 13 pounds!

Height: Will update once I have her appointment

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue still (!!!)

Clothes: 3-6 month

Diapers: Size 2

Sleeping: The biggest change this past month has been moving up her bedtime to 7 and into her OWN CRIB!! We moved her crib into our room (because I haven't been ready to transition her to her own room yet) and she transitioned pretty easily. She does still like to be rocked for naps, so I've been slowly trying to get her to nap/fall asleep on her own at least for during the day when I have the boys. We also transitioned her out of the swaddle around the same time as starting her sleep in the crib, so now she is in the Merlin sleep suit! 

Likes: Unicorn tails book / when the boys are near her, she always laughs / her feet being tickled / sticking her tongue out / soft blankets / mommy is still her favorite / smiling and laughing

Dislikes: Waiting for her bottle when she's super hungry / getting out of the bath! 

Eating: Still eating every 3 hours during the day (5 oz) and then has those longer stretches at night. Sister has been drooling like crazy lately.

Milestones: It's been a huge month in terms of development...baby girl rolled from her belly to back for the first time when we were in Florida (and now she is constantly doing it!) She found her hands recently too and they are constantly in her mouth!! She also loves to scream and blow raspberries! She is grasping things now so holding her rattles and grabbing at books.

Firsts: SO many firsts this month too...the most exciting being her very first Christmas. It was so incredibly special with her, even if she's still so little. She made it so much more fun. She even met Santa for the first time with her brothers and didn't cry at all :) She also went on her first flight - we went on vacation to Florida! She was an angel on the trip...very easy going, happy, and napped at the pool or on my chest in the wrap if we were at the beach. She also got to meet a lot of extended family members over the holidays which was great!

Leighton, you fit into our family so perfectly and are such a joy. You are ALWAYS smiling, laughing, and cuddly. Thank you for being such a good baby!! We love watching you grow!

favorite pictures from this month:


Leighton Jane: 2 Months Old

(look at these precious smiles and expressions! I could eat her up! And if you couldn't already tell...I'm having soo much fun dressing her)

Weight: We haven't been to the pediatrician yet, but I know she is about 11 lbs (probably more but I'm not sure yet!)

Height: Will update once I have her appointment

Hair: Brown - it's growing longer in the back and sticks right up!

Eyes: Blue still

Clothes: 0-3 or 3 month

Diapers: Size 1

Sleeping: We've moved up her bedtime up a bit so she takes her last bottle around 745-8 and then is asleep by 830ish. She has given me some long stretches lately and is sleeping until around 4am which is amazing! She is still sleeping right next to my side of the bed, but I'm thinking I'm going to start transitioning her to her own room/crib for naps next week.

Likes: Smiling at the camera (she always hams it up when I bring it out), when I stretch her arms up over her head, bath time, and her room! We don't go in her room often since she isn't sleeping in there yet, but when we do she will start smiling at things on her wall and just look around so much at everything! Still loves when we rock her and she is starting to love her swing more (has put her to sleep for naps a few times.)

Dislikes: Being cold after her bath (getting changed when you're cold is the worst, right?), waiting for a bottle, gas pains, that's pretty much it! She does much better getting into her car seat now and doesn't seem to mind it.

Eating: Still eating every 3 hours during the day (4-5 oz) and then has those longer stretches at night

Milestones: She is smiling much more often now and giving us some sweet coo's and tiny giggles!

Firsts: This month Leighton had her first Thanksgiving (we traveled to my Dad's side about an hour away), went to her first movie (Frozen 2-and she slept the entire time on my lap!), and unfortunately got her first cold. She was just very congested for about a week, and I got nervous that it would turn into RSV but luckily she got better pretty quickly. The only downside to having a fall baby is having to deal with all the back to school/winter sicknesses!

I feel like this month we are getting to see her personality develop a bit more as she's more awake and starting to smile at us. She has such a sweet demeanor and is so relaxed/patient with the boys when they hold her (and don't really understand much about personal space ha!) My FAVORITE part of everyday is when she wakes up and I unswaddle her and she does her little stretches! Also, I'm feeling much more with it and more like myself since I'm getting more sleep! However, there are definitely still days that are SO busy when I have all 3 kids on my own (when boys aren't in school) and I feel like I'm torn in so many directions, and that I barely get time with boys since I'm helping Leighton so much. I know we are still settling into things, though. I'm soo excited to continue to watch her grow and love on her!! Happy 2 months, baby girl!

favorite pictures from this month:


Leighton Jane: One Month Old

I think most of you know by now, but our beautiful daughter Leighton was born on October 3 at 9:59am after a smooth delivery via c-section! She weighed 7 lbs 10 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. Her birth and delivery was much different than the boys' - the morning of I felt much more relaxed, knowing what to expect this time (since I had to have a csection with Grayson), and honestly it just went so quick and went very smoothly! We checked into the hospital that morning around 730am and by 930am I was back in the OR getting my spinal, and she was born less than 30 minutes later! My doctor used a clear drape, per my request, during my csection instead of the traditional blue drape which gave me the ability to see Leighton being born and be much more a part of the whole process. I am really glad that I (ever so randomly) decided to ask her about it the week before I gave birth, and would absolutely recommend it to any of you who are having a csection delivery. 

As you can imagine, it is hard to put into words how special and incredible it was meeting our daughter for the first time. I shed so many tears of joy when I saw her face and they told me she was healthy and perfect. I spent over nine months in my head wondering what she would look like and dreaming about the first time I'd get to see her (actually, make that years!) and it surpassed every expectation...she was my perfect little angel girl! I remember thinking how much she resembled both boys and noticing her pretty long fingers and feet and her tiny little lips that resemble mine. Seeing Billy with his baby girl was a tear jerker, too. He was snapping pictures of her pretty much right away, haha. In the weeks leading up to her delivery, we were all so excited and beyond ready to meet her. The boys were getting anxious counting down the days and I was getting really uncomfortable being pregnant in the final few weeks because she kept switching positions and at my 38 week appointment they even wondered if she had turned breech (she ended up being born head down!) So...you can believe me when I say that when the boys came to the hospital later in the afternoon that day to meet her that they were over the moon excited to finally see her and hold her! They both asked to hold her multiple times and they even sang a few songs to her which melted our hearts. I felt so much happiness seeing her with her brothers knowing that they will forever all have each other and will take care of each other.

Truthfully, I'm not that shocked that I'm just now sharing about her here on the blog (over one month later-don't be mad at me down the road Leighton haha) because man oh man...life is busy with 3 kiddos and right now time is so valuable. The days go even faster than before and right now I am just doing my best to juggle it all. 

My postpartum recovery with her has been the easiest by far which has been helpful considering it's been a big adjustment transitioning from 2 to 3 kids. And by that I mean there is just a heck of a lot more planning that has to happen, many more naps on the go vs lounging with your new little one at home on your chest, and just a lot more logistics. However, aside from all that (the first few weeks were definitely tough trying to balance it all!) it has been smooth for the most part. The boys have missed having all my attention at times, but they couldn't be sweeter to their sister and want to be by her side at all times. They really are wonderful with her - I can't wait to watch her relationship with them grow!

Let's get into the one month update...

Weight: 9 lbs 1 oz

Height: 21.5 inches

Hair: Brown 

Eyes: Blue (so far!)

Clothes: She is out of all her newborn clothing now - that went so fast! 

Diapers: Size 1

Sleeping: She goes to bed around 830/9 and normally wakes up once around 2-3 to feed then goes back to bed until 5-6. Sometimes she will wake around 1am still to eat and then goes another 3 hours before her next feed. Since she was born, she naps really well on the go but in the beginning was just doing small cat naps when at home. She has gotten a lot better napping here at home now, but I'll still have to hold her or wear her in the wrap for one nap per day. 

Likes: Sister LOVES to be held and rocked, bath time (except for getting out when she gets cold!), listening to her brothers, music

Dislikes: Getting into her carseat (but once settled and on the move she is ok) and having gas pains! We found out early on that she has silent reflux (she was very fussy and uncomfortable the first few weeks - especially after feedings and in the middle of the night, lots of grunting, sad cries, a ton of hiccups, etc.) but since Camden had it we knew the steps to take and how we could help her and now she is doing so much better and much more content! Hardly any fussing and a happy baby :) Something that has helped her reflux tremendously has been seeing a chiropractor once a week...we never did this with Camden but now I wish I would have known more about it! She is so relaxed when she gets adjusted (they just apply light gentle pressure) and it has made a significant difference in helping with her reflux symptoms. 

Eating: Every 3 hours during the day and then the longer stretches at night

Milestones: She is great at holding her head up already and has started giving us some smiles which are SO sweet! She's getting more used to tummy time now, too.

She is truly the sweetest little babe and makes us all so very happy. I still can't believe at times that I have a daughter...it makes me want to cry! I am trying to soak up and enjoy every single minute of this infant season, even on the days I'm exhausted. Oh...and baby sister looks A LOT like Camden (it's crazy how similar they look!!) but we definitely see Grayson in her, too. I wonder if she will be a good mix of both boys, but of course be her own adorable little person as well. :) We LOVE you soooo much, sweet girl! You have made us so so happy since you came into the world. Thank you for completing our family!


38 Weeks / Leighton’s Nursery

Wow you guys! How has it been this long since I've posted an update? I guess all of you that told me this is just how it goes with the third baby were right, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‚ It's hard to believe, but we are just 8 days away from welcoming Leighton into our family, so it's time I get this last bump date up and share pictures of her nursery, even if it's just so that we have for our own personal memories and records.

Third trimester thoughts....

Sleep is minimal (mainly from not ever being able to get comfortable) and my heartburn is at an all time high.

As for my emotions, those have been very high as well haha. I've definitely been feeling ALL the feels lately and have been really emotional, but I know that this is normal. The boys are acting very excited for her to arrive...Camden told me yesterday, "Leighton is going to come out soon and when she does-she's going to rip your shirt!" ha. Grayson has also been pretty emotional lately and pushing boundaries a bit-I've had some hard talks with him (that have ended with me in tears just because I want him to feel so loved!) due to the fact that he's definitely feeling that change is coming, and that he will no longer be the baby. Before bed, though, he tells me all the people in our family that he loves and he always says "I love baby Leighton!"

Discovered how painful lightning crotch can be this trimester (I never had it with the boys)

I just got put on a 5 day steroid in hopes that this will raise my platelet count so that I'm able to receive a spinal/epidural during delivery. Crossing my fingers that it works!

Baby girl is still super active in there and her movements/kicks HURT sometimes!

How far along: 38 Weeks (in 1 day)
Size: A honeydew melon ๐Ÿ˜€
Name Situation: Leighton Jane
Gender: Girl
Sickness: NONE...so thankful that this ended awhile ago!
Cravings: Anything cold and fresh - my shakes, salads, ice cream too!
Aversions: No real aversions but my appetite towards the end of this pregnancy has been so low
Nursery: I posted a few pictures below sharing her nursery, we are so happy with how it turned out. I love the flower decals on the main wall behind her crib (bought them off Amazon) and the gold details. I wanted it to be light and airy and girly without being "too much" :)
Heartbeat: 150 at my appointment this week
What I'm Wearing: Stretchy shorts and leggings are pretty much the only pants that fit! With summer ending and some cooler temps, it’s been a little bit more difficult to dress the bump or find things that work for this season (compared to summer when you can just wear maxi dresses everyday!)
Movement: She is SO active everyday that now her kicks have started to hurt! She’s busiest at night when I’m relaxing before bed. She also kicks every night when I read the boys books at their bedtime :)
Sleep: Tossing and turning all night pretty much and getting up 1-2 times to go to the bathroom
Weight gain: I've gained about 30 lbs with her so far which is similar to what I gained with Grayson
Workouts: HA - Chasing the boys has been exhausting enough, but I have tried the past few weeks to at least get some walks outside or on the treadmill in.
What we're most excited about: Meeting our daughter for the first time, seeing what she looks like, and introducing her to the boys... ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

 Sources: Rug - All Modern, Chandelier - World Market, Dresser (switched out the knobs to these brass ones) - Wayfair, Crib (old) - Delta Baby, Wallpaper decals - Amazon, Gold Shelf - Marshalls, Wooden Sign - Hobby Lobby, Letter hooks - Hobby Lobby!