5 Things I've Done To Get Healthier Hair

In high school and college, I did so much damage to my hair that it's kind of embarrassing to look back at pictures of it! It was so dry, over-colored, and no matter what I tried I could never get it to grow past a certain point. As of the past two years my hair has totally changed for the better and I've gotten a bunch of questions from friends + readers about what gave me the most improvement, or what I've done differently!

Here's how I made my hair healthy again and some of my must-have products...


Dry shampoo really is your BFF (my favorite is this one-less than $5) I try not to wash my hair more than twice per week. Typically my hair looks it's best on day 2, so if we're going out for date night or I know I'm heading to dinner with a girlfriend I will plan at the beginning of the week to wash it the night prior. Ever since I started cutting back on washing and drying my hair I noticed how much healthier the ends were and how much more it grew in length!

And if you can help it, set down the blow dryer and let your hair air dry.


This brush is the only brush I ever use on my hair when it's wet OR dry. I can't express enough how much I love it - just buy it if you haven't tried it yet! Also, when I blow dry my hair I mainly just use my fingers.


I have to give credit to these bad boys for strengthening my hair and getting it to grow several inches! It has so much more body and length to it, and my nails grow super quickly too.


I do get partial highlights every so often, but I really try to limit it.


Typically I comb some through my hair (from about my ear to the ends) at night before I go to bed and wash it out in the morning. DO NOT use too much because I've found even after washing it that if I do my hair will be a little greasy.

FAV PRODUCTS: dry texturizing spray (seriously the BEST! I use when curling my hair for more volume) // paul mitchell hair straightener (heats up in like 60 seconds!) // T3 curling iron // moroccan oil // It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In (have used this for years and always buy more when it runs out!)


Loving/What I've Purchased Lately

I'm so happy to be back blogging and catching up with you guys! It feels weird to take a week off and TRUST ME...I wish I had some cool, really exciting reason why.

We've just been dealing with back to back sicknesses (told you-boring) in our house and since I've (somehow) been the only one who has been healthy for the past 11 days I've just been running around with a bottle of Lysol in one hand and a kid, or both, in the other, while also trying to keep my husband quarantined in a room and keep my sanity at the same time. WOOF!

Moving on to happier topics... I've found and bought (a few are currently sitting in my cart) some pretty amazing things lately. I've been kind of on a spring buying kick lately because the weather is getting warmer here and there are so many great sales happening right now! 

+First up are the best pair of white jeans that I've owned. I've seen a few other bloggers rave about these (only $59!) so I bit the bullet and I'm so glad I did. They have the raw hem at the bottom and are NOT see-through. They are so cute on! (buy a size down as they run big) 

+I regretted not buying a good pair of espadrille's last spring/summer so I knew I wanted them to be one of the first things I splurged on this year. Because I know I'll be wearing them so much when out and about with the boys, I decided to spend a little bit more than I normally would on these Tory Burch Color-Block pair. I'm kind of obsessed with them and the cap toe, so don't be surprised if you see me in these everyday on my snapchat... (order a size up if you're in between sizes)

+For the kids we recently got a double BOB stroller. We had been using a tandem this whole time, but it kind of made us realize how much we prefer the side-by-side style. We think it's just easier to maneuver overall (it does fit inside our malls doors-I always wondered about that) and honestly it's not much heavier/wider than our single BOB stroller! Plus, you just can't beat the BOB when it comes to how smooth it rides and how nice it is to push. Also, Camden loves that he gets to sit next to Grayson and is always holding his hand! I think it was the right move for sure! 

(we bought ours used but it's same style)

+This cold shoulder floral sweatshirt and this gingham shirt are favorites of mine for spring!

+Target has been KILLING it lately (per usual though) in the shoe department - you need these sandals and these adorable heels in your life. Oh and did you see the Sugarfix for Bauble Bar line they carry now?! Love all the tassel earrings!

+This has nothing to do with spending all my monies, but definitely fits under the loving category so I'm sharing. Apple Cider Vinegar! As awful as it is - drink it you guys! But just not straight...yuck. Make this little concoction below in the morning or before bed...

 (I also like to add some lemon too)

 I've been talking about it on my snapchat (@katiewkrysh) the past few weeks and honestly, I totally attribute it to why I didn't get the stomach virus everyone else in my family got AND I've had so much less bloating + more energy lately because of it. It does taste super awful the first time you drink it, but you do get used to it. Now I don't even really mind it so I plan to keep drinking it once per day...

Alright - happy Monday ladies! 


You Don't Want To Miss This

+For my local gals-you must head over to Chop5 (over at Polaris) for a healthy, delicious lunch or dinner. Think build your own salad or bowl. Seriously my fav!

+Add a cold shoulder top to your wardrobe this spring. I love this ruffled one (more colors available) 

+The cutest slip on shoes - these are perfect for spring and great for busy moms because they work well with so many different outfits. Really wanting to treat myself to them! 

+An adorable quick and easy Valentine's Day craft for babies + toddlers! (Crafts these days in our household MUST be quick and easy...)

+Need a new phone case? This one is my pick (I've owned 3 or 4 cases by this brand and I've always got so much use out of them) 

+How do you guys feel about this style of Ray Bans? They seem to be making their rounds as the popular style now. I am obsessed with the color of them, but not so sure I could pull off the look? What do you think? Would you rock them?

+ALL the heart eyes for this crossbody bag...

 +Looking for a cute coverup for an upcoming vacation? You can't beat this stripe caftan from ASOS! ($32)

Happy Friday Eve!