It took pretty much all the willpower I have to not buy each and every item from this list when I made this.

Lately, I'm all about mixing patterns in a subtle way and now is the perfect time to do this since there are so many cute patterns/options out there for spring! I thought I would switch things up a bit and show a comfortable yet cute day look, that can easily be transitioned to a night look. There are so many times in the spring and summer where our lives get so busy with events that sometimes you have to plan your outfits ahead and the less you have to think about the day of, the better.

The main pieces in these two outfits (the shoes, jacket, and bag) stay the same but by just ditching the skinny jeans and throwing on this adorable lightweight dress can make all the difference (for the record-I would totally rock this day look at night, too.)
Mixing Patterns: Day to Night Outfits

Floral Moto Jacket (25% off with code TREAT) / Jeans, also love this pair (both on major sale)/ Striped Tee / Wedges, other pairs I love here, here, here/ Dress / Belt / Necklace / Striped Clutch (only $34!) / Leather Clutch

Can it get any cuter than mixing this floral jacket with stripes? I think not...

It's always around this time of year where blazers and light jackets are the things I tend to grab for the most because they can be worn with so many things (this jacket would be cute with shorts, like these, and maxi dresses as well!) and just look so cute when paired with other items. I feel like they always take an outfit up a notch, know what I'm sayin'? That is exactly what a spring/summer wardrobe is all about after all...comfort + looks effortless!

What do you reach for the most in your closet in the spring?

PS: If you didn't see already, most of these items are on major sale...#success.



Back with another healthy recipe today!

Remember when we went to San Diego this past fall and I fell in love with acai bowls?! Well, ever since we got back the struggle of not having any places that sell them here has been very real. ;) Not only are they one of the most delicious breakfast foods out there, but acai is know for it's insane antioxidant levels, healthy fats, iron, calcium, and beta-carotene.  A place here finally opened last month that sells them, but I quickly realized that it might be cheaper for me to make them myself due to how often I really crave them and want them for breakfast!

These bowls are packed with nutrients, are so delicious, and actually very easy to make. A winning combination in my book! If you have ten minutes, you can put one of these together and make your stomach very happy.

Acai Breakfast Bowl

+1 frozen acai packet (I bought the Sambazon brand from Whole Foods)
+1 frozen banana cut into pieces
+1 large handful frozen blueberries (or strawberries, peaches, etc)
+1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
+1 large scoop peanut butter

Blend all ingredients together until thick and creamy. I used a food processor for this, but you can use a blender or Vitamix. If you use a blender, you may have to scrape the sides/mix it up a couple times. The frozen fruit helps give a better texture and you don't want to blend it too long because you still want it to be thick.

Top with sliced banana, your favorite granola, and any other fruit you'd like!

See my latest recipe, Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad (healthy vegetarian option) here!

Have you made an acai bowl before and if so what are your favorite toppings?


Why I'm Happy Spring Is Here...

Yes. yes. yes. All in favor of weekends JUST like the one we just had, say "aye!"

What an awesome spring weekend. I'm actually a little very depressed that it's come and gone so quickly (just like the others), but the one thing this weekend did do was remind me how much fun is ahead the next few months. 

I get along real well with spring and summer. Real well. Here's why:

1. Brunch (and dinners) outside on patio's. Specifically ones that involve Nutella pancake balls....also known as the most delicious little guys you will ever eat in your life. I went to brunch at Katalina's with two girlfriends on Saturday and was instantly reminded why this spot is one of my favorites...casual atmosphere, amazing food, and big patio.

 local Columbus gals-you must try them if you haven't yet!

2. Sandal weather, bright nail polish, and zero jackets...no explanation needed here.
 top / pants / sandals (see below pic!)

3. Light, refreshing cocktails on our deck. This weekend I made a new favorite cocktail for a few girlfriends...I mixed up tito's, club soda, and sliced pineapple in a big pitcher and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving with ice cubes and a splash of La Croix...it was so yummy! 

4. Fun shopping finds. I found this adorable anchor tee to wear boating this summer (bring.it.on...we are SO excited for weekends at the cottage this summer!), these sandals, and stocked up on some more of our favorite sheets/pillowcases this weekend. I swear by these sheets (you can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond)...they are even better than the Hotel Collection at Macy's (in my opinion). 

5. Sunday night dinners at my parents with this view! I'm even more excited to walk down to the vineyard (to the right of this picture) this summer and to go fishing...

6. This easy Greek Tortellini Salad recipe that I made for Billy this weekend. It is one of his favorite recipes that I make. I can't say I blame the man, it's pretty delicious.

7. Going to Mara's soccer games! This weekend Mara's team made it to the championship for a tournament here so I went to two of her games and loved being able to watch her. She has come so far the past few years and is really turning into a great little player! :)

getting so big! ah!

8. Pretty proof in our backyard that spring is in fact HERE!!

How did you spend your weekend? Are you happy spring is finally here?!




It's safe to say everyone is loving this warmer weather, am I right? It's crazy what a little sunshine can do! :) But what makes it even better is using my new monogram seersucker mason jar (you can get one here for only $22-so many designs!). How adorable is this? I take it with me to work in the morning and use it all day long!


J. Crew Factory and their sales lately...I just can't. Someone should block the website from me. 

(all are on promo right now!) 


One of my girlfriends, Genna, just had her baby boy Cash! We got to meet him this week and see their finished nursery, which is nautical themed.  Oh my goodness...not only is Cash perfect but the nursery couldn't be any cuter. Seriously. We are so happy for you, Genna and Justin! :)


The iced coffee addict strikes again! Has anyone tried these iced coffee K cups?! They are the only ones that I've found that I LOVE! Donut shop for the win...


Something that I hope will make you smile before heading into your weekend!

We always take Rocky running when it's nice out (sometimes I run with him and sometimes one of us rides the bike next to him-never very long but enough for him to get some good exercise in), but I've never filmed it before and have always said how I want to because he literally SMILES the entire time. I finally got a decent video of it! He just loves it and is so stinkin cute...our neighbors get a kick out of him running down the street! (and I must say, he's actually pretty fast for a little fluff ball!)

Sigh...he makes me so happy.

Have a wonderful, warm weather weekend! 

Link up with the ladies here!


Gender Reveal Party {Pink or Blue?!}

{dress is from here and only $40! so many cute other options too}

Happy Thursday everyone!

So close to the weekend that I can almost feel it! Dare I say the weather is actually on our side too?! High of 72 today and 72/75 this weekend...hooray! You can guarantee that I will be outside for most of it.

I know that Steph did the recap of her gender reveal party (read here) so I'm going to keep this short and sweet, but I thought it would be fun coming from a different perspective and that I could list some of the sources/inspiration for the party in case any of you will be planning a gender reveal party in the future. You never know! I was lucky enough to be included in planning this party with two of her best friends, Ashley and Brooke, at a local winery.

We wanted the party to have a rustic chic feel, which blended really well with the location, and I think it turned out pretty perfect. Here's the end result with the sources listed at the bottom....


For the chalkboards:
+One for the Old Wives Tales
+One for everyone to "Cast Your Vote" on if they thought boy or girl
+One smaller board with baby Howard's hashtag so you could follow along via instagram (this way friends and family could see everyone's pictures they posted from the party!)

For the BABY letters:
+I bought 4 cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby (they were only $2) and painted them all white. Once they were dry, I glued some blue and pink bows (also from Hobby Lobby) in the corners for an easy tabletop decoration!

For the pink and blue suckers:
+Bought them from Big Dot of Happiness! They have anything you could ever want or need for a baby shower or party like this.
+Blue and pink tissue paper was stuffed down in the mason jars to "hold" the suckers up and tied burlap bows on the front.

Bow and Bowtie Cutouts:
These were so easy and turned out really cute! These can also be used as a cute photo op with your friends and family to symbolize their "guess" of the baby. They are also great because they added some height to the table.
+I just googled bow and bowtie images, printed them out, and used pink and blue cardstock to cut them out (about 15 of each). Then, I bought one pack of the long wooden sticks (from Hobby Lobby) to glue on the back of them. To finish them off, we just placed them in mason jars with fun paper!

I wanted to add something that had a more personal touch and came across the idea on Pinterest (what else?) for a memory book, and knew right away it was what I was looking for. 

I bought this baby scrapbook from Hobby Lobby and filled it with blue and pink card stock paper, with a note in a frame next to it for people to leave a special note to the parents and/or baby. I love that they can keep this and put it in her nursery!

Last but definitely not least...the sweets table. Every party has got to have one....every good one that is. :)

We used these tall glass mason jars and filled them with blue and pink candies (from Party City) and put cute mason jar labels around the top with their name choices. Guests could take home some of the candy using plastic scoops and small plastic bags! 

There was also cupcakes, cookies, and some other bowls with candy spread out on the table that Ashley and Brooke did an amazing job on.  

 Mommy and Daddy to be! 
Beau's sister, Julie, with one her triplet girls! (you can find her blog here)

And as most of you know by now...baby Howard is a GIRL!!
(I think I repeated this maybe 11 times that day, but girl was my guess and it felt SO good to be right! Mainly just because everyone honestly thought it was a boy and because I like to hear Steph say I was right over and over again... ;))

To the Mommy to be-I'm so glad I got to be there when you found out you will be bringing beautiful miss Paisley into the world! I wouldn't have had it any other way, and feel so lucky that I was able to meet all of your friends and family that you've known for years. They made me feel like "one" of them, which I'm so thankful for. I absolutely cannot wait to be an aunt, to support Paisley in every way I can, and to continue this journey by your side! Love you!

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