Life With My Guy

Today is our FOUR year anniversary!

I think back to that day when I walked down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams and on the past ten years I've spent with Billy and know that it's, hands down, the best decision that I've ever made. I thought I loved him then (and our friends will tell you-I was crazy about him...and I mean borderline cah-razy), but the past 6 months has opened my eyes to a whole new kind of love. 

Starting this new journey together as soon to be parents has brought us closer together than ever before. Not a day has gone by that he has failed to take care of me, support me, and make me feel loved. He works so hard for us every single day (and at night in the nursery for the past 3 weeks!),  gives me more massages than he probably cares to admit even when he is tired after a long day, and tells me nearly everyday how pretty I am before he leaves for work. Because of all this and much much more, I have NO doubt in my mind that he is going to be the best daddy to our son (and other future kiddos..yep..went there!) Camden is going to, without a doubt, have the best role model as a father.

I love that I know Billy better than anyone. I love that he shows a side of himself to me that he doesn't show to anyone else. I love that even when we argue, I never have to question his love for me. He always has my best interest in heart. I love how silly we are when it's just the two of us, and how every night when I fall asleep I know that I have my best friend by my side and that he loves me unconditionally.

I'm so lucky that he chooses to do life with little ole me, and I couldn't be more excited for our new chapter to begin together as parents. I just love him. A lot. A lot. A LOT. and I don't care who knows it. :)

Happy anniversary, Billy! Thank you for loving me.

*special thanks to pregnancy hormones for making me sob before 10am even hits... 


Maternity Clothes & Essentials

Happy hump day!

Let's chat maternity clothes today. Oh, the joys! I never expected to have a problem shopping for maternity clothes, of all things, considering my track record with shopping during the last...oh...20 years of my life. Finding things that fit me in this stage and are affordable? Eh, not so easy!

That's why it's my duty to share the best shops (including my essentials that I think every pregnant gal needs to invest in) with you so you can go into it a little more prepared than myself.

Check these places first and save yourself a couple weeks of uncomfortable fitting pants and nothing to wear! (For those of you aren't pregnant, I do have a post in the works with my favorite fall items for you guys-I know posting a lot of pregnancy things isn't ideal for you, sorry! thank you for hanging in there with me!)

Maternity Clothes: Essentials
sweater (obsessed with this plaid dress for fall!) // nursing tank // the best maxi dresses // comfortable tank tops (buy in every color!) // tunic // jeans // nursing sweatshirt (comes in pink too!) // chic top // leggings (full panel for later on in your pregnancy, low panel for earlier on) // striped tee

Gap: Great maternity clothes that are cute and practical, but I've found the best selection is online. Our Gap's in store maternity section was tiny (in my opinion) and they are always out of sizes. Highly recommend buying online (and during a sale) with them. Specifically I love their sweaters, jeans, and plain tops.

Destination Maternity: Known to be one of the more expensive maternity stores, but they have good quality items and an amazing sale section. Everything I've bought from them have been on major sale...this tunic is only $15 and I know I'll wear it all the time with leggings. 

Old Navy: Looking for pants for work? This is your place for black pants (I've heard Gap has some as well) because they fit cute and are inexpensive. I love the pair I just bought and plan to buy a couple more. Old Navy also has great maxi dresses and chic tops that won't break the bank, but again, I prefer their online section because they don't have the majority of the cute items in store (I'm noticing this trend more and more and think this needs to change, yes?!)

Pink Blush: The cutest dress options out there whether it be for a wedding, fancy nights out, or just casual ones to wear on the weekend. SO very comfortable!

Target: Target never fails me and this includes their maternity section. As you know, I swore by their belly band for the first half of my pregnancy and now I love their tank tops (these are so soft and best fitting ones I've found so far), nursing tank tops (I've heard they're the best!), and their leggings (thick and comfortable).

ASOS: While the other stores I just listed have a lot of good everyday essentials, ASOS has a wider selection of maternity clothes that are more stylish. Free shipping and free returns!

Marshalls/TJ Maxx: They don't have maternity sections per say, but I've hit the jackpot by just buying up a size or two in their tops. They have a huge selection of stretchy, cute tops that can be worn to work and I found just sizing up works out great for these. I'd recommend buying your everyday white and black tee's from here as they are inexpensive and they have a lot of brands to choose from! Not to mention, they don't have the ugly maternity ruching on the sides (not a fan) so they fit better.

Here's a list of must haves I'd recommend starting with and you can build outfits around these. Chances are you can make some of your cardigans and jackets work by just wearing them open for a while and of course, maxi skirts and dresses are pretty forgiving so I wouldn't rush to the store and buy those until you really need them (2nd trimester and beyond)...

-Black pants and capris (for work)
-A good pair of jeans
-Shorts with elastic waistbands or ties
-Pair of leggings (full panel for farther along in your pregnancy/low panel for earlier on)
-Seamless tank tops
-Plain tee's (white, black, gray, maybe a colorful one)
-A tunic
-Nursing tank tops or long sleeve tee/sweatshirt (depending on the season)

What are your maternity essentials? Share your favorites with me!

**The winner of the Freshly Picked giveaway is MaKayla Meredith! (also displayed on the giveaway widget!) I will be emailing you soon, MaKayla! Thank you SO much to those who entered, I wish I could pick all of you to win! I have another pretty awesome giveaway in the works in a week or so, so there's always next time! :) 


Planning Your Future: The Timeline Project

 {planner-Target (last year) // notepad}

When I think about what life will be like next year with a little one, I can't help but daydream a bit about all the new things I want to do, and traditions I want to start as a family of three (ahem-four including Rocky!).

The other day when Billy and I were driving, we were talking about how far we've come (personally and as a couple) since we met 10 years ago. It's crazy to think about - the ups and downs! Our journey has taken us to new cities after college (for Billy), to getting a puppy, to living together and buying our first home, to a wedding, and now soon...a baby!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little intimidated or scared about how a baby will change the dynamic of things since it is such a big change, but to me, one thing that helps and keeps me on track is having a place where I can write down my goals/things I want to accomplish for the future. Maybe you have a journal at home with ideas... a note in your phone (you should see my notes section-it's pretty out of control)... something stored on your computer. Whatever it is, if you're anything like me it helps you feel more organized.

My newest favorite option, though, that you might not know about yet is The Timeline Project.

Wondering what I'm talking about? The Timeline Project is an online tool that's part journal, part mood board, and an info-rich resource. It’s all about making your dreams actually happen, by helping you focus on your goals. I love having something online that I can turn to for this, especially when you can make it as detailed as you'd like. It helps you take control and prioritize what's important to you! The project was actually developed by Bayer HealthCare, a leader in women’s health for over five decades, and proud supporters of women everywhere.

You can create your own Timeline to keep track of your goals and dreams here. It's not just limited to relationship goals either... if you're looking for a place to track weight loss goals, for example, you can do that here, as well. There are so many different life categories to pick from!

Now, to help with your future a bit, visit The Timeline Project and share with me a life planning step that you plan to work towards via the comments below.

PS: The winner of the Freshly Picked giveaway will be notified and announced tomorrow!


A Day Trip To Cincy

Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend?

This weekend we woke up early Saturday morning, got our coffee's, and drove to Cincinnati to go to IKEA! It was actually both me and Billy's first time there, and it was completely different than we both expected (not in a bad way, just different.) We got there right when it opened and were out of there within two hours, and that my friends is what I like to call a huge SUCCESS! 

We had both heard it could be overwhelming, especially when crowded, so our plan was to get what we needed and get out of the there. It wasn't crowded at all, actually, so we even had time to just browse everything else for a while too! Of course I had to pick up a few things not on our list as well. While we liked the store and got exactly what we went for, we weren't crazy about it and probably won't go back unless we find something we have to have. 

Afterwards, we met up with our friends from college Kelly and Tim (he played hockey with Billy in college and I met Kelly that way!) who live close by and they took us to an area in Cincy called Over The Rhine for lunch. 

We ate at Taste of Belgium and I was so excited because I have heard such good things about this place. Their food was delicious...and since I was missing my chicken and waffles from Poogan's Porch in Charleston, I had to give Taste of Belgium's a try!

...and somehow, I have no idea how, this s'mores pop tart also ended up in front of me. It was just as good as it looks, if you're wondering.

Once we got back to Columbus, Billy worked on assembling our new goodies we picked up (holy parts!) and I took our new BOB Revolution Pro stroller for a little test drive! This stroller is like a dream-it rides so smooth (full review and why we picked it coming soon!) and I'm pretty sure Rocky thinks it's for him...

Sunday consisted of errands and getting things done at the house...organizing, grocery shopping, gym, all the fun stuff. I did make this salad that I first saw on Julia's instagram and it was pretty much the most DELICIOUS salad I've ever had. You guys have to try it...can't go wrong with peaches, tomatoes, and avocado.

And last night we rented Divergent (loved it) and had a little froyo date.

Successful and productive weekend I'd say. I can't believe Labor Day is right around the corner!

How was your weekend? Are you a fan of IKEA?

top // bottoms-sold out in this color but other colors available here


Things That Make Me Do A Vicki "Woo-Hoo!"

+I can't think of a better way to start another edition of my Friday favorites than with this picture of Steph and her beautiful baby girl who was born yesterday. Paisley is here, Paisley is here!! I can't believe it either.

It was funny because we were actually texting the night prior right when she started getting contractions and as it turns out, we were able to talk to each other here and there almost right up until she delivered...true.story! I was so shocked and give her major props because I have a feeling when my time comes I will be freaking out a little (OK, a lot) more and will be completely ignoring my phone! Her mom was so sweet and also kept me in the loop by texting me her progress and sending me pictures. It definitely makes up (a tiny tiny bit) for not physically being there! Not to mention, it completely put my mind more at ease about labor and delivery just listening to what she was experiencing and how it went for her (obviously all labors are different, I'm just generally speaking here.) 

Steph was such a trooper during the whole thing, from what I know, and is doing great. To say we are are so happy for her and Beau is a big understatement! She's going to be an amazing mama!

PS: Last night I received a huge flood of friend requests on my personal Facebook page. I'm talking over 30 in a couple hours. If any of you are reading who sent me one, please don't take it personally but I have decided the past few months to keep my Facebook page just for personal friends and family. I assure you that you aren't missing anything, and hope you don't take it personally! I also have my blog's Facebook page here.

+I also wanted to share about one of my favorite Facebook shops (you can find her on instagram as well, here) that has the most adorable personalized baby items because I've had so many people ask about this picture I posted on my instagram.

I'm in love...I'm in love.

All of them are from Simply Made with Love

Leah, the owner, has a bunch of designs you can pick from for bibs, burp cloths, and outfits. We are actually thinking about doing a giveaway next month with some items, if some of you would be interested.

+Right after hating on maternity clothes the other day, of course I found some really great essentials the other day from a bunch of different places. I plan to do a post in the near future with all the things that I've found and love!

+It's been a long week so I don't have much else to share, but I am pretty excited to get this weekend started (who isn't?) because we are hanging out with some of our friends tonight and then making a day trip to Cincinnati tomorrow to hit up IKEA and meet some friends afterwards! So excited! 

Happy weekend, all! 

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