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October 17th...how the heck has this happened?! Halfway through one of my favorite months already. Time can slowwww on down, preferably starting today!

I've been off my blogging game the past few days because I came down with a little cold (or could just possibly be my allergies acting up again) so I've got the whole stuffy nose, sore throat thing going on. I have some really great things to share next week, but in the mean time, here's some recent favorites // things happening (that I know you are so interested in):

+Buying this cardigan was a fabulous decision. It's adorable, OSU colors, and only $40. No brainer. *Update: I had some requests to for a full body shot of the cardigan...here you go!

+Bought this vest (but in the camo that I don't see available right now) back at the outlets when we were in Florida and LOVE it. Cough...on sale, ladies..cough.

+My glucose test was yesterday. That orange drink everyone tells you is terrible? Wasn't bad at all, in my opinion. It tasted like a thicker style Gatorade to me! I'm hoping to get the results back today and if I pass, these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies are being made to celebrate.

+Fall is in full force over here! I can't drive anywhere without wanting to take a million pics of all the gorgeous trees and leaves! I need to soak it all up before winter, so tonight we are going to the Circleville's Pumpkin Festival. Billy says for as long as we live here, we will be going yearly. ha. I can't pass up pumpkin chili...or pumpkin donuts...

+Lusting over this quilted crossbody.

+Second baby shower happening this Sunday! My girlfriends are hosting it and it's a couple shower, so I'm thrilled that Billy will get to be involved and be there with me!

+Who's tried this foundation? I've heard great things about it for the longest time, but haven't pulled the trigger. Thinking it might be a good purchase for our little mister comes along.

+Also, has anyone ordered a glider from Buy Buy Baby and had it come in earlier than the expected time frame?! Please say yes? :)

See you all next week! Have a great weekend!

If you're wondering what big sales are happening this weekend: J.Crew Factory 30% off Clearance, Code: YAY30, Old Navy 25% off, Code: TREAT, Gap 25% Off, Code: HAPPY.

PS: You know those Target jogger sweats everyone has been ga-ga over (including myself)? Here's a really cute pair if you can't find the ones from Target. 


To-Do List: In Review

Sometime back in the summer, I posted a lengthy to-do list to keep this pregnant brain of mine on track for the remainder of the year. I think I should make lists more often because I THINK I did pretty good at checking most of the items off our list...let's take a look...

+Take a road trip (Charleston is looking like a good possibility...)  

Check! Charleston it was! Happy that we were able to escape there for a long weekend. Recap here

+Put wainscoting up in the nursery 

I was just the supervisor on this project, all credit to accomplishing this goes to that husband of mine.
+Paint and decorate nursery (this is more like a must-so excited about this and all the projects we are contemplating for it!) 

Oh yes, almost finished! It was hard for me to not be able to help paint (fumes galore!), because a. I love to paint and b. I hated to sit back and just watch. I often sat outside the room in the hallway and played DJ on my phone while Billy painted...haha. And of course, put in my two cents here and there... ;)

 sneak peek (not of the paint obviously, but the decor...)

+Buy new patio furniture (possibly at the end of the summer when the sales are happening)

thank you, World Market for putting a great set on clearance! 

+Go on weekend morning bike rides with Billy at the Metro Parks  
Eh, we actually haven't done this as much as I would have liked but we have had a lot of fun Saturday morning exursions, so that counts, right? 

+Get a refrigerator (with a big freezer) to put in our garage  

Fail. We haven't done this yet and haven't really talked about it at this point. If we do, it might be a spur of the moment kind of thing. 
+Spend a Thursday (or 2) at Columbus Commons Downtown Live Concert Series (free music and food trucks!)
Yikes, another fail. No excuses for this one other than I completely forgot about it. 
+Plan a "babymoon" 

Success! We even went on it ;) Now if I could just rewind some time and make me back there for the week sippin' on nonalcoholic fruity drinks, instead of having to have my glucose test in an hour...

 +Continue working up our savings account

This one is super exciting for us! We hit our goal of what we wanted in our savings before baby K comes and now we are well over it. So happy and proud about that.

+Organize our basement (this is going to the biggest task of all-we have so many things we need to get rid of and we need to seriously organize all of the rest...it's a complete mess right now)

This was the task I was absolutely dreading! I put it off for a while but we finally got it ALL cleaned out and completely organized a few weeks ago!! Everything has a "place" now and it just looks 50x better, not to mention we got rid of so much stuff that we actually have a lot of space for baby items now without it looking too cluttered. We both felt so relieved afterwards, and I'm making a personal promise to myself to never, ever, ever keep so much stuff that I don't really need. Woof. 

+Put things we don't need on Craigslist or donate it! (all that stuff mentioned above that need new homes) 
We donated 3 car loads full of items to Goodwill! 
+Plan our annual cabrewing trip with friends! (minus the brew and add the sparking water for me..)

Sadly, this didn't happen. We got so busy with our schedule and so did everyone else, and them bam, the weather changed on us. That's what Ohio (and having a baby) will do to ya.
+New carpet in our upstairs 

We decided against this for right now. We might re-visit the idea later down the road but right now leaving it how it is! 

OK, soo what I've learned from this: I missed out on some of the smaller, fun events I had high hopes of us doing, but instead rocked those home projects and went on two trips. I'll take it! We still did get some other fun things squeezed in that weren't on my list, so I have to say overall I'm pleased and proud with what we've got done! I feel like a whole new woman, actually, and way more prepared for Camden's arrival!

Cheers (of water) to that.


Our First Baby Shower

This past Sunday my stepsister, step mom, and my two stepbrothers wives (are you following? ha) hosted our very first baby shower at my parents house! It was such a surreal moment being at my own baby shower, it almost still didn't feel real until I was the one sitting in the front opening up the gifts! (which, by the way, is so nerve-wracking..I hate having all eyes on me!)

I really couldn't have asked for a better shower, they went above and beyond with everything they did and made it so special. The colors they used to decorate are Camden's nursery colors, which was such a nice detail because many of things they made/used they gave to me to put use in his nursery one way or another. Loved that idea! They served mimosas and Arnold Palmer's and used adorable mason jars with name labels for the drinks, which as you probably know I was a big fan of. For the food, they had cute ham sammies, pasta salad, salad, spinach dip, fruit kabobs, etc. Everything was so delicious!

The people in attendance were all of my aunts (on my Dad and Mom's side), cousin, coworkers of mine, family friends, my step nieces, and Billy's mom and sister even drove in for it. So basically, a lot of my truly favorite women in the same room-it was awesome. 

I really wish I would've taken more pictures, but obviously my first priority was just to soak up every minute and try to not be behind a lens the whole time! Here's some snaps of what I did get...


{the beautiful hosts-my dress is non maternity from Francesca's!}

One of the requests, that they had put on the invitation, was for everyone to bring a children's book instead of a card, with a note for Camden inside. It was so fun to read through what everyone wrote him and to have these to keep forever. Especially, all the notes from my little nieces that they wrote themselves about how they can't wait to meet their cousin. Oh, and not to mention, Camden already has a great library collection going!

{how grown up are all the little girls in my family?! I guess I can't say little anymore! They were all such a big help and I loved having them there. Camden has some great babysitters already! :)}

Camden is already feeling the love, that's for sure!! I feel (and still feel) so thankful for everyone that drove in to spend the day with us, and my family for planning such a thoughtful, beautiful shower! We had so much fun going through and organizing all his new things in his room that night...


I have to share a few of these personalized gifts! My stepmom made Camden this rocking chair and quilt! Amazing, right?! They couldn't look any cuter in his nursery, I love them so much. And that whale? My stepsister Mandy sewed it herself. My maiden name is Whalen, so naturally whales are pretty popular on my Dad's side of the family! That book? Completely customized for our little boy...heart was melted.

Once we get settled in at home afterwards, I went through this album they put together for me that had everyone's "Wishes for Baby" inside! I love that we have these to keep and look back on...

Couldn't have asked for anything more. Special thanks, again, to my family for hosting and everyone who took time out of their day to come if you're reading! :)

PS: Offically in the THIRD TRIMESTER as of today! Is this for real? Woo!


Blanket Scarf


Happy Monday!

We had our first baby shower this weekend (it was awesome!) and while I need some more time to get the recap done, I had had HAD to share about this scarf today real quick.

Most of you know about Zara's plaid blanket scarf that was so popular last year,  yes?!

Well, I couldn't believe it when I found this almost identical one (and cheaper) this past weekend (!!!) I practically ran to the checkout aisle to get her home with me...

Guaranteed this will sell out quickly so jump on it while you can, girls.

Be back soon with our baby shower recap!
Have a great Monday!


Wellies Wishlist

womens rain boots, wellies, rain boots

Over the years and especially at this time of year, I've pretty much tossed my heels to the side (for the most part!) and have grown this huge obsession with cute rain boots. If I could own 4 or 5 different colors without my husband placing me on a shopping ban, I probably would. ;)

They add such a cute element to a fall (or spring) outfit and nowadays you can style them with almost anything-from dresses and jean jackets to wearing them with leggings, flannels, and cute vests!

Joules have such a lovely range of wellies that are fun but also practical, which is why I included these three pairs in this post! I'm seriously drooling over the striped wellies and I think they need a permanent home in my closet. You can't beat the price, either! If you're looking for a classic, everyday option the black pair would be the way to go. Either way, you really can't go wrong with any of them...they're so cute and versatile. You can see all of Joules wellies here!

It's Friday...and that means get your shop on ;)

Which pair is your favorite? Anyone out there rain boot obsessed like I am?

Happy weekend!
Our first baby shower is Sunday, eek! Can't wait to share about it afterwards! :)

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