About Me

Name: Katie 
Originally From: Columbus, Ohio
I have: a bachelor's degree in Human Development & Family Studies from Bowling Green State University
I work: Insurance Agent by day, Blogger by night ;)
I am: a wife, fur mom, health nut, pescatarian {fancy word for vegetarian that eats seafood}, endorphin junky, lover of life and adventure
I love: traveling, family, farmer's markets on Saturday mornings, running, fro-yo, Lululemon (unhealthy obsession), my Mom-who is my Angel, mason jars, wine {white-riesling, red-pinot noir}, California, everything about Target, iced coffee, fashion, DIY projects (the ones that aren't failures).

We met: At Bowling Green State University, my freshman year-his sophomore year.
(you can read more about our story here, here, and here)
We married: on August 28, 2010 
(you can read more about our wedding here and here)
We live: in Columbus, Ohio
We love: our fur child Rocky,trying new things, Chipotle (ok, any mexican food), traveling/planning vacations, boating with Billy's family in the summer, being active, our favorite places: Naples-FL, Charlotte-NC, Boston, and Lake Tahoe, Discovery Channel(him), Bravo(her), Ohio State Football, visiting new restaurants. 

Name: Rocky
Breed: Pomeranian
His story: He was born in Kentucky and we knew he was the one just by seeing some pictures of his little teddy bear face online. We drove 6+ hours to pick him up and quickly we were completely head over heels for him. We have come to love him like he is our own little child and we wouldn't trade him for anything. He is the sweetest little (7 pounds!) pup in the world, but I might be a little biased.
Nicknames: Rockster, Rock, Rock Dizzle, Peanut
Loves: Being spoiled and getting attention, pink toys (not sure why, but I love them the MOST), going on bike rides, cuddling on the couch, bow ties, looking out the window, sticking my head out the window on car rides, laying out on our deck, being the coolest dog on the block. 

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