Billy's Fan Club

Happy Monday!

Is the weekend really over?
Big sigh.

It's safe to say Billy had a pretty good birthday weekend. I really enjoyed spending the whole weekend with him and doing little things here and there for him. I'm still leaving little love notes around the house for him to find, and it makes me smile when I see him get really happy about finding one. Unfortunately, I can't share with you guys what I got him for his birthday, because he isn't "getting it" until 2 more weeks. Since he reads my blog, I can't tell you! Don't worry though, I'll make sure to share once he "gets" it. :)  I wasn't about to leave my man hanging and not have anything to open up on his actual birthday, so I got him a Tommy Bahama shirt. He loves him some TB.

What man wouldn't want pink and purple wrapping paper?

Friday night, I took him out to dinner to a new seafood restaurant by our house that he has been wanting to go to for awhile. It turned out to be really good and they gave him a free dessert for his birthday. Actually, I'm pretty sure we didn't stop eating dessert all weekend long. Moving on. Saturday, I went and picked him up some coffee in the morning, and we just lounged around the house together and he opened up his gift. At night, we had friends over for pizza and drinks before heading downtown. Billy's brother and cousins (they live in Cleveland) weren't able to make it down, so I think he was a little bummed about that, but fortunately that didn't last long. His best friend, Rudy, came over and brought him a mini Coors Light keg. I'm not even sure if they even put a dent in that thing! It resides on our top shelf in our fridge now... ;)

I'm not kidding when I say I have some of the best girlfriends around. Surrounding yourself with GOOD people is so important. So important. Old friends..new friends..we have some great people in our life.

Holly, Alicia, and Kelsey made tshirts.
(they all have blogs - so click their names & go say hello!!)
Billy fan club tshirts
...complete with his picture on the back.
and a heart with his initials on the front.

I had no idea about them and neither did he.
Talk about a complete, hilarious surprise!
How cute are they?!

I feel SO incredibly lucky to have these girls in my life 
and that they love my husband more than me
Thank you girls. so so much.

Come Sunday {after many hours of resting up on the couch}, we weren't quite ready to be done celebrating/eating yummy food. Every year, my parents ask Billy what he wants for his birthday dinner and then make it for him. This year, he really wanted corned beef sandwiches. SO RANDOM, right?? He's not even Irish! Anyways, so my parents brought over the food and I made a salad {yummy recipe to come tomorrow!} and dessert. Although, the dessert wasn't too terribly difficult - Billy requested brownies with ice cream on top. Simple enough. My parents bought him 2 golf shirts that he loves.

We all ended the night feeling full and happy. 

and extremely...


I can't wait to celebrate Billy's birthday again in a few weeks.
When I've caught up on my sleep. ;)

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How was your weekend?!
Did you celebrate anything?

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  1. Hey girl, looks like a fun time. This weekend we didn't do much. We rented movies, had friends over for dinner, went out to lunch, grocery shopped, etc. Happy Monday. I feel tired too I'm headed to my local health food store for a green veggie juice!

  2. Awwww. What a fun weekend! Love the shirts y'all made!!!

  3. what a fun weekend - those shirts are hilarious! I love it! =)
    I went to a chili cookoff and got scorched! it was 90!!! on Saturday! eek! so hot and then there was ice on the ground this morning,....what's up with that?! haha
    Happy Birthday (belated) to Billy!

  4. Those shirts are too cute! What a fun birthday for Billy, can't wait to find out what you really got him! A weekend getaway maybe? Have a great Monday :)

  5. SO fun! I want a Billy Fan Club shirt! Glad Head had a great birthday!

  6. Billy fan club t-shirts...omggosh best EVER!! your girls are so so sweet :-)
    so glad he had a great birthday :-)

    i spy callaway shirts. LOVE!


  7. Looks like such a fun night!!! Where do we purchase these "Billy Fan Club" shirts... HAHA

  8. love the t-shirts, thanks girls!!

  9. How stinkin' cute are your friends and their tees?! What sweet girls you have!

    Btw- Clearlyyy it's getting close to lunch time and I had a hard time looking at the Reese's pieces... but WHAT kinda' combos are those next to it?! Do I spy buffalo chicken ranch something?!

  10. What a cute idea for your hubby! :)

  11. The shirts are so freakin' cute! I love it!

  12. I want a pink shirt! haha Too cute! Glad he had such a great birthday weekend!! I think Rocky looks like he got into the mini keg haha. xoxo

  13. I want a pink shirt! haha Too cute! Glad he had such a great birthday weekend!! I think Rocky looks like he got into the mini keg haha. xoxo

  14. I love the pics! Your dog is too cute!!



  15. Love that damn dog. MMM Rocky. Glad the shirts were a hit! Love you & am so lucky to have your pretty face in my life :)

  16. I don't think Billy could have asked for a better birthday weekend! The shirts the girls made are awesome- what a baller Billy is!

  17. So glad Billy had such a great birthday! I just can't get over those adorable fan club tshirts! What sweet friends you have!

    Rooting for you for Best Local Blogger, sweetness!


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