After instagramming (@katiewkrysh) only a little teaser last week and being out of the DIY game a bit, I'm here to share this awesome DIY project we worked on last week!

drumroll, pahlease....

...a Wood Planked Wall!

Who would've thought this would be the perfect addition to our bedroom?

As you can see, we have a very tall random wall in our bedroom, and I never knew what to do with it. But once I saw the idea for a wood planked wall on Sarah's blog, Thrifty Decor Chick (who you should all follow if you don't already), I knew it would be perfect for our space! See where Sarah put hers in her home: here. It's so cool!

The wood planked wall only took us (okay, Billy) 2 nights to complete and actually gives off a "fireplace" (or cozy) vibe in our bedroom since it's across from our bed and next to our tv. It also gives our room so much more character. Billy was skeptical at first about this, but since I wouldn't shut up about it he was forced to try it and luckily we both LOVE it!

Here's what you need:
-Evertrue pine wood planks. $10 at Lowe's-we needed 3 packs for our wall.
-Nails and a nailgun (or you can just use a hammer like Billy did)
-Wood Stain, in your preferred color. We used Minwax in Dark Walnut.

Since we already had the stain we wanted to use, this project only costed us $30. 

How to do it:
-Install the planks just like you would any beadboard project. These certain planks are tongue in groove so they just pop right in next to one another, and then you nail them in. 

{the only "before" pic I took & it was with my iPhone}

-Tape off the walls surrounding and the ceiling and put down a drop cloth on the floor (be extra careful with stain!)

-Use a paintbrush to stain the wood making sure to work somewhat quickly.
-When the stain is dry, you can wipe it down, but we didn't and it still looks good (slackers..)

...that's it!

then just stand back and enjoy what you did!
(which for me, wasn't a darn thing except tell Billy of the idea and take a picture here and there...)

Now, what do YOU guys think I should put on the wall to decorate? Any and all ideas would be appreciated!!

Would you ever do this to a wall in your home? Did we do a good job?
-It could work in so many different areas!

Also, when writing about the wall, I realized I forgot to share some "after" pictures of our kitchen table that Billy refinished (other than an instagram pic). It was oak before, and he stained the top the same color as our wood floors, and the legs/sides an off-white color. 

Billy worked so hard on this table, so it's only naturally to give him some blog bragging time and show the final result.
Nice comments about how good of a job he did are only encouraged, not required. ;)

(the vase, flowers, charger, and pinecone candle are all from Target!)

This is the only before pic I could find and this was after it had been sanded down...

Lastly, guess who's currently going through a kitchen remodel?


We are beyond excited!! Over the weekend, we finally bit the bullet and took down our cabinets to give them a makeover. We are almost finished painting them (we had them 99% done in just 2 days over the weekend-if you are thinking about doing it, it's not that bad!), have new hardware picked out, and a few other cool finishing touches that I'm going to keep a surprise for now! 

I'm anxious to get it finished and to share in the next upcoming weeks, so be on the lookout! Eek.



  1. that looks absolutely awesome! I love it

  2. I never would have guessed this is what you guys were creating! Love it so much! Super unique :)

    I'm so excited to follow along on Sarah's blog now to get ideas!

  3. looks SO good! such a great addition to the bedroom, love it!

    excited to see the kitchen remodel too!

  4. Dang girl!! You guys are just doing projects all OVER the place! ;) Already excited to see your kitchen... I'm trying to get the balls to remodel our kitchen, lol!

    LOVE the new wood planked wall in your room. You should a pic of the entire room to get the full idea! :)

  5. I'm LOVING that wood planked wall - so rustic, and so timeless! Any chance that you'd two like to come down and take a crack at the DIY projects in my house that are just waiting to be done? :)

  6. I love it Katie!!!! Such a neat idea...can't wait to see the rest of the stuff y'all are doing! :)

  7. This looks awesome! I thought it was an actual fireplace before you said it only looked like one.

  8. This looks awesome! I cannot wait to buy a house so that we can customize it!

  9. The wall looks so good! :) It definitely adds a cozy feel to the room, and if I'm not mistaken, it reminds me of Tahoe a little! Bringing your favorite trip home! HAHA

    The table looks amazing as well, and I can't wait to see the painted cabinets!

    When you're done with all these projects, wanna come to Minnie and help me with my project list??? HAHA

  10. AMAZING!!! I love the wall and the table totally changes the look. Nice work!!

  11. 1. Billy, you did a greattt job!! Are you for hire??

    2. LOVE the plank wall. My first thought would be to do a collage of painted frames. I'll keep thinking though because I feel like there are a lot of fun options!

  12. absolutely gorgeous!


  13. AMAZING!! good job billy! (and katie) i absolutely love it and it is very different. you should add something with burlap to it..i have no clue what but pinterest could probably help. i love the look of burlap and dark wood together.

    table looks really good, too! can't wait to see these kitchen cabinets.

  14. Wow, that wall looks amazing! That's the perfect accent and I love the color...great idea! The table looks great too, so nice to have a hubby who is handy :)

  15. Katie! That looks awesome!! Yall are on a roll! Can't wait to see the kitchen makeover.

  16. I just read Sarah's post abut her plank wall YESTERDAY and when your post came up on Blogger, I wondered if hers was your inspiration..... Looks like yes! haha I love your wall, it looks so great!

  17. Everything looks great! Can't wait to see your kitchen. :)

  18. The plank wall looks stun-ning!! Awesome job! And I cannot wait to see the kitchen!!

  19. LOVE THIS! :) We have an awkward wall in our upstairs loft and this would be perfect for it! I might have to copy/ "steal" this idea too! Great job! We're always doing projects at our house too! Love the table it looks great!


  20. Look at you and Billy doin' work on that wall! It looks great- can't wait to see the kitchen!

  21. I LOVE THAT planked wall! That is so awesome! I'm now trying to think of where I could do that in my house...ha! I also still intend to copy your table centerpiece...and was thinking I might swing by Target tonight ;)

  22. LOVE the new wall!!! I can't wait to see it decorated. When the golf course decided to replace their deck, I volunteered my husband to remove old deck in exchange for all the wood (wasn't that nice of me?). The guys looked at my like I had 3 eyeballs. I'm telling you, this wood has so, so much character. Years of weather and metal golf spikes walking across it. It's perfect!! I have visions of putting a wood wall in our home. I just can't commit to where I want it for sure. We're going to build a new home in a few years so now I don't want to put in this house. Wood hoarder!

  23. I love this! Great DIY! Wish I had somewhere to "copy" it!


  24. Shawn and I decided we are hiring you and Billy to come DIY up our house. I hope you are okay with this. You two do amazing work. I think HGTV needs to hire you for a new show. Rocky can be the host. No but for real, love this wall. You rock mama.

  25. The wall looks great. And so does the table. Good luck with your kitchen reno. I want one! That or a new house. :)

  26. I love it!!! What an easy and quick DIY project (my type of DIY! lol) Can't wait to see your kitchen!! So exciting!

    As for what to put on the wall - I'd break up the horizontal lines and put a big round clock or mirror to reflect light :)

  27. i love the color of the stain! it looks gorgeous

  28. I know I already told you this, but I LOVE THISSSS! <3 XOXO!

  29. Both the table and the wall look absolutely amazing! Such a great husband you have to make you such lovely things for your little home :)


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