My little love "note" from Billy.

What a cute surprise I found this morning.

I have gone back and forth about sharing this or not (don't want to embarass Billy too much) but after some thinking I've decided to share it. It's too meaningful to me not to! 

I know I have mentioned Billy a lot on here but I'm not sure if I ever really told you all about him. Billy's much more interesting than I am (mmm..maybeee) so if you read my blog then I might as well tell you a little about the man in my life!

Billy and I met in college (the end of my freshman year, his soph. year) from his cousin Shannon who happened to live right across the hall from me in our dorm. For me, it was a done deal. I was literally THAT girl when I met him...obsessive. annoying. stage 5 clinger (haha oh gosh, it's true.) He was everything I was attracted to... tall, dark, handsome, funny, motivated, and a hockey player...a real LADIES man you could say. But just like every other "ladies man" in college, they do NOT want to settle down. Anyways...after much convincing and not giving up, Billy finally decided to make me his "girlfriend". PHEW! We were best friends and I knew we were going to be together forever.

Fast forward to now...6 1/2 years later and married. Sigh. the rest is history. 

Alright, back to Billy...Billy graduated a year before me so for a while we did the whole long distance thing (only 2 hours but still). He worked at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Cleveland but then shortly after I graduated Billy moved to Columbus to be with me and our new puppy, little Rocky, that he got me for Christmas.

Billy is a go-getter and started a journal in 2007 when he was still living in Cleveland of all his goals with his job and life in general. He would write in it daily and he always kept it a secret. He never wanted to share it with me. Not to be secretive I don't think..but just because that was his little space to write in and things he wanted to work on. Sometimes he'd give me a glimse of what he would write and they were mainly work related and where he would like to be in life in 10-15 years. boring I thought. Just kidding. Always thought he was awesome for this.

I haven't seen the journal since 2008 until Billy pulled it out from wherever he was keeping it and put it on the counter in our kitchen earlier this week. One night after work, I tried reaching for it to look at it thinking that since it's 2 years later he would most definitely not care if I read it...I was wrong. He snatched it out of my hands and said he wanted to read it together this weekend. But why? I am so nosey..I want to read it now

So, being the nosey person I am I went against his wishes (oops) and opened it while I was eating breakfast. I was just so curious to know what he had in this thing. You can't just lay it out for me to see and then tell me I can't read it. Of course now I'm GOING to read it. A lot of the daily pages he wrote about were work related and had the same things on them...until I came across this ONE page in the middle.

It was all about me. A list, per say, of the things he wanted to do for me that had me in tears by the time I was done with my breakfast.

This is where he may kill me for sharing but I just have to..it is too sweet. He filled an entire page about me, and us, and what he wanted to do for our relationship. Here are some things he wrote...

 Do not ever yell or criticize her.
 Don't put myself in situations that could hurt her.
 Don't make her cry. She's cried enough in her life.
 Don't be critical or hard on her..but be loving and helpful.
 Treat her like her mom is looking over my shoulder.(This is when I started to cry...)
 Always be honest and make her feel comfortable.
 Treat her like gold (I love that he said this..ha ha)
 Don't argue..but when we do..look at both sides and listen to her.
 I love her so just act like it and prove it. (awww!)
 Love and cherish her with all your heart.

 ....and the last thing he wrote on his list?

 Marry her.

In the words of Rachel Zoe... I die. It was so sweet. I noticed that every page after that one, he had my name written on each and every page until the end of the journal. I love this man. Needless to say, I just fell in love with him all over again all while eating breakfast this morning.

Of course, I couldn't hold my happiness of reading this in and I immediately called him while he was at work and confessed to reading it. Being the loving person he is and knowing me, he wasn't surprised and loved that I loved it.

Gotta love him. 




  1. Cutest thing EVER! I teared up reading the list and I don't even know you guys! You're a lucky girl! :)

  2. oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing ever. those are things guys never say...and you got to read it! lucky lady! :) happy weekend!

  3. Sweeetest. Thing. EVER. I looove it!!! Billy if you read these comments: YOU THE MAN haha. My heart melts reading that. I think you need to have hubby blog and then I will let Mike follow it! haha.....I have never watched thee first epsidoe of Jersey Shore hahaha you got a confessional child hahaha.

    LOVE this post! Favorite one I read today!!

  4. To cute Katie... I read my Lump on a Log hubb notes every so often from years ago.
    Billy is awsome! BTW him and I should do a big birthday togather in March...my big 30!

  5. So so sweet!! The night before Rob proposed he gave me a card with all of the reasons why he loves me. I still haven't made it through the card because I tear up every time!! Sounds like you have a good man!! :)


  7. My guilty reality show is the bachelor! :) I have never really been into the Jersey shore..they all just kinda bug me lol

  8. Oh girl...he's got it for you in a bad kinda way. Keep him!

  9. OMG. This is the sweetest thing EVER. How amazing. You guys are so lucky to have found each other.

  10. Okay so I am nosy and of course came to look at this post when you said something about it on your post today! I didn't start reading any blog's until last 2011 so I obviously never saw this. I kid you not I couldn't get through the whole thing without tearing up. You and Billy have such a special connection it's amazing. That's one of my favorite things about blogging actually, seeing all of these amazing relationships. It keeps reminding me that I will not ever settle for just any guy. I want one that treats me like this because I think every girl deserves it. Sorry for the novel, but you two are so sweet it melts my heart and you found a definite keeper Katie.. although I am 100% you already knew that :)

  11. The fact that you wrote about probably the sweetest thing ever and then ended it with a Jersey Shore recap makes you perhaps the coolest person ever.

    And that's why you are the greatest. Among other reasons. :)

  12. Oh this is just too precious. My heart feels all gooey and melty reading about it. So sweet!!


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