A Tale About My "Best Guy" {Happy Birthday}

Guess who turns 28 tomorrow?!?!
My Best Guy.
The nickname "Best guy" was just briefly explained once before
 so let's touch over it again, shall we?

It all started back in college at BGSU - my freshman year and his sophomore year. His cousin, Shannon, lived across from my dorm room and we became friends. I would always hear others talk about her "good looking", "stud", "jock", "hottie hockey player" cousin, with the nickname "Wild Bill". Um, wha? I just had to meet this hunk, I thought.

Fast forward a few weeks.
I met this Wild Bill character at one of his hockey parties one Saturday night
with kegs everywhere in the basement.
It was definitely love at first sight, on my end at least.
{first sight meaning this: "Wild Bill" dressed, as a joke, in his grandfathers motorcycle Viper jacket with patches all over it, jeans, and red Timberlands. Classy!}

Moving on,
You may not believe me, but my friends know this, I knew I wanted to marry him ever since that night. Aside from the not-so-normal attire he was wearing, I was smitten.
 Especially, with the first words he ever spoke to me:
"I love your Nike Shox, mine are in the mail."

Wow. No words.

What. a. pickup. line.

Have you heard anything better?
I didn't think so.
{and yes, it obviously worked.}

It took me about a year to convince him that he just could not live without me
and needed to put his "player" ways aside, so that we could be exclusive. 
You see, Billy was quite the ladies man. 

This is where the nickname comes in.
It seemed like every time we hung out, a different chick would call or text him. So, I did what any obsessive stage 5 clinger normal girl would do..put myself in his phone under the name "BEST GIRL". That way, anytime he was with another girl, they would see the name
 "BEST GIRL" pop up. BAM. Takes care of that one.
...naturally, he felt it was only fair to be put in my phone under
"BEST GUY". I was OK with that.

Our names in our phones haven't changed to this day.

Obviously, getting Billy to settle down wasn't the easiest of tasks,
but I'm reminded of the saying: What good things come easily?!
That's what I like to tell myself.

Here we are now.
 Married for 2 years
and have been together for almost 8 years.

I never knew it was possible, but I love this man
more now, than I ever have.
It may have taken a bit for me to catch him
but ever since then, this man has loved & taken care of me
more than I could have ever imagined.
I'm so blessed to have him in my life!

Billy, my Best Guy:
You are selfless, strong, humble, and so caring.
You make me a better person and are my better half.
I am SO thankful to have you by my side for the rest of my life.
You have already made so many of my dreams come true.

This weekend is all about you.
I love you.
...and to the girls that didn't "snag" him...

Sorry I'm not sorry.

**to anyone still reading this...

**and to those who love seeing O.O.T.D pics
here's my outfit for casual Friday today.
My photo dump from this week will be posted on Monday...

Top-TJ Maxx
Necklace-Charlotte Russe
Jeans-American Rag
Flats-Old Navy


  1. What a lovely story! I love how the nickname 'best guy' came to be!
    Good move, hahaha.
    Hope your best guy has a lovely birthday.

  2. Such a cute love story and I love your outfit. I saw those flats at Old Navy the other day and really liked them but they look super cute on you :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Billy! What a sweet pick-up line! :) Love your outfit, Katie!

  4. You guys are just too cute! :) And I love ya'll's love story! Happy birthday to Billy!

    And I'm loving your OOTD! Will you come be my personal stylist? Pretty please :)

  5. Y'all are just the cutest things ever! Happy B-day to your Best Guy! This OOTD pic did it... I will be buying those shoes stat! So cute! Have a great weekend!

  6. This is so cute! I'm glad he wised-up and picked the Best Girl :)

  7. Such a cute story!! I love the "sorry not sorry" part! :) You both are completely perfect together!

  8. Happiest of birthdays to your best guy! Love that you snatched him up and didn't let him go :)

  9. Aw Katie this is SO sweet!!! (You and Billy's love story sounds a lot like mine and Beaus...except Beau never played hockey lol)

    I was wondering why I saw "Best Guy" in your phone when we were in Naples but forgot to call you out for it.

    Happy birthday RAY J!!!!!!! BBFT and I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    PS-the pic of the two of you and Rocky is adorable!! Rocky is SUCH a little model!!

  10. Haha I love that story! I met my best guy in college too and can totally relate. Love the outfit btw!

  11. This is such an adorable story! And I'm pretty sure Billy lucked out. #justsaying :) I need those shoes. Not kidding. SO CUTE! Happy Friday friend!

  12. TOTALLY FORGOT - Happy birthday Billy!!! :)

  13. great story, my hubs was quite the ladies man himself - he used to try to make people play "Balla Baby" by Chingy every time he came in a room at parties. seriously.

  14. You are so funny!! I love good "how we met" stories. Love the OOTD, pretty!

  15. Love it and get it gurllll!! Y'all are soooo cute together. Loed hearing this story. ;) Especially love the last pic ..."sorryimnotsorry" !!! Hvae a great bday weekend with your best guy!

  16. what a STUD!!!! this is precious katie!!

    i love that you still have him in your phone as best guy and him best girl! AH makes me smile thissss big :-)

    you guys are adorable and i love that you were like YUP...im marrying him! hahah muah!!


  17. awwwwe this is too cute!! i wana go and change my name in my man's phone asap. lovie.

    and your outfit, cute cute cute!!

  18. You two are too cute! And I looooooove that necklace!! :)

  19. Sooo cute! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  20. i've heard this story multiple times and seen that seen that sexy jacket of his in person and the story is just as cute every time! Adorable! I'm not sure about you but I STILL have my nike shox..refuse to throw them away!

  21. Funny story! Hope you guys have a great birthday celebration weekend. Love the outfit. Blue and yellow look so pretty together!

  22. Uhmm hello you look gorgeous in YOUR blue today :) I am wearing it too...this post warmed my heart! Look at how much y'all have grown UP together, I got chills and GIGGLES reading about your "courtship" I can ONLY hope to find the kind of love you two have!! I didn't know Billy was the "papaw" in the relationship!!
    He is so deserving of this post today! You got the best guy for sure. Love ya both! Btw your mug is on my blog like a few times again haha and when you read it , yes the pictures of that New York guy I put up to devil her....
    LOVE YA gorgeous...I love LOVE haha xoxo

  23. This post was awesome! LOVED all the pics from throughout the years! I never would have guessed Billy used to be a ladies' man! You have surely settled him down... way to go, girl! ;)

    I just loved reading about the early stages of your time together. It gives us single girls that little push to go after the things {and guy} we really want! Totally adorable that you have the same names in your phones still :) You guys are great.

    One last thing - adorable casual outfit! Especially those jeans and the flats!!

  24. Aw, this is so sweet! Happy Birthday to your Best Guy! :) You guys are so adorable! (and I LOVE your OOTD)

  25. this was so cute :) sorry i'm not sory hahaha i love it. i love nicknames. i hearing how they form. and i LOVE hearing how people met!

  26. Love this!!! :) happy bday billy!

  27. precious!! y'all are so cute!! Loved hearing the story of how you meet :) Happy Birthday to him!! xo

  28. Oh my gosh Katieeeee I loved this post so much.. you guys are a perfect match!! Oh oh & your hair is super cute in that photo of you Billy & Rocky. Happy Birthday Billy!!

  29. Love his pick up line. I first met M in 6th grade and at that time I was SOO marrying him. Crazy how things turn out.

    Happy birthday to Best Guy tomorrow. March birthdays are the best!!


  30. Tooo cute!! And I was so relieved to hear you say his attire the night you met was a joke... I was a little worried BAHAHA! Red Timberlands... I can't even imagine!! Yall are too precious. Happy Happy Birthday Billy! Hope yall have a wonderful birthday weekend.

  31. Ha ha, sorry I'm not sorry. Classic. My husband was quite the eligible bachelor as well when I met him. I can relate. Happy Birthday Billy. Have a great weekend you guys!

  32. Such a cute story of you two!

    Happy Bday Billy!

  33. Love the post today babe, thanks for being a great wife. Love you!

  34. What a sweet post!

    And I am really digging your outfit, the necklace and shoes totally make it!

  35. Can't wait to celebrate WildBill's birthday with you tomorrow!!!!

    Um, my birthday is in three weeks. I want those Old Nav flats. Size 7. Please and thank you ;)

    Until tomorrow lover pants! xoxo

  36. LOVE this story! and yes! Good things don't come easy ;) Proud of you for working hard to get your man! Although, I'm pretty sure you didn't have to work all that hard. I'm sure he'd say you stole his heart the moment he laid eyes on your gorgeous face ;)

    Have a great weekend, Katie! <3

  37. your outfit is ADORABLE!! LOVE IT!! Happy birthday to Billy, you two make a gorgeous couple xo

  38. I love this post! You two are so cute. I bet he liked you the first night ya'll met and doesn't want to admit it. I mean, how many guys break out the big guns and go straight to the nike shox pick up line right out of the gate? see...

    Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby! :)

  39. yall are so cute! your love story actually sounds a lot like ours! happy birthday to your hubs! :)

  40. so cute! happy birthday to him!! i randomly found your blog & you went to BGSU? I live in Toledo! small world!

  41. You crack me up Katie! hahaha I love this story and explanation. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating with the birthday boy!

  42. You two are so cute!! Happy birthday to Billy!

    Love your outfit!

  43. Hi Katie!
    I just found your blog & read your "how we met" story. Love those! Whenever we meet new couples friends, I always ask how they met.
    I also noticed you were born & raised in Ohio. Me too!
    Where at & are you still here?

  44. Y'all are so absolutely adorable!!!!

  45. Aaaw! I love that story!
    My husband (we'll be married 20 years in October!) were high school sweethearts and he sat at the lab table in front of me during Freshman science. He turned around on the 2nd day of school and said, "You're really cute and I'd ask you out but you are way too short for me." I'm barely 5 ft and he's over 6 ft. Needless to say, we've been together ever since!


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