The Best Parts Of My Weekend...

tory burch bag designer handbag

+Coming home on Friday and finding this beautiful Tory Burch bag on my doorstep! I don't think I've EVER loved a handbag as much as this one (thank you husband!) ...the color is just gorgeous and it has the perfect amount of space for me. It also comes in this amazing bright red color that I love. Forgive me because I'll probably be swooning over this one for a while... #girlsandtheirhandbags

+I got to meet 2 new blogger friends on Saturday! I went to a big craft show with a girlfriend on Saturday (found a shirt I had been lusting after!) and finally got to meet Jacqueline, the owner of the shop Nora and Jac, which I've mentioned a few times on here! She has the softest infinity scarves out there and some awesome headbands for spring and summer. Not to mention, she's as cute as can be! Also, I got to meet another reader named Erin who doesn't have a blog but came up and introduced herself and I was so happy she did (hi pretty Erin girl-if you're reading!) So, so fun.

wifey tee shirt

+That shirt I found at the craft show? "Coffee keeps me going until it's acceptable to drink wine" Have you seen anything better?! I mean, besides the Wifey shirt right next to it. The wifey shirt is from here and is only $25, which is the best price I've found for it and trust me I've been looking around!! It's so soft too (I got a small). I will probably do an outfit post with this shirt soon!

 +We went over to my best friend Lindsay and her brother's place on Friday to watch the basketball games. A big dance party went down like we were back in college again (sorry-not pictured ;)) and we had so much fun!

+I got my new Lilly and Laura bracelets in! They are hard to find but I actually found them on 9th and Elm-the sale ends in 2 days though so hurry up if you're interested. Each bracelet is handmade by a woman in Nepal and some of the proceeds go to the women and their families. I love how fun they are and all the different designs..I'm sure I'll be ordering more at some point! 

+The fact that the weekend is over (not something to normally wish away BUT) which means I head to Texas in 3 days. 3 days, people. SO excited!

+Did I mention that bag?!

What were the best parts of your weekend?
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Five On Friday

Hap hap happy Friday everyone! 

I'm so glad it's finally the weekend because that means next week is almost here. Next week means vacation to Texas, which in turn means a bunch of great things happening so thank you, Friday, for showing up today! :)


Ever since we went on vacation to San Diego, I've been obsessed with acai bowls (and wheatgrass shots!) but there was nowhere here in Columbus that sold them. It was a major bummer but finally a place called Pulp Hilliard (which happens to only be a 5 min drive from our house) opened last month and they make them! I'm so happy about this! 

 Local gals..they have smoothies (just be careful of the sugar), fresh juices, and salad options as well.


I found this website recently which has so many cute dresses for el cheapo!


Our meals are getting more colorful now that the weather is warming up and I'm loving it! This means more fruits and veggies coming in season and new recipes about to be tested! :)
These are mahi mahi tacos (marinated in lime juice, cumin, chili powder) with a corn salsa on top...they were so fresh and delicious. Sweet potato wedges (with some cinnamon on top) and grilled zucchini were the perfect sides!


Rarely does this happen...J. Crew Factory has 40-60% off everything right now!!

Go stock up, ladies. You can get this shirt that I told you I've been wearing all the time for just $29 or this adorable striped peplum top for a heck of a deal! No coupon code needed.


Rocky was not much of a help when prepping for Steph's gender reveal party... ;) What happened to my little helper?! Sleepin' on the job!

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for reading! xo


Crazy About Gold: Must Have Baubles

Seeing Gold

I don't know about you guys, but growing up I was always a silver kinda girl. All of my mom's jewelry that she had was gold and I remember asking her all the time why she liked it so much. Well, some of her pieces are now mine and they are now some of my most favorite pieces, for good reason. I still enjoy wearing silver from time to time, but I've definitely been on the gold train for a while.

Especially with all the nameplate and state necklaces I've seen popping up all over the place! The trend has seemed to switch from initials to getting your full name or even a word to describe your personality. Such a cute idea! Did anyone see Clare's (from the Bachelor) nameplate necklace? I kept eying it all season long! 

+Gemstone Nameplate (my favorite!)
+Gold Text "Happy" Necklace (I've been wanting this one for a while! must buy)
+Love Inscription Cuff (less than $30)
+Flower Power Necklace (so cute for spring)
+Sparkly Drop Earrings

See my most recent spring outfit favorites: here

Which one is your favorite? Have you bought a nameplate necklace yet?
And a big thanks to BaubleBar for always having the best gems out there and leaving me a little bit more broke each day...

Happy hump day!


Bridal Babe Juice

Happy Tuesday y'all!

T-minus 8 days until I'm in Texas and no longer suffering away in this 30 degree weather. I can only imagine how good the expected 60 degrees on Sunday will feel! Bring it on!

It's usually right around this time of year that I like to amp up my juicing. I try to stay consistent with it and make sure to have a juice at least twice per week, but with bikini season approaching my goal is to make four juices per week until May or so. 

I came across this Bridal Babe Juice recipe by the Tone It Up girls and thought I would share it in case there are any brides out there (or past brides-hey, we are still brides aren't we?!) who want to try it! It has coconut water in it which I normally don't include in my juices, but is great in this one. I'm funny about coconut water too...I can't seem to get myself to love it. Anyone else in the same boat?

Also, you may have seen on my instagram from before that I did a 7 day juice challenge a couple months ago (you can see all the recipes for them: here). I'm thinking about doing it again, but providing a shopping list beforehand so that others can follow along easily. Just a note-I usually have a juice for breakfast or afternoon snack. I still eat my normal meals during the day. Thoughts? Would you join me?

And since I'm in a "countdown to vacation" mood, here are some things I'd pack in my bags for those who might have a trip coming up (or just want to scoop up some of these cute things!): palm print dress, striped espadrille slip-ons (less than $40!), anchor tee, plaid shorts, and these gorgeous wedges are perfection!


Meeting Jillian Michaels

...Fear is temporary, regret is permanent...

This was one of the quotes that resonated with me the most from Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life tour here in Columbus this past Thursday night! As you all know, I was over the moon excited to attend this show and be lucky enough to have the chance to meet her afterwards. 

I expected that her show would be motivating (have you seen the Biggest Loser? pretty sure I tear up every episode at some point or another), but I didn't expect it to be as educational as it was and to take home a lot of new information to help with my diet and exercise routine. The entire show she engaged with the crowd to make it fun and personal and she even asked for our participation at certain times. Today, I'm here to give you the inside scoop on her show...

Jillian divided her show up into three sections:
+exercise and

My personal favorite part of the two hour show was the health and nutrition portion. It reminds me of one of those things where you go in thinking, "I got this" or "I know what I'm talking about" just to realize you don't know it all and sometimes you need help. It's just true. Besides, Jillian is the expert and while I did know many of the things she talked about, I learned a lot and Billy's jaw was dropped half the show. Let's just say I was SO glad I brought him. Ladies, if you have a man in your life (boyfriend, husband, or even father) who might need some more education about what he's putting into his body (even if he doesn't have weight to lose, etc), her show would be great to take him to. I've always tried to educate Billy about the food he eats, especially the type of meat he buys, but sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other, ya know? But seeing it from a true professional (and Jillian at that) definitely opened his eyes. She touched on calorie counting, foods to avoid, foods to eat everyday, etc.

We also enjoyed hearing Jillian's personal stories (she suffered with obesity as a teenager and had some family issues) and gave her own personal insight in what she does to succeed was awesome to hear. If you're struggling with your weight and can't seem to figure out where to turn or what to try next, I honestly think going to her show would be beneficial for you. At the end of her show, she spent a good 30 minutes doing a Q&A session with the crowd where you could share your personal goal or problem, and she would give her advice and opinion. It was amazing to hear her responses and suggestions!

Meeting her went just like I expected it to go....me being a nervous fricken nelly and all the questions I had planned to ask her went out the window! You've been there, right? No but honestly, she really did answer all the questions I was planning on asking her, so it was great to just chit chat for a bit with her. She was so friendly and gave me the biggest hug when we first met, which was so insane to me because here I was hugging TV's toughest trainer and someone who I've looked up to for years!! It was SO cool. And can we talk about how TINY she is? She is just so small...I felt like a beast next to her, and Billy might have made a comment about how good her butt looked (and now I'm off doing 100 squats per day.)

Overall, her show surpassed our expectations and I would definitely go see her again. She really put on a great show. Oh, last but not least, a really awesome thing happened and she called me her "twinsie" (we were wearing literally the same style jeans and booties) and she even made her photographer take a picture of our outfits. If only I would've done an #ootd together, right? ha! It's only logical for me to assume now that we are best friends and I will be traveling with her for the rest of the tour. I hope you all sense my sarcasm with this but Jillian, if you're reading, I'm totally available.

**Are you interested in seeing Jillian on tour? Go here to view all of her tour dates and stops! If you're trying to hit a weight loss goal, get inspiration to eat healthier or work out more, or just looking to hear from one of the top trainers in the world...you must go! INVEST IN YOURSELF! (another one of my favorite quotes) Tickets start at just $25. PS: If any of you have any other questions about her show or about anything I learned, feel free to email me! :)


Spring Finds, Vol. 3

Spring Finds Vol. 3

Scallop Dress (So inexpensive plus 25% off with code 'get25')
Pastel Bracelet (love this one too & it's on sale)
Denim Shorts
Lace Tank
Patent Pumps
Flared Dress (also comes in this pretty green, black, and navy) 
Wedge Sandals
Boyfriend Shorts 
Canvas Wedges 

Happy Thursday! For the first "official" day of spring, I had to make this edition extra extra good! 

This time, I decided to incorporate a tank and some shorts for those of you who are lucky enough to have that kind of warm weather right now! And if you are one of those people, just know I'm incredibly jealous! :) Both of these dresses are serious steals and are the cheaper versions of more expensive ones I've seen (the flared dress also comes in that gorgeous green color like the scallop dress and looks like the fit would be so flattering!). I'm really into boyfriend shorts (as you know I wear my boyfriend jeans ALL the time, so comfy!) this spring and summer and think this color would go great with many options in your closet.

All of these shoes...swoon! I've been dying to get my hands on these suede wedges (they have black too). They are perfect to wear with a casual outfit or to dress up. I just bought the beige canvas wedges a couple weeks ago and they are just like the TOMS version (almost identical but these have this cork bottom which I love), but cheaper! Comfortable, too!

Last but not least, I shared them yesterday but in case you missed it...these white jeans are THE BEST! The fit is super flattering and they aren't see through. I am counting down the days until I can wear them and don't get some weird stares... ;) I'm thinking for my Texas trip in a few weeks that they will be perfect!

PS-Tonight I get to meet Jillian Michaels! Insert freak out face here! More on that soon :) Have a great day everyone! 


The Cutest Swimsuits You Ever Did See: Part 2


Last year I spilled my secrets on where to find some of the best and cutest bathing suits. I can't tell you how many people have emailed me thanking me for introducing them to those websites! It seems you guys loved the suits as much as I do! This year, since summer is quickly approaching (amen), I'm back for Part 2 to share some of Orchid Boutique's new arrivals with you.*Update: use code 'NEWFRIEND' for 10% off! It can be used on multiple suits!

These first two suits I just received in the mail, so I've tried them on and know they're really great quality. I wanted to share some others as well that I'm sure the quality is just as good, too! Let's get started...

1. Mandy Sherbet Bikini

This suite combines a few favorites of mine: bows and bright colors. A bow on the top and a cute bow on the bottoms?! Winner in my book! I also think the bottoms are the most flattering style you can find. They make me actually look like I have more of a butt, and the sides of the bottoms hit at just the right spot on your hips. If you are looking for a flattering, cute suit-this one is for you!

{I ordered my normal bathing suit sizes with this one...also, you can order different sizes for your top and bottom which is always nice!}

I've been told this will probably be one of their best sellers this year! Stripes...classic black and white...and a fun wrap detail on the top = one awesome option. I recommend sizing up at least one size in the bottoms because they run small. Again, you'll notice I'm still loving this style of bottom. The thick material around your hips does much more for you than a simple string that ties (imo). Adore this suit and can't wait to wear it this summer...

Something I didn't mention above...both of these suits have padding in the tops, but I believe it can be removed if you don't want it. I like (and need) the extra support if you know what I mean... ;)

Not a two piece kinda gal? Have no fear! As I'm getting older, one piece suites are feeling more and more appropriate. If you're looking for a one piece, they have so many flattering options here. Like this super cute one and this one.

Here are some other options Orchid Boutique has...get your shop on, ladies!  

PS: I found the perfect pair of white jeans here (they're on sale!!) and yes, I definitely will be wearing them before Memorial day! That rule is long gone! ;)


What's Inside Your Refrigerator?

Last night somewhere between watching the RHOBH reunion and researching crazy theories about what happened to the Malaysian plane, I thought to myself how if I could live inside any refrigerator (since that's normal and all), it would be Yolanda Foster's.

I mean...have you seen it?

It's been shown here and there on a few episodes, which of course every time leaves me more speechless than the last. Not only does it not even look like a refrigerator (I don't even want to know the price tag of this thing) with it's sleek design, but I can only imagine how stocked she keeps this thing with fruits and vegetables at.all.times. The baskets sorted and arranged all perfectly makes my semi-OCD self swoon.

It got me to thinking, how do you decide what comes into your refrigerator? Do you decide or does your husband/boyfriend decide? Allow me to cut to the chase here...sometimes I feel like a bad wife because if you were to come over to our house, our refrigerator isn't stocked by any means. Is it stocked with healthy items? Yes, but most items you'd find in a grocery store AREN'T in ours. That's decided by me. Sure, Billy likes to be healthy, but would he if I didn't force us to be? Probably not.

My policy is this: I don't keep unhealthy items in our refrigerator (and pantry)...I simply won't buy them. Because once you buy them, you eat them. I wasn't born with the "eat them in moderation" mindset, if you will, when it comes to sweets, sauces (I'm talking to you, ranch dressing), etc. You won't find a lot of butters, salad dressings, sauces (except my husband is a BBQ sauce hoarder so that's the one thing that I don't put up a fight about), and sugar filled juices. When shopping at the store, we stick to the outside aisles and don't visit the inside aisles much. Luckily, Billy is understanding and respecting of the fact that I want to live a healthy life, but that doesn't mean I don't tell him "NO" a lot when it comes to bringing food home from the store. He will send me a text sometimes like, "chips and dip, babe?" and 95% of the time, I reply and ask him to please not bring it home and he respects that. Now, of course I'm not a debbie downer ALL the time...we splurge from time to time (especially on the weekends) and when he eats out, he can eat however he likes. But still, sometimes I do feel bad for limiting what is brought into our home, but he's my husband and the fact of the matter is: I care about his health. 


His health, in my opinion, does reflect on me a bit and even though I feel bad for "limiting" our food intake sometimes, I wouldn't change it.

Here are some tips I came up with to grocery shop smarter:
+Eat BEFORE going (we've all made this mistake)
+Make a list and stick to it
+Read the labels
+Spend most of your time shopping the outside aisles and avoid the inside ones
+If your significant other is the unhealthy one, do the shopping alone or if you like to go together (like me and Billy do) educate him on smarter options!

What do you guys think? And if you live by yourself, how do you hold yourself accountable? Give me your thoughts, or at least pretend to agree that my method isn't madness... ;)

Oh, and for the record, I'd also take Yolanda's closet while we're at it...


Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Who will be celebrating today?! Billy and I went to one of our favorite pubs/restaurants, Dublin Village Tavern, on Friday night to celebrate early with some beers and fish and chips and we celebrated again on Saturday with a bunch of our friends! A green beer will still be calling my name after work tonight, though. It wouldn't feel right without it!

I thought that today I would share all my favorite green + gold items I've come across for the holiday! Emerald is one of my favorite colors to wear anyday, not just on a day like today. As for the gold...I think I can speak for all of us and say it's not going anywhere anytime soon. I need all of these, like yesterday!

+This striped shirt has the bling included, has both of my favorite colors in it, and is an extra 30% off with code "lucky". 

+I don't know if I've seen a more stunning pair of earrings.

+This gold bangle you can get personalized with your initial/s and one you will keep for years. This nameplate necklace is a winner too.

+If you never scooped up Old Navy's military style vest, it's now back in stock! And on sale!!

+The neon green shoelaces make these shoes that much better. 

+Gold studded flats? Yes please.

+Obsessed with this scallop texture wrap dress. Julia is wearing the striped version here.

Enjoy the holiday everyone! :) Columbus gals, if you missed it Friday, go enter to win 2 free tickets to see the one and only Jillian Michaels.


See Jillian Michaels On Tour {Ticket Giveaway!}

I would be lying if I said this wasn't one of the coolest opportunities I've had thus far since starting my blog. If only you all could see me typing this right now...well, you'd know how excited I am and that I'm pretty much freaking out while typing this!

I was recently presented with the opportunity to see Jillian Michaels on her Maximize Your Life tour (you know, fitness guru/worlds toughest trainer from the Biggest Loser) and meet her after her show here in Columbus, NEXT WEEK! Jillian.freaking.Michaels, you guys. What should I ask her? What do I WEAR?! Is she going to make me do pushups? Very important questions running through my head, obviously.

I've mentioned so many times here on my blog how important living a healthy and active lifestyle is to me, and also how much I love and respect Jillian for changing peoples lives on the daily and for being that person who I imagine standing behind me on the treadmill screaming, "keep going!!!" (it works-so go ahead and try picturing that next time you're at the gym.)

I work out to her DVD's (30 Day Shred, anyone?), been a promoter of her detox drink, and followed her since Day 1 of her being on the ranch as a trainer on the hit TV show the Biggest Loser (and let's not forget, a little scared of her as well...)

That being said, I can't possibly think of a BETTER giveaway to be offering my readers:


Columbus friends...you're in luck! Today, I'm giving away two tickets, valued at $58.00 per ticket, for Jillian Michaels March 20th show in Columbus (next Thursday!) to one of you! All you have to do is enter below!

In the show (see all tour dates on her website), Jillian will show you how to harness your potential, kick-start your goals and live an exceptional life – sharing her keys to health, success and happiness. I figure if you can go rock out to your favorite music artists in concert, why would you not want to learn how you can better your health and life by seeing Jillian on tour?! Right?

For those of you who aren't in Columbus, she is also traveling to many other cities across the U.S and tickets for the show start at just $25. You can read more about it here. VIP tickets that include a meet and greet with Jillian are also available.

And of course, I will be sharing all about my experience with her on my blog afterwards!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*The giveaway will be open until Tuesday and the winner (chosen at random by Rafflecopter) will get an email from me saying they won and will pick up their tickets on the night of the event at will call. I hope to see YOU there! Good luck!!


I Confess...

 ....that I'm really contemplating getting lasik eye surgery done, but am a teensy bit very scared of my eyes being pried open while people cut at them. ::cringing::

 ....that I used to have a 'treat myself to Starbucks only on Friday's' kinda thing, which is now completely out the window. Skinny Iced Caramel Macchiato addict here... (I blame the nicer weather for this lately)

....that I cannot stand the sound of people clipping their nails. Especially when at work.

....that I ordered this skirt and have no idea where I'm going to wear it, or what with, but I love it. Sequins, midi, and under $40? Can't get much better.


....that we hired a cleaning crew and I have a feeling it's going to be worth every single penny. We generally keep our house pretty clean, but we found a great deal and the fact that they will change our sheets pretty much sold me. I confess I avoid laundry at all costs.

....that I think almost daily about how I wish Rocky could live forever (he's only 6) and I work myself up about it.

Nike's from here-love this color too!

....that I can't wait to be able to run outside everyday.

....that if you're looking for boyfriend jeans for spring, I recommend these pretties.

....that I love the state of Texas and I NEVER thought I would say that. 22 days and counting (and busy planning Steph's gender reveal party!)...#soexcited

....that I'm seriously lusting after this bag.

also comes in navy, black, and coral (love)

....that I'm dreading the beginning of my husbands fantasy baseball league (he becomes a tad obsessed and it feels like it lasts for-ev-er)

....that froyo, sandals, and sixty degree weather makes my life better.

 Jack Rogers sandals from here

....that trying new recipes and cooking in the spring and the summer is so much easier! I have a feeling this recent one I made will be on our menu a lot.

....that J. Crew Factory has 30% off everything right now. This, this (that print-eek!), and this are tempting. 

....that Carrie Underwood's legs should be illegal.

some of her workout is now available: here
I confess I will be studying this more than I ever studied for a test in high school.


Top 10 Healthy St. Patrick's Day Recipes

St. Patrick's Day has always been my absolute favorite holiday! My Dad's side of the family is Irish, so celebrating is always taken very seriously around here. In addition to that, the city I grew up in (and currently work in) always has the most fun events and parades for it. People go all out here with celebrating all weekend long, and I look forward to it every year! 

However, when I think of St. Patrick's Day recipes or what food will be served at parties, I always think of really fattening desserts and drinks. Today I thought it would be fun to round up a list of the Top 10 Healthy (or health-ier...) St. Patrick's Day Recipes out there...so not only do I have some healthy options to make this year, but so do you. There's breakfast, lunch, and dinner options so that you don't always feel like you have to turn to the unhealthy items to make for you or your family!

+Copy Cat Chipotle Guacamole (of course I had to include one of my favorite appetizer recipes-bring this to a party or make for yourself, it's sure to be gone quickly!)
+Skinny Peppermint Patty Shake (maybe now you can resist McDonald's Shamrock Shake and all those calories!)
+Easy Ground Turkey Shepherd's Pie (a much healthier alternative to the classic)
+Spinach and Feta Muffins (really wanting to try these)

What is your favorite thing to make for St. Patrick's Day?

PS: How about that Bachelor last night? I was never a JP fan, but I could not believe some of the things he said on this finale show, and how he told Nikki she was the girl for him. That was the most least romantic speech I've ever heard. I can respect the part about not saying "I love you" after only a couple months, but it was his approach and how he genuinely didn't seem like he wanted it to get to that point that bothered me. Not only that, the man does not know how to answer questions, says he wants things to be private when you know that's the last thing he wants, and he just seems like a jerk. As for Nikki, I don't know how she sat up there smiling the whole time, I would've been holding back some major tears. What were your thoughts? Like how they cut out the part of him talking to Neil Lane and picking out a ring? Aye yai yai...


Life Lately // Extra Birthday Surprise

{my shirt is from here and on major sale, necklace here}

one-four // Oy vey! I'm not one to ever wish away weekends (never ever), but I'm kind of happy to see this day. For the past few weeks, I've had a surprise party planned for Billy and his sister with both of our families (his parents, my parents, his brother, his cousins!) and let's just say I'm not that great at keeping surprises. It was so hard to keep from him, especially since he asked me a minimum of 939 times in a matter of a week what our plans were.

Billy's family lives in Cleveland, so they made the two hour drive Saturday morning and went straight to my parents house and hid in their basement for when we arrived. I told Billy we were going over to have a belated birthday lunch with my parents, and I truly believe he had no idea all his family would be there. In fact, he told me afterwards he thought I was hiding a bike in the basement (ha he has been wanting a certain mountain bike for years!) He was so happy to have his family here. We haven't seen them in a while, and he was just giddy the whole day.

We celebrated at my parents for a couple hours with appetizers and a cake made by my stepmom, went to the casino for a bit (most of Billy's cousins walked away hundreds of dollars richer so that was nice ha), and then I had made dinner reservations at BJ's Brewhouse with everyone. Even though Billy's family only lives two hours away, it was SO nice to be able to have my family and his family hang out all together for their birthday.

Earlier in the week, I made these awesome pretzel treats, had cute labels made, and put them in treat bags to pass out to everyone, and of course I forgot about them. I hid them at our house so Billy wouldn't find them, then after everyone left I realized I completely forgot about them. Let's just say my coworkers came into plenty of treats this morning...

five // the cake my stepmom made for Billy and his sister :)
six // spring mani from last week, the color is Essie's 'Chastity' and I can finally say for the first time that I'm in love with a pink nail polish. I'm not normally a pink person, but I love this color so much (it has more purples tones than this picture shows.)
seven // the softest stripe infinity scarf in the world. handmade by jacqueline! I've talked about my love for her shop before, but she just added new items for spring and since you guys loved the items from before, I had to share again! *get 15% off your order with code: KATIE15!

I also got this adorable coral headband...

eight // the infamous treat bags I put together and forgot to pass out. Katie fail.

How was your weekend?! It is in the 60's here today and tomorrow so I'm one happy girl. I can't wait to run outside for the first time this year tonight! Stay tuned for a fun post later tonight...


Fashion Forward With Zappos

You guys...it's Friday (hooray!), it's a beautiful day out, and I'm here to suck you in (again) with two of the best finds via Zappos (are you surprised?)

I've shared my love affair with Zappos with you before, and I'm back partnering up with them today to say it again. I, Katie Krysh, literally order everything from them. I mean it...the greatest finds and customer service out there!

This time, it's two of the hottest spring items....

the new Jack Rogers Georgica Gold Fleck sandals (LOVE!!!)


the best skinny jeans that you will ever squeeze into...

Joe's Jeans, The Skinny Ankle in Bridget

You would be surprised how many cute things Zappos has that are either sold out on other websites (like these jeans), or not available yet. Their spring fashion is on point and naturally, they arrive much quicker to my doorstep and no shipping charges.

A lot of you might own a pair (or have seen) the popular Navajo Jack Rogers sandals, but these (in my opinion) are so much better and I know I will wear them more. It took me a while to break in the Navajo's (honestly they hurt my heels for the first month), but this style fits so much better and they are comfortable from the start. The Georgica's remind me of these Tory Burch sandals, but are less expensive and don't have the leather bottoms. The cork/gold combo also sold me. Done and done. Obviously it's still a little too chilly here to wear them right now, but I'm counting down the days and I'm sure you will see many outfits worn with them on my instagram!

These jeans...well, I can't say enough good things about them. Jeans are one of the few items I believe you definitely get what you pay for. These are my first pair of Joe Jeans, after hearing great things about them, and the fit and wash is just what I was looking for. I wanted them to fit extra skinny (you know how others just aren't that fitted?)  and have a dark enough wash without being TOO dark...check check check. If you're looking for a great pair of skinny jeans, these are them! (you can see all their Joe's Jeans here-they have so many great styles)

Zappos-you've done it again. Happy customer right here. 

Anyone else love ordering from them as much as I do?! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, I can't wait to celebrate Billy's birthday all over again! More on that next week. xo! 

Shop my other favorite Zappos finds here: 


Spring Finds Vol. 2

A few weeks later, we're back in business with another round up of my favorite spring finds! And what better day to get some of your shopping done then on hump day when you're already excited that it's halfway through the week? "(is it sad that this is my logic? maybe..)

1// These J.Crew Factory skirts are the best: so comfortable (thanks to an elastic waist...genius!), cute, and are the perfect length...enough said. Also comes in this color and this color.

2//  How perfect is this bag?! A pretty spring color with scalloped details and under $35 is a winner in my book. Also comes in this pretty color!

3// A gingham pink shirt...you can't go wrong. Wear this with a skirt or boyfriend jeans for spring. Easy peasy.

4// Last spring, on a whim, I bought silver metallic pumps (like these that are less than $50) thinking that I would only wear them a couple times, but since they were so inexpensive I still bought them. I was so wrong, I wear them all the time. Metallic shoes are back in and these gold sandals are just the cutest. Need.

5// This striped sequin dress is perfection.  Also love the pink version! This might finally make it's way to my house soon...

6// The perfect pair of striped shorts. On sale now! (size down with these...I got a 2)

7// This cami dress combo is perfect for fancy nights out. I love that it looks like two separates.

8// A fun summer plaid. Also on major sale!

The weekend is officially in sight which means we have to turn our clocks forward (oops-mistyped this earlier), but we get extra light in the evenings (!!!) I think Portia, the daughter of Kyle Richards from RHOB, said it best this week when she said "Hallelujah everyone!" Please tell me one other person saw that and loves her just as much as I do?!

*You can shop my picks for Vol. 1 here! Most items are still available.

PS: I have a follow-up post to this one on Friday with two of my top recommended items for spring (and from Zappos!), so stay tuned for that! Also, a HUGE thank you to those who liked my Facebook page yesterday! And if you're new here, welcome! :) 


Facebook For Blogging {$500, Anyone?!)

Happy Tuesday!

Good ole' Facebook. If there is one thing that I hear and see feedback on over and over again about social media, it's that bloggers enjoy reading their favorite blogs through Facebook.

It was surprising to me, but then I really thought about it and that's exactly how I use it the most these days. Hello little light bulb that went off in my head! I really love seeing my favorite blogs post to their Facebook pages (maybe it's the pictures? how easy it is to pull up and check? not sure) and I have been thinking for a while now about how I can grow my own blog's Facebook page, since I rarely mention it (did you know I even had one? I do! here. And I often post some of my favorite sales or products that I come across that I sometimes don't mention on my blog..it's just easier!)

But then, Bonnie thought of this giveaway today which probably would trump any idea I could come up with, so here I am sharing it with you + giving you the opportunity to win $500!

I figure if I enjoy keeping up with my favorite bloggers via Facebook, chances are you might too! So, this might be the easiest giveaway you've ever entered, which is part of the reason why I wanted to be a part of it.

All you have to do to enter this is "like" as many (or all if you really want to increase your chances) of these Facebook pages. Each page you like is an entry into the giveaway. That's it.

The end result? A chance for you to win the easiest $500 ever and to follow along with some of your favorite bloggers...

Giveaway ends March 11, 2014.  All entries will be verified.  Giveaway open to international readers with a paypal account- visa or target gift cards will not be sent internationally.  Giveaway winner will be announced March 12, 2014.  

Brought to you by: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Oh, and if you have time-leave me in the comments a link to YOUR blog so I can go "like" your page!