Favorite Spring Finds, All On Sale: Vol. 1

*Alright, girls! First order of business...you won't believe what is finally on sale! Remember my leopard Nike's I posted about? (it's one of my top viewed posts so I think that a lot of you must have liked them) They are now marked down on most colors!

Okay, so when we were in Florida last week my mind was all about bringing spring back to Ohio with me. I was on a (hopeful) mission and I did pretty dang good on the shopping part. On the bringing spring-like weather and sun back to Ohio, let's just not talk about that. There was an amazing outlet mall about 10 minutes away that we decided to go to one night and it was filled with cute things for spring. Add in 40% off most items and you've got one happy Katie...

I've found a big change in my shopping habits lately. I'm buying much less, but when I am I'm buying pieces that are more classic that I can see myself wearing often in the years to come. I've been staying away from the more trendy pieces, and I'm really enjoying this new change because I don't have items sitting in my closet that aren't getting worn or ones that I don't absolutely love.

J.Crew and Gap have been killing it lately...most of my damage has come from these two places because I'm obsessing over all their new arrivals. Below are the items I added to my closet for spring and lucky for you, all of these items are 40% off right now! You've known I have a thing for stripes, so you can't be too surprised that half of the items are striped. Oops...

Spring Finds

DETAILS: Striped Popover / Rose Skirt (love it and also comes in black) / Plaid Shirt / Striped Cardigan (only $30!) / Striped Sweatshirt Dress / Pleated Maxi / Striped Shift Dress

The first blue and white striped shirt will be on heavy rotation for me this spring! It's so lightweight and can be paired with colored skinnies, jeans, or shorts. I love this shirt and it's less than $40. There's a certain favorite holiday of mine coming up that I think this green and white striped cardigan (navy one here) would be perfect for! My personal favorite item in this group would have to be either the navy and mint striped J.Crew dress or the Gap sweatshirt dress. Both of them are beyond comfortable and really flattering! I just can't pick between the two.

And of course, the perfect outfit needs the perfect accessories to match. My picks are these Ray-Bans, this pretty scarf, and this necklace because it can be worn with almost anything (pre-order and get $10 off). 

What are your spring favorites?

Now if the weather could just cooperate already....


  1. Adorbs - All of it!! I am heading to SoCal this weekend and I will be wearing plenty of J Crew goodies - considering it will be 70 there!!!! :)

  2. Once I get to my goal weight- I def want to do what you said you're doing.. buying classic pieces that are high-quality and I know I'll wear for a long time. My wardrobe needs a LOT of help, I've just been avoiding buying new clothes when I'm not the 'size' I want to be! I love all your picks, as usual, but that pleated maxi is calling my name!!!! :)

  3. That skirt is so adorable. I have been missing out in the skirt department recently. Being a personal trainer, I own a zillion dresses and then workout clothes and hardly anything in between!

  4. These are so cute! I need all of those dresses in my life : )

  5. I loved your sweatshirt dress this weekend! Definitely just ordered the gap one :)

  6. Love the dresses! I can not wait for this weather to warm up, I am definitely over freezing my buns off!


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