Spring Finds Vol. 2

A few weeks later, we're back in business with another round up of my favorite spring finds! And what better day to get some of your shopping done then on hump day when you're already excited that it's halfway through the week? "(is it sad that this is my logic? maybe..)

1// These J.Crew Factory skirts are the best: so comfortable (thanks to an elastic waist...genius!), cute, and are the perfect length...enough said. Also comes in this color and this color.

2//  How perfect is this bag?! A pretty spring color with scalloped details and under $35 is a winner in my book. Also comes in this pretty color!

3// A gingham pink shirt...you can't go wrong. Wear this with a skirt or boyfriend jeans for spring. Easy peasy.

4// Last spring, on a whim, I bought silver metallic pumps (like these that are less than $50) thinking that I would only wear them a couple times, but since they were so inexpensive I still bought them. I was so wrong, I wear them all the time. Metallic shoes are back in and these gold sandals are just the cutest. Need.

5// This striped sequin dress is perfection.  Also love the pink version! This might finally make it's way to my house soon...

6// The perfect pair of striped shorts. On sale now! (size down with these...I got a 2)

7// This cami dress combo is perfect for fancy nights out. I love that it looks like two separates.

8// A fun summer plaid. Also on major sale!

The weekend is officially in sight which means we have to turn our clocks forward (oops-mistyped this earlier), but we get extra light in the evenings (!!!) I think Portia, the daughter of Kyle Richards from RHOB, said it best this week when she said "Hallelujah everyone!" Please tell me one other person saw that and loves her just as much as I do?!

*You can shop my picks for Vol. 1 here! Most items are still available.

PS: I have a follow-up post to this one on Friday with two of my top recommended items for spring (and from Zappos!), so stay tuned for that! Also, a HUGE thank you to those who liked my Facebook page yesterday! And if you're new here, welcome! :) 


  1. I love the skirt and those striped shorts! I have a feeling it's a good thing we live in separate states, we'd get in a LOT of trouble shopping together! haha

  2. I was browsing the internet over the weekend and saw that green skirt....love it! trying to convince tony it needs to be in my closet ;) and those striped shorts!!! LOVE!!! :)

  3. I looove the J. Crew Factory skirts. so much. that green!

  4. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Portia. She is SOOOOO cute!!!

  5. LOVE these finds! Especially the ASOS bag! Been drooling over that for a while now!

  6. Hate to burst your bubble but it's actually spring forward

    1. thank you for the heads up! I typed too fast and meant to say I'm excited for more light in the evenings :)

  7. Love #7- I thought it was two separates also!

  8. Okay, these low wedges are haunting me! I saw them on IG this morning. The North East Girl was wearing them and, for the first time in a long time, I was like "I have to have these!" But...I am a little hesitant about the price, so I am going to keep an eye out for a cheaper version!

  9. That dress! These pieces are screaming my name but the 'budget' word keeps ringing in my ear. Oh well you've convinced me that I NEED that sequined dress stat ha. Love these spring picks!

  10. The sandals make this! Divine!

  11. So I started reading The Northeast Girl's blog because of you....and now between the two of you, all I want to do is shop shop shop! :) For some reason, I recently decided that I NEED a pink gingham shirt....but I'm looking for more of a hot pink/raspberry/fuchsia that doesn't cost one million dollars. Please do let me know if you come across one. I'm hoping Target or Old Navy will help a sista' out one of these days.

  12. Ah, I NEED that JCrew skirt! Great picks!

  13. that purse!! OH MY!! thank you so much for posting it! I just purchased it in the lemon for 27.10 thanks! (they have a 20% off code on their site) I have been in need of a new cute spring purse!! thanks again for introducing me to asos :)

  14. i LOVE the green sequin dress!!!!!

    x Mieke

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