The Cutest Swimsuits You Ever Did See

Today, I bring to you the end of your search for the perfect bathing suit!

I know I said I'd have a trip recap today, but first I wanted to highlight a couple of the new bathing suits I've found because I know how difficult it can be (well, IS!) to find ones you love and that fit right. I brought all three of these on vacation with us and they will be getting so much use at the pool and boating this summer! 

Bathing suits are one of those that I truly believe you get what you pay for. Sure, I love the trendy $30.00 Target swim suits, but they typically don't last me longer than a season or two. All of these suits I'm about to recommend are high quality and are so soft!


The pattern on this suit is so pretty, I'm kind of obsessed with it. What can be better than a mix of pink, turquoise, and orange with an aztec pattern?! I also love the cut on the bottoms-they are really flattering.


Swimwear 360 has such an amazing selection of cute swimsuits...seriously. I was in awe! Definitely go check them out-I know you will find something that fits your style and that you will love!

this is the one I posted on instagram on our trip and received many questions about.

Haven't heard of The Orchid Boutique? Well, you're about to fall in love. They have the hottest designer swimwear out there for great prices. I know the Tone It Up girls love the Maaji bathing suits! Yep, Karena and Katrina often wear this brand. I have always wondered and loved the suits they wear and now I know (and so do you!) Now if we can all just look like them in the suits, right?

This is the Bloomy Cabana suit I got...

This is honestly the most comfortable and soft bathing suit I have EVER owned. Plus, the suit is fully reversible for another look! How awesome is that? I love the strap on the one shoulder and the fold over part on the bottoms.

Couldn't say better things about Maaji swimsuits and The Orchid Boutique! They have so many other designer brands/styles of swimwear besides Maaji if you are looking for a different look, too.

 {via Tone It Up Beach Babe video in Maaji Swimwear! :)}

Again, the print on this is what caught my attention. I love the mixing of the patterns and the top and bottoms are so flattering for many body types!

Don't be surprised if you see me wearing these suits over and over again all summer long. Alright, I'm done with the talking - go get your shop on.

I'll be back Monday to recap our trip with a bunch of pictures! Have a great weekend :)

SPECIAL BIRTHDAY WISH to my best friend, Lindsay! Lindsay-I'm so thankful to have your friendship and cherish all the times we have spent together! You're the BEST and I can't wait to celebrate more with you this weekend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!

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  1. preeeeeeeeeetttty much in LOVE with all of these swimsuits katie and now im off to stalk their site and spend money guarenteed

    i love the last one with the patterns AND polka mixes!! I also feel like if I owned that I'd want to run through the amazon chanting things because the patterns just look so amazonian and beautiful!!

    also give me your stomach

    also do you still have your belly pierced?!?! I'm contemplating whether I'm too old to still have mine---eeek

    xoxox love you!!!

  2. The Bloomy Cabana is definitely a favorite <3!

  3. Loving all these suits. Does your hot bod come with them? Would love your stomach. Working on it currently, lol.

  4. I love all these! I wish I was as tiny as you so I could pull them off! I'm working on it though! Maybe one day!

  5. These are adorable and affordable. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  6. Looking great girl! Love all of them!!!

  7. that second suit is so cute! totally going to save my pennies for that one!

  8. I'm not super jealout that you've been lounging by a pool or anything...

  9. LOVE all three!! They are super unique and so cute!

  10. The suits are very pretty, out of my budget though :( I'm so fickle with swimwear I only let myself buy one suit a year. :) You wear them well! :)

  11. I mean I wouldn't be caught dead in a itty bitty bikini until I lose like a bajillion pounds but I'm super curious about the aviators!! Raybans? Tell meeeee :)

  12. Girrrlllll you are SO SKINNNYYYY! Ugh, I WISH I could afford those suits, but yeah. No. My husband would kill me. Plus, I own like a million, anyway, so really, I have no excuse. haha Anyway, you're hot and so are they and I'm in love with Tone It Up, so one day? I am totes splurging on the maaji suits. One day. ;)


  13. They are all SO cute but yikes...pretty pricey :/ definitely way out of my budget. I do like that Maaji swimwear is designed by Colombians! Gotta have my Colombian pride :)

  14. I love them all!

    I wish they weren't so expensive!

  15. Ok, I love all these suits, they're so much fun! I especially love that top one! :)

  16. You are SO tan!! Loving the first suit - now can I have your body to go with it?! Happy Friday!

  17. Okay I told myself I wasn't going to order another bathing suit...until I saw this post. LOVE them all!

  18. I'm loving the print of these suits!


  19. Girl. I love that first suit. I def wouldn't look nearly as good as you in it!

  20. I am in LOVE with that first suit! And DAMNNNNN girl, you look fabulous!

  21. Love them all, off to look/buy!

  22. how can it be hard to find a bikini when you look like THAT.

    common now ;)



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