Fashion Forward With Zappos

You guys...it's Friday (hooray!), it's a beautiful day out, and I'm here to suck you in (again) with two of the best finds via Zappos (are you surprised?)

I've shared my love affair with Zappos with you before, and I'm back partnering up with them today to say it again. I, Katie Krysh, literally order everything from them. I mean it...the greatest finds and customer service out there!

This time, it's two of the hottest spring items....

the new Jack Rogers Georgica Gold Fleck sandals (LOVE!!!)


the best skinny jeans that you will ever squeeze into...

Joe's Jeans, The Skinny Ankle in Bridget

You would be surprised how many cute things Zappos has that are either sold out on other websites (like these jeans), or not available yet. Their spring fashion is on point and naturally, they arrive much quicker to my doorstep and no shipping charges.

A lot of you might own a pair (or have seen) the popular Navajo Jack Rogers sandals, but these (in my opinion) are so much better and I know I will wear them more. It took me a while to break in the Navajo's (honestly they hurt my heels for the first month), but this style fits so much better and they are comfortable from the start. The Georgica's remind me of these Tory Burch sandals, but are less expensive and don't have the leather bottoms. The cork/gold combo also sold me. Done and done. Obviously it's still a little too chilly here to wear them right now, but I'm counting down the days and I'm sure you will see many outfits worn with them on my instagram!

These jeans...well, I can't say enough good things about them. Jeans are one of the few items I believe you definitely get what you pay for. These are my first pair of Joe Jeans, after hearing great things about them, and the fit and wash is just what I was looking for. I wanted them to fit extra skinny (you know how others just aren't that fitted?)  and have a dark enough wash without being TOO dark...check check check. If you're looking for a great pair of skinny jeans, these are them! (you can see all their Joe's Jeans here-they have so many great styles)

Zappos-you've done it again. Happy customer right here. 

Anyone else love ordering from them as much as I do?! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, I can't wait to celebrate Billy's birthday all over again! More on that next week. xo! 

Shop my other favorite Zappos finds here: 


  1. I was looking into buying a pair of Jack Rodgers shoes for a wedding (on the beach), and when I saw the one your found, I fell in LOVE. I am checking out zappos.com now!

  2. You are hurting my bank account with all these cute spring finds!!!! Here you are taunting us with online shopping and you just said you don't have a credit/debit card... :P (I tease)

  3. ok girlfriend...if you EVER clean out your closet, can I be the first to call dibs. On EVERYTHING!!! ;) I tell you all the time I am so jealous you get so much free stuff, but cute free stuff at that ;) How do I sign up for this!??! Like no really? How? Do I need to be a fashion blogger? Clearly I am not lol ;P
    I am so with you on the jeans, you totally get what you pay for. I love Hudson's, seriously the best!! My sis works at Nordstroms, and always tells me to check out Joe's. I am even more tempted to now. And those sandals....I just checked them out. I want the black and tan ones. Perfect for spring and summer evenings, or all the time ;) {sorry for the novel lol}

  4. I am a HUGE fan of Zappos and have consistently been wowed by their customer service (seriously, above and beyond). They really go the extra mile. When my sister got married, she just had all of us bridesmaids wear a dress in the coral color family, so I ordered multiple dresses and sizes from Zappos and loved being able to try them all on in the comfort of my own home, then easily (and for free) ship back the ones that didn't work. So much better than tackling the mall!

  5. Same here - love me some Zappos!!!! Their customer service can't be beat - and they always have a great selection, to boot!
    For the Love of Leopard

  6. I could sing Zappos’ praises all day long. They’re amazing and their customer service is always on point! LOVE those Jack Rogers!!

  7. LOVE Zappos!! I'm a VIP ;) And You can never go wrong with Jack Rogers. I LOVE that pair!

  8. I used Zappos like CRAZY for our wedding. I ordered so many different pairs of shoes until I found the perfect heels for our wedding day! Agreed, awesome customer service and you really can't beat their fast (and free!) shipping.

  9. Obsessed with those Jacks. I have my eye on them and can't wait to make the slurge after lent.


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