Life Lately // Extra Birthday Surprise

{my shirt is from here and on major sale, necklace here}

one-four // Oy vey! I'm not one to ever wish away weekends (never ever), but I'm kind of happy to see this day. For the past few weeks, I've had a surprise party planned for Billy and his sister with both of our families (his parents, my parents, his brother, his cousins!) and let's just say I'm not that great at keeping surprises. It was so hard to keep from him, especially since he asked me a minimum of 939 times in a matter of a week what our plans were.

Billy's family lives in Cleveland, so they made the two hour drive Saturday morning and went straight to my parents house and hid in their basement for when we arrived. I told Billy we were going over to have a belated birthday lunch with my parents, and I truly believe he had no idea all his family would be there. In fact, he told me afterwards he thought I was hiding a bike in the basement (ha he has been wanting a certain mountain bike for years!) He was so happy to have his family here. We haven't seen them in a while, and he was just giddy the whole day.

We celebrated at my parents for a couple hours with appetizers and a cake made by my stepmom, went to the casino for a bit (most of Billy's cousins walked away hundreds of dollars richer so that was nice ha), and then I had made dinner reservations at BJ's Brewhouse with everyone. Even though Billy's family only lives two hours away, it was SO nice to be able to have my family and his family hang out all together for their birthday.

Earlier in the week, I made these awesome pretzel treats, had cute labels made, and put them in treat bags to pass out to everyone, and of course I forgot about them. I hid them at our house so Billy wouldn't find them, then after everyone left I realized I completely forgot about them. Let's just say my coworkers came into plenty of treats this morning...

five // the cake my stepmom made for Billy and his sister :)
six // spring mani from last week, the color is Essie's 'Chastity' and I can finally say for the first time that I'm in love with a pink nail polish. I'm not normally a pink person, but I love this color so much (it has more purples tones than this picture shows.)
seven // the softest stripe infinity scarf in the world. handmade by jacqueline! I've talked about my love for her shop before, but she just added new items for spring and since you guys loved the items from before, I had to share again! *get 15% off your order with code: KATIE15!

I also got this adorable coral headband...

eight // the infamous treat bags I put together and forgot to pass out. Katie fail.

How was your weekend?! It is in the 60's here today and tomorrow so I'm one happy girl. I can't wait to run outside for the first time this year tonight! Stay tuned for a fun post later tonight...


  1. Ahh! I have so done that with something that I worked really hard on & put together! Such a fun idea though & so sweet of you to throw them a party!!

  2. That's really nice of you to throw a party- I'm the same way with secrets- I get SO excited and it's difficult not to tell anyone!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  3. What a fun weekend! I love when we are able to get both our families together! So much sweeter!

  4. Love the new mani color!! It looks great on you!! Great job on pulling off the surprise party - great wife indeed!! Happy Monday!

  5. So sweet of you to throw him a birthday party! And I love that you forgot the treats - totally something I would (AND HAVE!) do!

  6. TJ's bday is later this month and I'm thinking of trying to have a party for him (I know, I better get on the ball). I just can't decide whether to do it at the house or go out someplace (I know which one sounds like more work for me....haha)

  7. Where did you get those cute lables made for the treat bag?

  8. How fun!! I'm sure it meant the world to Billy having his fam show up :) Thanks for the discount code I've been looking for a cute beige headband for summer and I just got one yay! I ALMOST got the coral one too and still might haha. Happy Monday friend xoxo

  9. Love you so much babe! Thanks for an amazing weekend and surprise party!

  10. looks like lots of fun. I got Anthony a bday gift a week or so before his bday, hid them on my side of the closet and what do ya know, his bday was on the 4th of Feb and I just pulled them out on Thursday and gave them to him...oops! either way he said it was a nice little surprise. I love that headband I am going to have to check out that store!!

  11. Best wife award goes to... Katie!!! Well done girl, what a great party to pull off and it sounds amazing! I always chuckle at the treat bags being left behind - I often do this when I am planning a party because my mind is just too crazy with all the little details! x


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