Meeting Jillian Michaels

...Fear is temporary, regret is permanent...

This was one of the quotes that resonated with me the most from Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life tour here in Columbus this past Thursday night! As you all know, I was over the moon excited to attend this show and be lucky enough to have the chance to meet her afterwards. 

I expected that her show would be motivating (have you seen the Biggest Loser? pretty sure I tear up every episode at some point or another), but I didn't expect it to be as educational as it was and to take home a lot of new information to help with my diet and exercise routine. The entire show she engaged with the crowd to make it fun and personal and she even asked for our participation at certain times. Today, I'm here to give you the inside scoop on her show...

Jillian divided her show up into three sections:
+exercise and

My personal favorite part of the two hour show was the health and nutrition portion. It reminds me of one of those things where you go in thinking, "I got this" or "I know what I'm talking about" just to realize you don't know it all and sometimes you need help. It's just true. Besides, Jillian is the expert and while I did know many of the things she talked about, I learned a lot and Billy's jaw was dropped half the show. Let's just say I was SO glad I brought him. Ladies, if you have a man in your life (boyfriend, husband, or even father) who might need some more education about what he's putting into his body (even if he doesn't have weight to lose, etc), her show would be great to take him to. I've always tried to educate Billy about the food he eats, especially the type of meat he buys, but sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other, ya know? But seeing it from a true professional (and Jillian at that) definitely opened his eyes. She touched on calorie counting, foods to avoid, foods to eat everyday, etc.

We also enjoyed hearing Jillian's personal stories (she suffered with obesity as a teenager and had some family issues) and gave her own personal insight in what she does to succeed was awesome to hear. If you're struggling with your weight and can't seem to figure out where to turn or what to try next, I honestly think going to her show would be beneficial for you. At the end of her show, she spent a good 30 minutes doing a Q&A session with the crowd where you could share your personal goal or problem, and she would give her advice and opinion. It was amazing to hear her responses and suggestions!

Meeting her went just like I expected it to go....me being a nervous fricken nelly and all the questions I had planned to ask her went out the window! You've been there, right? No but honestly, she really did answer all the questions I was planning on asking her, so it was great to just chit chat for a bit with her. She was so friendly and gave me the biggest hug when we first met, which was so insane to me because here I was hugging TV's toughest trainer and someone who I've looked up to for years!! It was SO cool. And can we talk about how TINY she is? She is just so small...I felt like a beast next to her, and Billy might have made a comment about how good her butt looked (and now I'm off doing 100 squats per day.)

Overall, her show surpassed our expectations and I would definitely go see her again. She really put on a great show. Oh, last but not least, a really awesome thing happened and she called me her "twinsie" (we were wearing literally the same style jeans and booties) and she even made her photographer take a picture of our outfits. If only I would've done an #ootd together, right? ha! It's only logical for me to assume now that we are best friends and I will be traveling with her for the rest of the tour. I hope you all sense my sarcasm with this but Jillian, if you're reading, I'm totally available.

**Are you interested in seeing Jillian on tour? Go here to view all of her tour dates and stops! If you're trying to hit a weight loss goal, get inspiration to eat healthier or work out more, or just looking to hear from one of the top trainers in the world...you must go! INVEST IN YOURSELF! (another one of my favorite quotes) Tickets start at just $25. PS: If any of you have any other questions about her show or about anything I learned, feel free to email me! :)


  1. You two look like bff's in that picture! :) Such a great experience!

  2. That is so awesome that you got to meet Jillian! I love her! Upon reading this I decided to see if she was coming to Houston and she is! April 3rd and I already bought tickets. Yup so incredibly pumped!!!!

  3. One, you are NOT a beast, but she does look totally tiny like you could just put her in your pocket! So cool that you got to meet her! How fun that she called you twinsies. Life altering moment ;)

  4. So neat!!! I would love to hear more about what she said regarding calorie counting and what foods to eat everyday. She's such an inspiration! And you are anything BUT a beast!!

  5. How amazing is this?! Love her....and a beast? Um no my dear...I have heard she is just a miniature little thing lol.

  6. What an amazing experience! I love Jillian and am so bummed she's not coming to the Seattle area. She really is inspiring. And you are most definitely not a beast. I'm 5'10" and would definitely be more beastly next to her than you. :)

  7. That is so neat! What a great experience! She is definitely someone I'd like to chat with for a bit!

  8. I didn't know she had more to offer than weight loss...a great experience for you.
    Website Owner

  9. I saw here in FL and it was one of the best things I could have done! She was so inspirational and I learned so much about food that I had never known!

  10. this is SO COOL katie i was so excited when i saw that IG pic!!!! she is deffo inspirational and so knowledgable! is she has hard-ass as in videos!?! when i do her workouts i feel like she is right there motivating and yelling at me to do it and I'm all UGH NOOO but she's like YES. hahaha

    love this!!

  11. Wow! I would love to meet Jillian! After working SO incredibly hard and losing over 230lbs, getting pregnant and losing my son, gaining about 40lbs back and just trying to get back on the health bandwagon.. I just feel like she would be the greatest inspiration!!! I will say that I have been clean eating for a week now, fast walking two miles a day and feeling really proud of myself. Motivation is pretty hard to come by for me but I keep repeating a handful of mantras to myself and I hope that I can continue this journey!!

  12. That is so awesome! Although me meeting you would probably have the same excitement level as you meeting Jillian!

  13. After reading this post, I immediately got online and bought tickets for her show here. I've maybe seen 2 episodes of the Biggest Loser and don't know much about Jillian at all. Well needless to say, her show left me the most motivated that I have been in a long time! She was amazeballs! All of the motivating and uplifting stories and advice really got to me. I think I even ran faster and did more reps at the gym this morning :)


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