23 Weeks Bumpdate

{shirt from here-it's very soft!}

How Far Along? 23 Weeks, 1 day

Size of Baby: A bunch of grapes - weighs about 1 lb now!

Weight Gain: 13 lbs, with Camden during this week I was up 13 lbs as well but this time my belly seems (and is) so much bigger

Maternity Clothes: Wearing a bunch of maternity tops, but still rocking the belly band on pants and I actually have a pair of AG jeans that are stretchy around the waist that I can still wear normally. Prior to pregnancy, I was constantly having to pull them up in the back (which I hated), but they are perfect to wear now.

Stretch marks: None yet & still no sign of the linea nigra

Symptoms: Lots of Braxton Hicks! My headaches have seemed to stop the past few weeks (knock on wood!) which has been SO nice. I'm running out of breath more easily and sleeping is getting a little bit more uncomfortable...I find myself tossing and turning all the time. Other than that, I feel good overall except for the fact that I just feel huge. 

Cravings: Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts and carbs! carbs! carbs!

Gender: Boy! It's getting really hard to not be able to call him by his name...

Mood: Happy!

Nursery: The nursery is finished being painted and right now we're just trying to figure out the best set-up for the crib, dresser, and glider. The room is an odd shape so it's making it difficult to figure out a layout we love. I've found a rug that I just need to order and the only decor we still really need are some shelves, so it's definitely coming together. I also cleaned out the closet (which had more of my clothes in it), and hung the outfits I've bought him so far! We're getting there!

Movement: Starting around 21 weeks, I started feeling him kick and move all the time! Finally! They aren't huge movements yet, but enough for Billy to feel them and to see them from the outside too. 

Sleep: Tossing and turning a lot, but good.

Workouts: Still averaging about 3 per week, but running is definitely getting more difficult. My belly just feels heavy so it's harder to keep up a good pace. I'm doing lots of walk, jog, run intervals now which I did last pregnancy too. 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Last week I got a stomach virus right after Cam had his! It wasn't food related, but I couldn't eat keep anything down for about a day and it was hard to stay hydrated. Glad it's over! 

Best Moment This Week: I had a doctors appointment the other day where I got to hear baby's heartbeat and see that I'm measuring right on track (for now.) Easter was also so much fun because I imagined having TWO little boys to dress up and celebrate with! My friends are throwing me and baby a little sprinkle in the middle of May, so I'm really looking forward to that. It'll be nice to "celebrate" the baby a bit - I feel like I've had some guilt this pregnancy because I haven't boasted/vocalized about the small things as much...it is just different the 2nd time around, but it's still so special to me.

Looking Forward To: A date night with Billy on Friday and our trip to Florida in 2.5 weeks! Can't wait!


Our 2016 Easter

What a weekend! I was naive as heck to think that this year's Easter couldn't beat last year's. I think that just because of the newness of becoming parents, I thought back then that it was a pretty special Easter (and it was!), but this year was even more amazing than I think both of us even imagined. So fulfilling. So many laughs. So much joy.

Camden had a blast at the annual Easter egg hunt that my parents have for all their grand kids on Saturday...so much so that he gave his Easter basket a little kiss. It was absolutely adorable watching him find and pick up eggs (and to watch my Dad help him!) to put in his basket, but since he has been so obsessed with walking around independently he kept trying to run off to other areas instead of finding all the eggs! This boy loves to explore and even tens of Easter eggs laying in the yard couldn't keep him from wanting to venture off, even just for a little bit. But, he did fill up his basket and walked away with some pretty yummy candy that Mommy and Daddy have been enjoying...

 I die at this outfit! Handsome as ever...

Speaking of said independence, Cam was so not into pictures this day. He did not want to be held back from all the fun to sit still for the camera - I'm surprised we even got these pictures! It took 2 people distracting him with toys and singing crazy songs to get him to even look in the general direction, ha! But I have to say, the ones we did end up getting are seriously some of my favorites that I've ever taken...


And then we've got this one - where I sacrificed how absolutely crazy I looked and made this certain goofy face that always seems to make him smile...

totally worth it! Must print this ASAP. 
Anyway, on Easter morning I made a little trail of Easter eggs filled with 1 or 2 puffs leading to his favorite chair, where his Easter basket and some toys were sitting. He noticed them immediately and ran right up to them! We opened up all his new toys so he could play with them (his favorite items were probably this new Little People set, his new books, and of course yogurt raisins) and let him just play all morning while I prepared breakfast. 


The blueberry french toast that I made ended up being a huge hit. It was divine (how could something made of butter, bread, and cream cheese not be?) and made our house smell all kinds of heavenly.

The rest of the day we had no plans and since it was around 73 degrees, we just hung outside as a family (Billy hung Cam's swing in our backyard) and went to his favorite park. I remember pushing Cam in the swing at the park and leaning over to tell Billy how incredibly happy I am with this season of life and how much joy this Easter has brought me. He agreed, and right then and there I think I converted him to loving Easter just as much as me. 

We even gave coloring Easter eggs our best effort over the weekend (using Cool Whip/food coloring mixed on a baking sheet) and they turned out pretty well! They definitely aren't as bright as dyeing eggs the normal way, but I liked the marbled look that they had and that our entire kitchen didn't become a disaster in the process. 


Oh wait...it did. Cam decided he wanted to take two handfuls of whipped cream to the mouth (I should've known) which resorted in dye and whipped cream all over his clothes, hair, face, and somehow some even got on Rocky and his fur. Not surprised in the least, ha. But hey, memories were made and that's whats important.

 It really was the perfect Easter weekend! I'm sure next year having Baby 2 with us, it'll be EVEN better. My heart just might explode at that point.


Easter Plans

Happy Good Friday friends!

I'm so excited for the Easter weekend ahead! Easter was seriously my favorite when I was a little kid. My embarrassing home videos are proof of this as I literally had to stop and eat each piece of candy in one egg, before moving onto finding another egg. And if you even thought about asking me to share my candy...well...that just wasn't going to happen. I guess some old habits never die, ha!

We are celebrating with family on Saturday (my parents always have a big Easter egg hunt for the grand kids) then on Sunday we are going to have brunch at our house and take Camden to our neighborhood's Easter egg hunt! The weather looks like it'll be really nice in the 60's (70's on Sunday!) so that's a definite plus. I'm going shopping today for all the goodies for our Easter brunch and to pick up some fruit for a fruit salad I'm making to take to my parents. 

One thing I will NOT be trying to do is dye Easter eggs with Camden, at least not the normal way (because #disaster), but I did find this toddler friendly way of dyeing eggs using whipped cream that I'm going to do with him...
As for our Easter brunch, Billy suggested we just go out to brunch somewhere so I don't have to cook anything (or clean up), but I really want to spend it at home as a family, not rushing out the door! I think I'm going to attempt this Blueberry French Toast Casserole since all I've been craving these days are carbs, carbs, and more carbs...

Tell me that doesn't look delicious?

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! Last night I was looking through pictures of Camden last year which was enough to make me laugh and tear up at the same time. 

Look at my little bunny! They don't change AT ALL in a year! :)


Kate Spade Surprise Sale!

Happy Weds. my friends! We're already halfway thru the week and soon it'll be Easter weekend!

One of my favorite sales is currently going on! The Kate Spade Surprise Sale features all kinds of purses, jewelry, and wallets for up to 75% off. To be honest, this is the only time that I will buy Kate Spade because I know that the prices are so low. 

I've given these bangles and earrings for gifts to my girlfriends many times...for my bridesmaids, birthdays, Christmas, you name it!

You can shop my favorite picks below by clicking on the image which will take you directly to that item, or you can shop the whole sale here. I'm really loving the turquoise tote (comes in black and cream though too!) and all the colorful wallets!


Spinach & Banana Muffins

Who would've thought this recipe would be my favorite kid friendly one that I've posted so far? Definitely not me! But I've got to give it to these these little green puffs of goodness-I had my doubts but they have me so, so pleasantly surprised!

Camden is still a really great eater (and isn't very picky), but there are times I can tell he gets sick of the same vegetables served in the same way. He gives me this little smirk like, 'these again, ma?' Well, these little guys help switch things up a bit! These muffins are seriously perfect for getting some greens in him, and without him really knowing it because they don't just taste like spinach! I can only imagine how many times I will be making these as his little toddler personality and tastes develop more and more....I just hope he continues to love them as much as he does now!

They are really tasty, trust me. Make them right now...or tonight (don't forget to pin it!)...aka just do it!

Spinach and Banana Muffins
makes 16 muffins
+1 cup all-purpose flour
+1 cup whole-wheat flour
+3/4 cup sugar (I used a little less)
+2 tsp baking powder
+1/2 tsp baking soda
+1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
+1/2 tsp salt
+1/3 cup canola oil (you can use coconut oil instead! I'm going to do that next time)
+3/4 cup milk
+1 6 oz. bag fresh baby spinach
+1/2 cup mashed banana (1-2 bananas)
+2 tsp pure vanilla extract

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line two 12-cup muffin pans with paper liners. Whisk together dry ingredients in a large bowl: flours, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt. Set aside. In a blender, place oil, milk and spinach. Blend on high for about 30 seconds or until completely pureed. Add banana and vanilla, blend on low just to mix. Pour pureed mixture into dry mixture and fold together with a rubber spatula until combined. Fill muffin cups about 2/3 full and bake 18-20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.


More recipes you might like: here and here


I Confess...

Guess who got a stomach virus on Friday, days after Camden recovered from his?

Yup...lucky, lucky me!

I couldn't keep any food down for a good 24 hours and it was really hard for me to stay hydrated! I woke up feeling much better on Saturday, but it was miserable. I'm just happy it didn't last any longer!

Here's my recent confessions: 

...On Saturday I got my hair done and I really love it! Billy gave me the day off of all mommy duties so I was able to get coffee and go shopping, too. It was heavenly, really. Total mommy reboot!

 (and of course-played on snapchat, find me at: katiewkrysh)

...I almost lost Rocky over the weekend. I left the house thinking I had closed the door that goes out to our garage all the way, but apparently I didn't close it hard enough because it swung open and he got out. Billy was home so I didn't close the garage when I left, but thank God Rocky was too interested in some trash sitting in our garage that he didn't venture out. I felt horrible.


 ...I feel 30 weeks pregnant but I'm only 22 weeks. So, yeah. I definitely am feeling more aches and pains this time around and the weeks are going at a turtle speed it seems. Anyone else feel like this with a second pregnancy? (however-I am soaking up as much one-on-one time I have with Cam as much as possible.)

...I wait until the very last moment to fill up my tank with gas. I'm talking until the light turns on where it tells me "FUEL LEVEL LOW!" and even then, I still put if off. 

 ...I finally replaced my rose gold New Balance sneakers (can't find them anywhere online but these are similar) with this white/gold pair. I honestly haven't bought myself many clothes since becoming pregnant (thanks to this expanding midsection), so new comfy shoes I can justify. I know these ones will sell out quickly and I think some sizes are already backordered, but jump to order (if you like them) while you can! Love them.

...Billy finished painting the nursery this weekend! After 6 or 7 different paint samples (#indecisive), I can finally say I'm happy with the paint color we picked! Which is a good thing because there is no way I would be able to convince him to re-paint that room, ha. Can't wait to show pictures once everything is more done!

...I'm really nervous to fly with Cam next month. Looking back, it makes flying with a baby seem so easy because now...TODDLER who wants to walk everywhere, hates sitting still, and thows his pacifier/sippy/toys randomly when he doesn't want them, being contained to ONLY an aisle? Lord help us.

...I scored a Radio Flyer wagon for only $40, thanks to one of the mom facebook pages I'm on! What a steal!! The last owner hardly used it so it's in great condition. Cam loves to ride in it and it'll be perfect when baby bro is here!


...I'M SO HAPPY JOJO IS THE BACHELORETTE! I've honestly never really cared or been so excited to watch a season before until her. I can't wait to see all the guys drool over her! And to see if any guys from other seasons come back to date her?!
...I found the softest v-neck tshirts ever from Kohls. I bought multiple colors because I love them that much. They are so comfy. I recommend sizing up for a more relaxed look and because they are in the juniors section (the pool blue, french blue, striped colors, and black are my favorite)

 ...Spinach and banana muffins look really gross when baking them, but heck...they are delicious little things! I originally made them for Cam and I keep stealing them. The recipe will be on the blog tomorrow!

...A clean kitchen is good for the soul. No one can argue that...right?

What do you confess? Happy Monday!  

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Save or Splurge?

It's been too long since I've done a save or splurge post (evidence here...)

But when I saw this dupe for the dreamy Chloe Marcie bag I knew I had to share! I have dreams about that Chloe bag...it's so gorgeous! But this $65 dupe is nearly identical and you can't beat that price! It also comes in black and grey. The reviews are great too, so I think it's a must buy! Shop all colors here.

PS: Happy St. Patrick's Day from our lucky charm! 

{similar shirt here // suspender shorts are from here}


Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers!

Hi friends! I apologize for the radio silence over the past few days...

Camden got a little stomach bug on Sunday that lasted all of Monday (better now-thank God! it was awful!) and my husband has been out of town on a work trip. He actually won an award from his company for his performance & being in the top 3 of his division, so he's been enjoying himself at a nice resort in Scottsdale, Arizona! When we first found out that he won the trip, we were going to go with him but after looking at his itinerary we realized we would hardly get to see him in between all the events that his company had planned for him so it made sense to stay home. I'm so extremely proud of him - he works so hard and really deserves it! Anyway, we pick him up this afternoon from the airport (yay!) 

Now for today's post...Easter basket ideas for those cute little toddlers! 

I thought I would share what I'm putting in Cam's basket this year because he's at the age where he doesn't eat candy, so filling up those plastic eggs and baskets you've got to be a little more creative. Also, I'm on a bunch of Mom Facebook groups and I've seen many people ask for ideas for their kids baskets! I thought some of you might be interested to see the ideas I got! In the years to come even when Cam gets bigger, I like the idea of doing less candy and more practical items.

First things first-his basket is from Pottery Barn Kids and is a great size! It holds a lot and of course, it's really adorable and has his name personalized on one of the ears. PS: Their baskets are on sale + free shipping right now!

Here's what I put inside: 
-Crafts from Target's $1 spot (because hello-it's amazing.) They have the cutest selection of things right now-I picked up a felt egg to decorate with stickers, pom poms, and pipe cleaners. Both the pom poms and pipe cleaners are perfect for crafts and entertaining purposes! I like to use an empty parmesan cheese container and have Cam practice sticking the pipe cleaners in the holes. 
-Sidewalk chalk
-Books (you can never have enough books! I'm particularly excited about his new Big Brother book! :)) 
-Not pictured, but we also got him a pair of Crocs (these ones) and a new rashguard/swim trunks. I think I'm going to do a new swimsuit in his basket every year - it's perfect with summer approaching!
-As far as snacks go, I plan to put yogurt raisins, goldfish, and some fruit snacks in his plastic eggs when the day comes! 

I admit I had a little too much fun putting it all together, and can't wait to give it to him! Number 592 that I say this...being a mom is AWESOME.

Tell me - what are you putting in your kids Easter basket? What great ideas did you come up with?


Diaper Bag Backpack

Being a mom has made come to terms with the fact that I will most likely be sporting a backpack at one point or another, and I think I'm okay with it. I will do almost anything to free up both of my arms / save them from any extra weight, since I will have 2 little boys under 2. 

I'm even more okay with the idea of a backpack diaper bag when they are all as cute as these ones above, but I'm having such a hard time deciding which I like best! 

Here's the options (help a sister out!): 

Also, my plan is to get a fun kids backpack to keep most of Camden's things (diapers, change of clothes, etc.) that will stay in my car at all times. That way I won't need room for ALL of his stuff (maybe just his sippy cup/snacks?) along with baby brothers in this one bag alone. Has anyone done this and actually succeeded? I have high hopes! ha. 

1. Kate Spade New York Nylon Backpack: How cute is this one?! I absolutely love the colors and cute pockets on the front. It's also nylon which I'm a fan of because you can wipe it clean very easily. Oh, and it's currently 40% off. Do I need this one? or... 

2. Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Be Right Back: This is the bag I've heard the most rave reviews about. Everyone  seems to love their Ju-Ju-Be! Is it worth the price? Yes? No? I'm undecided, but I really, really like the fun (and neutral) pattern, the overall features it has, and since there is so much hype about it that makes me believe it is a great option. 

3. Herschel Supply Co. Dawson Backpack: Navy and stripes. I repeat, navy and stripes! Right up my alley with this one based on looks alone, and it seems to be a really great size. The downside to this one is obvious - it's canvas. Sooo hard to keep clean! Good price, though.

4. Skip Hop Forma Backpack: This diaper bag is another favorite so I hear! And at only $70 it's definitely the least expensive option. I love that it's all black so I can easily make Billy hold it/carry it if need be, but I worry about the quality. Will it hold up well? Hmm...

Alright girls, give me your vote! 1, 2, 3, or 4? 

PS: This has absolutely nothing to do with diaper bag but look at Cam's new shirt. I can't even handle the cutenes and cannot wait to see him in this come July! (and of course, his little brother in a matching one! you can find this big bro shirt/and sibling matching sets here


I Confess...

...that I have royally sucked at blogging so far this week. See next confession.

...I had a really rough Monday morning. Like an idiot, I swung my car door open really fast but moved too quickly to try to get in and I practically knocked myself out. I can't tell you how badly it hurt...it was awful and I felt so dumb. I have a huge bump on my forehead that will be turning black and blue soon and my head is so sore! (I guess that's my lesson to slow down a bit!)

...exciting news! We're going to DISNEY next month! Actually, we are going to Naples but we randomly decided to fly into Orlando instead so that we can take Cam to Disney for a day. I.AM.SO.EXCITED! Cam absolutely loves Mickey Mouse and dances his little booty around our house to the hot dog song all the time. If I'm being honest, I have zero desire to go for more than 1 day with the age he's at. I definitely want to go when he's older and will remember it, but to spend a ton of money now when he's so young seems silly to me. Not to mention it doesn't sound relaxing in the least bit...but but but...1 full day is somethin' we're really pumped about! We get in at like 8am so we plan to spend the whole day at Magic Kingdom and then we will drive to Naples after it's dark and he's wiped out.*If you have any tips for our day there, would love to hear them! Send them my way! 

...these warmer temps make me a happier, more mental stable person. :) But I'm a little nervous about being so far along in pregnancy when it's summer (I got to cuddle up in large sweatshirts and leggings towards the end of my pregnancy with Cam!) and shorts and tanks are involved. I have a feeling I will be living in these shorts {in all colors} for the entire summer...

...speaking of warm temps, my tan Tory sandals have seen better days so I'm thinking that this gold pair (looooveeee) will be the summer shoe I splurge on. you probably need them too.

...that I'm NOT digging Caila to be the next Bachelorette. She is an Ohio girl so I'll give her that, but I'm super bummed that it won't be JoJo! I think she would be so much more fun and I'm obsessed with her clothes!

...yesterday I took Cam to the park (it was 70!) and it was the first time we've been able to go since he learned to walk. I couldn't stop smiling because of how cute he was running from playground to playground! So. much. fun.

PS: I need to post one of my baby pics because he looks so much like me when I was that age! Seriously twins...and of course, I confess that I really really love it.

...I got Billy these sunglasses for his birthday and he loves them! If you're in the market for a good husband/bf gift, keep these in mind! You can't go wrong with Ray Bans.

...I'm halfway through this pregnancy this week (woo woo!) but it has felt like it's gone so slow! 

...I'm getting highlights in a few weeks - I've been super bored with my color and I think it'll be a nice change for spring/summer!

What do you confess? 

Happy hump day!


When Your Husband Has A Birthday

...you plaster a bunch of your favorite pics on your blog and embarrass him with sappy words. Hey, someones got to do it!

The truth is I would be totally lost without my husband. He is, without a doubt, the greatest role model our two boys could ever have. I knew this about him when I married him, but it's another thing to be actually living it now and seeing it happen.

He is incredibly hardworking and cares so much about our family! He loves me day in and day out and when I'm at my worst, which isn't the easiest of tasks.

Not to mention, he is pretty dang handsome...


And don't get me started on the type of father he is...if you saw the way Camden looks at him then you would know how crazy he is about his Daddy - he truly lights up when he walks in the room! Billy helps out with everything when taking care of Camden (+Rocky, duh) but never hesitates to do so. I'm so thankful for all that he does and after 12 years together, I can honestly say I've never loved him more.

Happy 32nd birthday, babe! We love you so much and can't wait to celebrate you!
Katie, Cam, Rocky, and Baby Boy #2 :)

PS: Head here if you missed my $100 Gift Card Giveaway yesterday!