Easter Plans

Happy Good Friday friends!

I'm so excited for the Easter weekend ahead! Easter was seriously my favorite when I was a little kid. My embarrassing home videos are proof of this as I literally had to stop and eat each piece of candy in one egg, before moving onto finding another egg. And if you even thought about asking me to share my candy...well...that just wasn't going to happen. I guess some old habits never die, ha!

We are celebrating with family on Saturday (my parents always have a big Easter egg hunt for the grand kids) then on Sunday we are going to have brunch at our house and take Camden to our neighborhood's Easter egg hunt! The weather looks like it'll be really nice in the 60's (70's on Sunday!) so that's a definite plus. I'm going shopping today for all the goodies for our Easter brunch and to pick up some fruit for a fruit salad I'm making to take to my parents. 

One thing I will NOT be trying to do is dye Easter eggs with Camden, at least not the normal way (because #disaster), but I did find this toddler friendly way of dyeing eggs using whipped cream that I'm going to do with him...
As for our Easter brunch, Billy suggested we just go out to brunch somewhere so I don't have to cook anything (or clean up), but I really want to spend it at home as a family, not rushing out the door! I think I'm going to attempt this Blueberry French Toast Casserole since all I've been craving these days are carbs, carbs, and more carbs...

Tell me that doesn't look delicious?

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! Last night I was looking through pictures of Camden last year which was enough to make me laugh and tear up at the same time. 

Look at my little bunny! They don't change AT ALL in a year! :)

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