Our 2016 Easter

What a weekend! I was naive as heck to think that this year's Easter couldn't beat last year's. I think that just because of the newness of becoming parents, I thought back then that it was a pretty special Easter (and it was!), but this year was even more amazing than I think both of us even imagined. So fulfilling. So many laughs. So much joy.

Camden had a blast at the annual Easter egg hunt that my parents have for all their grand kids on Saturday...so much so that he gave his Easter basket a little kiss. It was absolutely adorable watching him find and pick up eggs (and to watch my Dad help him!) to put in his basket, but since he has been so obsessed with walking around independently he kept trying to run off to other areas instead of finding all the eggs! This boy loves to explore and even tens of Easter eggs laying in the yard couldn't keep him from wanting to venture off, even just for a little bit. But, he did fill up his basket and walked away with some pretty yummy candy that Mommy and Daddy have been enjoying...

 I die at this outfit! Handsome as ever...

Speaking of said independence, Cam was so not into pictures this day. He did not want to be held back from all the fun to sit still for the camera - I'm surprised we even got these pictures! It took 2 people distracting him with toys and singing crazy songs to get him to even look in the general direction, ha! But I have to say, the ones we did end up getting are seriously some of my favorites that I've ever taken...


And then we've got this one - where I sacrificed how absolutely crazy I looked and made this certain goofy face that always seems to make him smile...

totally worth it! Must print this ASAP. 
Anyway, on Easter morning I made a little trail of Easter eggs filled with 1 or 2 puffs leading to his favorite chair, where his Easter basket and some toys were sitting. He noticed them immediately and ran right up to them! We opened up all his new toys so he could play with them (his favorite items were probably this new Little People set, his new books, and of course yogurt raisins) and let him just play all morning while I prepared breakfast. 


The blueberry french toast that I made ended up being a huge hit. It was divine (how could something made of butter, bread, and cream cheese not be?) and made our house smell all kinds of heavenly.

The rest of the day we had no plans and since it was around 73 degrees, we just hung outside as a family (Billy hung Cam's swing in our backyard) and went to his favorite park. I remember pushing Cam in the swing at the park and leaning over to tell Billy how incredibly happy I am with this season of life and how much joy this Easter has brought me. He agreed, and right then and there I think I converted him to loving Easter just as much as me. 

We even gave coloring Easter eggs our best effort over the weekend (using Cool Whip/food coloring mixed on a baking sheet) and they turned out pretty well! They definitely aren't as bright as dyeing eggs the normal way, but I liked the marbled look that they had and that our entire kitchen didn't become a disaster in the process. 


Oh wait...it did. Cam decided he wanted to take two handfuls of whipped cream to the mouth (I should've known) which resorted in dye and whipped cream all over his clothes, hair, face, and somehow some even got on Rocky and his fur. Not surprised in the least, ha. But hey, memories were made and that's whats important.

 It really was the perfect Easter weekend! I'm sure next year having Baby 2 with us, it'll be EVEN better. My heart just might explode at that point.


  1. I just can't with the suspenders! He is so dang cute!

  2. What a little sweetie! And those eggs turned out so cute! We'll have to try that next year with our LO :D

  3. I'm glad you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Cam looks so adorable in his Easter outfit!

    My nieces and nephews used to love Little People toys and the lift the flap books when they were little.

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/


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