Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday! How was your Memorial Day Weekend?! I loved looking through everyone's pictures on instagram and seeing what fun things they were doing! 

This past weekend had the first really hot days of the year for us, so naturally we tried to get in as much water time with Camden as possible and to spend a lot of it outside. We grilled out, made pina coladas (multiple times-virgin for me but still super refreshing), went to the zoo, and visited a few splash pads which Cam loves! We even went on a 4 mile bike ride (with Cam in the trailer), but I'm feeling extra old/pregnant because my back is so sore today. 

Other exciting things that happened: we ordered a new 7 piece dining set for our patio! We got a great deal on it and it should be delivered today. Super excited to have it for the rest of this summer! Oh, AND...we had family/maternity pictures done with Rachel! She needed some maternity pictures for her website and offered to take some of me and family pictures as well (we got so lucky!) Well, bless Rachel's heart because Cam was nonstop moving the entire session and was just wanting to play with sticks or press her cameras button (lol!), but she went with it and I think she got some good ones! Pictures with a toddler are no joke...it was like a legit workout, but I know it was worth it and I can't wait to see them and share! (thank you Rach!)

(from left to right: Cam is currently obsessed with going on the carousel at the zoo-he freaks out and it's pretty adorable, playing with my new apple watch (!!), fun at the splash pad with Daddy, petting and brushing the goats at the petting zoo (he was really into this haha!), the difference a year makes-last year at the splash pad vs this year, our friends son Maddox pushing Cam in the stroller, and last but not least we went to a new mexican restaurant that just opened by us called Local Cantina!)

The long weekend ended with frozen yogurt, me turning 32 weeks pregnant (but feeling like 39) and I "forced" (I say that even though Billy he secretly enjoys it) to watch the Bachelorette with me. I could probably go on and on and on and bore you all with my thoughts about it so far, but in regards to last nights episode I'm REALLY liking Derek (aka Jim from the office), Chase, and Robby. A lot of these guys seem a little serious and I think she needs someone with a good sense of humor so we'll see! Obviously she really likes Jordan, so I'm excited to the drama with him! 

Alright-come back tomorrow because I have an awesome promo/shop for Father's Day gifts to share with you guys! 


Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends!

I'm currently working on trying to extend my birthday for as long as possible, so I think this holiday weekend is a good excuse to do that right? Besides having the whole day to myself (which was heavenly-I got my nails done and did a ton of shopping!), my Dad came over on Wednesday night to babysit Cam so that we could go out to enjoy a nice dinner together. We went to a restaurant called Basi Italia and ate outside on their gorgeous patio since it was a beautiful night. I splurged and got lobster tail and Billy got a pasta dish - both of them were so yummy!

Billy got me an apple watch (this pretty one!) I cannot wait to start using it! For those of you that have them, what are your favorite ways to use it and apps? 

I have some really fun posts coming up next week, but in honor of the holiday weekend I wanted to share some of my favorite links today that provide great ideas on how to make the most of it! 

Need a dish to bring to a cookout or want to make something fun for eating at home? Here she is!

This drink though! Mmm! Tropical Passion Sangria

Chocolate Dipped Banana Splits
Because you can't skip making a yummy dessert! (kids would love this too I'm sure!) 

And if you're looking for fun outdoor activities for kids this summer, I love this article with 18+ Sensory Tubs for Toddlers and this summer bucket list!

I hope the weather is warm for all of us and everyone has a wonderful weekend! 


Another Year Older

....or wiser? I'm gonna have to go with wiser! ;)

If you hadn't guessed from the title, today is my birthday and I'm spending it the best way I know how: doing whatever I want! I took the day off and Cam is at his nanny's, so I'm running as many errands as I possibly can fit into my day (and getting my nails done of course!) before picking him up a little early and going out to dinner with Billy tonight. As excited as I am to have my day free (you don't get these often when you're a mom!), I'm looking forward to celebrating with my little family all together tonight, too.

This year has been full of happy moments and changes. I've learned to count on and cherish certain friendships, and am so thankful for the people in my life who support me, love Camden like he's their own, and help make me a better person. I wouldn't change a thing!

Also, I wanted to say thanks for all your comments on baby brothers nursery and for the birthday wishes on Instagram!


Baby #2's Nautical Nursery

Happy Monday! I'm so excited to be able to finally share baby brothers nursery with all of you!

Originally, I was extremely iffy on this space when we first started out. The room is pretty small compared to Camden's (see his nursery here), so we really had to mess with the layout a bunch of times to see what looked and worked best. I also kept changing my mind on certain things (like the paint color...about four times ha), too, so I was nervous that I just wouldn't love the end result because of how indecisive I was about everything! Well, that couldn't be farther from what I feel now because I'm in love with how it turned out! I love how the walls match the area rug and everything just flows really well together.

One thing we did know was that we wanted to do a nautical theme because of my husbands love (and mine) for boating! It was really easy to find cute decor because it's pretty much everywhere in the stores right now. Also, since Billy's family has a boat and we go up to their cottage in the summer all the time, we plan to pick up some local pieces to add to his room too! Before taking these pictures, I had to triple check that all items with his name or initial were hidden in the closet because leave it to me to spill his name on this reveal post! I wouldn't be that surprised. 

Alright, enough talking from me...let's take a look and sea ;)


What do you think?! 

I really really really love the gray crib and dresser. I'm so glad we went with it! Billy followed this tutorial to make the shelves and we decided that since we rarely use Camden's glider and ottoman anymore that we would just move it from his room into here. We actually bought Camden a big teepee to put in it's place so that he can read stories and play in, which worked out really well because he loves it and is really excited about it! If you're wondering where the changing table/area will be...well with Cam we hated changing him on top of the dresser from the side, so we've always just changed him on the floor on a mat, facing us straight on. It's totally personal preference, but that's why we didn't even bother getting one this time around! We just plan to change him on the changing pad on the floor or on a bed. Does anyone else do this?

The oar side table is one of my favorite finds because it was on clearance for like $20 and it matches the room perfectly.

The only thing we have left to do is buy a blackout blind for the window (they sell them at Home Depot for like $10 and it's worked great for us in Cam's room). I know that curtains could really dress it up and I may eventually try to find some, but for now I'm OK with leaving it how it is! Now all that is left to do is organize his closet and clothes and then we're all ready for baby brother to join us! :)

Crib and Dresser/Hutch-Delta Epic 4-in-1 Convertible Crib from Amazon (very inexpensive and love the color!)
Crib Bedding: Pottery Barn
Glider: Buy Buy Baby (it's called the Blake)
Ottoman: All Modern
Oar Side Table: Hobby Lobby
Rug: Rugs USA (this rug is so soft and such a great price)
Boat Oars: Hobby Lobby
Welcome Aboard Life Ring: Amazon (only $3)
Rope Mirror: Target
Anchor Hooks: Kohls
Nautical Prints: Etsy
Wooden Boat (that has the books in it): TJ Maxx
Whale Picture Frame: Hobby Lobby
Vases, Whale Tail, Ship in Glass Bottle, Whale (used a bookend): all from Hobby Lobby
Striped Sailboat: Target
Anchor Knobs: Hobby Lobby
Canvas Storage Basket: TJ Maxx

If I forgot something and you want to know where it's from, just comment or email me!


Toddler Favorites

It's been wayyy too long since I've shared some of my favorite kids products, toys, etc. that I've come across, so I figured I would do a whole post with all of mine (and Camden's!) current favorites at 16 months old. I'm pretty much a pro at this topic since I'm not a minimalist by any means and love finding things that make our days easier, more fun, or that occupy Cam longer than 3 minutes. 

I really hesitate to say that life is easier with a toddler than a baby because I know with kids everything is just a stage and tomorrow it could all change, but for us parenting has become a lot easier ever since Camden turned a year old. Kids at this age are able to communicate their needs more, you as a parent have become more knowledgeable and gained valuable experience, and you don't have to worry about breastfeeding, giving bottles, or spending time fixing purees. Our days just started flowing so much better as he's gotten older and are much simpler. Trust me, I know it won't always be this way!

All of these things I'm about to talk about get DAILY use in our household or are items that once we're out of I immediately stock back up on.

Let's see what made the cut and why...

Toddler Favorites

Nuby Flexi-Straw Cup: When we transitioned to cups from bottles, I tried like 12 different ones because Cam was pretty picky. It's incredible how many leak and are impossible to clean! This one is literally the best I've tried...easy to clean, doesn't leak, has a slim body so baby can grip it easy, and the straw promotes better oral motor development (I do own some spout cups to use on the go but when we're at home I only use straw for this reason.) 

Shea Moisture Kids Detangler: If you're looking for a great line of kids hair products, you'll want to give this a try. The detangler is awesome to use in between shampoos and to use on bedhead. Cam's hair is getting longer and longer (and even wavy/curly too), so this is a great product for us. I love it!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Farm Puzzle: An excellent starter puzzle thanks to the thick, chunky, and bright pieces. Great way to teach farm animals and shapes.

'My Truck Is Stuck' Book: Cam is OBSESSED with this book and so am I! It's a fun read as it rhymes and is really colorful. 

Babies R Us Lightweight Stroller: I keep this one in my trunk to use for errands, the park, the mall, doctors appointments, etc. It's really compact and lightweight. My only complaint is that since it's so lightweight it'll tip over when my diaper bag hangs from the handles, if Camden isn't in it at the time. We use this all the time and it's less than $20. 

Old Navy Coastal Sleep Set: Old Navy's sleep sets are where it's at...adorable prints, comfy, and fit him really well. This coastal set is even cuter on and perfect for summer.

Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol Multivitamin With Iron: My pediatrician recommended this multivitamin for us at his recent appointment. It's in liquid form so it's easy to use. The color is darker so I normally have to wipe Cam's lips off after I give this to him, but I really like it overall.

Radio Flyer Wagon: Oh gosh, I can't recommend a wagon enough. As Cam has gotten older, sometimes he doesn't want to be strapped into our BOB stroller for walks and such. The wagon is so much easier and he loves riding in it! We use this for walks and I also bring it to the zoo. I actually just got a little decal for the side of it that says "the Krysh boys" and I kind of love it. 

Skip Hop Diaper Backpack: I've only had this for a few weeks but wish I would've switched to it sooner!! Arms free, easy to clean, spacious, lots of pockets. You need this bag in your life. 

Old Navy Earth Sandal: A sandal that is super cute AND stays on? Perfect. Love these little sandals!

CoolIt Cooling Dish: Does your little hate waiting for food to cool off? Here's your solution. It does exactly what it's supposed to...cools hot food fast and keeps ice cream/other cold treats colder longer. Made without BPA and is dishwasher safe! 

Kids Crocs: Absolutely love these for the warmer months for the pool, playing outside, pretty much anything. 

Johnson's Hand & Face Wipes: I buy these in bulk because I go through them so quickly. I keep a pack in our diaper bag, in the car, and in our kitchen. 

Bento Box Food Storage Container: Use this for Cam's lunch when he goes to the nanny - it has five compartments to keep food separate and fits perfectly in his monogrammed lunchbox. I had a much smaller one before this and he quickly ate his way out of it. This one will last him for awhile because it's deep and can hold a lot of food. Top rack dishwasher safe. (Pottery Barn has free shipping right now!)

First 100 Words Board Book Set: I can't recommend these books enough. I know that Camden learned a few of his first words and animals because of them! He is constantly choosing these books for me to read to him and he will also look through them on his own when he is playing. If you scroll down on the link, you can select to buy all 3 books together for only $13. 

There we have it! For those of you with a toddler(s), have you used any of these?


30 Week Bumpdate + My Baby Sprinkle

(dress here)

How Far Along? 30 weeks, 1 day! My last bump date was at 23 weeks - a lot has changed since then! I can't believe I'm only 7 weeks away from being full term and will soon have 2 kiddos...insert happy feelings with a side of a slight panic attack.

Size of Baby: A cantaloupe

Weight Gain: 17-18 lbs depending on the scale I go by, I can tell baby grew a lot the past few weeks! 

Maternity Clothes: Just waiting for this weather to be consistently warm so I don't need to squeeze into jeans and pants anymore! Bring on the stretchy maxis!

Stretch marks: None yet. I did want to note the linea nigra finally decided to show up. It's a lot lighter this time around than with Cam, but it's there.

Symptoms: Acid reflux round 2 - such a joy! It's been pretty bad the past few days. I just went back and read my bumpdate with Camden at this time, and it looks like that's when my acid reflux started with him too! I also have some broken veins in my right leg which looks really pretty when I wear dresses and shorts! Other than that, I feel good and my skin has never been clearer and my hair remains super thick (for both pregnancies actually-huge perks!) Oh, my belly button is definitely in a half popped position. Cam likes to pull up my shirt and poke it and laugh! ha! 

Cravings: Frozen cold treats of any flavor, please.

Gender: Boy! Any guesses on his name?

Mood: As it's getting closer and closer to my due date, I've been getting more excited to see Camden as a big brother and to meet this little guy! I'm definitely starting to get a little nervous too, though, about how we will adjust going from 1-2, but I still feel way more relaxed and laid back this pregnancy. 

Nursery: COMPLETE! Pictures will be up on the blog next week!

Movement: Everywhere and all the time! He's pretty active just like his big brother

Sleep: Eh, getting comfortable is more difficult and switching sides is a harder task but once I do fall asleep I sleep really well throughout the night. I go to bed early a lot because I'm trying to get as much sleep as I can before he comes!

Workouts: Running after/picking up Cam 20+ times per day + 1-2 "real" workouts per week :) 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Best Moment This Week: My sprinkle (details below) and finishing up the nursery

Looking Forward To: We scheduled a 3D ultrasound next week, so I can't wait to see him and compare his features with Camden's 3D pictures that we had at the same point during my pregnancy with him. Really looking forward to sharing pics of his nursery, too!!

Now about my baby sprinkle! 

This past Sunday afternoon, two of my girlfriends threw the most generous and adorable nautical themed sprinkle to celebrate baby boy. I kept going back and forth about if it was necessary or not, but after my girlfriend Angela offered to host it at her house and we talked about keeping the invite list small (just close friends and family) I got really excited about celebrating baby boy #2!

The invitations they sent out were adorable - this picture doesn't really do them justice. In fact, I already have it framed in baby boy's room because it matches his decor perfectly. Since I didn't want people buying off of a registry for us, I love the line they included at the bottom about the gifts. I actually had to cut the last part of that line off to fit in the frame, but it read "Bring diapers, wipes, or a gift card for the essentials. Just little gifts to share in her joy!"

The menu consisted of warm ham and cheese sliders, a ton of bite sized appetizers, veggies, chip dips, crackers and cheese, and so on. We indulged in a half almond, half red velvet cake with ice cream for dessert! Normally I say the food was my favorite part for pretty much every event, but this time just spending the afternoon laughing and listening to a ton of crazy labor stories with my closest friends was by far my favorite part!

My mother in law, sister in law, and soon to be sister in law all drove in from Cleveland for it which was so nice of them.

For the favors, they filled these adorable bags with swedish fish (get it?) and attached cute little anchors on them.

Another one of my favorite details was the "message in a bottle", where they had everyone write baby (or us) a special note that we can put in his nursery. Camden has a jar with notes from his shower and I still love reading them, so it's really special to me that baby brother has his own notes too!

We received some of the cutest summer outfits, generous gift cards to Babies R Us and Target, diapers (so needed since I haven't bought any yet!), bibs, books, etc. And both sets of our parents gifted us the last of the larger items that we needed...his mattress (thank you parents!) and another camera for the baby monitor (thank you to my in-laws!) So sweet!

I didn't take enough pictures as I would have liked, but the whole day was really special and it was really nice to celebrate this baby. I can't wait to introduce him to all the awesome people in our life! And to Lindsay and Angela, you girls are the best. Thank you for always supporting me and for the most perfect baby sprinkle!



Happy Monday you guys! 

How was your weekend? Billy just got back yesterday from New Orleans! He was there with a big group of friends and family for his brothers bachelor party. We missed him and are so happy he made it home safely!

How about some good ole confessions today? Here we go:

I confess...that the playlist that I listen to the most on my phone is actually my labor playlist (that's the exact name too...very creative of me) that I made for Camden's birth. I didn't even use it the day I was in labor with him, but heck it still lives on in my phone and gets played often now. Maybe I will use it for baby #2? That's up in the air.

I confess...that baby brother got some amazing gifts yesterday at my sprinkle that my girlfriends hosted for us! Feeling so loved and thankful for having a great group of girlfriends! Will share more about it tomorrow!

I confess...I can't stand when things need to be done at home but aren't done right away. Billy always says when I ask him to do something that I needed it done 20 minutes ago and it's so true. I lack patience and being pregnant does not help this at all. For example, we are currently living with an unfinished deck. It just needs to be stained but Billy wants to wait a month so that the boards can get weathered before staining it, which is the right call, but it's driving me absolutely bonkers staring at it like it is. I JUST WANT IT DONE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!

I confess...these are my most worn pair of sandals (under $50!) Check out that gold pair!

I confess...I get really defensive/sad when I hear people say they would rather have a girl than a boy, which is kind of hypocritical of me because at first (before we found out Cam was a boy) I thought I wanted a girl. But now that I have a boy(s), I'm kind of sensitive about it because boys are SO.SO.SO awesome and amazing and just the greatest ever. I think when some think of boys their first thought is messy, dirty, rough and that just does not accurately describe what it's like to have a son at all. It's so much more and it is crazy fun. 

I confess...If it weren't for the reminders that pop up in the phone I wouldn't remember when my OB appointments are. That is just the truth...is this where the "second child problems" can be used accurately?

I confess...I want this scarf. So cute! (comes in 3 other awesome colors and is 40% off right now, use code 'stars)

I confess...Aside from leaving friends and family, you wouldn't have to twist my arm to move to Florida. Or anywhere else that has warm weather for more than 3 months a year for that matter (#bitterpartyof1)

I confess...before Billy left for New Orleans, I gave him an ear-full about being safe, not walking alone, always being cautious...going on and on telling him he has 2 kids, a dog, and a wife (like he didn't know) so to please be responsible. LOL! I don't know how well bachelor party and responsible fit together, but I did give it my best effort.

I confess...I hate the NBA playoffs. Hate it.

I confess...I'm so proud of Cam - he knows most of his body parts and tons of animal sounds (my favorite being owl because of how cute his lips are when he says "hoo hoo!" I seriously love seeing him learn! I also confess I'm picture happy when he eats because he just looks so hilarious and cute...

 let's not talk about how old and handsome he looks here...

I confess...working out with this belly (30 weeks this week) is HARD. My belly feels so heavy and I have to literally force myself to get on the treadmill these days. However, chasing a toddler (and picking him up 20+ times per day) must count for something, right?

I confess...I can't watch anything remotely violent on TV, ever since having Camden. It's like I'm way too sensitive to handle it now. I'm talking things like Dateline, 20/20, etc. Even if it's not even involving kids, I can't do it (and I used to really enjoy these shows!)

I confess...that I'm already thinking about what my labor will be like this time around. Will my water break again or will it start with contractions at home? Also, I'm constantly thinking about if Cam + baby brother will look really similar or completely different. What do you guys think?!

I confess...favorite song right now? Army - Ellie Goulding. LOVE.

I confess...this is my favorite bronzer right now and this is my favorite mascara! I'm actually considering getting eyelash extensions just for a few months, but this mascara really plumps up my lashes and makes them extra thick in the meantime while I'm still deciding. 

What are your confessions? Do you feel the same on any of these like I do? TELL ME!


Dressing The Bump + My Favorite Non Maternity Finds

When it comes to buying maternity clothes, I try to get away with buying only a few must-have items. It's not that I hate maternity clothes (maybe I do a little bit) but I just don't like buying them and knowing that they might be worn only one more time, max. Just seems like a waste of money to me, so I'd rather try to find normal tops that will cover the bump that I can also wear when I'm not pregnant. 

 Right now it's easy to dress a bump without buying maternity clothes because elastic waistband shorts and flowy tops are the current trend! That's not to say I haven't bought anything maternity this second time around, though. I've bought a few essentials including some tank tops (these ones are my favorite), vneck short sleeve tops from Old Navy, a few maternity dresses (for my sprinkle this weekend!), and a few striped/plain 3/4 sleeve tops from ASOS (shop their maternity clothes here), which is probably my favorite place to get maternity items from (free shipping and returns!)

Now that summer is approaching (you ARE approaching...right? because I'm getting a little impatient) I know I will be living in soft, flowy dresses! I will say, I definitely prefer being towards the end of a pregnancy in the winter. Anyone else feel this way? You can just cover up in sweatshirts and leggings and don't have to worry about the heat at all. It was so nice! On the other hand, I know I will prefer having a newborn in the summer, so I don't have to be cooped up in the house with cabin fever.

Anyway, I've found some really cute things lately that have helped transition my growing bump into warmer weather, so I wanted to share for all my other fellow pregnant mamas! And I guess even for those of you who aren't pregnant because many of these are not maternity and are just really comfortable and cute...

Mossimo Chambray Shorts (these are everything-I will be living in them all summer. They run big so I was still able to get my normal size, small)

Boardwalk Pull On Shorts (another staple for me this summer! only $16, so many colors, I normally wear a 2 in these but sized up to a 4 for belly comfort, you could pair these shorts with this maternity striped swing top) Also love this fun pair.

 Bobeau Layered Stripe Tee (this isn't maternity-these style of tops are the ones that I buy the most to dress my bump...they are the best because they are long and flowy)

Favorite V-Tee (only $9, just bought 2 of these-they are wonderful for growing bellys (and normal midsections too :))

Lace Overlay Maternity Dress (get 25% off using the code bumpday) 

 New Look Maternity Stripe Tee (see all their tops here)

 As far as swimwear goes...I felt like I really needed to buy a maternity swimsuit because of Cam's weekly swim lessons this month, and for the times we go to the lake. I bought this one (which is only $37 so I didn't feel too bad about the purchase, it's very cute and flattering on) and I wear a bunch of coverups/tunics like this pom pom one

How do you like to dress your bump? Where are your favorite places to shop for them?


Mother's Day 2016

Sometimes the most special of days are the ones where you don't take any pictures and don't have your phone glued to your hand.

At least that's what I'm sticking with as my excuse as to why I don't have any pictures from Mother's Day yesterday. It was a wonderful day...a day that I didn't have to change a single dirty diaper, didn't wash one dirty dish, and didn't prepare one meal. I actually only asked to go to brunch, but Billy set the bar pretty high for Father's Day by giving me a break from all those tasks too and gifting me a prenatal massage, a handwritten card from Cam (that Billy told him to go give to Mommy, so he came running up to me with it #meltmyheart), and picture frame. The card would've been enough, but I mean the rest was pretty amazing too. Add in the fact that Cam had 3 dirty diapers throughout the day definitely had me laughing in the background as Billy was changing him each time...ha. 

We had a pretty low-key day...exactly what I wanted. We took a nice family bike ride after brunch and then in the afternoon spent the day with family for my step nieces and nephews 16th birthday party! Cam jumped on a trampoline there for the first time, although I wouldn't really call sticking his cute tush out and bending his legs true jumping but he sure did give it his best effort! I'm not sure who had more fun - him or us watching him.

All day, though, I just kept thinking about my own Mom. Mother's Day is still hard for me, even as a mother now, to not have her around. Having a baby and the title of Mom does make it a little easier than before, but the sadness is definitely still there especially because I feel sad knowing my kids will never get to know her. I know that because of that feeling of loss in my heart that it made me hug Cam even tighter and kiss his forehead a million times more than I normally do, since she has taught me to live life to it's fullest and never to take a single day for granted. I miss her so much and wish she could see me with him.

Camden has been, and will always be, what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment. The same holds true for baby brother and any other babes in our future! He has changed my life and is truly everything to me. There is no greater job in the world than raising him and getting to be his mommy, even on the toughest days when I want to pull my hair out or go to bed before 9pm hits. Being a Mom is so tough at times and just receiving acknowledgement from family and friends that you're doing a great job goes a long way. It pushes me and drives me to continue to be the best I can be. Every single Mom out there deserves to be acknowledged, so if you are reading this and have kids at home please consider this a virtual hug from me to you! You're a rock star - don't ever forget it.

...thank you Billy for making me feel super special this weekend and making me a Mommy!


Recent Fashion Faves

+Nike Free Running Shoes (HALF OFF! only $49!): Can't believe these aren't sold out yet at this price and these awesome colors! Nike Free's are pretty much the only running shoes I wear nowadays because of how comfortable they are. This black pair is also marked down, and these would be good if you want a pair that will match almost anything.

+Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask: One of my fav beauty finds recently. It makes my skin so soft and smooth, and adds a pretty glow without being too harsh. Don't let the price scare you off-this jar is huge and will last! 

+Striped Espadrille Wedges (on sale for under $60): I have a pair almost identical to these that I wear all the time and get so many compliments on. Comfy and cute = win/win. I'm also really lusting after this pair...
+Bobeau Layered Stripe Top (comes in other colors-under $40): I actually bought this shirt for Steph for her birthday last week! It's so soft and really flattering!

+Leather Fringe Sandals: How cute and fun are these?! I mean...I need them in my life! They also come in white and black. 

+Classic Gingham Button-Down (on sale for $39!): A staple in my closet - can never have too many of these in my opinion! 

Summer clothes are so much more fun! Now if only this weather can catch on..right?

Oh, and just a fun tidbit happening in my life. Guess who's deck is completely torn apart and has patio furniture scattered all in her lawn and wood boards laying all over the grass, but Lowe's says they didn't have our order for new wood (that was supposed to be delivered tomorrow) in their system?! AWWEEEESOME!! Never a dull moment! Pray for my sanity. 

Happy shopping!


Currently // Life Lately // Updates!

Happy MAY!!

Does anyone else feel really excited when May decides to show it's pretty face?! It's usually the start of the really warm weather (for us), flowers can be planted, it's my birthday month, and Memorial Day weekend is always fun! Today I've got lots to share so it's time for another round of updates...

Watching: Southern Charm is the current fav right now! Who else is excited for the Bachelorette to premiere at the end of this month?! 

Feeling Relieved: Because I passed my glucose test! Celebratory s'mores blizzard from DQ happened immediately following. (If you haven't tried their s'mores blizzard yet...oh man oh man...hurry before it's gone again!)

Working On: Up until the other night we have been nonstop working in the nursery, but it's officially pretty much finished now! We just need the mattress and an extra camera for our monitor and maybe a cute blanket or two, but all the decor and everything else is DONE!! Here is a look at the awesome shelves Billy built...they didn't take him more than an hour to do and I just love them :)

(for those who asked on my instagram, we followed this tutorial to make them! I will share pictures/where I got everything on the full post that will hopefully be soon) 
Now that the nursery is done, Billy and a friend are tearing up our deck and completely re-doing it. The house work never ends!

Enjoying: Last weekend some girlfriends and I hosted a baby shower for my friend Angela, who is due 6 weeks before me! In this picture, she is 34 weeks and I'm 28 weeks! It was a book theme, so everyone brought a book that went along with the dish they made. It turned out so cute and the food was fantastic! I decided to have cookies made for her (how amazing are these?) so I paired them with the book "The Best Mouse Cookie"

I also attempted to decorate some chalkboards...I think they turned out okay, but I definitely need to invest in some better chalk markers!

Loving: (1) My new wood print from Inkdot! The quality of the picture on the wood turned out so well and I love that I don't need a frame to hang it! It's printed on 5/8" plywood and each one comes with a hand routed coved back, creating a drop shadow giving the print a float off the wall effect. I also like that it's different from the normal canvas, and goes with a lot of our decor in our house. They also have metal prints and coasters available, too! PS: I got the 10x10 size!
(from a little review I did on snapchat: katiewkrysh)

(2) I decided to go with this Skip Hop diaper bag backpack and have been really happy with it so far! It's SO nice to be hands free! It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be without being too big, which is exactly what I need! It also has a ton of storage compartments (wipes case and snack container in the front), a pocket for the changing pad, two insulated bottle pockets, and two other zipper areas. The only con I can think of is that it might get dirty easily due to the fabric, but I'm not sure yet since I just started using it (can anyone tell me how theirs has held up?) Overall, really happy I went with this one!

(3) Billy's parents gifted us a bike trailer for the kids (kids including Rocky) to attach to Billy's new bike that he got awhile back, so last weekend we finally had the chance to take it out for a spin! Camden and Rocky both LOVE being in it - Rocky smiles the whole time and Cam gives him kisses and just looks/points at everything! I know Billy is really excited to use it this summer.

I think that's it! Tell me in the comments one thing exciting going on currently with you! Happy hump day!