Toddler Favorites

It's been wayyy too long since I've shared some of my favorite kids products, toys, etc. that I've come across, so I figured I would do a whole post with all of mine (and Camden's!) current favorites at 16 months old. I'm pretty much a pro at this topic since I'm not a minimalist by any means and love finding things that make our days easier, more fun, or that occupy Cam longer than 3 minutes. 

I really hesitate to say that life is easier with a toddler than a baby because I know with kids everything is just a stage and tomorrow it could all change, but for us parenting has become a lot easier ever since Camden turned a year old. Kids at this age are able to communicate their needs more, you as a parent have become more knowledgeable and gained valuable experience, and you don't have to worry about breastfeeding, giving bottles, or spending time fixing purees. Our days just started flowing so much better as he's gotten older and are much simpler. Trust me, I know it won't always be this way!

All of these things I'm about to talk about get DAILY use in our household or are items that once we're out of I immediately stock back up on.

Let's see what made the cut and why...

Toddler Favorites

Nuby Flexi-Straw Cup: When we transitioned to cups from bottles, I tried like 12 different ones because Cam was pretty picky. It's incredible how many leak and are impossible to clean! This one is literally the best I've tried...easy to clean, doesn't leak, has a slim body so baby can grip it easy, and the straw promotes better oral motor development (I do own some spout cups to use on the go but when we're at home I only use straw for this reason.) 

Shea Moisture Kids Detangler: If you're looking for a great line of kids hair products, you'll want to give this a try. The detangler is awesome to use in between shampoos and to use on bedhead. Cam's hair is getting longer and longer (and even wavy/curly too), so this is a great product for us. I love it!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Farm Puzzle: An excellent starter puzzle thanks to the thick, chunky, and bright pieces. Great way to teach farm animals and shapes.

'My Truck Is Stuck' Book: Cam is OBSESSED with this book and so am I! It's a fun read as it rhymes and is really colorful. 

Babies R Us Lightweight Stroller: I keep this one in my trunk to use for errands, the park, the mall, doctors appointments, etc. It's really compact and lightweight. My only complaint is that since it's so lightweight it'll tip over when my diaper bag hangs from the handles, if Camden isn't in it at the time. We use this all the time and it's less than $20. 

Old Navy Coastal Sleep Set: Old Navy's sleep sets are where it's at...adorable prints, comfy, and fit him really well. This coastal set is even cuter on and perfect for summer.

Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol Multivitamin With Iron: My pediatrician recommended this multivitamin for us at his recent appointment. It's in liquid form so it's easy to use. The color is darker so I normally have to wipe Cam's lips off after I give this to him, but I really like it overall.

Radio Flyer Wagon: Oh gosh, I can't recommend a wagon enough. As Cam has gotten older, sometimes he doesn't want to be strapped into our BOB stroller for walks and such. The wagon is so much easier and he loves riding in it! We use this for walks and I also bring it to the zoo. I actually just got a little decal for the side of it that says "the Krysh boys" and I kind of love it. 

Skip Hop Diaper Backpack: I've only had this for a few weeks but wish I would've switched to it sooner!! Arms free, easy to clean, spacious, lots of pockets. You need this bag in your life. 

Old Navy Earth Sandal: A sandal that is super cute AND stays on? Perfect. Love these little sandals!

CoolIt Cooling Dish: Does your little hate waiting for food to cool off? Here's your solution. It does exactly what it's supposed to...cools hot food fast and keeps ice cream/other cold treats colder longer. Made without BPA and is dishwasher safe! 

Kids Crocs: Absolutely love these for the warmer months for the pool, playing outside, pretty much anything. 

Johnson's Hand & Face Wipes: I buy these in bulk because I go through them so quickly. I keep a pack in our diaper bag, in the car, and in our kitchen. 

Bento Box Food Storage Container: Use this for Cam's lunch when he goes to the nanny - it has five compartments to keep food separate and fits perfectly in his monogrammed lunchbox. I had a much smaller one before this and he quickly ate his way out of it. This one will last him for awhile because it's deep and can hold a lot of food. Top rack dishwasher safe. (Pottery Barn has free shipping right now!)

First 100 Words Board Book Set: I can't recommend these books enough. I know that Camden learned a few of his first words and animals because of them! He is constantly choosing these books for me to read to him and he will also look through them on his own when he is playing. If you scroll down on the link, you can select to buy all 3 books together for only $13. 

There we have it! For those of you with a toddler(s), have you used any of these?


  1. We love the Melissa and Doung farm puzzle! We play with it in Camden's room at night before bed. And I just started using that multivitamin for him via your rec, thanks for sharing that! I need to try those cooling dishes!!!

  2. Love these updates as they are super helpful being just a few months behind you :) Our Camden is in need of some extra iron so looking into the Enfamil Multivitamin. And the Crocs are my fav! I swore I'd never get into them but they are too cute on kids - scored these exact pair for $4 at a garage sale, too, woop woop! So much of this I need to get so thanks a bunch and keep these coming!

  3. What are the spout cups? I'm trying to transition the 20 month old I nanny for to cups. His mom passed away and I think giving him bottles may be more of a crutch or comfort for the dad but hes starting to just walk around and hold the bottle in his mouth with his teeth. All easy suggestions are wanted.


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