Happy Monday you guys! 

How was your weekend? Billy just got back yesterday from New Orleans! He was there with a big group of friends and family for his brothers bachelor party. We missed him and are so happy he made it home safely!

How about some good ole confessions today? Here we go:

I confess...that the playlist that I listen to the most on my phone is actually my labor playlist (that's the exact name too...very creative of me) that I made for Camden's birth. I didn't even use it the day I was in labor with him, but heck it still lives on in my phone and gets played often now. Maybe I will use it for baby #2? That's up in the air.

I confess...that baby brother got some amazing gifts yesterday at my sprinkle that my girlfriends hosted for us! Feeling so loved and thankful for having a great group of girlfriends! Will share more about it tomorrow!

I confess...I can't stand when things need to be done at home but aren't done right away. Billy always says when I ask him to do something that I needed it done 20 minutes ago and it's so true. I lack patience and being pregnant does not help this at all. For example, we are currently living with an unfinished deck. It just needs to be stained but Billy wants to wait a month so that the boards can get weathered before staining it, which is the right call, but it's driving me absolutely bonkers staring at it like it is. I JUST WANT IT DONE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!

I confess...these are my most worn pair of sandals (under $50!) Check out that gold pair!

I confess...I get really defensive/sad when I hear people say they would rather have a girl than a boy, which is kind of hypocritical of me because at first (before we found out Cam was a boy) I thought I wanted a girl. But now that I have a boy(s), I'm kind of sensitive about it because boys are SO.SO.SO awesome and amazing and just the greatest ever. I think when some think of boys their first thought is messy, dirty, rough and that just does not accurately describe what it's like to have a son at all. It's so much more and it is crazy fun. 

I confess...If it weren't for the reminders that pop up in the phone I wouldn't remember when my OB appointments are. That is just the truth...is this where the "second child problems" can be used accurately?

I confess...I want this scarf. So cute! (comes in 3 other awesome colors and is 40% off right now, use code 'stars)

I confess...Aside from leaving friends and family, you wouldn't have to twist my arm to move to Florida. Or anywhere else that has warm weather for more than 3 months a year for that matter (#bitterpartyof1)

I confess...before Billy left for New Orleans, I gave him an ear-full about being safe, not walking alone, always being cautious...going on and on telling him he has 2 kids, a dog, and a wife (like he didn't know) so to please be responsible. LOL! I don't know how well bachelor party and responsible fit together, but I did give it my best effort.

I confess...I hate the NBA playoffs. Hate it.

I confess...I'm so proud of Cam - he knows most of his body parts and tons of animal sounds (my favorite being owl because of how cute his lips are when he says "hoo hoo!" I seriously love seeing him learn! I also confess I'm picture happy when he eats because he just looks so hilarious and cute...

 let's not talk about how old and handsome he looks here...

I confess...working out with this belly (30 weeks this week) is HARD. My belly feels so heavy and I have to literally force myself to get on the treadmill these days. However, chasing a toddler (and picking him up 20+ times per day) must count for something, right?

I confess...I can't watch anything remotely violent on TV, ever since having Camden. It's like I'm way too sensitive to handle it now. I'm talking things like Dateline, 20/20, etc. Even if it's not even involving kids, I can't do it (and I used to really enjoy these shows!)

I confess...that I'm already thinking about what my labor will be like this time around. Will my water break again or will it start with contractions at home? Also, I'm constantly thinking about if Cam + baby brother will look really similar or completely different. What do you guys think?!

I confess...favorite song right now? Army - Ellie Goulding. LOVE.

I confess...this is my favorite bronzer right now and this is my favorite mascara! I'm actually considering getting eyelash extensions just for a few months, but this mascara really plumps up my lashes and makes them extra thick in the meantime while I'm still deciding. 

What are your confessions? Do you feel the same on any of these like I do? TELL ME!


  1. I completely 100% get the wanting a girl before I found out I was having a boy, but now I can't imagine NOT having my boy. and for a second baby? I'd kind of like another boy. But I'm mostly 50/50 on boy/girl for a second baby. At this point, if we'd go for it - I'd just be happy with a healthy baby.

    I'm with you on not being able to watch anything violent or pertaining to some form of child abuse. I think of it happening to my son and I dissolve into hysterical sobs.

  2. I totally agree as well about the boy thing! And love hearing you say that!

  3. I'm so with you on the boy thing! I hate that everyone assumes you want a girl if you already have a boy. I got really tired of people asking if I was hoping for a girl this time around. I wasn't afraid to tell them we were actually hoping for another boy. Now people say, "Guess you'll have to try again." like we aren't happy with two boys. I'm beyond excited to have two boys (not that I wouldn't be excited about a girl if we have another baby) and I think it's just annoying for people to assume we're going to pop out kids until we have a girl now.

  4. Chiming in here to echo the boy thing! very well said!

  5. Love your confessions! Thanks for sharing!

    I just got eyelash extensions yesterday just to try them out. I've had them for about 24 hours now and have had SO many compliments and the best part? No mascara!!! It saves my makeup applying time by a ton and my eyes pop all day! I love the way they look! I think you should do it! :)

  6. OMG. Same about the violent shows. Or books! I just can't now with my son being here. Crazy how so many things change when a little is in the picture!

  7. I confess that I was shaking my head in agreement with everything you stated lol. I have two boys (2 year old and a 10 month old) so I hear ya! Everyone keeps saying, "Oh you need to try for a girl!"... Sure a girl would be awesome but I am beyond happy and content with my boys, I don't feel like anything's missing! :)

    Also, totally agree about NBA playoffs & moving to Florida!!

    Happy Monday!!


  8. That scarf is super cute! I need a few new scarves in my life. I am the same way with my husband and patience. I bought a picture to hang in our bathroom yesterday and I want it hung up tonight! It's probably the last thing on his radar but I just want it done! My water broke with my first and with my second the contractions started first. So exciting, can't wait to see if he looks just like Cam. Just started following you on snapchat. He's too cute!

  9. That scarf!! I need it RIGHT NOW! What the hell I'll do with a scarf in Hawaii is a whole other story LOL..but I need it!

  10. I never comment but I had to about the boy thing!! I have a beautiful sweet loving one year old boy and I would be THRILLED to have more boys! I swear people are disappointed when you tell them you are having a boy. Ugh!! Drives me crazy!

    1. Awww :) I agree- they are so wonderful and the sweetest! Please comment more often, I love to hear from readers!

  11. Being a boy mom is the best. I wanted a girl, too, and now that I have Liam, I would be more than fine with all boys. AND - i tend to overshare food/eating pictures too. It's the only time he is still and he does the cutest (weirdest) things.

    1. YES!! Sitting still just doesn't happen when not strapped into anything, haha! Love seeing Liam in your snaps!

  12. I just ordered and received those Jack Roger sandals! I love them and have a feeling I'll be wearing them all summer. I can't believe you're still working out! I feel like I get a work out just from chasing around and carrying Camden everyday lol! Can't wait to hear more about your sprinkle!

  13. ME TOO with the labor playlist! I totally forgot it when I was in the hospital, but listen to it all the time now!

  14. LOVE these confessions friend - I have always wanted boys and now i have two girls (maybe third time lucky?!) x

  15. You are not alone on wanting things done NOW! That is so me as well. Even things I have no control over, I'm like why can't this happen now and be done! It's on my list, it needs to be marked off! :)


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