Dressing The Bump + My Favorite Non Maternity Finds

When it comes to buying maternity clothes, I try to get away with buying only a few must-have items. It's not that I hate maternity clothes (maybe I do a little bit) but I just don't like buying them and knowing that they might be worn only one more time, max. Just seems like a waste of money to me, so I'd rather try to find normal tops that will cover the bump that I can also wear when I'm not pregnant. 

 Right now it's easy to dress a bump without buying maternity clothes because elastic waistband shorts and flowy tops are the current trend! That's not to say I haven't bought anything maternity this second time around, though. I've bought a few essentials including some tank tops (these ones are my favorite), vneck short sleeve tops from Old Navy, a few maternity dresses (for my sprinkle this weekend!), and a few striped/plain 3/4 sleeve tops from ASOS (shop their maternity clothes here), which is probably my favorite place to get maternity items from (free shipping and returns!)

Now that summer is approaching (you ARE approaching...right? because I'm getting a little impatient) I know I will be living in soft, flowy dresses! I will say, I definitely prefer being towards the end of a pregnancy in the winter. Anyone else feel this way? You can just cover up in sweatshirts and leggings and don't have to worry about the heat at all. It was so nice! On the other hand, I know I will prefer having a newborn in the summer, so I don't have to be cooped up in the house with cabin fever.

Anyway, I've found some really cute things lately that have helped transition my growing bump into warmer weather, so I wanted to share for all my other fellow pregnant mamas! And I guess even for those of you who aren't pregnant because many of these are not maternity and are just really comfortable and cute...

Mossimo Chambray Shorts (these are everything-I will be living in them all summer. They run big so I was still able to get my normal size, small)

Boardwalk Pull On Shorts (another staple for me this summer! only $16, so many colors, I normally wear a 2 in these but sized up to a 4 for belly comfort, you could pair these shorts with this maternity striped swing top) Also love this fun pair.

 Bobeau Layered Stripe Tee (this isn't maternity-these style of tops are the ones that I buy the most to dress my bump...they are the best because they are long and flowy)

Favorite V-Tee (only $9, just bought 2 of these-they are wonderful for growing bellys (and normal midsections too :))

Lace Overlay Maternity Dress (get 25% off using the code bumpday) 

 New Look Maternity Stripe Tee (see all their tops here)

 As far as swimwear goes...I felt like I really needed to buy a maternity swimsuit because of Cam's weekly swim lessons this month, and for the times we go to the lake. I bought this one (which is only $37 so I didn't feel too bad about the purchase, it's very cute and flattering on) and I wear a bunch of coverups/tunics like this pom pom one

How do you like to dress your bump? Where are your favorite places to shop for them?


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