Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday! How was your Memorial Day Weekend?! I loved looking through everyone's pictures on instagram and seeing what fun things they were doing! 

This past weekend had the first really hot days of the year for us, so naturally we tried to get in as much water time with Camden as possible and to spend a lot of it outside. We grilled out, made pina coladas (multiple times-virgin for me but still super refreshing), went to the zoo, and visited a few splash pads which Cam loves! We even went on a 4 mile bike ride (with Cam in the trailer), but I'm feeling extra old/pregnant because my back is so sore today. 

Other exciting things that happened: we ordered a new 7 piece dining set for our patio! We got a great deal on it and it should be delivered today. Super excited to have it for the rest of this summer! Oh, AND...we had family/maternity pictures done with Rachel! She needed some maternity pictures for her website and offered to take some of me and family pictures as well (we got so lucky!) Well, bless Rachel's heart because Cam was nonstop moving the entire session and was just wanting to play with sticks or press her cameras button (lol!), but she went with it and I think she got some good ones! Pictures with a toddler are no joke...it was like a legit workout, but I know it was worth it and I can't wait to see them and share! (thank you Rach!)

(from left to right: Cam is currently obsessed with going on the carousel at the zoo-he freaks out and it's pretty adorable, playing with my new apple watch (!!), fun at the splash pad with Daddy, petting and brushing the goats at the petting zoo (he was really into this haha!), the difference a year makes-last year at the splash pad vs this year, our friends son Maddox pushing Cam in the stroller, and last but not least we went to a new mexican restaurant that just opened by us called Local Cantina!)

The long weekend ended with frozen yogurt, me turning 32 weeks pregnant (but feeling like 39) and I "forced" (I say that even though Billy he secretly enjoys it) to watch the Bachelorette with me. I could probably go on and on and on and bore you all with my thoughts about it so far, but in regards to last nights episode I'm REALLY liking Derek (aka Jim from the office), Chase, and Robby. A lot of these guys seem a little serious and I think she needs someone with a good sense of humor so we'll see! Obviously she really likes Jordan, so I'm excited to the drama with him! 

Alright-come back tomorrow because I have an awesome promo/shop for Father's Day gifts to share with you guys! 


  1. Love all your pics of Cam and so glad you had an awesome weekend!! I'm going to purchase The Bachelorette now so that I can watch too - feeling left out over here! x

  2. Can you do a review on the Apple watch? I'm so on the fence with getting one! Thanks!

    1. I can try to once I start using it a little bit more! I love it so far!


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