Mother's Day 2016

Sometimes the most special of days are the ones where you don't take any pictures and don't have your phone glued to your hand.

At least that's what I'm sticking with as my excuse as to why I don't have any pictures from Mother's Day yesterday. It was a wonderful day...a day that I didn't have to change a single dirty diaper, didn't wash one dirty dish, and didn't prepare one meal. I actually only asked to go to brunch, but Billy set the bar pretty high for Father's Day by giving me a break from all those tasks too and gifting me a prenatal massage, a handwritten card from Cam (that Billy told him to go give to Mommy, so he came running up to me with it #meltmyheart), and picture frame. The card would've been enough, but I mean the rest was pretty amazing too. Add in the fact that Cam had 3 dirty diapers throughout the day definitely had me laughing in the background as Billy was changing him each time...ha. 

We had a pretty low-key day...exactly what I wanted. We took a nice family bike ride after brunch and then in the afternoon spent the day with family for my step nieces and nephews 16th birthday party! Cam jumped on a trampoline there for the first time, although I wouldn't really call sticking his cute tush out and bending his legs true jumping but he sure did give it his best effort! I'm not sure who had more fun - him or us watching him.

All day, though, I just kept thinking about my own Mom. Mother's Day is still hard for me, even as a mother now, to not have her around. Having a baby and the title of Mom does make it a little easier than before, but the sadness is definitely still there especially because I feel sad knowing my kids will never get to know her. I know that because of that feeling of loss in my heart that it made me hug Cam even tighter and kiss his forehead a million times more than I normally do, since she has taught me to live life to it's fullest and never to take a single day for granted. I miss her so much and wish she could see me with him.

Camden has been, and will always be, what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment. The same holds true for baby brother and any other babes in our future! He has changed my life and is truly everything to me. There is no greater job in the world than raising him and getting to be his mommy, even on the toughest days when I want to pull my hair out or go to bed before 9pm hits. Being a Mom is so tough at times and just receiving acknowledgement from family and friends that you're doing a great job goes a long way. It pushes me and drives me to continue to be the best I can be. Every single Mom out there deserves to be acknowledged, so if you are reading this and have kids at home please consider this a virtual hug from me to you! You're a rock star - don't ever forget it.

...thank you Billy for making me feel super special this weekend and making me a Mommy!


  1. I've been thinking about you pretty mama!! Your Mom is watching down over you and she is so proud of the Mom you are to Cam x

  2. Indeed a lovely post! Reading this post was a great fun. Happy that you celebrated mother’s day in this way. It was simply brilliant. I will celebrate next mother’s day at my mom’s favorite party venue Houston for sure.


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