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Happy MAY!!

Does anyone else feel really excited when May decides to show it's pretty face?! It's usually the start of the really warm weather (for us), flowers can be planted, it's my birthday month, and Memorial Day weekend is always fun! Today I've got lots to share so it's time for another round of updates...

Watching: Southern Charm is the current fav right now! Who else is excited for the Bachelorette to premiere at the end of this month?! 

Feeling Relieved: Because I passed my glucose test! Celebratory s'mores blizzard from DQ happened immediately following. (If you haven't tried their s'mores blizzard yet...oh man oh man...hurry before it's gone again!)

Working On: Up until the other night we have been nonstop working in the nursery, but it's officially pretty much finished now! We just need the mattress and an extra camera for our monitor and maybe a cute blanket or two, but all the decor and everything else is DONE!! Here is a look at the awesome shelves Billy built...they didn't take him more than an hour to do and I just love them :)

(for those who asked on my instagram, we followed this tutorial to make them! I will share pictures/where I got everything on the full post that will hopefully be soon) 
Now that the nursery is done, Billy and a friend are tearing up our deck and completely re-doing it. The house work never ends!

Enjoying: Last weekend some girlfriends and I hosted a baby shower for my friend Angela, who is due 6 weeks before me! In this picture, she is 34 weeks and I'm 28 weeks! It was a book theme, so everyone brought a book that went along with the dish they made. It turned out so cute and the food was fantastic! I decided to have cookies made for her (how amazing are these?) so I paired them with the book "The Best Mouse Cookie"

I also attempted to decorate some chalkboards...I think they turned out okay, but I definitely need to invest in some better chalk markers!

Loving: (1) My new wood print from Inkdot! The quality of the picture on the wood turned out so well and I love that I don't need a frame to hang it! It's printed on 5/8" plywood and each one comes with a hand routed coved back, creating a drop shadow giving the print a float off the wall effect. I also like that it's different from the normal canvas, and goes with a lot of our decor in our house. They also have metal prints and coasters available, too! PS: I got the 10x10 size!
(from a little review I did on snapchat: katiewkrysh)

(2) I decided to go with this Skip Hop diaper bag backpack and have been really happy with it so far! It's SO nice to be hands free! It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be without being too big, which is exactly what I need! It also has a ton of storage compartments (wipes case and snack container in the front), a pocket for the changing pad, two insulated bottle pockets, and two other zipper areas. The only con I can think of is that it might get dirty easily due to the fabric, but I'm not sure yet since I just started using it (can anyone tell me how theirs has held up?) Overall, really happy I went with this one!

(3) Billy's parents gifted us a bike trailer for the kids (kids including Rocky) to attach to Billy's new bike that he got awhile back, so last weekend we finally had the chance to take it out for a spin! Camden and Rocky both LOVE being in it - Rocky smiles the whole time and Cam gives him kisses and just looks/points at everything! I know Billy is really excited to use it this summer.

I think that's it! Tell me in the comments one thing exciting going on currently with you! Happy hump day!


  1. That picture of Cam and Rocky....dying! And yay for still being able to eat DQ!!

  2. I have the tote version of that diaper bag and it's extremely durable! It's nice because it can be wiped down easily. The nylon is nice for rain/snow as well. It's also not SO nice (read: expensive) that I have a panic attack about it getting dirty :)

    1. thank you for letting me know!! That's a good point!

  3. that bike trailer picture is classic!

  4. Oh man, that DQ blizzard is oh so good!! I am going to hate when they change the flavors.

  5. LOVE the nursery shelves! Can't wait to see it all x


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