Another Year Older

....or wiser? I'm gonna have to go with wiser! ;)

If you hadn't guessed from the title, today is my birthday and I'm spending it the best way I know how: doing whatever I want! I took the day off and Cam is at his nanny's, so I'm running as many errands as I possibly can fit into my day (and getting my nails done of course!) before picking him up a little early and going out to dinner with Billy tonight. As excited as I am to have my day free (you don't get these often when you're a mom!), I'm looking forward to celebrating with my little family all together tonight, too.

This year has been full of happy moments and changes. I've learned to count on and cherish certain friendships, and am so thankful for the people in my life who support me, love Camden like he's their own, and help make me a better person. I wouldn't change a thing!

Also, I wanted to say thanks for all your comments on baby brothers nursery and for the birthday wishes on Instagram!


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