The Great Glider Debate...

(Bump date will be next Weds! I wanted to wait and do one next week since I'll be 18 weeks and our apt is Monday!)

Happy hump day!

How come no one ever told me how hard finding a glider for the nursery would be?! Talk about options upon options...oh, and money. These things aren't cheap! 

Naturally, just like everyone else (from what I've heard), my favorite option so far is the Pottery Barn one. It's comfortable, classic, but really expensive. Tell me mama's, are the PB glider's worth the price? Do you absolutely love yours? Did you find another option that is just as good but cheaper? If I can find one I like just as much for cheaper, then I'm all about it! Also, my girlfriend Genna gave me a really good idea and told me I could get on a waiting list for one at the PB outlet. She did that when she got hers and that would help with the price situation... (thanks, Genna!)

I'm a review type of person. I will research the crap out of things on the internet before buying, and during my search for other gliders I found this one from Target that is exactly what we are looking for, but of course it has terrible reviews. Figures, right? I could always risk it and order it to see for ourselves since we would be saving almost $500, but is that the smartest option?

Then, there's this DIY wingback rocker tutorial that is catching my eye. I know Billy could handle this project, but is the chair comfortable? I don't know and wouldn't know until after making the two hour drive to our closest IKEA to find out. I've heard really great things about it, so it's an option.

Aaaand then I found this awesome glider from Wayfair that looks really nice, is at an amazing price point, but is out of stock until September. If it's that popular though, people must really love it so it might be worth the wait (especially since we do have the time) to order it when it comes back in stock. But then again, I wouldn't get to try it out before buying which, again, isn't as appealing as the PB option.

Confusion is my current state of mind....can you tell? Luckily, I still have plenty of time but it would also be nice to figure it out so we can cross it off our list of decision we need to make, which right now seems like it's never.ending. At least their all fun decisions, though. :)

If you've been through the search of trying to find a glider before, any recommendations for me? What glider do you have? Any other gliders not on this list that you know about and love? Which one on this list do you think would be our best bet?!


No Bake Energy Bites {Remix}

Remember when I posted this recipe for these amazing balls of goodness?

They've been eaten even more around these parts ever since becoming pregnant because they are such a yummy, easy snack to nibble on! Turns out, it isn't as easy as I thought to get extra calories everyday (I've been getting full so easily and my appetite is low, which is definitely not something you hear from me everyday...) so I decided to play with the ingredients in these to switch things up.

And oh my goodness....this new twist to the original recipe is heaven.

Sub out the coconut flakes and mini chocolate chips and add:

+1/4 cup mini marshmallows (halved)
+1/4 cup cranberries (halved)
+1/4 cup Hershey's HUGS (chopped)

Trust me and just try it! I'm not even a big marshmallow fan, but they work in this.

*Before I go, this beautiful coverup that I've seen everywhere is now half off and less than $40! I don't think it's practical for my bump right now, so someone please go snatch it up for me! It's adorable! 


Weekend Recap...Somewhat.

I'm just going to go ahead and apologize now for the lack of an exciting weekend recap post today. Our weekend was actually exciting (aside from both of us battling terrible allergies right now and lots of rainy weather), but I just failed at documenting it! You all know how that goes, right?

Friday-this pregnant girl actually stayed out until 2 am hanging out with Billy and friends. Not only that, I managed to win every corn hole game I played in which was many hours worth. Picture me tapping myself on the back over here! I was so proud of myself....until the next day when I crashed hard for about 4 hours. It's a constant struggle in this head of mine...I want to be able to socialize with my friends and not be a party pooper, but it is just exhausting nowadays to stay out late (especially when you're the only sober one! luckily Billy only had a few drinks so I wasn't alone this night, but in general) 

Saturday-we got up semi early and made it out to our favorite bike trail where we did a few miles! Billy roller bladed with Rocky and I rode the bike... it's becoming one of my new favorite weekend morning things! Afterwards, we did a little baby shopping and got lunch afterwards. Sidenote-being able to eat at restaurants with Rocky is awesome...he just loves it. We are trying to find more and more places in Columbus that we can do this at and there's actually a lot of pet friendly restaurants here! We decided to stay in Saturday night and take it easy...we cooked out, watched a movie, and called it a night. 

Sunday-made a pit-stop for some donuts for breakfast (I got the new Oreo one from Tim Horton's...I expected it to be fantastic and it was just so so. The sprinkled one is better! ;)) and then we spent the day looking at cribs and things for the nursery!! We picked out our crib and it's actually the first one I said I liked when glancing at them online. One of the perks about finding out the gender early is having more time to decorate the nursery and get started on it early! 

Speaking of finding out the gender...this time next week I'll {finally} be able to announce it and post all about our experience! Also, in big pregnancy news, we have decided on a name and will be announcing that next Monday as well!! :)

Again, sorry for my lack of pictures, I'll fix that this next weekend when we head back up to the cottage! Hope you all had a great weekend and aren't battling a stubborn dry cough like I am (miserable I tell you....) xo!


Things That Make Me Do A Vicky "Woo-Hoo!"

Friday is here and all is right in the world!

Lots of updates today, but not many pictures. Fail, I know. They are also probably ones that I find way more exciting than you do, but hey you'll love me anyways right? And you're all like, "actually, no..."

+Let's start with the coolest of them all!

Rocky and Baby K made the The Columbus Dispatch and we were on the local news yesterday!

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by a reporter from our newspaper who wanted to use our photos and the article was about creative ways to announce your pregnancy. It was so cool/hilarious to open up the paper and see Rocky right there front and center...I always knew he'd make it as a dog model! BOO, who?! ;) I actually didn't know we would be on the news, but a girlfriend (hi Ashley if you're reading!) texted me at 6:30am saying she saw our pictures on it. I'm mainly excited about all this just to keep the article and show our baby one day! Famous in the womb...or something like that.

+We bought a new four piece patio set! WAHOO! Another task accomplished off our list. It was 50% off so I couldn't say no. Once it's delivered and put together, I'm sure I'll post some pictures. I'm currently on the hunt for a cute, but inexpensive rug to go under it, so if any of you know of ones send them my way!

+Love my red Kate Spade crossbody bag that I always talk about?! I found this one (Rebecca Minkoff at that!) that I think you all need to buy. It's on sale for just over $100! 

+A little over a week until we announce Baby K's gender, and let me tell you...I.cannot.wait. I have had so many things I want to post about, but that will give it away so I'm just hoarding them all on my phone in the meantime. I did pick up this hat (can be for both gender's so don't get any ideas!) from my baby drug of choice, aka Baby Gap...

So cute! I'm actually excited to be delivering in the winter here because of all the cute hat and baby layer options (oh and that I can just curl up at home for the first few months with baby!) 
Hoodies, leggings, animal hats...yes please.

+Our stroller is currently en route to our house...I plan to share all about it in a future post!

+Billy and his two guy friends (bless their hearts) started working in the nursery on the board and batten last night. We bought all the supplies last weekend and then last night they got ALL the wood pieces cut for it and placed, so now they just need to nail it all up!

+These amazing workout capris are on sale! They call them live-in for a reason...

+I've cut back dramatically on my coffee drinking since being pregnant, but am allowing myself one per week. My doctor says a cup a day is fine, but I've also read differing opinions on it, so this is just the balance that I've found that has worked. I recently started asking the lovely ladies at Starbucks to make my drinks half decaf and you can't notice a difference at all! Give it a try fellow mom's to be!

+There is a new restaurant that I'm in love with. It's called Tom + Chee (it was actually on Shark Tank!) and they have every different type of grilled cheese sandwich you could ever want and tomato soup. They also have what they call "grilled cheese donuts", that they are supposedly famous for. Everyone says they are delicious, but I've yet to try one. I told Billy to not be surprised if I'm living at this place in the fall because this girl loves her some grilled cheese + tomato soup. Especially if said grilled cheese has macaroni and cheese on it...

get in my belly...

+At this time in exactly 2 weeks we will be on our way to Charleston to cross another city off our travel list!

+This phone case is calling my name. 

There is nothing to hate about any of this, and for that I'm thankful.

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Swanson Health Products {Giveaway!}

We've made it to Thursday everyone! And a happy day it is over here!

Since starting this blog, I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies and brands. It's honestly one of my favorite parts about blogging. Some brands I knew about prior to blog life, and others I would've never know about if it wasn't for this space I've created...

Today, I've teamed up with one of my favorite companies, Swanson Health Products to celebrate their 45th anniversary week! They were kind enough to send me a whole assortment of baby supplies, including some mama-to-be necessities (one word: breastfeeding!) the other day, and now they are offering YOU a chance to win a $45 Gift Certificate!

That's $45 to spend any way you'd like.

Don't have kids and not pregnant? No worries, you can spend it on anything. Stock up on vitamins, Quest bars that I'm always mentioning, or baking essentials-they have it all! Or maybe you are newly pregnant like me and are wanting to stock up on some products you've heard about? Now is the time, ladies!

And trust me, I'm sure you'll find plenty of ways to spend it (speaking from experience here-my cart was overflowing...)

This giveaway will be open until Sunday evening and the winner will be notified via email. GOOD LUCK!!

*Also, check out Swanson’s Sweepstakes page for a chance to win 45 Healthy Foods and $500!


Six Beauty Products You Can't Live Without

skincare, beauty products, favorite beauty products,

Exciting things to report today, friends! 

Let's chat about my new favorite beauty products. I've finally found a routine that I love (spilling all of my secrets!) and therefore I must share them with you. It's my duty really. 

All of these products are fantastic...so just try them. Do it.

1//Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation: Kick your Bare Minerals powder to the curb (or closest trashcan) and treat yourself to this. More coverage than BM, goes on smooth, lasts all day...I could go on and on. My favorite. (I wear medium beige and use this brush with it)

2//Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner: I could never find a toner I 100% loved up until this guy. Everyone raves about this toner, and for good reason. It helps to reduce discoloration as well as build-up that can make skin look dull or tired. It exfoliates and refreshes skin. Fabulous!

3//Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Cream: Gone are the days that I'll spend $25-$30 on a good face wash. This stuff is the BEST of the best. I don't say that often-promise. It is known to treat acne before it even emerges.

4// Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil: This oil absorbs into your skin for firmer, brighter, smoother skin without leaving any greasy feel. Pure maracuja oil is rich in vitamin C, so skin appears instantly brighter and more radiant. I use this at night before bed. Highly recommend!

5//L'OREAL Collagen Moisture Filler Day/Night Cream: It's special because it restores skin's cushion and smooths wrinkles. Collagen is the essential natural protein that keeps skin looking young and youthful. You can use this cream day or night, but it is on the heavier side so I almost always just use it at night. LOVE this stuff!

6//L'OREAL Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara: A new favorite! It gives a lot of volume and hits all of my lashes. The wand does take some getting used to, though!

There ya go...a complete run down on six truly awesome skincare and beauty products. Share with me your recent favorites!!

And of course, if you try any of these (which you should, duh!), report back to me after to let me know what you think!

Happy Tuesday!
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First Trimester Essentials

Monday...Monday...you've come far too soon. As usual! I have some fun non-pregnancy related posts coming later this week (plus an awesome giveaway), so I wanted to touch on some of my essentials for the first trimester today!

At the risk of all of you hating me, I have to be honest and say there isn't much I could complain about when it came to the first trimester. A day hasn't gone by that I haven't thanked my lucky stars about this, and I'm sure Billy has too because things could have got real scary for him. Let's be serious.

With that being said, that doesn't mean I didn't have any must have items that helped me make it through the changes because I definitely leaned on most of these for those first 12 weeks. Pregnancy does change you, in many ways, and these things made my life SO much easier! You all need them in your life for when your time comes!

First Trimester Essentials

La Croix: Buy it in bulk when it's on sale. I have all different flavors stocked in our refrigerator at all times! Since you're so limited on what you can drink when pregnant and normal water can get really boring, this stuff tricks me into thinking I'm drinking something really fancy. ;)  Put it in a cute tumbler or wine glass to fool yourself even more. (the lime and grapefruit flavors are my favorite)

Earth Mama Body Butter: It's never too early to begin using it! This one has been a favorite of mine, but any stretch mark cream will do. Try a few out to see which you like best.

BeMaternity BeBand: Since you're not showing that much in the first trimester, you can get away with wearing this band with your jeans and shorts. This band holds your pants up and comes in black, nude, and white. Lifesaver, trust me! (I'm wearing mine today...)

Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Products: This comes down to personal preference, but when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to switch to using less harsh everyday cleaning products. I fell in love with this line and will never go back to using anything else. They are always on sale at Target so you aren't paying much more than the regular cleaning product prices, and these clean better than anything I've found with less chemicals. Win/win. (I especially love this countertop spray and this surface scrub)

Prenatal Vitamins: A must! You should begin taking these before you start "trying", but once you get pregnant they are that much more important. I researched a lot of them out there (none of them are 100% perfect..) and after trying multiple brands, I use NaturMade's the most often because they don't make me sick. I also love the gummy prenatals, but they don't have iron in them so you will need to take an extra iron supplement.

Sleep Mask: If you don't have one already, don't walk, but run to get one. This helped me sleep longer and better, especially when I was on say, a girls bachelorette party weekend.

Pull On Shorts: Any shorts with an elastic waistband will be your best friend. These were my personal favorite and are super comfortable.

TUMS: I keep one small pack in my purse at all times and one at home. You never know when you'll get heartburn, or just when your food won't settle right.

Old Navy Vintage V-Neck Tees: I wore these ALL the time! These are my favorite because they are so soft and flattering, even if you have to size up a size. Buy in multiple colors (or all colors!)

Pregnancy Apps: So you can track your baby's growth every week! If you're not big on getting hundreds of emails everyday, the apps are nice because you can check them when you want to and it won't fill up your inbox. You can also take notes (like how you were feeling during a certain week, put a doctors appointment note in them, etc.)  I like BabyBump the best.

Pregnancy Journals: These make excellent gifts for new mama's! (thank you to my parents, Steph, and Billy) for each buying me one...I think they knew how important journaling would be to me ;) All of the journals are a little different, but essentially they're perfect for tracking your pregnancy, writing down your thoughts/feelings, and they even have spots to attach your ultrasound photos. I love writing in mine every week and know that they'll be fun to look back on (for both baby and myself!)

Not pictured: A good support system of family and friends!

What are/were your first trimester must-haves? 


Things That Make Me Do A Vicky "Woo-Hoo!"

Happy Friday! This is going to be short and sweet today because I've come down with a cold and this girl isn't feeling so hot...thank you, allergies!

+If you missed the announcement on my instagram, we KNOW our little babe's gender (!!!)  Baby cooperated (and was moving around like crazy!) at our appointment the other day like we were hoping, and I can honestly say we had the most amazing experience at Ultrasona. I can't imagine someone else finding out before we did! I'm so thankful we decided to find out privately there with just the two of us (more info about Ultrasona will come in a diff. post), but you best believe I'm counting down the days until our party with our family/friends so then I can spill to you all in a few weeks! It is nice to have this little secret (well, big) with Billy before we announce and I know we made the right decision for us as a couple. We couldn't be happier...and it's true that once you know the babe's gender everything feels SO much more real. :)

+Due to the above, I'm about to do some serious damage at baby Gap this weekend. Not sorry.

+The cool(er) weather lately. I know, who gets so excited about the weather? Me! We've been able to have our AC off the past few days, and sleep with our windows open. Breezy, wonderful, and it looks like it's continuing into this weekend. I've only told Billy 20 times that I could definitely do say, 74 degrees, year round. I love it.

+Nordstom's Anniversary Sale! Say hello to the best sales! Now is the time to buy that bigger purchase (maybe a new handbag?!) that you've been eying! These boots I'm drooling over and if I had to pick my favorite handbag from the sale it would be this one...

#obsessed and goes with everything!

+My new pineapple shirt...who hates pineapples nowadays? Also, just to note, this isn't a maternity shirt but is so comfortable and stretchy that I will definitely be able to wear it for the next few months as I grow! (I got a size 4!)

+My diaper bag is officially purchased. More on this soon. 

+Some great things on the blog next week! Stay tuned! :)

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


Week 15 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 15 weeks

Size of Baby: A navel orange!

Weight Gain: Up a total of 4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight


Maternity Clothes: Officially using this band on my pants that I found at Target! This thing is a lifesaver and comes in multiple colors. I got this mint coral skirt and green dress from Pink Blush, but haven't bought anything else yet.

Stretch marks: Lathering on Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Butter when I remember to do it. I haven't been doing it as much as I should (#guilty)

Symptoms: The headaches have officially begun. For the past 1.5 weeks, I've been getting them daily and they last all.day.long. I've tried pinpointing what is triggering them and at first I thought it was my diet so I cleaned that up but I'm still getting them. Overall, though, I'm still feeling really good and the headaches are really the only symptom I have! Can't complain about that.

Cravings: My cravings have pretty much subsided these past two weeks! I've been able to eat healthier and stay more on track with cooking dinners and such. That's not to say I'm not splurging here and there or randomly eating Fruit Loops for dinner, but now that the initial shock of pregnancy and being able to eat what I want has wore off, I'm just not craving as much. Peaches, however, are pretty much my favorite lately along with anything fresh still. YUM!

Gender: TODAY IS THE DAY! {if Baby K cooperates-crossing our fingers!}

Mood: So so so happy.

Nursery: Billy is actually starting a big project for it this weekend...installing board and batten on the walls! I'm all kinds of excited about this. I figure since we did our kitchen remodel, we can definitely hopefully handle this! This is how we want it to look:


Movement: I'm not sure if it's movement or not, but I feel little "pops" at times when I'm laying down. It's what I would compare to a piece of popcorn popping, if that makes any sense. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm terrible at describing this, but I'm feeling something and just not sure of what it is yet??

Sleep: Glorious and getting lots of it!

Workouts: Still averaging 3-4 per week~30 minutes of cardio followed by strength training. Running is getting to be more of a challenge that's for sure...I get winded so easily and quick. I've switched to doing walk/jog/run intervals, which has helped tremendously, and I think this is my new "normal". Spin is still my favorite and I can't sing it's praises enough. Also, just to note, I'm not concerned about my weight in the slightest..I just really enjoy working out and want to stay healthy. 

What I Miss: A glass of wine here or there on our deck after a long day!

Belly Button in or out? 

Wedding rings on or off? On

Anything making you queasy or sick:  It didn't make me sick, but we had PF Changs one night for dinner and I felt HORRIBLE afterwards. You couldn't pay me to eat that again during this pregnancy. Nope-not happening!

Best Moment This Week: A couple things this week. Since it hasn't happened yet technically, I won't say the gender even though that's a big one, but hearing the heartbeat at our appointment last week was so special. I could listen it to it for hours and it makes me tear up a bit each time. Also, just being able to talk about the baby with my family/girlfriends and see how excited they are for us is so nice. They are so supportive and kind.

Labor Signs: No

Looking Forward To: Not baby related, but a relaxing weekend at home with zero plans. I need some downtime to just relax and get things done at our house! Also, I'm sure it will be filled with some clothes shopping for our baby...let's be serious.

And leave it to a baby to get me motivated to read again! I've finished three of these books already and am just really enjoying reading about pregnancy in general..it's so interesting and this girl has a lot to learn!!

Have you heard of the Solly Baby Wrap? It's a "Mom's best hot product winner" and I'm a huge supporter of the company! They donate $1 of every purchase to improve maternal health around the world. I have heard amazing things about the baby wrap (it's striped! total bonus), so when I got it in the mail this week I couldn't help but get so excited to carry around our little babe in it!

Sorry if I sound like a broken record all the time...so exciting this/so exciting that. But it's true!

*Week 13 Bumpdate

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 Happy hump day!


Baby K-BOY or GIRL?

Chances are you're familiar with old wives' tales regarding a baby's gender if you've been pregnant before, or have had pregnant friends. There are all kinds of them out there and all it takes is a simple Google search for you to be 100% convinced you know the sex of that belly in your baby. From the moment you get pregnant, all you think about is if the baby is healthy and if it's a boy or girl. This is how it is for me, at least.

Let's just say it didn't take long for me to realize that I truly believe all of these tales were created for the sole purpose to DRIVE PREGNANT WOMEN INSANE. Absolutely insane!

I got sucked in to all of these tales from the very beginning of my pregnancy (even if they are supposed to be just for fun...) I mean, who wouldn't want to try and figure out the sex of your baby way before your doctor tells you? After researching a little bit more on these and asking many friends, it turns out none of these can really be trusted. Sorry to shatter any dreams here....but it's true.

I've seen the Chinese calendar be wrong multiple times, the heartbeat of boys be higher than those of girls, and not all women get morning sickness when pregnant with girls! In fact, I've heard many get sick when pregnant with boys. But...but...but...how can that be? Aren't these things supposed to be accurate? Damn you, old wives. Nope, just to drive us all crazy until the time to actually find out comes.

I still wanted to take a look at how they match up with my pregnancy and share today since we find out Baby K's gender....TOMORROW!

{feel free to steal/pin this chart for you to use in the future!}

Results: Boy: 4, Girl: 5.

I mentioned it in the past, but practically everyone we know is still on team BOY. In fact, I think they even have me convinced. This entire pregnancy my gut feeling was girl, but the past few weeks I think I've officially switched sides! No matter the outcome, this baby will be the biggest blessing to our family and I can picture us with a mini athlete just like Billy, or a sassy mini Katie!

I've been getting some questions about how we are finding out early and if we are having a gender reveal party, so I wanted to touch of those real quick: 

We're going to a place called Ultrasona tomorrow to find out early (I'll be 15 weeks Thursday, and will do a full review for you local gals after our experience.) They specialize in 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasound services, and with our package they give you a DVD with live movement from the session and also a CD with all the images. This place comes highly recommended from many friends and I really liked the idea of finding out this way, just me and Billy together. I'm so happy and thankful we have this option. Of course, there is always a chance that the baby won't cooperate or that they might be wrong, but there's also a chance for those things to happen at any doctors office or at our normal appointment so it's worth it to us to find out. We are so excited and have been waiting for this day since May! Come on baby, let us see the goods! ;) If baby isn't cooperating, they have you back another day to try again.

Are we doing a gender reveal party?

I went back and forth about this for what seemed like the longest time. I think the gender reveal parties where the couple finds out at the same time as everyone else are cute, but just not for me (does this make me a bad blogger? ha!). Ultimately, we decided we wanted to find out just the two of us together first and then later on have a small get together to celebrate/surprise our parents and closest friends. Nothing big or fancy! Me and Billy are going to supply the cake and tell them that way! I'm really happy we decided to do it this way, and am looking forward to this special moment with just Billy by my side.

Time for you to weigh in...what team are you on? BOY or GIRL?

Eek! Here's to hoping I can get some sleep tonight...


A Wedding Weekend

{dress, shoes-old, similar}

I have to share some pictures from one of my best friends, Angela, wedding today! Since I was in the wedding party, I didn't have much time to take any pictures with my good camera so these iPhone pictures will have to do. Angela got married at the Columbus Museum of Art (beautiful!) on Saturday and everything was just perfect.

Watching your girlfriends get married is one of the best things in the world...you get to see them at their very happiest and see all the hard work that they put in for the past year planning finally come together!

Not to mention, our little bride this weekend resembled a supermodel. I'm talkin' gorgeous. She was glowing...

See what I mean? Beauty right there.

I don't know about you, but two of my favorite parts at weddings are being able to get ready with all the girls together beforehand, and then watching the bride read her card from the groom/open her surprise gift. Steve, the groom, wrote Angela the sweetest card and got her an infinity bracelet from Tiffany's and there wasn't a dry eye in the room...her reaction was so sweet and touching. 

Classic getting ready pic...


 Is her dress not perfect? Stunning!

 Just married :)

The bridesmaids all wore cobalt chiffon dresses and all of us had different styles of the dress. I wish I had a picture of all of them but I don't! I absolutely loved the color...

...and what party bus would be complete without a pole in the back? Let's just say being the only sober one on that bus for two hours made for a VERY interesting ride... ;)

 The whole day went so smoothly and Angela was just so excited the entire time about every little detail. Her and Steve are so in love and it makes me tear up thinking about it...weddings-oh how I love you!

 Now, the bride and groom are off to Thailand for 2 weeks and I am officially extremely jealous.

That's a wrap for today... this preggo chick is still recovering from the day (hey, it was long and my legs were killing me from dancing all night long!) even after napping most of the day yesterday. 

Come back tomorrow to weigh in on if you think Baby K will be a BOY OR GIRL!
 (Weds is the big day!)

aka let's see what these old wives' tales have to say...


A Lot To Love: Round 2

Wow! After my post yesterday and the comments on my instagram, I've come to some conclusions...

a. It seems everyone is head over heels in love with Charleston, and I have a feeling my name will be next on this list.
b. I'm calling it now that Billy will probably want to retire here. Boats, gorgeous homes, and southern food. I have no idea where this hunch came from.
c. I'm going to gain approximately 92 lbs! The restaurants you all sent me..holy crap..they look ah-mazing. It looks like I'll be eating all.day.long and baby will be enjoying some delicious southern cuisine as well. Perfect.
and d. Due to the above, I took your advice and made our reservations at Husk and 82 Queen already! (looking into making more and doing some tours-but wanted to make those two first!)

If that's not enough to love, here's what else is going on right now:


 This preggers tee-I had to have it. It's so soft and comfy! I can't wait to compare this picture to when I actually really fill it out with a big bump...

{ps-definitely using the rubber band trick on my pants here..}


I've mentioned my love for the Bump Nest pregnancy pillow briefly last week, but I wanted to show some pictures of it for those who are interested in potentially getting it, or who might want one in the future.

Pregnant or not, this pillow is the best out there. I used to sleep on my back all the time, but since it's better to sleep on your side when you're pregnant, this pillow has helped me adjust to now sleeping this way. I love having the back support and I feel like I'm sleeping on a big cloud with it! You can see all the other colors/designs here.

If you're having trouble sleeping or just need more support, this pregnancy pillow is well worth it ladies.

pregnancy pillow, bump nest,


I recently bought this dress, this jumpsuit, and this dress (all non maternity) and think they will be perfect for our trip to Charleston. They fit really well, and still give me some room to grow. Shop Sosie is the best-so many cute clothes! Don't say I didn't warn you...



For years I've used a generic brand of clip-in hair extensions from Sally's and have finally switched to a new, more durable set from Irresistible Me. I don't wear extensions all the time, just here and there on the weekends and mainly to add thickness vs. length.

I plan to try these out for my girlfriends wedding this weekend and in the next few weeks, so be on the lookout for a full review of them soon! I can already tell I like them so much more because the sets of strands are so much thicker than ones I've used in the past...


Tonight starts the wedding celebrations for one of my best friends! Angela and I have been friends for as long as I can remember, and she's the one who's bachelorette party was a few weeks ago where I was Sober Sally the whole time, but none of you knew I was pregnant at the time!

(sidenote: being sober at a bachelorette party wasn't as bad as you'd think-I got to play mother hen and make sure everyone got home safely and it was nice to feel great in the morning while everyone else was hungover. #justsayin...)

I'm SO happy and excited for her to become a Mrs!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Charleston, SC

Next month, we are thinking about heading south for a long weekend to pay Charleston a visit! This is a city that both of us have been wanting to visit for a couple years and it's been a little bit since I've taken a trip (you know how I am about this...), so we are really excited about it. The city seems so charming and beautiful!

For those of you who have visited before or live around the area, what should we do on our stay? Any recommendations on the best places to eat and things to do/see?

We definitely want to go to Folly Beach, eat as much southern food as we can, and do all the "touristy"  things downtown. We are staying at Kings Courtyard Inn right in the historic district (so cute!), and it's pet friendly which means our little Rocky is coming with us!

Thank you in advance and to those who have already emailed me recommendations!

Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend!


The Best Baby Websites

*Looking for my weekly bumpdate? I've decided, for your sake and mine, to do them every other week. I think it's a good balance, so one will be up next Weds! (here's my first one, if you missed it)

If your on a computer as much as I am these days, one of the first things you want to know when you find out you're pregnant is what the best baby websites are. I'm talking all the way from shopping and helpful resources to daily deals. I quickly realized I didn't know hardly any at all (first time mom hand raised over here!), and that's when you guys came into play to help this new momma-to-be out. 

After spending some time researching all the websites and determining my favorites, this list was born! The best of the best right here, all in one spot...

Lucie's List: Probably my absolute favorite on this list! It's known as the complete survival guide for new moms. You can search by if you're pregnant or if you already have a baby. This website is a must for product recommendations...my favorite feature is the "Registry Basics" section where it gives you in-depth information about every baby item (practically) out there!

Etsy: This is where you'll get those custom/personalized items from birth announcements to onesies and burb cloths! You can also find unique nursery finds and bedding options. Best website if you're looking for great baby shower gifts!

Baby Center and The Bump: To keep track of your pregnancy. This is where you can get weekly updates on your baby's progress! I prefer the Baby Bump app for my iPhone.

Zulily: I honestly thought this was only for women/men when I first heard of it, but no, this daily deal website has the best baby and kid deals out there and they update it often. Hooked. Completely hooked.

Weespring: Read reviews on baby products from other mom's! Very helpful if you're trying to compare certain items, or wondering what to register for.

Project Nursery: The best of the best for nursery inspiration! I recommend following them on Pinterest.

Diapers.com: You can find just about anything you need for baby (diapers, baby toys, clothes, etc.) on this website and their coupons are impressive. It seems they always have deals on diapers, and here you can set up scheduled deliveries for them! Not to mention, everything ships quickly. *below you can find a code for 20% off!

use code: WHAL8851
Buy Baby Items at Diapers.com
New customers to Diapers.com, Casa.com or other Quidsi sites only. $20 maximum discount. Subject to change or cancellation.

Rue La La: Another daily deal website you'll want to sign up for! You can find some really great deals on any and all baby items, and an added bonus is that you can pick up some maternity clothes or a diaper bag in the same visit.

MamaSayWhat: Other mama's sharing their experience, advice, and support! They have giveaways and birth stories you can read. Really loving this website!

Baby Gap// Pottery Barn Kids // H&M: My favorite stores when visiting the mall or shopping online. Affordable and cute...win/win.

Not pregnant? Pin or save this for the future!

Last but CERTAINLY not least...for all you other pregnant girls out there! #hadto