A Lot To Love: Round 2

Wow! After my post yesterday and the comments on my instagram, I've come to some conclusions...

a. It seems everyone is head over heels in love with Charleston, and I have a feeling my name will be next on this list.
b. I'm calling it now that Billy will probably want to retire here. Boats, gorgeous homes, and southern food. I have no idea where this hunch came from.
c. I'm going to gain approximately 92 lbs! The restaurants you all sent me..holy crap..they look ah-mazing. It looks like I'll be eating all.day.long and baby will be enjoying some delicious southern cuisine as well. Perfect.
and d. Due to the above, I took your advice and made our reservations at Husk and 82 Queen already! (looking into making more and doing some tours-but wanted to make those two first!)

If that's not enough to love, here's what else is going on right now:


 This preggers tee-I had to have it. It's so soft and comfy! I can't wait to compare this picture to when I actually really fill it out with a big bump...

{ps-definitely using the rubber band trick on my pants here..}


I've mentioned my love for the Bump Nest pregnancy pillow briefly last week, but I wanted to show some pictures of it for those who are interested in potentially getting it, or who might want one in the future.

Pregnant or not, this pillow is the best out there. I used to sleep on my back all the time, but since it's better to sleep on your side when you're pregnant, this pillow has helped me adjust to now sleeping this way. I love having the back support and I feel like I'm sleeping on a big cloud with it! You can see all the other colors/designs here.

If you're having trouble sleeping or just need more support, this pregnancy pillow is well worth it ladies.

pregnancy pillow, bump nest,


I recently bought this dress, this jumpsuit, and this dress (all non maternity) and think they will be perfect for our trip to Charleston. They fit really well, and still give me some room to grow. Shop Sosie is the best-so many cute clothes! Don't say I didn't warn you...



For years I've used a generic brand of clip-in hair extensions from Sally's and have finally switched to a new, more durable set from Irresistible Me. I don't wear extensions all the time, just here and there on the weekends and mainly to add thickness vs. length.

I plan to try these out for my girlfriends wedding this weekend and in the next few weeks, so be on the lookout for a full review of them soon! I can already tell I like them so much more because the sets of strands are so much thicker than ones I've used in the past...


Tonight starts the wedding celebrations for one of my best friends! Angela and I have been friends for as long as I can remember, and she's the one who's bachelorette party was a few weeks ago where I was Sober Sally the whole time, but none of you knew I was pregnant at the time!

(sidenote: being sober at a bachelorette party wasn't as bad as you'd think-I got to play mother hen and make sure everyone got home safely and it was nice to feel great in the morning while everyone else was hungover. #justsayin...)

I'm SO happy and excited for her to become a Mrs!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love my 'preggers' tee and wear it all the time! I ended up buying a snoogle from amazon instead of the bumpnest and I was not very impressed. It hurt my neck to sleep on it. Maybe I will have to try the bump nest instead! I love all your outfits for Charleston! You guys will have such a fun trip!

  2. Okay, your clothes reviews, seriously. Haha. I live in that "wifey" tee you recommended, and pretty sure I will be bookmarking that "preggers" tee for someday baby. I have a wedding in a few weeks that I am seriously freaking out over what to wear since I've looked EVERYWHERE....fingers crossed I might find something on Shop Sosie! :)

  3. We LOVED Charleston and you made good choices with reservations at Husk and 82 Queen. We also really loved Poogan's Porch which is right next to Husk, and we enjoyed Taco Boy for lunch at Folly Beach, close to the Pier. You will love it!

  4. I love that 3rd dress!! I'm gonna order it :)

    Also, can I ask what size shirt you got? I'm thinking of ordering the 'wifey' shirt from that website for a friend but wasn't sure if the sizes run small or large or anythign? Thanks!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oops! I got a medium in the preggers shirt. They do run small in my opinion and I wanted it to be more loose vs fitted.

    3. Good to know! Thanks and Happy Friday! :)

  5. My best friend just found out she's pregnant this week so I immediately sent her that tee and the Belly Laughs book. I've also introduced her to this blog!

  6. Are you wearing a Texas necklace?? Where is that from? LOVE IT!

    1. haha yes, I am! Gotta represent ;) It was a gift from Steph, so I'm not sure actually, sorry!!

  7. You are too cute! The clothes are fabulous, you are going to be a stylish mom! Happy Friday!

    Allison over at Allison's Eye

  8. The dresses you ordered are to die for! Have fun this weekend:)

  9. I surprisingly have gone my whole pregnancy without a pregnancy pillow! Just haven't found an urge to have one - plus with a 70 pound dog in the bed and a husband I am not exactly sure where it would fit! :)

  10. Just love those dresses you ordered they are so cute! I want to retire in Charleston it is such a beautiful town. Look forward to hearing more about hair extensions and am lost when it comes to hair products!

  11. So enjoyable, and the dog is so cute.

  12. Your toypom is adorable! You can practice so long with him/her


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