A Wedding Weekend

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I have to share some pictures from one of my best friends, Angela, wedding today! Since I was in the wedding party, I didn't have much time to take any pictures with my good camera so these iPhone pictures will have to do. Angela got married at the Columbus Museum of Art (beautiful!) on Saturday and everything was just perfect.

Watching your girlfriends get married is one of the best things in the world...you get to see them at their very happiest and see all the hard work that they put in for the past year planning finally come together!

Not to mention, our little bride this weekend resembled a supermodel. I'm talkin' gorgeous. She was glowing...

See what I mean? Beauty right there.

I don't know about you, but two of my favorite parts at weddings are being able to get ready with all the girls together beforehand, and then watching the bride read her card from the groom/open her surprise gift. Steve, the groom, wrote Angela the sweetest card and got her an infinity bracelet from Tiffany's and there wasn't a dry eye in the room...her reaction was so sweet and touching. 

Classic getting ready pic...


 Is her dress not perfect? Stunning!

 Just married :)

The bridesmaids all wore cobalt chiffon dresses and all of us had different styles of the dress. I wish I had a picture of all of them but I don't! I absolutely loved the color...

...and what party bus would be complete without a pole in the back? Let's just say being the only sober one on that bus for two hours made for a VERY interesting ride... ;)

 The whole day went so smoothly and Angela was just so excited the entire time about every little detail. Her and Steve are so in love and it makes me tear up thinking about it...weddings-oh how I love you!

 Now, the bride and groom are off to Thailand for 2 weeks and I am officially extremely jealous.

That's a wrap for today... this preggo chick is still recovering from the day (hey, it was long and my legs were killing me from dancing all night long!) even after napping most of the day yesterday. 

Come back tomorrow to weigh in on if you think Baby K will be a BOY OR GIRL!
 (Weds is the big day!)

aka let's see what these old wives' tales have to say...


  1. Looks like such a fun wedding! I LOVE her dress! And the color of those bridesmaid dresses is amazing! I can't wait to find out if your having a B or G!! So exciting!

  2. Such a beautiful bride indeed! I've been to a wedding at that venue and I just LOVE it! :) I need another friend to get married soon haha... I miss all the wedding fun/excitement!

  3. I cannot imagine being the only sober person during those 2 hours, LOL. Hopefully it wasn't AS bad since they are your friends...if they had been strangers I imagine that would have been brutal!!!!

  4. Looks like the wedding was so much fun. love the blue dress

  5. What a fun wedding and loving that party bus with the stripper pole in the back!! ha!!

  6. Such a fun wedding weekend! Party busses are always fun!

  7. I love weddings! A party bus is ALWAYS great for stories the next day :)

  8. Looks like so much fun!! I was sober at a wedding this weekend too, boo! Love that cobalt dress on you!

  9. Wedding weekends are the best weekends! And I love the way you styled your hair! Congrats on your little peanut! I was preggo with my little angel during college so believe you me I KNOW what it's like to be the only sober one around! Haha!

    Love your blog! :)

    Jen {My Carolina Life}

  10. HER DRESS!! So gorgeous!! all of you looked beautiful!!

    wednesday HURRY UP!! I'm going for boy :)

  11. GORGEOUS dress, bride and venue. This makes me tear up. I'm so emotional and excited planning mine for next year. We just set a date so it's all getting very real!


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