Friday Fashion Finds + Happy Easter

outfit details: dress: winter lennon c/o (new cute shop for you!), sweater: forever21 (similar), belt: forever21 (similar), shoes: kohls, bracelets: style love living c/o, watch: wristology c/o (want 20% off? use code: keepcalm20). 

Whoa, I actually did an outfit post. It's been a while, but in my defense it's been a long winter over here!
Do two pictures even count? I hope so. I guess this is what happens when the sun is shining and the weather is actually warming up here! Amen.

You guys know that I love sharing affordable shops with you, right? I do. 

So, today is all about the shop Winter Lennon, where this dress came from.
In the summer I plan to wear it by itself, but since it's still cold here I decided to style it with a neon sweater on top. In my opinion, the collar on this dress totally makes it. I love it.

I also got this scarf (below) which I love and can't wait to wear. It's currently on sale for only $9.99...
They have other colors of it, too!

My guess is if you go take a look around at Winter Lennon, you will find many things you like.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
ie: have fun and make sure you check out the dresses. 

{easter 2012-I'm patiently waiting for our tree to bloom like that...}

How are you spending your Easter weekend? Growing up, Easter was always my favorite holiday. I'm not sure if it was getting all dolled up, or the candy part, but I'd take a bet that it was the candy part. The weather here looks like it's going to be close to 60 and sunny, so I plan on spending as much of it as I can outside! You can follow along via instagram @katiewkrysh, if you'd like.

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend! I haven't baked anything yet, but if you need a cute idea of something to make, I made these little chicks last year and they were a huge hit. Lastly, did anyone see the Buckeyes game last night? I was screaming! ha. They play again on Saturday so if you want to cheer for them, I wouldn't hate it. xo



Back for another round of Saw it. Pinned it. Did it!

I have to tell you all thanks for the comments on my last project..the DIY Acrylic Tray!
It's so nice to get positive feedback from time to time with all of these projects that consume my life bring me little pieces of happiness, so thank you for that. I read all of them and try my best to reply.

I hope you all went out and made 1, or 5, trays by now. 

This weeks project technically counts, but it is so simple I almost feel silly sharing it.

As most of you know, but some might not, the best friend bangles that Steph surprised me with are pretty much my favorite thing ever. I knew almost immediately after that I wanted to re-use the pretty bag (and box that now holds perfume samples-see it up there?) that our bracelets came in. It's such a cute reminder of my time in Texas and our friendship. Oh, and let's be honest, it's hot pink and gold so of course I had to keep it. I'm not much of a pink girl, but give me hot pink and I'm all over it.

So, I'm sure you all have seen this picture, which was my pinspiration for this, right?

While I don't have that many frames (yet) or a closet this amazing (yet?), I still love the fun/modern look of this and knew it would be perfect in our master bathroom (sorry Billy!)...

{frame is from Michaels}

None of you can tell me that you can't handle this project, so don't even think about it...

Pick bag > Place bag in picture frame > Hang on wall (or lean on a shelf like I did)

{the shelves are from Target}

Moral of the story?

Next time you think about throwing away your favorite store's shopping bag...don't do it!

Buy some frames and create wall art. 
This would be cute in/around a closet, too! 

Time for me to go stalk what you made for the week.
Next week I'm going to start calling out all of you who haven't linked up with us.
So get on it, or else.. ;)

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Spicy Shrimp Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

Oh, happy day!
A new favorite recipe to add to our rotation right here.

I'm pretty sure I let out a mini happy yell (I did) after I took the first bite of these...
they are so flavorful, fresh, and delicious!

Not only that, the shrimp and the salsa is so good on it's own that this could easily be turned into a salad for lunch the next day, or if you would just prefer to not eat the tortillas! Perfect for spring.

You can adjust the spiciness of this dish, so don't be turned off by the title.
 I actually think it's the right amount of spice-not too spicy in my opinion.

Anyway, my point is-you must try these!

Serves two
Recipe inspiration from here

For the salsa: 
+1/2 a pineapple, diced into small chunks
+1 fresh jalapeno (we used only half), seeds & ribs removed, cut into small dice
+1/4 red bell pepper, diced
+pinch of salt
+pinch of black pepper
+handful of cilantro, minced

Chop all the ingredients above and mix - set aside. 

For the shrimp:
+3/4 lb extra large shrimp
+1 tsp smoked paprika
+1 tsp chipotle chili powder
+1/2 tsp garlic powder
+1/2 tsp onion powder 
+large pinch cayenne pepper (skip this if you don't want it spicy)
+dash cumin
+1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper
+vegetable oil

Thaw and peel the shrimp. While thawing, mix spice mixture together (all of it) in a bowl.
Drain shrimp and pat dry with paper towels. Place shrimp in mixing bowl and drizzle with 2 tsp vegetable oil. Sprinkle half of the spice mixture over the shrimp and toss until the shrimp are evenly coated. Sprinkle the remaining spice mixture over the shrimp and toss again.

Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a skillet. Once oil is hot, add your shrimp. Cook for 1-2 minutes on first side then flip. Cook for another 1-2 minutes. Remove the shrimp and place on a paper towel.

For the tacos:
+6 small tortillas (My favorite brand is La Tortilla Factory or whole wheat ones from Trader Joes-I was out of both this night so used regular flour)
+one avocado, cut into thin slices
+sour cream, optional (or my favorite: plain greek yogurt!)

Warm your tortillas and put together your yummy tacos! 

*Make this dish even better by serving with blackberry + lemon infused water!
You can buy pitchers from Target that are perfect for this (I believe they are less than $10) or just cut up some lemons and put a handful of blackberries in a glass of water for an hour or so before drinking!

Then.....you feast.
(and add to your menu rotation) 


Spring To-Do List

 +clean out my closet (and donate items I barely wore last year!)
this is a must for me...no more trying to fit clothes into our guest bedrooms. sigh.

+take Rocky to the dog parks in our area/walk him at the park as much as we can
we actually took him this past weekend and he was so happy. We let him go in with the big dogs (since he thinks he is one..) and we could tell he really enjoyed it.

+go to the Pint Room with Billy
lately, we have been really good about trying new restaurants/places in Columbus. I want to continue doing this and the pint room is on our list!

+grill out / eat dinner outside on our deck

+start going to the farmers market
 my favorite part of summer-but I want to go at least once in the spring.

+organize my Pinterest boards
random but it's gotta happen...

+eat outside at our favorite brunch place (or any restaurant), Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe.
sweet clove is our favorite weekend treat and they have a cute patio on the front that I want to sit at from this point forward...no more eating inside, like we did this past Saturday. I want to get out and enjoy the weather.

+try a couple new vegetarian recipes

+keep inexpensive flowers, like tullips, in our mason jar holder in our kitchen
tullips just make me happy and brighten up any space!

+run outside when I can vs. at the gym

+organize our storage area in the back of our basement 
this makes me cringe somewhat. It needs to be done.

+try to keep schedule open for summer weekends at the lake!

Normally, I'd add 'put together manly Easter basket for Billy', but we will actually be out of town for Easter so we aren't exchanging baskets this year, like we did last year. I did want to still share the post from last year with the basket I made Billy because it is my top viewed post ever (so funny, right?) and just in case you want to make your boyfriend/spouse a fun Easter basket! I never thought this would be the post with the most page views!


(refusing to acknowledge the white flakes currently residing on our roads and ground today means that it is leaving ASAP and not coming back until next December. It is spring. It is spring...)

What would you like to accomplish this spring?

...still loving this lovely signature of mine from the lovely Sarah.



Let's Talk New Fashion Finds.

Raise those hands if you're happy to see Friday!  

 or maybe just a thumbs up? I'm totally picturing myself back in Naples (where this picture was taken) right now.

Any big weekend plans?
I figured before I start mine, we could talk some of my favorite fashion finds lately.

This affordable and cute boutique gets new arrivals every Friday (oh, how convenient-that's today!), so you better go get your shop on shortly. Added bonus: they have free shipping on every order! Lately, I've been loving my neon yellow scarf and since I'm a huge fan of blazers, you know this leopard blazer (only $38!) is right up my alley.

I had good intentions on doing outfit pictures outside with these, but unfortunately this weather isn't cooperating. I hope that will be changing soon!

Here are some other items from them that I think are great for spring. Specifically, that turquoise hi-low dress and the workout top! How cute is that?

 2. Style Love Living:

I've loved this shop for the past year (and have shared with you many times and it seems you guys love them just as much as I do, which makes me happy!) and they never disappoint. You just cannot beat their prices!
I've been wearing this mint chunky chain link bracelet (they just got in more super cute colors as well) and also the arrow cuff almost everyday. The arrow cuff is only $10! I've seen the same one for $30..just sayin'.

*Want free shipping (who wouldn't?): use code KEEPCALM. No space.

This code never expires! You're welcome. ;)

3. Save1

This website is similar to ebates, but goes a step further. Save1 provides coupons or special deals on thousands of stores and when you shop, they use a portion of the money to provide a meal to a hungry child. Save1 has provided over 95,000 meals. How amazing is that?! I'm so glad to have recently found out about them so that I can do my online shopping with them. I hope you will, too! You can find out more about them here.
Save1.com: Save Money.  Save Lives!

PS: Do you see my fancy new signature below?

The fabulous Sarah offered to design this for me! Sarah is an awesome blogger (isn't her header amazing? I'm kinda partial to it..) and graphic/blog designer. Her prices and designs are pretty awesome, so you should go check her out if you are looking for a blog makeover or to just go meet a new blog friend. She just came out with a March Madness Drinking Game that is hilarious. Anyways-thank you, Sarah! I love it.




This is another one of those projects that made me feel slightly stupid go "ah HA! Why didn't I think of this sooner?"

They sell these trays for $40 and up, but today I have an easier than easy tutorial to make one yourself for under $5.00.

The best part about it, imo, is that since you pick the card stock that goes on the bottom of the tray, that means you can swap it out whenever you want to a different color or pattern. Maybe I like this fact because I'm so indecisive and change my mind every other week, not too sure.

Here's your supply list:

I can't tell you how many times I've seen these picture frames/shadow boxes at Michael's and never once thought to turn it around the other way and make it into a tray. 

Have any of you?

Mind = blown.
(doesn't say much about me I guess, but that's why I'm here. A Pinterest addict.)

This is honestly the easiest project, if you can call it that, that I've done.
My inspiration came from this pin.

It's as easy as....
1, 2, 3
1. Pick out your card stock for the bottom
2. Cut it to fit the size of your tray
3. Place in tray 
(you can secure with tape if you want, but the objects on the tray will also hold it down)

Final outcome?
$35 dollars in your pocket and a beautiful tray to house some of your favorite things.

Oh, and they have a bigger size as well if you want a bigger tray!

Since I already use one for my watches in our bedroom, 
I decided to use this one for a side table to hold odds and ends, like so....

candle: bath and body works (go buy this NOW!) / nail polish: loreal "orange you jealous?"
 bracelet: styleloveliving / gold urchin: target

What do you think? 
I would be flattered if you pinned this to share or save for later use! Just sayin'.. :)

I'm ready to buy another to use in another room in our house. 
Trays make things look a lot neater/more put together than they really are...or is that just me?

*UPDATE: a lovely reader also suggested if you want to make it more fancy, take it to Staples or somewhere to have it laminated. Great tip! 

Your turn to link up!
Can't wait to see what you did this week.

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There's An App For That...{Travel}

Today marks the first day of spring.
(2 posts today? I know, but I want to share this new app with you!)

Thanks Ohio, but no thanks.

A high of 35 isn't exactly the weather I dream about (and I do) for the first day of spring.

I've mentioned this before, but Billy (my husband) and I are huge real estate fans. We love looking at multi-million dollar homes and when traveling we always try and find cool neighborhoods to stalk drive through. Billy is always telling me that in another life that I could be a travel agent, and I agree with him 110%. I absolutely love planning trips...reading travel forums, researching where to stay on rental websites and hotel websites, looking into the best restaurants to eat at, etc.

aka: I spend WAY too much time than I care to admit doing all of the above.

App's on the iphone/ipad always have a way of sucking you in for hours and wishing you totally were somewhere else than where you actually are, which can be good and bad at times (instagram is a perfect example of this.) Who's with me?

So, I was thinking.
How about I plan a mini virtual trip for you, right here, right now using the new Dwellable app?
(for iphones/ipads)

 {the cute splash home screen}

I'm guessing you like warm weather?
 (me too)

What about Hawaii?
Everyone likes Hawaii.
I've heard great things about Maui and it seems to be the "hot spot" lately, so how about it?

....let's go with centrally located.

With maybe your own pool or the beach just steps away?
 (who wouldn't...)

....what about bedrooms?
do you need 1 or 2 to give you extra space?
or certain amenities that you're looking for? want to make sure you have A/C?
 No problem.
(All of the features are listed out for you!)

What do you think? Don't you wish you were there right now?
I do. Much better than 35 degrees!

The Dwellable app isn't just for fantasizing about dream vacations (even though it's pretty fun to do and you can do definitely do that too), it's to use when you actually do get the chance to travel. 

What makes the app great?

+It is the highest rated vacation rental app
+It's free (many similar apps like this are not)
and easy to use!
+The pictures are big and beautiful.
+It has so many filters you can use (ie: price - this is so helpful when trying to stick to your budget!)

My one complaint is that they don't provide a free vacation when you download the app.

I mean.......what gives? ;)

Go download the free app so that when you're planning your next vacation, 
 it can help you find a place to stay within your budget and that fits your preferences!
Dwellable also has an awesome website here.

The only thing that could make this better is an ipad mini to use when planning our future vacations ;)

Find the app in the app store: here
Visit Dwellable's blog for more info: here

5 Things You Never Knew...

I will do anything to avoid wearing heels.
I'm a sandals, flip flops, tennis shoes, and boot wearing type of gal. 
Do I buy cute heels and occasionally like to wear them for date nights? 
Yes, as there is a certain time and place to show off those legs/feel sexy but if I can get away with not wearing them-I'll take that route anyday. They are so uncomfortable!

My top three favorite movies are: You've Got Mail, Home Alone, and Wedding Crashers.
They have stayed the same for a long time now (I mean, the first two aren't considered new releases by any means) and I like that each of them are different, but each bring out a "happy piece" of me...like the comedy in Wedding Crashers (another random fact: I dislike Jim Carrey-his type of funny and my type of funny aren't one in the same. My husband finds this shocking and tells everyone, ha), the love story and "classic-ness" in You've Got Mail (Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors), and the abundance of amazing one-liners/childhood favorite in Home Alone.

...oh, in relation to this, I'm also one of those people who enjoys paying for the overpriced popcorn at the movie theatre. It's all part of the experience!

I have really bad allergies and used to get shots weekly for them.
The shots are to help your body grow out of the allergies (mine are mainly to environmental things except I am allergic to eggs which I never knew and still eat. oops) so that eventually you can stop taking them (where I'm at now), but for a few years in college and after college I had to get a shot weekly. Let me tell you, showing up at a doctor's office weekly was so not fun, but they were worth it. I would get so sick I would have these terribly long cough attacks where I would almost throw up from coughing so hard and they would happen every day. My allergies still bother me on occasion, but they aren't as bad and last year I think I was only sick once. (they are really bothering me this week, especially around this time of year-yesterday I woke up feeling awful and with a bloody nose!)

My work drawer is typically really messy and is all kinds of random.
No fluffing this one. I have good intentions to keep it organized and clean, but most of the time it's just all over the place. Snacks and nail polish are typically the biggest culprits of said messiness....

When I'm feeling stressed or need to relax, I read my Mom's journals and spend time alone.
Growing up being an only child (did you know this?), I learned to love and appreciate time to just myself. I go crazy if I don't have it. As for the journals, if our house caught fire and I had time to run in and grab one thing (besides Billy and Rocky), it would be my Mom's journals. I would be devastated to lose them. They are so comforting and not only do they keep a piece of her here with me, they are a constant reminder of how much she loved me and the type of person she was. If I'm having a bad day, I will just go open one up.
(ps: if you're a mother-think about leaving journals to your kiddos!)

Erin tagged me in this back before we left for our vacation and I never got around to it, so here I am!
 This was fun.  

In the comments below, tell me some things about you I may not know!

*Come link up tomorrow for Saw It. Pinned It. Did It! If you haven't done so yet, no excuses.
I'll be here sharing a new awesome DIY project (that is under $5!)


The Aquarium, Downtown, And A Onesies Party...?

(both of our dresses are from forever21)

Warning: you are about to see a lot of pics...
Hair poofing pics. Downtown pics. The whole 9 yards.

I might be biased, but I love trip recaps (click here if you missed yesterday's rodeo experience).
It keeps the memories fresh and feels like I'm still there in Texas again...in the tiniest way possible.

Aside from the wonderful company we had the past two days on this trip, 
these next 2 days were our favorite. 

Billy and I are "city" people and by that I mean whenever we go on trips, we really enjoy seeing all that a city has to offer...the nice suburbs, the downtown life, the local food, the campuses (if any) nearby, and other popular attractions that make the city what it is. Call it touristy, but that's what we like. 

For this day on the trip, after our awesome Tex Mex lunch, our stomachs were happy and we got all dolled up (thank you to those who reminded me I've forgot to point out how Steph and I wore complimentary colors most days-this was unplanned but again you'll see this today..so funny) to head downtown to sight see and have a fancy dinner out.

{left to right: me and steph at her DZ house, UH, Beau's frat house}

But first, Steph and Beau took us to the University of Houston so we could see where they both went to college and where they lived! It was so cool to see Steph's DZ sorority house (which looked nothing like our sorority houses here! just very different) and Beau's fraternity house and see where they spent so many years.

Then we headed downtown to explore and eat dinner.

Where did we go?
The Aquarium.

It's an underwater dining experience where the tables are all set around a giant aquarium. 
Not only that, but the surrounding area by the Aquarium has a gorgeous backdrop of the buildings downtown and a perfect place for pictures.

That's pretty convenient for two DSLR carrying girls...am I right? ;)

We loved it here.

The food was great and it felt, for a brief moment, that we lived there and were just on a double date with Steph and Beau out to dinner one night. It was so casual, laid-back, and we had a blast talking about all kinds of things just the four of us. Le sigh. Why can't this happen every weekend?

I told our waiter it was Billy's birthday (since it was just a couple days before) and he brought out Billy's favorite dessert, creme brulee, and we all shared before leaving.

After dinner, we went to Yardhouse which is a bar/restaurant nearby (love that place) and took a drive around to some fancy neighborhoods (also one of me and Billy's "things" which happens to be one of Steph and Beau's "things" too..) and then ended up at their house and had a onesie party. 

Yup. Best idea ever. 

Since Beau's clothes and myself aren't strangers to each other (yellow pants), he let me borrow his onesie (let me rephrase-a onesie Steph bought him, haha) and we had a mini photoshoot in them.

Shortly after, the night ended with Steph sleeping on the couch after 30 minutes and me and the boys watching The Lucky One with Zac Efron. I can't make this up-this is totally true. ha. 

Now for our last full day in Houston...sad face.

That morning, Steph texted me from downstairs, at what felt like the crack of dawn, saying "come with me to get kolaches!", so we drove up to the store and got coffee's and breakfast for all of us. 

The whole trip they were insisting we eat lots of meat try these things, and the whole entire trip I pronounced them wrong. You don't even want to know how badly I butchered their names, but I did.

We got ready and then went to the Galleria to see Beau's work (and meet his lovely co-workers!) and walk around the mall for a bit. This mall is massive and is so nice! If it wasn't so beautiful outside, I could've stayed for hours. We also saw what they call the "Water Wall" and walked around for a bit down there. We loved every minute!

The highlight for me?

When we were walking around the mall Steph told me to wanted to stop in Kate Spade because there was a bracelet she had been looking at. I didn't think anything of it obviously (I mean-all of their stuff is cute!), but once we were in there she had told the employee that she wanted two of their popular BFF bangles..one for me, one for her.

She told me she had been wanting to get them for us for a while,
but now would be the perfect time. Total gem, right?

I would be lying if I said I didn't wave my hands in front of my eyes 
and didn't get a little teary eyed in the store. 

I did. For sure.
Made my whole trip! 

After a brief poofing session in the parking lot (seriously-Steph gives some killer poofs! don't you think she needs to do a tutorial?!), it was time for the rodeo - day #2! 

The weather was so beautiful...warm and not a cloud in the sky. 
We were happy campers.

We went to the rodeo earlier this day so that we could really take our time walking around and see all that they had there. Beau's friend Brian joined us for the majority of the day and we had so much fun together...we boozed, we laughed, we listened to country music and saw Jason Aldean in concert (LOVE!!), we ate yummy food....ALL of it.

Our last couple days were two of the best days and we were not wanting to leave at all.
But after a nice breakfast together the next morning, we had to head to the airport and talk about the whole way there how much fun we had and how much it sucks to leave.

Airport scene...here's how it goes down.
We get our bags out of the trunk, Steph stands to the side of the car, I choke back tears while unloading the car, then we hug and all hell tears break loose. Us..crying..hugging. Saying goodbye. The boys thinking we are so weird, but yet are used to us doing this by now. ha.

Thank you Lonestar State for such a wonderful trip! 
You left a good impression on us, that's for sure. 

and of course, I can't forget our 2 hosts...

to Steph: 

We've officially met/gone on vacation together THREE whopping times now. not once. not twice. but THREE. that makes things so much more real/not just a one time thing/better, right? But so absolutely absurd to think about at the same time. In no way, shape, or form does it feel like we've met 3 times...it feels like we've been married for 30 painfully long years. just kidding. but it feels like we've been sistah's forever. pretty sure there isn't a single solidary person on earth who knows what my 'punch-face emoticon' means in different conversations (because it does mean multiple things in different text situations), who gets my sarcasm (because hellooo you are the same way), and also shares some of my fears/sadness as well. Spending time with you in your city was one of my favorites (aside from the airport situation in ft. myers) because I got to meet the people who have made you who you are today (like your amazing mother who I LOVE and adore), the state you love, the car you drive in to get our iced coffee's, the beautiful house you just built, etc. etc. MEMORIES that will last a lifetime....

Not planning our next trip/meet-up would be as crazy as someone (you) throwing out a half full jar of regular peanut butter in the trash can (can totally see you doing that-"too much sugar!") so let's get on that, kapeesh? we miss you. you know it. adore my bangle and you. end of story.

to BBFT:

 just like I stated slighty intoxicated that night in the bathroom after Mo's (don't worry-this was PG) I love you to the moon and back! I really do! You're such a good man/husband/friend and I just wanted to say thanks for putting up with us, for letting us in your home, and treating us like family. Billy loves you too (obviously-#bromance). There's not many couples that you randomly want to travel with all the time every year (and set aside precious vacation time for), but you two are at the top of our list. And I think that's pretty awesome. here's to our next trip! xo