The Aquarium, Downtown, And A Onesies Party...?

(both of our dresses are from forever21)

Warning: you are about to see a lot of pics...
Hair poofing pics. Downtown pics. The whole 9 yards.

I might be biased, but I love trip recaps (click here if you missed yesterday's rodeo experience).
It keeps the memories fresh and feels like I'm still there in Texas again...in the tiniest way possible.

Aside from the wonderful company we had the past two days on this trip, 
these next 2 days were our favorite. 

Billy and I are "city" people and by that I mean whenever we go on trips, we really enjoy seeing all that a city has to offer...the nice suburbs, the downtown life, the local food, the campuses (if any) nearby, and other popular attractions that make the city what it is. Call it touristy, but that's what we like. 

For this day on the trip, after our awesome Tex Mex lunch, our stomachs were happy and we got all dolled up (thank you to those who reminded me I've forgot to point out how Steph and I wore complimentary colors most days-this was unplanned but again you'll see this today..so funny) to head downtown to sight see and have a fancy dinner out.

{left to right: me and steph at her DZ house, UH, Beau's frat house}

But first, Steph and Beau took us to the University of Houston so we could see where they both went to college and where they lived! It was so cool to see Steph's DZ sorority house (which looked nothing like our sorority houses here! just very different) and Beau's fraternity house and see where they spent so many years.

Then we headed downtown to explore and eat dinner.

Where did we go?
The Aquarium.

It's an underwater dining experience where the tables are all set around a giant aquarium. 
Not only that, but the surrounding area by the Aquarium has a gorgeous backdrop of the buildings downtown and a perfect place for pictures.

That's pretty convenient for two DSLR carrying girls...am I right? ;)

We loved it here.

The food was great and it felt, for a brief moment, that we lived there and were just on a double date with Steph and Beau out to dinner one night. It was so casual, laid-back, and we had a blast talking about all kinds of things just the four of us. Le sigh. Why can't this happen every weekend?

I told our waiter it was Billy's birthday (since it was just a couple days before) and he brought out Billy's favorite dessert, creme brulee, and we all shared before leaving.

After dinner, we went to Yardhouse which is a bar/restaurant nearby (love that place) and took a drive around to some fancy neighborhoods (also one of me and Billy's "things" which happens to be one of Steph and Beau's "things" too..) and then ended up at their house and had a onesie party. 

Yup. Best idea ever. 

Since Beau's clothes and myself aren't strangers to each other (yellow pants), he let me borrow his onesie (let me rephrase-a onesie Steph bought him, haha) and we had a mini photoshoot in them.

Shortly after, the night ended with Steph sleeping on the couch after 30 minutes and me and the boys watching The Lucky One with Zac Efron. I can't make this up-this is totally true. ha. 

Now for our last full day in Houston...sad face.

That morning, Steph texted me from downstairs, at what felt like the crack of dawn, saying "come with me to get kolaches!", so we drove up to the store and got coffee's and breakfast for all of us. 

The whole trip they were insisting we eat lots of meat try these things, and the whole entire trip I pronounced them wrong. You don't even want to know how badly I butchered their names, but I did.

We got ready and then went to the Galleria to see Beau's work (and meet his lovely co-workers!) and walk around the mall for a bit. This mall is massive and is so nice! If it wasn't so beautiful outside, I could've stayed for hours. We also saw what they call the "Water Wall" and walked around for a bit down there. We loved every minute!

The highlight for me?

When we were walking around the mall Steph told me to wanted to stop in Kate Spade because there was a bracelet she had been looking at. I didn't think anything of it obviously (I mean-all of their stuff is cute!), but once we were in there she had told the employee that she wanted two of their popular BFF bangles..one for me, one for her.

She told me she had been wanting to get them for us for a while,
but now would be the perfect time. Total gem, right?

I would be lying if I said I didn't wave my hands in front of my eyes 
and didn't get a little teary eyed in the store. 

I did. For sure.
Made my whole trip! 

After a brief poofing session in the parking lot (seriously-Steph gives some killer poofs! don't you think she needs to do a tutorial?!), it was time for the rodeo - day #2! 

The weather was so beautiful...warm and not a cloud in the sky. 
We were happy campers.

We went to the rodeo earlier this day so that we could really take our time walking around and see all that they had there. Beau's friend Brian joined us for the majority of the day and we had so much fun together...we boozed, we laughed, we listened to country music and saw Jason Aldean in concert (LOVE!!), we ate yummy food....ALL of it.

Our last couple days were two of the best days and we were not wanting to leave at all.
But after a nice breakfast together the next morning, we had to head to the airport and talk about the whole way there how much fun we had and how much it sucks to leave.

Airport scene...here's how it goes down.
We get our bags out of the trunk, Steph stands to the side of the car, I choke back tears while unloading the car, then we hug and all hell tears break loose. Us..crying..hugging. Saying goodbye. The boys thinking we are so weird, but yet are used to us doing this by now. ha.

Thank you Lonestar State for such a wonderful trip! 
You left a good impression on us, that's for sure. 

and of course, I can't forget our 2 hosts...

to Steph: 

We've officially met/gone on vacation together THREE whopping times now. not once. not twice. but THREE. that makes things so much more real/not just a one time thing/better, right? But so absolutely absurd to think about at the same time. In no way, shape, or form does it feel like we've met 3 times...it feels like we've been married for 30 painfully long years. just kidding. but it feels like we've been sistah's forever. pretty sure there isn't a single solidary person on earth who knows what my 'punch-face emoticon' means in different conversations (because it does mean multiple things in different text situations), who gets my sarcasm (because hellooo you are the same way), and also shares some of my fears/sadness as well. Spending time with you in your city was one of my favorites (aside from the airport situation in ft. myers) because I got to meet the people who have made you who you are today (like your amazing mother who I LOVE and adore), the state you love, the car you drive in to get our iced coffee's, the beautiful house you just built, etc. etc. MEMORIES that will last a lifetime....

Not planning our next trip/meet-up would be as crazy as someone (you) throwing out a half full jar of regular peanut butter in the trash can (can totally see you doing that-"too much sugar!") so let's get on that, kapeesh? we miss you. you know it. adore my bangle and you. end of story.

to BBFT:

 just like I stated slighty intoxicated that night in the bathroom after Mo's (don't worry-this was PG) I love you to the moon and back! I really do! You're such a good man/husband/friend and I just wanted to say thanks for putting up with us, for letting us in your home, and treating us like family. Billy loves you too (obviously-#bromance). There's not many couples that you randomly want to travel with all the time every year (and set aside precious vacation time for), but you two are at the top of our list. And I think that's pretty awesome. here's to our next trip! xo


  1. Wayyyy too much fun in one post, woman!!! :) I love trip recaps too so keep those coming!! I'm totally jealous of the tex-mex and amazing food you probably had the whole time!!

  2. I had a smile on my face the entire time I read this. You guys are just precious. What an amazing friendship, and so special the boys even get along. I love the Water Wall and Galleria area! My husband worked in Houston for a short time and we had a picnic in front of it. It's one of my hands down favorite memories, it's just breathtaking there. Lovin' the onesie ;)

  3. I was at Jason Aldean too! I didn't know y'all were there or I may have hunted you down :) So glad that you had an amazing time in Texas! Next time you find yourself in Houston, we'll need to plan a little blogger brunch or happy hour for you to meet everyone!

  4. Who would have thought that blogging would create such a loving friendship. It seems as though you two were made for each other. I'm glad you enjoyed Texas.

  5. Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun!! I am jealous of what an amazing friendship you guys have..lucky girls :)

  6. Is it crazy that I'm sad the recap is over ha? I just love you 4 being bffs! Y'all are just the sweetest. And I love that y'all love Texas :)

  7. Move to TX already Katie, geez! I am sad these recaps are over even though I think today's was my favorite one! I've eaten at the Aquarium before (gparents live in TX) and it is a beautiful area!

  8. So sweet! :) Your friendship is so adorable!

  9. Jealous you got to see Jason Aldean (love him too) and go to the rodeo several times! I didn't make it there this year.

    Such a sweet recap, y'alls friendship/connection is so evident and adorable!

  10. HAHA I'm super jealous of you footie pajamas! That's so fun!


  11. I wish there was a like button for that poof! Hair looks great Katie!!

  12. This is sweet. Glad you all have so much fun together. Isn't it amazing how the internet can bring people together? That water wall is pretty cool too.

  13. Oh I just loved these posts I'm sad they are over! Love y'alls friendship so much, you're lucky to have each other :)

  14. Ahhh i love this SO SO MUCH!!!

    so much I want to say! but ill say---I LOVE ALL OF YOU! I'm so happy you two are biffles and have met through this amazing opportunity via blogland! and youre so right...totally feels like you guys have been friends way longer! I LOVE YOU!

    also...kolaches...WTF why dont they have those in the north east?!!?!? when I was in Austin I just about died over those. HEAVEN IN THE MOUTH


  15. Ahhhh looks like such a great trip!! You ladies are seriously adorable! Total side note- Cincinnati is opening a yardhouse next month and I cannot wait to try it!!

  16. This looks like such a fun trip!!
    What kind of DSLR do you use? I am looking into them and trying to get us many recommendations as possible!

  17. I LOVE the footed onesies. Too funny! Looks like a great time :)

  18. Love the bracelets! So sweet! Also, love the poof, wish I could do that but my hair is too short (couldn't do it when my hair was long either haha).

  19. Hey! Looks like you had a great time! I love your blog and have been following it for a while. I would love for you to check out my blog sometime and maybe follow? Thanks = )

  20. What a fun friendship! I loved looking at the pictures!

  21. You're an amazing photographer! Love the matching PJ's. You two look like you could be sisters.

  22. Ok you girls are literally the cutest! Love the poof!


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