There's An App For That...{Travel}

Today marks the first day of spring.
(2 posts today? I know, but I want to share this new app with you!)

Thanks Ohio, but no thanks.

A high of 35 isn't exactly the weather I dream about (and I do) for the first day of spring.

I've mentioned this before, but Billy (my husband) and I are huge real estate fans. We love looking at multi-million dollar homes and when traveling we always try and find cool neighborhoods to stalk drive through. Billy is always telling me that in another life that I could be a travel agent, and I agree with him 110%. I absolutely love planning trips...reading travel forums, researching where to stay on rental websites and hotel websites, looking into the best restaurants to eat at, etc.

aka: I spend WAY too much time than I care to admit doing all of the above.

App's on the iphone/ipad always have a way of sucking you in for hours and wishing you totally were somewhere else than where you actually are, which can be good and bad at times (instagram is a perfect example of this.) Who's with me?

So, I was thinking.
How about I plan a mini virtual trip for you, right here, right now using the new Dwellable app?
(for iphones/ipads)

 {the cute splash home screen}

I'm guessing you like warm weather?
 (me too)

What about Hawaii?
Everyone likes Hawaii.
I've heard great things about Maui and it seems to be the "hot spot" lately, so how about it?

....let's go with centrally located.

With maybe your own pool or the beach just steps away?
 (who wouldn't...)

....what about bedrooms?
do you need 1 or 2 to give you extra space?
or certain amenities that you're looking for? want to make sure you have A/C?
 No problem.
(All of the features are listed out for you!)

What do you think? Don't you wish you were there right now?
I do. Much better than 35 degrees!

The Dwellable app isn't just for fantasizing about dream vacations (even though it's pretty fun to do and you can do definitely do that too), it's to use when you actually do get the chance to travel. 

What makes the app great?

+It is the highest rated vacation rental app
+It's free (many similar apps like this are not)
and easy to use!
+The pictures are big and beautiful.
+It has so many filters you can use (ie: price - this is so helpful when trying to stick to your budget!)

My one complaint is that they don't provide a free vacation when you download the app.

I mean.......what gives? ;)

Go download the free app so that when you're planning your next vacation, 
 it can help you find a place to stay within your budget and that fits your preferences!
Dwellable also has an awesome website here.

The only thing that could make this better is an ipad mini to use when planning our future vacations ;)

Find the app in the app store: here
Visit Dwellable's blog for more info: here


  1. Great review! Cute as always!

  2. I am taking a vacation in May and this will be perfect! Thanks for sharing! I am downloading the app now :) XO

  3. This is awesome and such perfect timing, I literally just sent my family an email about planning a Hawaiian vacation this summer!! How did you know? :) I'm on my way to check it out now...

  4. Oh how neat!! Will def have to check it out!

  5. If I had this app, I'd have no money.

    Because I'd be vacationing CONSTANTLY.

    My dream is to be a professional vaca taker.

  6. What an awesome app! I'm going to have to look into this. Although I might start wasting my time away with this now instead Instagram...ha! Maui is awesome! I went there last January and it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Looks straight out of a travel brochure. I definitly recommend it :)

  7. i will totally check this out! i'm the same way with travelling...don't tell anyone (especially my bf) but i have our next 3 years of vacations planned out! :X

    lord help me! your trip with stephanie looked amazing by the way....blogging is such an amazing place. my basically two best friends now i met through blogging and have met each of them once :)

  8. That sounds like a really cool app! And of course, dreaming of Hawaii in the weather that Ohio is cursing us with right now is pretty awesome.

  9. 35 F?! Boohoo! It was -7F here in the mornin when I woke up on the first day of spring!!! And I'm just a short jaunt to the left of you in MN :P love the Dwellable app! We're going to use it for our honeymoon in June! Thanks for the tip dear. xx


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