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I've got some pep to my step this am because I'm back in the game (aka our Saw it, Pinned it, Did it link-up..where have YOU been?) after 2 weeks off. Time to get Pinteresty!
On Pinterest, there are so many different variations of floating jars/bottles you can do.
 My favorites are the ones that involve wine bottles and mason jars! Of course! 
My inspiration was something like this....

 However, I saw these cutie personalized spoons on Etsy from JJEvensenArt {please go look at all the different options they have...seriously adorable! they also do custom ones!}and a little lightbulb went off in my brain and I knew I wanted to use them in our kitchen with mason jars. 
The spoons are just so cute...I had to have them! Krysh Kitchen and one of my favorite quotes?! TOO fun! I love how rustic and personalized they are and how they give this project an extra special little touch.

This DIY is so simple! It took about 30 mins or less! 
We like that, don't we?
Now that you KNOW you can accomplish this....

What you need:
-2 decorative spoons from JJEversenArt
(or whatever you want to hang your jars with-you can use a multitude of things)
-hanging wire (1 small package)
-2 mason jars (I used 1 large and 1 medium)
-items, like flowers, to fill your jars

-Pick your spot on the wall where you want them hung
-In this case, I then had my handsome hubby drill the screws/spoons into place on the wall

-Take the hanging wire and wrap it around the rim of your jars leaving some slack in the back so that it can be hung from the spoon. There's really no perfect way to do this, it's just trial and error. We had to fix it a couple times before we got it right, but it's simple enough to achieve. tip: You guys are total smarties so you probably know this, but just make sure your wire and knots are EXTRA tight so that your jars don't end up crashing down on your beautiful floors! :)



-Fill your jars! 
Since we have a chalkboard in our kitchen, I wanted a cute way to store the chalk (where it's not just laying on our countertops) and so I decided to use the small jar for it! I might change this when spring/summer rolls around and maybe put a cactus or something in it, but for now-I like it! 
The large mason jar, I filled with one of my favorite flowers...daisies!

if daisies don't make you happy, I don't know what will... ;)

And if you weren't here (or missed) our kitchen makeover, here's a picture of our whole kitchen so you get a better idea of the whole space. :)
 see the whole post on our kitchen makeover: right here!

I'm so happy with how these turned out and how they go so well in our space, especially since they took hardly any time at all!

What do you think? Yay or Nah to floating jars?

Now I'm off to read {and be really impressed} with what YOU made this week! 
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  1. SO cute. I love those personalized hanger guys.

  2. I seriously LOVE them! I've been wanting to do these forever, and NOW that I know I can order the custom spoons?! I think I'm gonna' get on it! Super cute!

  3. These came out amazing, and the hanger spoons are too cute!!

  4. Definitely YAY to floating jars! So cute. And again, totally my kind of project, because it requires very little instructions, steps, and materials. And I can get my cute boyfriend to the "hard" part of the drilling too :) Looks so good, girl!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So easy & so adorable! :) I'm pretty much mason jar obsessed! Great job!

    I linked up!


  6. Super cute! I love the spoons for hangers!

  7. Love it! I think this might be my next project!!

  8. Ah, I've been so out of touch with everyone's blogs lately! I LOVE the kitchen makeover!!! It's like straight up out of a magazine. Jealoussss. Such a cute idea with the floating jars. I'm moving next month and I'm dying for some great decorating ideas :)

  9. these are too precious, I love mason jar anything, but this idea was especially cute!

  10. These are super cute. Love that you used the personalized spoon hooks.

  11. These are cute! I love the spoons!! :)

  12. Love this, and the spoons are SO cute!

  13. Girl, I am new to your blog but you deff got my attention with the Mason Jars. I LOVE Mason Jars and it turned out SOOO cute.

    1. :) hi there! thanks for saying hi. I love mason jars too...as you can see. they are addicting! thank you!

  14. Love it!! I need to do this in my kitchen/dining area...I have the perfect place for them! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. These are so cute! Although I have to confess, it bothers me that one jar is bigger and says "Mason" and the other says "Ball". You can feel free to hate me now :) I have a little OCD running through my blood!
    Where did you hang these in your kitchen? (I'm jealous of your kitchen!)

  16. A definite YAY! I'm loving the "Krysh Kitchen" spoon! This is a really cute idea. I have a chalkboard idea in mind for my kitchen but had also wondered..."well now where am I going to stick the chalk so I can keep up with it?!" because Lord knows I need one more thing to chase around, ha! Smart project...I love your kitchen :)

  17. I love your kitchen! and such a cute diy!

  18. Totally just bought a spoon and fork hook to do this in my kitchen :)

  19. It's a yay for sure! Love how it turned out!

  20. Love it, and especially love those little spoons. I have an idea for what I could use one for, so I'll have to check it out! I also love your kitchen, and that chalkboard idea is so fun. I might have to steal that idea when we work on our kitchen. I didn't get my project finished this week, but can't wait to link up next week! :)

  21. These came out SO cute! I love the addition of the personalized spoons for a little something extra. Well done! :)

  22. I am super impressed. These look really amazing!

  23. Thats a sweet Drill that Billy is using.


  24. This is a great DIY project and so simple! Great Post Katie! Now will you ever put fake flowers in the jar or do you plan to keep up with always having to buy real flowers every week or so?

  25. Super cute, anything with mason jars is a done deal in my book!! Plus I love your kitchen, so bright and airy!!

    Cute blog by the way!! Glad I stumbled upon it :)

  26. Ahhh so cute. Now how can ingot a drill in my husbands hand?? Next blog post please. :)

  27. Love this Miss Katie! I want to take your pretty kitchen and swap it out for my fugly kitchen!!!

  28. These are awesome What a great idea!


  29. Gorgeous!! We used large mason jars as flower vases for the centerpieces at our wedding and I have a whole box of them sitting in my attic.....just waiting to be used again for something beautiful!

  30. I've seen these, pinned these aaaannd have NOT had the time to do these! But yours look awesome!

  31. I swear as I was scrolling through your pictures I thought those were cigarettes in that second mason jar :) Cute idea...and glad it was chalk!

    I did 31 days of 'Pinspiration' projects in October:

    Thanks for sharing yours!


  32. That is so cute!! And I love your kitchen, all white and open!! So pretty!!

  33. All the pictures are looking mind blowing thanks for the sharing.

    Luxury Villa Rentals

  34. Now that is just adorable! The spoons are precious, too! What a neat idea for the kitchen.

  35. Love this idea, and it looks so good!! Well done girl x

  36. Wow. LOVE this idea!!! It would work so well in my apartment on the wall where we can't hang pictures since it's in direct sunlight! Thanks for sharing!


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