Two muy importante things today, friends!
By the way, happy friday to each and every one of you.

If many of my sentences are run-ons, please forgive me, we went to Circleville's Pumpkin Festival last night and I'm still in a food coma. Something about fried cheese, pumpkin chili, a funnel cake, and a fried twinkie...I don't know. I do know we are crossing things off my fall to-do list left and right. ::Thumbs up::

Numero Uno:

My little bff Texan, Steph, and I are hosting a new link-up!! In fact, it's both of ours first time hosting one. I KNOW! This is huge. We wanted to give you all some notice so that you can link-up with us every Thursday, starting NEXT Thursday, or we will unfollow your blogs.

I'm kidding.
We will only threaten that.

But we would appreciate it if you guys would join along in the fun with us! It's going to be awesome. So, you're probably wanting some details? OK, that is a reasonable request. 

For quite some time, Pinterest has taken over our lives and made recipes in the kitchen easier to come by, DIY projects easier to do and understand {thank you to the creative ladies and gentleman out there for sparking my mind with ideas!}, etc. and we wanted a way to keep track of all the fun things we've found and learned/completed from this genius website.

That is where: *Saw It, Pinned It, Did It!* comes in.

You know that project that you've always wanted to make? Or maybe one you have already made and are proud of? Link it up with us! It's a great way to hold yourself accountable (especially during this next holiday season when the DIY projects are overflowing)...to start and finish a project! Plus, you get to show it off with us...the best part, obviously.

*We just want you to post the original pin (and source) and how you made it your own! It can be anything from a DIY craft, a makeover in your house, a recipe, an outfit you were inspired to try, etc. You could even link up a past project you completed. You have until next Thursday to complete something--so get on it, ladies. Pahlease. :)

I mean, why wouldn't you want to link-up with us?
We only look/act like this on the weekends.

{or do we?}

Numero Dos:

Do you follow Shannon at GBO Fashion? I think I've mentioned her before, but girls, she is one of the good ones. She is one of those blogs I instantly felt connected with because her personality shines through and she is HILARIOUS and on top of that-she has killer fashion sense.

Well, I'm lucky enough to be featured in her "Style Crush" series today, and think you should go give her a visit. She drilled me with about 15 questions and you can go read about my answers: HERE.

You'll love her blog--just letting you know ahead of time. Oh, and let me know what you think about my outfit:

{Outfit details: Dress: H&M (old-this is similar), Vest: Old Navy (similar), Belt: F21, Sunnies: Ray Bans, Boots: DSW (similar)}

and you may see some of this...
"sometimes, THIS happens"

Have a wicked {thanks October for making this OK} weekend!

This weekend we plan on seeing Taken 2 (we loved the first one) and going to our local pumpkin patch! We're even bringing Rocky, like we did last year, because it's not a family trip without our little guy. We are thoroughly enjoying this Fall season, can you tell?

PS-I'll be back next Friday with my "around the www" sharing more blog inspiration.


  1. I cannot wait for the new link-up! And absolutely love your outfit. Have a great weekend!

  2. oooh, what a fun link-up...now I need to get back on the Pinterest train, I've been seriously neglectful.

  3. so excited about the new link-up! I am going to use it as leverage for why I need to buy all the things at Hobby Lobby for the new house - so you may be public enemy numero uno with my husband now (just FYI) :) happy Friday!

  4. I'm excited to participate! I've had so many things pinned for ever and I've just been slacking on them!

    P.S. saw this Someecard today, it goes with your post :) hahaha http://bit.ly/TxUWMy

  5. I already have a project in mind. BINGO!

  6. Looking forward to the link up!

    This mild Fall is great for that outfit. Love it!

  7. I'm not usually a link up person, but I think I need to do this one!! It will be good inspiration to get shit done!

  8. love the outfit! are you going to share details?

  9. your BOOTS are awesome!! i love the lace and the green vest look. have a great weekend!

  10. Such a cute outfit, I love it!

    I also love your blog...I found it recently and it's so cute! Love your style girl!

  11. Hooray for this! Thanks again for participating you cute girl! I PROMISE we will connect in the real life some day...hopefully sooner than later. xoxoxo!


  12. Love the link up girl! Sounds like fun! Now off to do 100000 more projects :)

    PS - love that whole outfit. Kinda wishing I owned that dress because I have everything else!

    Have a great weekend!


  13. love the link up idea! and the outfit :D

  14. lace dress and camping vest?! you are a genius! LOVE this look....and now I suddenly feel the need for 10pm funnel cake...thanks. ;)

  15. Oh my! You are adorable!!! I love love your look! Now following and cannot wait to read more!




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