Hey there loves.

If your weekend was anything like mine, then it was too short and Monday came far too soon.

The Circleville Pumpkin Show was this past weekend. It is about 25 minutes south of Columbus in this small little town, and I had some discoveries during our time there. The last time we were there (which was a couple years ago), Billy had the swine flu (remember all that?). I'm not kidding. Poor kid didn't want to let me down and not go (since we had never been) and he was mis to the erable. We made up for lost time on this visit.

1. A "Pumpkin Show" is just a special way of saying a fair, or festival. It's a festival, plus gigantic sized pumpkins and pumpkin flavored foods. 

2. I'm old. I felt extremely old while there because I realized 95% of the rides they had here, I would most definitely throw up on. When I was little, I loved roller coasters and all those rides that made you feel like you were still spinning when you stepped foot back on the ground. Now? Just looking at them makes me quesy. Yep, old. 

This one above was called--"Round Up Your Skittles"
 and it was going so fast my eyes went cross-eyed.

3. The fancier the sign, the better the food. Or is this just our minds tricking us? {see also: good marketing}I don't even know if you can call food that can be wheeled away better than it's counter partner, but we figured the ones with a billion lights and a long line were better than those that were boring and had no one waiting in line. The locals know best, right? 

Right. We hit the nail on the head with our fried cheese. Holy yum. Gimme another basket, please. Just the first of many fried foods to come. Please see next discovery.

Deep. fried. oreos?

4. Your attempt to try and find the most healthy item and only eat that for the night WILL fail. I had this idea that I would eat some pumpkin chili (which was SO delicious) and I'd be full afterwards. No. Completely wrong. I was only craving those food stands more.

5. If it's fried or has powdered sugar on top--we'll take it. 

Billy and I splurged and indulged in fried cheese (a local recommended this stand to us--thank you sweet lady for making our night a heck of a lot yummier), a fried twinkle, and a funnel cake. Go ahead, call us pigs. I'm honestly surprised we didn't end up sick after this.

6. The pumpkins get bigger year by year. WHAT are these people's water bills at home? Someone please tell me. I can't even imagine trying to grow one of these things. My showers in the mornings are long enough.

and the biggest pumpkin this year?
Goes to this bad boy.

1,315 lbs.

Have you ever seen a pumpkin that large?

7. In Circleville, the houses are more decked out for Halloween than Christmas.

Look at this!

and a pumpkin tree?

8. Overall pumpkin show thoughts? So fun! Just remember you can always walk off the food you ate on the way to the car. ;) Have you ever been to a pumpkin show like this before?

We also took Rocky to our local pumpkin patch on Sunday and since it was a gorgeous day outside--it was packed. The line was so long! We still had fun though, despite the crowds. 

Rocky was more interested in the hayrides than our picture.

That's all she wrote, folks.

Have you been to your local pumpkin patch yet?
What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Round up your skittles makes me want to just yack looking at the pic!! It all looks like fun though! Doughnuts...oh those doughnuts...

  2. In my neck of the woods, that "fried cheese" is called cheese curds. They are a staple EVERYWHERE! If you ever come to Wisconsin, any restaurant you go to will most likely have them. They are quite delicious & oh so bad for the diet. :) Glad you had a great weekend!!

  3. I am so jealous! This looks like such a blast. I would love to go to a pumpkin show - I mean, how cool is that??? And I've been to every pumpkin patch in a 50 mile radius. LOVE this time of year: )

  4. Looks like such a fun weekend! I love pumpkins!! And fried dough!

  5. That look SO fun! Pumpkin Chili?! I can't even imagine what that is like!

  6. I love the Pumpkin Festival! We used to go when I was a kid, but haven't been in years! I love those food stands! I can still remember that smell! Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  7. Oh my gosh that fair looks like so much fun! Will this time of year ever get old? I think not :)

  8. Good thing I didnt go because that stand with pumpkin funnel cakes would have been sold out.lol

  9. The pumpkin festival looks like so much fun!! Well, I just love festivals in general, ha!

  10. I love fairs! :) Looks like the perfect weekend filled with TONS of pumpkins! :)


  11. I love festivals (mainly because I love anything fried and powder-sugared too). We are hitting a local pumpkin patch/petting zoo in November for family pictures and fun, I can hardly wait.

  12. Looks like an insanely good time! So fun and festive for fall!!

  13. OH my gosh! How fun! I really want some fried cheese now!

  14. The one and only thing I always get a place that has fair food is a corndog! They are always the best at places like that. I'm always intrigued to try fried oreos or candy but I always chicken out :) Looks like you guys had lots of Pumpkin fun! Rocky is so cute at the pumpkin patch!

  15. What a fun time! Pumpkin chili?? YUM!!

  16. i am SO picky, but that pumpkin chili was amazing! i also ate a funnel cake, a hot pretzel, and a pumpkin cookie. we may have made it home with a bag of 12 pumpkin donuts and a small loaf of pumpkin bread. sheeeeesh.

    where is that pumpkin patch??

  17. OMG Rocky looks so sweet!!!! I haven't made it to the patch yet ... hopefully this weekend in Oklahoma!

  18. The chicken and rice from the Bourbon Street Grill stand is my favorite! We walk straight to it every year :)

  19. So fun! That tower of pumpkins is huuuge!
    Sounds like you had the perfect fall weekend. :)

  20. Pretty much ate ourselves sick at the state fair this weekend! Fried EVERYTHING!

  21. How awesome!!! Looks like a great time! And a fair isn't a fair without fried yummy goodness. Calories don't count, obviously ;)

    Love the pictures of all the pumpkins!

  22. Oh my, this looks like a fall dream come true for me!! I love all things pumpkin and am now on a mission to find myself a fall festival like this!

  23. This is by far the coolest thing EVER. I so that we had this near us!!!! Fried cheese, dough, punkins etc!!!! Jelly !

  24. The Pumpkin Show is my favorite!! If I remember correctly from dinner last winter, you live in the Hilliard area. You and Billy must try this new Italian pastry shop in Mill Run. It is where Fundruckers used to be, close to Steak 'n Shake. It is the best and I don't even like pastries that much!! The pizza is okay, kind of greasy. I took J there Saturday and basically had to drag him out :)

  25. Oh my goodness this looks like so much fun! That tower of pumpkins is crazy, and you have the cutest puppy! xx

  26. This looks like in insanely awesome time. Although I'd end up winning the poundage contest after eating all of that food.

  27. I want all that food in my belly right now!

  28. When I was in college, we had a state fair every year. My favorite delicacy was fried cookie dough. Seriously, the best thing I've ever eaten. And I'm old like you too - I like to stick to the ferris wheel!


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