1. Go to our favorite pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins, drink apple cider, and go on a hayride.

2. Host a "Friends Thanksgiving" the week before Thanksgiving.

3. Make pumpkin protein pancakes or pumpkin spice protein balls. Last year, I made these.

4. Carve/decorate pumpkins. Last year ours looked like this.

5. Go to a haunted house. Billy loves them and there are some really great ones in our area.

Funny story: Last time we went to one and finally made our way out to the end, I noticed I had my hands on the girl in front of me. I apologized and then she proceeded to tell me I was pretty much grabbing her back and neck throughout the whole haunted house (to try and hide from the chainsaw men-don't act like you don't do this). A year later, we were out to eat for lunch somewhere and she remembered me (as the girl who choked her at a haunted house, obviously) and we had some laughs about it. 

6. Attend Circleville's Pumpkin Festival. If it can be made from pumpkin, they have it! Oh my word, so fun. {UPDATE: CHECK! Pictures to come next week}

I took this picture last time we went. 
That number on the pumpkin IS the weight..crazy, huh?

7. Bake an apple pie or pumpkin pie.

8. Go horseback riding. This one might be stretch due to time, but I hope to make it happen since it is one of my favorite things to do. {UPDATE: CHECK! See my post: here}

how good do I look in this helmet on a scale of 1-10? 11? 

9. Get Rocky a new Halloween costume for when we pass out candy to the neighborhood on trick-or-treat. Priorities, right? Last year he was a shark, the year before a bumble bee...decisions, decisions. {UPDATE: CHECK! He's going to be a lion. Fitting right?}

10. Roast pumpkin seeds

11. Have our kitchen remodel finished! {UPDATE: CHECK! See our kitchen transformation here}

12. Clean up my blog design (thank you Whitney!)

Living in Ohio in the fall is without a doubt the best time of year, and quite possibly my favorite thing about living here. The leaves are gorgeous when they change color, the weather is perfect, and there are so many fun activities you can do to enjoy this wonderful season. 

This year I hope to check off all the things on my list, and maybe even some more if I'm lucky.

Also, I'd like to share that I crossed another item off my to-do list. I got to have a phone conversation with the lovely Pink Lou Lou yesterday, and she's even more sweet than she is on her blog. How is this even possible? I dunno. Love that girl.

What is on your fall to do list?


  1. My dad's side of the family is from (and still lives in) Cirlcleville! I've been to the Pumpkin Show every year of my life :)

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  2. My fiance and I will be in Columbus next month and we are both from Texas (well I am, he's from Indiana) and we both want to do some fall things while we are there. Do you have any recommendations? I'm not sure where you are in relation to Columbus but we did want to visit a pumpkin patch and possibly go apple picking. Thanks!!

  3. Ohio is THE BEST during the Fall, loving these cool temps and all the options! :)

    We are hoping to get to an Apple festival this weekend in the Dayton area near my parents, everything APPLE, you name it! ;)

    PS- I'm a crazy, do you know where that first photo is taken?! Totally looks like a scene from Anne of Green Gables, lol!

  4. I think I need to come to that Pumpkin Festival - for reals. And those pancakes look heavenly. Must try.

  5. I may just have to do this next week!

    I really want to go to a corn maze and the Haunted Castle in Muskogee ... road trip!

  6. I almost bought Tilly a shark costume last year!! I loved it. I bet Rocky was adorable!

  7. what a great time of year! Remember when i almost died at the Circleville pumpkin festival 3 yrs ago from the swine flu.

  8. love your fall to-do list :) I just got my dog's halloween costume last night! she's gonna be a hotdog ;) haha I just couldn't resist!

    ps. I kinda want to hear about billy's swine flu story ;) haha

  9. Apple cider is my absolute FAVORITE!! Our state fair here in NC starts up in about 2 weeks and they have the best absolute best apple cider and they serve it hot, cold, AND in slushie form. The best!! I always have at least 4-5 cups every time I go...no shame! ;)

  10. Looks like a great fall to do list! :)

  11. some of these are def on my list to do as well!! I just love fall! Now if the temps would just cool down here so I could dress like it that would be fabulous! :)

  12. This makes me miss the US and the wonderful season of Fall! Unfortunately in the UK they skip this holiday probably because it goes straight from summer to winter ha :/ No joke! Needless to say I will live vicariously through you and your wonderful list! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate :)

  13. I was JUST thinking yesterday that I want to go horseback riding. For three or four years I rode every weekend. Two months before our wedding I just didn't have the time anymore, and I haven't been since. That was close to three years ago, and MAN do I miss it! The barn I rode at was just so far away; it was a half day commitment to go out there and ride for an hour (including tacking up/down, driving, and showering afterward). With married life came too many house and family responsibilities to dedicate 1/4 of the weekend to riding. I would like to find a barn closer to home, but my old instructor was SO good that nowhere else could compare.

  14. Great list! I loveeeee the Fall LOL!

  15. Gurl...that's quite a list. Mine includes: Remember to buy Boomer a costume...dont forget when beggars night is.....maybe help mom cook for Thanksgiving. Perhaps I need to reevaluate....

  16. I wanna go apple picking this year :) Pumpkinpalooza is this weekend at Lynd Fruit Farm!

  17. Every year we always drive over (or down from where you are I think) to Mason, OH to King's Island for their Fright Fest. It's $45 for 12 haunted houses/attractions...plus the rides are open late too. And for an extra $10 you can always go into the park early and eat their Fright Feast. We did that last year and it was so good! Tell Billy he can thank me later!

    Oh and for the record-I've been to KI for the last two years...been through every haunted house...can't tell you one thing about them. Why? Because we always go with a group of people and you best believe I'm in the middle holding onto whoever is in front of me while telling my husband,"Hold onto my waist and DO NOT LET GO." hahahaha Last year I grabbed at him so much I stretched the sleeves of his hoodie! I'm such a scaredy cat! And they always see me coming and prey on my 4'11" ass!

  18. Oh, a Halloween costume for our little babies is definitely a priority.

    A year or two ago she was a Hot Dog & I was the mustard. You better believe i'll be sharing some pics of that one in the next couple weeks.

  19. Ahemmmm...you forgot about your trip to TX?

    Ok fine. I know that's a ways away but it just seems like SUCH a long time.

    I think Rocky should be a smurf? Thoughts?

    Or Simba from the Lion King...he'd make a pretty legit lion if I must say so myself?

    Oh-and the helmet...I give it a 9.5. If it were black, it'd definitely be a 10.

  20. Haha love the haunted house story! This list makes me sad we don't really have fall in south florida!

  21. My goal is to make down to at least two Alabama football games. I need some good weekends of tailgating :)

  22. Love this fall list! Makes me so excited for the season and to do all these things too!

  23. Okay, I'm super jealous that you got to talk to PLL! Love her!

  24. These are such great ideas! I might steal this and make my own list ;) Loving Rocks as a shark he is so cute! My parents have a hotdog one that I just might make Lily wear!

  25. ahh you have some of the same things on your fall list as I do!

    you get you some fall girlfriend!!

  26. Apple picking! And then figuring out things to bake with all the apples. I love fall & want to do as many themed things as possible before it gets cold.

    Our friends host a friends thanksgiving every year & its one of my favorite traditions. Catching up before going to see your families gives you the best of both worlds!

  27. Our dogs have a bumblebee and a skunk costume. However, I think it's time to get some new ones to wear while they bark at all the neighborhood trick-or-treaters! One thing I really want to do is have a fall photo session. Convincing my husband to do this will probably be difficult!


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