I Confess...

I think it's time to share some confessions.

If you missed my other related posts like the ones where I talked about how I backed into my garage door, or where I puked all over myself on a rollercoaster at Cedar Point...
you should probably go check those out.

Read them here
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...and then laugh at my expense.

These are my confessions for this week:

I will rewash laundry or leave the clean clothes in the dryer for days just so that I don't have to fold the clothes. I'm also bff's with the "refresh" or "anti-wrinkle" button on the dryer.. that lil' button = my iron.

Maybe if I had a super cute polka dot washer I'd want to do more laundry?

I'm completely over Facebook. Twitter/Instagram is where it's at. Yes, I still have Facebook and yes, I still post on it..but I can't stand the new timeline feature and it's boring me nowadays.


I wore my yoga pants inside out and backwards to the gym the other night. I didn't realize this until I got into the locker room. How does one not realize your pants are backwards? I can only imagine what the people who saw me thought about my intelligence level..


My rule of only having coffee once a week is slowly becoming really difficult. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep it up! Last week I had coffee twice and could've gone a third day. McDonald's sugar free vanilla iced coffee (only 60 calories-this will be the only time you hear me mention getting anything at McDonald's) has me hooked..


I'm afraid that the only thing I can grow without killing is the aloe vera plant in our kitchen. I'm going to try some flowers/different plants this spring, but I'm not sure about my green thumb abilities quite yet.

If I need a quick and easy laugh, I will spend a couple minutes and scroll through all of Alan Garner's tweets and will literally laugh out loud for a solid 5 minutes.
(you know, Alan from the Hangover. The parady account you can follow is @WolfPackAlan)



I'm one-hundred-and-ten-percent OK with the fact that the first day of spring feels like the first day of summer. Bring it on, sunshine.


There is not much I love more than getting a nice tweet, email, or comment telling me me and my blog has inspired someone to do something better for themselves. Whether it be taking a risk, getting healthy, or trying a vegetarian lifestyle. Those are some of the reasons why I love blogging so much.
(thank you to anyone who has ever told me any of the above)


What do you confess?

...do you have any of the same confessions that I do?

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Lastly..my Top 2 Tuesday Tunes

1. The Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition
this isn't my normal upbeat workout song, but I just love this song and it keeps me going when running.
2. Usher: More
great song to do intervals to. LOVE it.



  1. I do the same thing with the anti-wrinkle button on my dryer...it's a real lifesaver! haha, so excited for warm weather...happy spring, katie!

  2. I did my laundry last Monday and instead of just folding the damn clothes and bringing them upstairs, I go downstairs to dig through the basket. Now- I have a heap or dirty clothes in my closet and all my clean ones are downstairs. annnddd I'm scared to do laundry because then the "clean" pile gets even bigger. womp womp.

  3. I totally agree..I am over facebook. I still creep on it but rarely and only long enough to see I have (maybe) 1 notification. Twitter and instagram is where it is at!


  4. Hahaha YOU are HILARIOUS. I totally agree about laundry. I put my laundry in the washing machine and in a matter of 15 minutes, I completely forget all about it and it sits there. Sometimes overnight. I need a "refresh" button for the dryer.

    I'm also over Facebook. I haven't even tried the Timeline feature yet but I just don't like the idea of being able to access older information so easily. Talk about stalking...

    I'm laughing hysterically about your yoga pants. Hahaha I can't believe they were not only inside out BUT backwards as well!!! Ohhhh, Katie ;)

  5. Haha, you and I are one in the same when it comes to Laundry. I have 3 loads waiting for me to fold - It's on my list for tonight. I can't STAND folding laundry. Atleast I'll accompany it with wine :)

    I'm also over Facebook, but since my iphone 4s was stolen and had to go back to a 3g, Instagram crashes when I open it. I miss it SO much.

  6. I do the same with my laundry....sometimes putting a damp towel in the dryer with clean clothes that have been on the couch a few days. It works and no one seems to mind.

  7. I'm with you on the laundry thing!! I don't even own an iron so it better either be wrinkle free from the dryer or dry cleaning! There's nothing worse than folding/hanging laundry!! Especially if you have a small closet where you can barely fit 1 more hanger!

    Facebook seriously sucks since I started blogging! I have no interest in it anymore- definitely still check it but my attention span now lasts about 5 minutes on it. I hate the timeline! I've still yet to switch to it. I don't want my mother easily having access to my freshman year of college pictures lol!

  8. Pretty sure that's an aloe vera plant in your kitchen...not a cactus you silly goose!

  9. I'm so glad I'm not the only one to do that with my laundry!

    And I don't know if this is a good thing or not (for my wallet especially), but your blog had inspired me to SHOP! I bought that lululemon bag and the neon yellow Target bag after seeing them on your Instagram! I LOVE when you share you awesome finds with us!

  10. I am the QUEEN of rewashing/drying and rewashing/drying the laundry.. Ugh I hate it!!

    I follow a different version on Alan on twitter and it's freakin' hysterical. I have to find this version too.

  11. I don't know why - but I always dread laundry. I get this idea that I'm going to kick it's butt but then I never do lol...and isn't that what that little button on the dryer is for: ironing ;)

  12. Haaa, I do the same thing with the laundry and it drives Cameron crazy! He is so OCD about wrinkled clothes.

  13. You have inspired me to be pescetarian this week. I wrote a blog post about trying it out. i'm hoping to see some weight benefits from it along with focusing on eating less. I totally don't have a green thumb either but really want to try tomatoes and basil...I'm just afraid of spending the money on the plants and then seeing them belly up immediately. And I am EXACTLY the same way about laundry. There is some in my dryer that has been sitting there for two days now...and I'm about to go start it up again to get out the wrinkles but also so I don't have to fold yet...I hate folding!

  14. I haven't had Facebook since October so I totally agree Twitter and Instagram are my loves!

    I follow a parody account of Leslie Chow which is pretty funny too!

    I haven't been able to go completely veg or pescatarian yet but I'm working on it. I've cut out everything but Chicken and Turkey. A step in the right direction! Will be trying out your Chickpea Tacos this week :)

  15. you are funny. you've inspired me to look at colorful clothing....LOOK!

  16. So many fun confessions...I feel you on FB!! It's no question you've inspired your readers...you've inspired me!! :)

  17. I'm totally over Facebook! I deactivated a couple of months ago and don't miss it one bit!


  18. I just started following Alan and I crack up every time I read on of his tweets.

    Im with you on FB. My instagram obsession is taking over my life.

  19. I wish I could say I'm over facebook, but truthfully, it's my guilty pleasure. That's why I'm giving myself a forced fast from it. I'm only on day 8 or so of fasting and I feel like I don't know what's going on in the world. I will try twitter when the fast ends. Everyone says it's the "new FB". ;) I love your confessions post. I may have to steal the idea and do one of my own this week. :) P.S. I TOO leave my clothes in the washer/dryer for days on end so as not to fold. I have some in there currently that I need to re-wash for the 3rd time before I can dry them. Better get started on that. :)

  20. I'd love to do the same w/my laundry but my husband yells at me. I will leave it in the dryer though until he does :)

  21. LOL that facebook graphic. I totally hope to see a million things and i usually get 1 or 2 things hahah fail

    i want that polka dot washer right this second

    how didnt i ever know about the wolfpackalan twitter. Going to follow it asap

    MORE by usher=hot song!

    currently jamming to Rihanna Where have you been all my life. OMG Makes me wanna dance! except i actually recently did because i danced to it in zumba haha!

    i just love your cute lil self!


  22. Ohhh girl... me and the dewrinkle button are tight! I can't stand folding and putting away clothes.

    I love Alans tweets! I crack up just thinking about them.


  23. I hateeeeeeee that plant behind the kitchen sink!! we should plant it in the neighbors yard hahahha. love you babe.

  24. I have wore my shirts AND yoga bottoms to the gym inside out plenty of times...but this is to be expected of me, you? Probably not so much haha. Laundry is probably my most favorite chore to do, why? Because I have attachment issues with my clothes and when they're dirrrry then I know I won't be seeing them for awhile...you love me. XOXOXOXO

  25. I wish I could have the luxury of leaving my laundry in the dryer...we currently have no washer/dryer...and it kills me everyday. ha

  26. I have quite the brown thumb myself! I'm about to plant some basil and I really hope that I manage to keep it alive so I can use it!

  27. i LOVE when you retweet Hangover Alan haha, I just recently started following him too. And I actually just had to buy a new "burn plant" (our name for aloe) because I killed the other one.. who knew they needed water?

  28. That washing machine is too cute. I don't know if it'd make me do more laundry but it's definitely cute to look at! haha.

    and I LOVE that song "Sweet Disposition" but I have to admit that it is totally up my alley, haha. I'm such a little indie kid.

  29. I'm struggling with coffee only once per day. Props to you for once (to twice :) a week!

  30. Alan Garner's tweets are amazing! They crack me up all day long.

  31. I want a cute pastel polka dot drier. I currently have clothes in the wash that need to be switched over but GCB is on so it can wait :).


  32. Oh my word I love that washer!!! And I am just like that poor doggy without caffeine in the morning haha :)

  33. I deleted my FB over a year ago and it was the best thing I've ever done. I don't have to deal with any traumatizing changes that seem to happen frequently on there. The Twit is totes where it's at :)
    Oh and don't feel bad about the fail on your yoga pants. I've worn my volleyball spandex inside out maybe more than a few times in my life.

    www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com ♥

  34. I'm totally guilty of the 'refresh' button on the dryer.... I don't mind getting the clothes to that point, it's the folding and putting away that I just can't bring myself to do a lot of days ;) I def think a polka dot machine would help!!!

  35. I don't mind doing laundry, but once it's clean the putting away is awful!! There's no space!!

    And coffee once a week?! You're nutso! I have to have it at least once a day...and a nap :)


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