Bikini Season {Tone It Up Challenge}

{recently bought from Old Navy}

Every year for almost every girl we see all the cute bathing suits that come out in the stores, and we say to ourselves "holy crap! bikini season is just around the corner"
aka time to diet, work out, diet, work out some more...

For me, this means saying goodbye to sweets (settling for fresh strawberries with some cool whip) besides the occasional cup of fro-yo, taking it easy on the my carb intake, and up'ing my cardio/strength training.

Today I have something to share that some of you may have heard about, but if not, this would be great to help you get in better shape for bikini season.
All of us can use a nice butt kickin' every now and again. Am I right or am I right?!
This will do that.

I've expressed my love for the Tone It Up girls many times on le blog..
(you can read about one time: here)
and since I've said before that I would give my left leg to have their bodies (but I'd be sans one leg, obviously), I trust them. They know what they are talking about..they know what works and they know what doesn't..they make their workouts/exercises easy to learn. 


The Tone It Up girls just announced that they are the trainers
 for Self Magazine's Drop 10 Challenge.

Right when I heard this news, I jumped on over to SELF.com and signed myself up. I'm passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and feeling the best that I can. We all want to look and feel our best, don't we? The Drop 10 Challenge is free and Karena and Katrina will provide you with meal plans, toning moves, and cardio workouts to get you slimmer in 5 weeks. You can access all of these on SELF.com, but they will also have two 14-page spreads in April and May's SELF magazine issues.

Last year I did their Bikini Series workouts weekly and loved them. They made me feel stronger and I really liked that I could just follow along to the workouts in my own home if I couldn't make it to the gym one day. I also signed up to receive their newsletters so you can get workouts sent to your email.
I really do just love everything these 2 girls do (..hire me? pahlease?), so the point I'm trying to make is: if you are looking to tone up or lose weight for the summer..I would definitely recommend trying this.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone!
You will feel so happy that you completed it and will take pride in yourself.
That is so important.
What do you have to lose?
besides that excess weight you don't want anyways.. ;)

You can sign up HERE.

In the meantime, before you start this challenge (like how I assume all of you are going to sign up?!), here is one of my favorite workout videos by the TIU girls.

{if you want to see more of their workout videos, just go to youtube and type in "tone it up girls" and a bunch of workout videos will pop up!}

Go on..
get to work.

and then sing to yourself--"I'm Sexy and I Know It.."

What do you do to get ready for bikini season?
Do you do any of the Tone It Up workouts?


  1. That bathing suit is ridiculously cute! Love it ;)

  2. I'm totally signing up! Thanks for sharing Katie!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I am doing this! Still loving that super cute bathing suit!

  4. Just signed up!! I saw it in this month's Self yesterday when I was reading..LOVE it & can't wait!

    Keep Shining,

  5. Thanks for this! I've been looking for something to motivate me to work out, bikini season and my wedding are definitely two things I need to get in shape for this summer. I LOVE that bathing suit! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing. I just signed up. I'm all about extra forms of motivation. I wounder if us that join could somehow create a link up once a week to stay motivated...??

  7. Every year I decide to get in good shape for summer and then I maybe get a chance to put on a swimsuit once so I decided not to bother anymore. I'll just stick with my normal workouts and live vicariously through others and their cute suits!!

  8. oh lawd, i need to sign up. can i have their bodies....pah-lease????

  9. Oh my YES!!! I need this badly, desparately. My love handles are no longer loving - they are getting the best of me and I'm not liking it!

    I can't wait to jump on the bandwagon! THanks, Katie!

  10. You know...I should really do this. Damn you, Katie Krysh! :)

  11. I'm doing it too!! Have you done the workout they sent yesterday yet? I watched the video and totally thought that it would be easy. I went to the gym before spin to do it and wow was I wrong. It was a lot harder than it looked!

  12. That bathing suit is PRECIOUS!!!! Must get toned. immed. haha

  13. I'm definitely trying to tone up so thank you so much for sharing this! Love your new swimsuit too :)

  14. Love those suits.

    I always say I'll do something to get ready for bikini season. Then I just eat my way through Sping and realize I failed, again.

    This year however, game on. I'm doing this!! Hopefully lol


  15. I love love love the Tone It Up girls & did their bikini series last summer! I love them because they are just like us- for the most part! HAHA! I'm doing the Drop 10 challenge & will be participating in the Summer bikini series this year too! & btw, that's one of my favorite workouts of theirs as well!

  16. That suit is absolutely adorable!! Just read all about the challenge yesterday in Self. Love the Tone It Up girls :)

  17. Love those girls!!! I have their ab workout posted on my wall :P

  18. I am definitely heading over to Self and signing up! Thanks for sharing!

  19. i have to say. old navy has been on my radar lately!!! adorable stuff! i bought a ton of their workout stuff and now this bathing suit??!? NEED!

    im going to have to check this out right now! im totally looking to tone up mah bod. LOVE it thanks for sharing!!


  20. Thank you for posting this! I am definitely in "oh shit" mode at the moment. :)

  21. Um... yah. this needs to happen asap.

  22. I just signed up yesterday! I did the HIIT workout and the toning moves. Wow, I was sweating! I'm from Columbus too and I've always thought there should be a Tone It Up CBus girls workout! :)

  23. Those suits are so cute!! AHH, almost bathing suit season. I need to get my body in control :)

  24. that bathing suit? too cute! i cannot wait to pop this bambino out and get back to working out!

  25. 2 things. 1. SUCH a cute bathing suit! and 2. I love the Tone It Up girls! I've been following them for about 2 years now. I'm obsessed with all their work outs and all their amazing challenges! My favorite challenge they had was the spring into bikini series last summer.

  26. I signed up for the Drop 10 on Monday and have been loving it all week! I love the 8 tonight moves and the quick interval cardio workouts! Can't wait to read your progress, cute bathing suit also!

  27. yeahhh.. I kind of need to get on this.

  28. Thanks for sharing this! I think this sounds wonderful. I am getting married in 4 months and have been working out and trying to get tone, but this will definitely help.

  29. Ahhh, I totally just bookmarked that bathing suit yesterday and planned on talking about my vacation wish list--including that- today! haha, good choice ;)

    I do some good core workouts regularly now, but I know my arms and shoulders are areas I kinda' slack on. My hubby worked me out last night and my arms feel like jello today-- but I need to tone those puppies up for all my cute sun dresses & tanks!!

  30. I'm in!! I've been letting it go for awhile now, so I gotta get serious about getting healthy!! Thanks for sharing :)


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