Thursday TRUTHS {Did I Do That?!}

I'm feeling risky today. Let's get to know me a little more friends....whadda say?

Steve Urkel edition.

You've read about my favorite things, my food addictions, and my everyday life...but I've been holding back some rather embarassing information about miss Katie. I've decided to subject myself to these 'truths' to you, my friends in the blog land, so that you know the real sometimes ditzy awesome me & to show that EVERYONE has "OFF" days.

Most of these are stories that Billy likes to share at family gatherings or that we discuss while having a few adult beverages with girlfriends that always start with the phrase, "Remember when...."

I hope you all enjoy these because they have I-D-I-O-T written all over them. All of these things I did in fact SAY OR DO. Mercy.

It's your choice if you continue to read KC & CO after finding these out, but I will hunt you down and force you to be friends with me anyways, so no point in even trying. :)

Here goes nothin'...

#1. What's a garage door? This may be my most legendary *OOPS* story of all time.

*Picture it...around 6am one dark morning my senior year of high school. I was rushing out of the house to make it to school, obviously because I spent too much time doing my hair and makeup trying to pick which sweatpants I would wear (sweatpants WERE the thing my senior year..this girl dressed up maybe once a week) and I was pretty much still half asleep. You all know this routine.  I then hopped in my amazing 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee (my first car that I still miss) with a bagel on my lap (food still came first then) and backed out of the garage WHEN THE GARAGE WAS STILL DOWN. Yes, I backed out of our garage and went THROUGH our garage door. I had forgot to look and put the garage door up. Minor detail. My Dad heard it and opened the door to house and stood there like he saw a ghost and mouthed some words I don't care to share and then slammed the door.

This is not a good idea, friends. Always make sure the garage door is in fact OPEN before you put your car in reverse. {To my defense: every single other day of my high school career the garage door was already open for me.}

Not quite that bad.

#2. I often workout or go running during my lunch break and then proceed to go back to work without showering. #hotandsweaty

#3. I talk a lot on my bloggity about eating healthy. I'm not perfect and I DO have major slip ups. Like yesterday, I ate this entire 4 oz bag of popcorn between the hours of 12-5pm. YIKES. It was just so good..my hand couldn't stop reaching in it.

#4. One of Billy's favorites stories.

What color is a cow?

When we first started dating, he lived in Cleveland still and I lived in Columbus, so we would commute to see eachother. One day we met halfway and were driving around country roads and saw some brown animals cows and the conversation went like this....

Katie: "What the HECK are those things?! {pointing at the brown cows}"
Billy: looks and says, "Um cows?"
Me: "I thought cows were only black with white spots?"

No words. this is so incredibly shameful.

#5. I often wonder if I will love my kids as much as I love my dog. I know I probably will...but Rocky is just so perfect. I feel bad for even thinking this.


You know, Dartmouth College..one of the smartest Ivy league schools.

On a trip through Boston, my parents, my aunt, and Billy and I were traveling in our car on our way to my aunt and uncles house. We were passing all kinds of signs off the highway and I was just silently reading them to myself. We came upon Dartmouth and I yelled, "DART-MOUTH!!!" as in Dart-MOUTH, not Dart-MYTH like it is SUPPOSED to be pronounced. My aunt, who was sitting in the backseat next to me, literally spit her gum out in shock and it hit the seat in front of her. We were laughing for hours, I think.

It's safe to assume I would never get into Dartmouth.

#7. I quote movies mid conversation - whenever possible.
~Home Alone, Sandlot, and Wedding Crashers seem to be the most frequent.

"Buzz's girlfriend....WOOF!"

or for when we've been at the pool recently:

     "...lotioning, oiling...oiling...lotioning" - Squince from the Sandlot


#8. My mood largely depends on my hunger level. This is why I pack snacks in my purse and plan my day around when I'm eating. Some people (Billy) can skip meals here and there. THAT IS NOT ME. You do NOT want to see me go 5 hours without food..I repeat: you do NOT! I consider skipping a meal one of the worst things ever. Poor Billster has slowly come to terms with this.

Why yes, I am.
Thanks for reminding me, it's time for my next snack...

That's all the embarassing stories / info about me today.
But maybe I will be back with a 2nd edition later on because this is definitely not the only "Oops" moments I've had. I still have plenty more to share!

Which was your favorite story I shared?

What are some of your most embarassing things you've done or said?! Tell me!
 Go on...CONFESS, ladies. It feels good.

I want to hear them! :)



  1. Your post today cracked me up SO much! I can totally identify with the part about needing food. My husband jokes that if I'm in a bad mood I either need a nap or a meal--just like a baby! haha! Hope you're having a good Thursday! :)

  2. OMG. Best post ever! HAHA! I too quote movies mid-conversation, but I break up the conversation by following my quote with "What movie is that from? Who knows it?" I just love to see if anyone else knows....people don't seem amused, especially whoever was telling the story.

  3. Thank you for this post. Hilarious. The opposite is true about the eating on time thing for my boyfriend. He gets super grouchy if he doesnt eat and it gets.on.my.nerves.so.bad. lol
    Rick cannot get enough of the time I said, "Is Jack Nicholas playing in the tournament?" (this was during the Memorial Tourny)..he told EVERYONE this story.."Hes like hahahaha, what? He hasnt played in years...on and on..whatever..I dont know THAT much about sports, give a girl a break!!

  4. How about crashing the neon with me while looking at ANOTHER car accident with cute boys? And then you had to run to DRV by yourself?!!! Haha! Mostly my fault but still a good one to share.

  5. those were all pretty funny but i cannot believe you went thru the garage door... wow! the look on your dad's face had to have ben PRICELESS!

    i'm sure i have a million and one stupid things i say all the time... i had a family conversation once that centered around the fact that i thought "Scotland Yard" was a PERSON not what they call the British Police. LOL

  6. this is hysterical! I love to quote sandlot and home alone! Must be because we grew up in the same time frame. "how can i have smore of something when I havnt had anything yet?"

  7. too funny! I'm scared I won't love my kids as much as my dog either...

    when I was in high school I managed to wreck both my parents cars in one incident: pulled out of the driveway with the drivers side backseat door open and scratched it all along my dads truck [which was to the left of the car] -- not a good moment!

  8. LOVE it! My moods depend on food too! Ahah! So funny!

  9. Totally guilty of 5, 7 and 8! Also- the heat, I'm a total crab ass in the heat/humidity - even if I'm only out there a minute. My dog is the same way, go figure. I had a friend who did almost the same thing in HS - but he actually drove IN TO the closed garage door. SO, I think yours is actually more reasonable.

  10. Haha loooved these and have to say girl your not alone, some of these sounded oddly similar to some of my own embarrassing stories!!! And by the way i believe you did quote the Sandlot this past weekend and yelled at me for not knowing what you were talking about haha.... I believe my words were sorry i am more a friends, How i met your mother quoter!

  11. Haha i love this post!! it made my work day so much better! Luckily for me, my mom ran through the garage door so if it is in my future then she can't even get mad. I would love to hear you quote Home Alone mid sentence. Silly stuff like that can keep me laughing for hours!

  12. okay, i LOVE this!!! haha i totally ran through my parents garage sophomore year of highschool.. problem was that I was only 15 and not even allowed to drive. busted!

  13. I can't go a few hours without food and neither can my hubby!! My mood depends upon it! My family seriously knows when it's getting "dangerous" and they say "Uh oh....Somebody get Ashley a snack, QUICK!". Haha and my aunt has a pomeranian who is like her baby, too. She never had kids and doesn't need them because she has her lil' guy!

  14. Haha, girl you're awesome! I'm so glad you shared these because they definitely made me laugh. I love the Dartmouth story. Especially the fact that that's one of the only signs you didn't just say to yourself. Too cute! I also love that you quote movies mid-conversation. And the garage? Classic :)

  15. Those are too embarrasing haha I actually drove into the front window/ door of a gas station in college... completely sober. I will NEVER live it down! And I quote movies all the time, Talladega Nights and Wedding Crashers are 2 of my faves

  16. So glad we share the same number 2..Do it all the time =) Another funny thing is that a few days ago I also ate a whole bag of popcorn at my desk in the afternoon (oops). These were fun to read, good post idea my love!

  17. This may be the cutest post I have ever seen. We all do crazy stuff like this. Its nice to know were all a little crazy/normal! I woke up one night terrified bc my apartment was lite up so bright i could see everything. I live on an orchard and just thought it was the workers up at 3 working. I told Frank this and he looked worried and told me to wake him up if ti happened again. A MONTH later same thing happened... I looked out the window and there was a huge spotlight... i shoot Frank awake and he reached to the blinds...and said... Jenna... ITS THE MOON. You're scared of the moon... and went back to sleep. I have never lived it down...

  18. This made me laugh sooo hard girl!! It's nice to remember that none of us is perfect and we all have our little embarrassing moments.

    Please take a peak at my blog :)


  19. Oh geez. The garage door story. Classic.

  20. I can totally relate to #2. After subtracting walking to/from the gym and wardrobe changes, I only have about 35 minutes to work out. I'm not going to waste any of that time on showering unless I have an afternoon meeting. But even then I still probably won't!

  21. hilarious! I feel your pain with driving through the garage door... in college my roommate had a friend over and I didn't realize that she was parked right behind me (I was parked in the garage) so I opened the garage door and just gassed it on out of there and straight into her brand new car... embarrassing!

  22. how do you work out during lunch? we have a gym nearby and i really want to go during lunch... do you just bring a change of clothing? grab a protein shake/bar for lunch?

  23. Oh Katie girl lol I know we would be super close if I lived in OH! haha I quote Sandlot like it's my job! One of my all time fave childhood movies. Sarah Fox would remember...we hung with this guy named Josh who would show it like every weekend. ha.

    At least you never asked if Buffalo had wings like the infamous Blonde J. Simpson hahah

  24. I mean, OBVIOUSLY the garage door thing takes the cake. But the movie quote one was totally awesome because now I don't feel like a loser for doing it too.

    Also, I agree with #8...just ask my husband.

    I have a couple things I haven't lived down was loudly proclaiming that Gearge W. Bush was the 53rd president. (for anyone who needs to know there have only been 44...)

  25. Funny stories:

    1. I am a pageant/model girl - I was working a UFC fight in Vegas - rocking my tiny bikini proudly with my high high heels - and I didn't bust my butt - I faceplanted. NICE.

    2. I also went through a garage door, but mine was with my trunk up - so i didn't have a back end to my car for a while.


    Thanks for the giggles : )


  26. First off... I would like to defend you on the cow situtation... Cows are white with black spots... I would totally be confused too!

    Secondly... I have ONE million "Jessie Moments"

    Let's start with this one... (it's a little PG-13 so be warned)... I used to think when men would get "snipped" (you all know what I'm talking about right?) "snipped" as in, cannot have anymore babies "snipped"... well... I thought the process was the same as when male dogs get "snipped" (you know, chopped off completely...). Yeah... definitely just found that one out 2 years ago... it's not the same...

    Thirdly... I cannot wait to see you tonight!

  27. I absolutely love this post!! Hysterical.

  28. This is totally how I am. Sometimes I contribute to the blonde stereotype. I'll say the stupidest stuff sometimes, it's usually after finals and lasts for up to 2 weeks(depending how long the break from school is).


  29. Oh my gosh this is too funny! My #1 (that boyfriend loves to tell people)was when i looked at him very seriously and said "you know, i don't really feel bad that flies don't have a very long life. they are so small that to them it probably feels like it's just as long as ours." Boyfriend says: "Ummmmm. No." thanks for this, great stories!

  30. Hilarious! I totally backed my dad's pickup up into a our lawnmower and about ran my dad over in the process! Granted I was 14 and learning to drive, but STILL!

    I totally quote movies all the time too...esp. those ones you posted! Wedding Crashers and Sandlot for sure!

  31. Steve Urkel. love it.

    I DID THE EXACT SAME THING with the garage door, however I wasn't in high school and it wasn't dark out. It was a year ago and in the middle of the day, and I just backed up and took the closed garage door with me. Hope that makes you feel better :)

    LOL on the cow story.

    If I told you that once you have kids, your dog will be second class citizen, would you believe me? It is true, I hate to say. My dogs were my LIFE before I had kids, and everyone told me that they would be an afterthought after I had kids. I thought they were insane. But it happened. Hard to imagine, huh?

    These were great stories :)

  32. I just stumbled upon your blog from following Confessions of a 20 Something and then her post about first time bloggers...I was laughing out loud at some of your comments, because I have my 'blonde' moments as well. My boyfriend thinks I'm ridiculous lol and we have a lot of fun joking. I cannot go that long without eating either!! I ALWAYS have snacks in my purse, my desk at work and my boyfriend will eat for the first time at like 7 pm. It's crazy!! ha Thanks for sharing these stories!!

  33. oh my gosh these stories are toooo funny!!! I can relate to a lot of these things..oh and MY DAD backed MY NEW CAR into the garage door..not nice. I might have to do a confession post like this too..so fun :) xo

  34. Love getting to know you more!! You are so funny. I really think we could quite possibly be best friends.

    DartMOUTH ... hysterical.

    Umm, my life REVOLVES around food and tv. I will plan events around those two schedules. It is quite sad.

  35. I love this post! I actually have a friend from college who was from Boston and came to visit me one weekend and was absolutely amazed that cows didn't only came in black and white. Oh Mercy, we laugh at her the whole night. We now have a cow texting obsession with each other :)

    I'm a new follower of your blog and just love it. Thanks for the laugh today!

  36. Love this! I'm glad I'm not the only frequent movie quoter. It gets a little ridiculous sometimes. Sandlot, Role Models, and Step Brothers are my three faves to quote. Thanks for sharing. I might just have to do some confessing on my blog! XO

  37. girl I CONSTANTLY have blonde moments -- like the time I figured out that the word windshield accurately described what it did...yeah...

    I always quote movies -- my husband and I have had conversationg using nothing but movie lines haha =) good times!

  38. OMG! The cow story! So funny! :)

    I work out over my lunch too. Well... when I can work up the motivation. HAHA

    I think the same thing about my pups. How can I love something more than that?!?!?!?!?!?! It makes my heart hurt! haha

  39. THIS is amazing!!! i believe i average saying "buzz's girlfriend woof!' about 900 times a year!

    the cow thing? adorbs! cracked me up.

    and for all seriousness, i worry i won't love my children if they're not as cute as my pets!

    latest embarrassing moment? my boss asked me to change the date on something from april 15 to april 30 and i said "oh ok, boost it by 30 days"....I bet he's really glad he hired me :)

  40. Found you from PinkLouLou- and I am in LOVE. Why yes, yes I love to eat too!

  41. I'm a new follower of your blog! I loved hearing your embarassing stories, classic! Makes me feel a little bit better about myself. I could write a book about the stupid things i've said and done...blonde moments!

  42. HA the garage story sounds like something i would do! and glad to know someone else feels the same way about their dog! funny post! :)

  43. This was just HYSTERICAL!! I can actually relate with you on some of these..haha I'm guilty of loving Chloë so much I often wonder how I can love anything more ;)
    When you were telling the Dartmouth College story I was definitely pronouncing it Dart-MOUTH, until your aunt corrected me too!! You know bourbon chicken? Well in high school I went to the counter and ordered the Bor-Bon chicken, not Bur-Bun chicken...won't live that one down.
    AND I get pretty grumpy if I haven't eaten in a while too! Thanks for the laughs and finally giving me someone else to relate to in this world!! ;)

  44. LOVE your garage story! Someone in our neighborhood did that recently and their garage is all bent up...lol :) When I was in HS I backed out and knocked off my side mirror b/c I was too close to the side....oops! It made the loudest BANG and my mom basically did the same thing your dad did...haha!

  45. Your garage story has me cracking up... and feeling a little better about my goof-up! I was visiting family for a pool party celebrating their recently renovated house when I quickly tried to run outside... and slammed my entire body into an extremely clean & practically impossible to see glass door. yeahh... ouch! ;]

    - Jackie

  46. Hahaha I literatly laughed out loud reading this! You are two funny! I Can relate with you in a few of these! The whole dartmouth thing especially! I have said gourmet Like gour-MET on more than one occasion before! Haha And Eatung a which bag on one setting... Totally guilty!

    Great post as always!! Can't wait for round two! ;)

  47. 1. This post made me laugh OUT LOUD while sitting at my desk at work. {Maybe I should be working. Oops}
    2. My dad (yes you read that right, my sweet father) backed out of our garage, straight through the garage door as well. So don't feel too bad. Apparently it happens? haha
    3. I randomly quote movies too. BUT I can turn just about 95% of situations into a FRIENDS reference. I may have a slight obsession with that show.

    Thanks for sharing! Made my day!

  48. Loved your stories! Thanks for sharing. I have to admit that I cannot skip any meals either. If I start getting very grouchy my husband always like "we need to get you some food" lol!

  49. hahaha. too funny! I have so many "omg, oops" moments in my life too! :)
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  50. I'm new to your blog and I'm loving it! I can totally relate to the mood depending on food problem. I am also that way! If I am grumpy my husband's first question is "are you hungry?" :)


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