Celebrations {St. Patrick's Day 2012}

Happy Monday, everyone!

How was your weekend? Three words to describe mine would be it went by: way.too.fast. This would be one of those times I'd love to have a rewind button. I heard there were record breaking highs in the weather all around the U.S, so I'm sure most of us had gorgeous weather. Atleast, I hope so! :) The weather was 75-80 here all weekend and I'm pretty sure it was the best weather we've had for St. Patrick's Day since I've been born. Maybe even longer.

There were so many fun things to celebrate this weekend so let's exactly what I did...celebate all weekend long. Who doesn't like celebrating things?! Obviously, it was St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, but it was also Holly's birthday (at midnight) so we combined the two. We started the celebrations on Saturday around noon at a local Mexican restaurant (hello..patio, sun, and Corona's) and gave Holly her gifts, had the staff sing..err..chant..a birthday song to Holly, followed up with a shot of tequila. After lunch, we spent the entire rest of the day and evening at Flannagans. Flannagans had the biggest St. Patrick's Day celebration in Ohio..2 stages with bands, an outdoor area with food stands, tables on the sand volleyball courts, and hundreds of people. Pretty legit, my friends. Alicia got all the girls hooked on the band, The Personnel (from Chicago), and they were playing at 7pm & 9pm, so we decided to stay to watch them then head home. So glad we lasted all day we stayed to see them play because they rocked it, and we took shots with them in between their performances haha ;) If you live in Chicago or if the Personnel ever comes to your city {they travel around Ohio a lot!}, definitely go see them play! They are awesome.

Anyways, let me just say this...this St. Patrick's Day definitely took the cake for best celebration in many, many years.

I'm going to let the pictures do the speaking today...

{my blouse and green crops are both from F21..}

...are you surprised? Green staches are the new thing... ;)

Bottom right: Two of the boys of the Personnel - Seth (left) & Sean (right).
See that green/white bracelet Sean is wearing?
 That may or may not be mine.

...and what would a celebration be
without a photobooth session?

This same photobooth company (Columbus Photobooth) we used for our wedding and the owners are awesome and let my girls and I get a free session. They gave each of us girls a free printout of the pics to take home with us.. :)

Moving along to Sunday--

My girlfriend Rachel's first baby shower!
All of our close girlfriends from high school were there and we had so much fun together. Rachel is the first out of our close friends to have a baby, so we are all so excited for her!! Rachel looked adorable and so happy.

{my girlfriend Genna made Rachel this ribbon wreath in her nursey colors and she's going to hang the babies first initial letter in the middle of it :)}

I'm seriously tired just recaping all of this ;)

+Of course, I cheered on my BUCKEYES all weekend long as well.
Who has them in the Final Four?!
..you better :)
Ohio has FOUR teams in the Sweet Sixteen this year!! Isn't that amazing?

I can't wait to see what you all did this weekend!



  1. Yeahhhhh GO BUCKEYES!!! :)

    What a fun filled weekend!!!

  2. Love your sweater and it looks like you had an amazing weekend!

  3. Billy is SO much cuter than rocker dude. Katie...seriously...come on...

    PS-I think your brunette group of friends could use one more blonde. (AKA: ME!) Yes??

  4. Sounds like such a fun weekend. Love your green pants.

  5. How fun! I was supposed to pop on the computer for a second but your post reeled me in! Have a great Monday (recuperating).

  6. Sooo fun! Glad you had a good time celebrating. Ps- I am addicted to photo booths, haha!

    And I LOVE the ribbon wreath! That will look adorable in a nursery!

  7. Of course you would wear the cutest outfit! Love it. The weather was amazing this weekend here, too!!

  8. sounds like an amazing weekend! how about ohio having 4 teams in the sweet sixteen?! woot woot!

  9. Go Buckeyes!! I love the green mustache too! :)

  10. LOVE your blouse! Looks like you had a ton of fun! xo

  11. You ladies are too gorgeous! So glad you had such a good weekend!

  12. A baby shower the day after SPD? I commend you, Katie. Glad you had an epic SPD! I totally agree with you...best. ever.

    Keep Shining,

  13. I gots the buckeyes and the CATS in the final four. But sorry CATS GONNA WIN IT ALL!!! Our girl Jess has me trained ;)!


  14. the green staches are pretty much AMAZING. was so jeal when i saw those!

  15. So I just decided I am coming there next year for St Pattys Day. Deal? Deal.

  16. Ps. You are way too cute in all these pictures.

  17. Looks like a great weekend! Love your green outfit :)

  18. Whew, I'm tired just from reading about your weekend. Loved your St. Patty's day Green outfit!

  19. Love that chevron shirt! Super cute your adorable with all your colored skinnies too!

  20. Looks like you had an awesome weekend!!! :) Your outfits are always so adorable. :)

  21. Super cute St. Patty's outfit!! I wanted to wear my green pants but it was too hot here in H-town. I don't know how you functioned the day after for a baby shower. I was in bed till almost 5pm haha. SAD!

  22. Ok, you may be the Best/Classiest dress Gal ever to celebrate St. Patty's!!! Just love your outfit. And congrats to your Buckeyes!

  23. Love the St Patty's Day pics!! You and your girls are gorgeous!! Loving that baby ribbon wreath too. So sweet...

  24. What a fun weekend! I just love your outfit too! Mine was pretty low key, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

  25. Love your outfit! Looks like such a fun weekend!

  26. What a fun time!! I love your outfit too! You look gorgeoussssss

  27. Looks like a fun weekend and perfect st.pattys! Love the green staches! I'm hosting a giveaway today on my blog, check it out if you get the chance!

    xx Kelly


  28. WOOO go OHIO!!! I have to root for y'all since ill be there soon and all ;-)

    your st pattys day sounded FANTASTIC! I seriously love reading your posts..in years to come youll have such an awesome time reflecting on these memories...i love everything!

    ok so your shirt...does it have chevron patterns!? LOVE IT!!

    thank the lord for nice weather! it was so nice in boston too...except during brunch i got a sunburn on one freakin arm. literally. i guess thats the irish in me..inability to tan easilyy


  29. Looks like so much fun! I love reading your blog because I get to see all the fun that Columbus offers through the eyes of a true resident =) I recently found out that I have been accepted to OSU for grad school, which means I will (most likely, I haven't decided for certain just yet) be celebrating my next St Patty's Day in Columbus!


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